Choosing Destiny: The Chosen

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Chapter Seven: The Rising

As we walked in, we noticed people swarming in different directions. The Elders have even made their appearance. There were several new people in the lobby-ish area. They were a mixture of beings. But that wasn’t what surprised me, they had recovered Matt’s body.

I don’t know what they were going to do with it. Maybe we were going to have a funeral, or they were going to see what happened to him. I was doomed. I was about to meet my death. I began to cry silently.

“Gather around everyone,” Henry said.

“Today is a sad day, one of our warriors has fallen. We will be communicating with the Water Elders to see what they wish for us to do, in the meantime, talk amongst yourselves.,” Kai declared.

One of the new girls walked up and started speaking.

“I am Jade, and I am a vampire. I have been a vampire for 800 years. I am not the first and I won’t be the last.”

800 years? That’s a long time. She is a very young-looking girl. If I had to guess she’s younger than me. Her black hair was pulled back neatly, and her black eyes seemed to reflect having a tough life.

Her cocoa colored skin didn’t have a blemish or scar. Apparently, she had a powerful prowess. The older the vampire the stronger they are, right? I couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to mess with her. She sent off uneasy vibes.

Then a guy stood up to speak.

“I am Oliver, and I am human. But I have specific abilities. I am called a Guardian. I can harness the powers of water, fire, earth, air, and destruction and protection if the need arises.”

A Guardian? I have never heard of that. I looked over at Max, and was shocked to see his blank expression. Apparently, he’s never heard of such either. Maybe it’s a title he’s given himself.

I observed Oliver, he was average-looking. His hair was blond, but he had blue highlights. He wore all black, which really showed off his shockingly blue eyes. He had wiry muscles. He looked like he had fought in many battles.

The next girl stood up to speak.

“I am Adina, and I am Oliver’s wife. I am a technopath. I can read electronic signals, and I also have small telepathic abilities.”

She was stunning. Her sunny personality was contagious, and I couldn’t help but feel better. Her blond hair had black highlights. She had on a black shirt with skinny jeans and combat boots. It obviously dulled her green eyes, but her natural makeup kind of made up for it a bit.

The next girl just about knocked Adina down, but Oliver caught her.

“I am Melena, and I am a witch. I am here to save the world, yet again.”

She struck me as insincere and callous. Her cold looks did not match her at all. She was a dark beauty. Her pale white skin and her red hair along with her freckled skin was perfect. If you were to see her in passing, you’d swear she was a warm person.

I didn’t like her immediately, but I didn’t get time to dwell on that because the next person was stepping up.

“I am Zane, and I am a descendant from a strong witch family. I prefer to be called a warlock, but I won’t be terribly offended if you call me a witch.”

Zane seemed friendly enough. His brown hair was short and wavy. His hazel eyes were warm. He wasn’t super muscular but he wasn’t lacking any muscles either. He was also tall.

“Hey, Taylor, I need to go put some clothes on right quick,” I whispered, still aware of my situation.

“Make it quick.”

“I’ll be quick. I promise.”

“I better come with you and make sure you don’t kills anyone else.”

“Taylor, I will be back in a second. They won’t even notice I am gone.”

He nodded. He will probably never trust me, and I can’t say I blame him. I killed his brother in cold blood, and I enjoyed it. I didn’t stop to see whose throat I was ripping out, I just started drinking my fill. But what’s done is done, and it does me no good to dwell on it now.

I zoomed up the stairs and found my favorite jeans and a tank top. I quickly washed the blood from my body and changed my undergarments. I was back before the next person went up to speak. I was relieved, and I felt refreshed.

“I am Joey, and I am a hybrid. I am part werewolf part witch. I know, it’s weird but what can you do? I am an only child, so I am the only one that gets to carry the privilege of being weird.”

I laughed out loud. People turned to look at me, but I couldn’t help it. Being a hybrid sounded cool, and he thought it was weird! Maybe it’s this newbie vamp stuff that has my emotions all wacky. Yeah, that had to be it.

“I’m sorry,” I mumbled.

Joey’s hair was a strawberry color. It was hard to pinpoint exactly what color it was. He had soft grey eyes, and a smirk plastered to his face. He had an accent that said he wasn’t from down south. Maybe somewhere up north.

Before anyone could say anything, the door flew open. People jumped into attack positions. What startled us is a young girl walked through the door. Her brown and blond hair flying behind her. Her electric blue eyes seem to crackle with power.

“I am so sorry I am late!” she said, out of breath.

“Who are you?” Max asked, mesmerized.

“I am Claire, the keeper of lightning!” she said.

“Keeper of lightning, how is that possible?” Kevin asked.

“It’s complicated, and as far as I know something I am completely born with. It’s a dangerous power to have,” she answered.

“Enough! Gather around the circle!” a Water Elder shouted.

We gathered around in a circle around Matt’s body. The Elders were chanting something in Latin and I only caught a few words of it.

“Ut reducam vos a mortuis,” one of them said.

I thought to myself who are they raising from the dead?

“Ut adducerent nobis animam hanc, et veniat in servitutem tenebrosom,” the other one finished.

This is not good! They are bringing back someone to carry out dark deeds using Matt’s body. It will not be Matt, or maybe it will be Matt and he’ll be bonded to someone one for dark reasons. As I looked around no one looked freaked out. Maybe no one studied Latin.

We needed to get out now. I saw a motion out of the corner of my eye that caught my attention. Matt’s body had risen into the air and was starting to slow glow. Then we saw his eyes pop open, and the good light in them were gone. They looked almost sinister.

From his place in the air he started to speak in a deep booming voice that was not his own.

“I am Aris, I am here to help you. I am here to keep the Great Evil from taking over,” he said.

“How can we be so sure?” Adina asked.

“I am to keep you safe, my child. I will be giving advice and warnings to your Elders.”

“You don’t sound like a nice person,” Oliver said.

“It’s because I am centuries old. I do not wish any harm,” Aris said, soothingly.

“Oh, Aris, praise you!” one Elder said.

“He will save us!” Selema shouted, joyously.

I cringed as they worshipped him. What was his purpose? Why was he really here? I had half a mind to run away right then and there. No way was I wanting to stick around and die for some cult leader.

I had a bad feeling about this. Maybe it was nothing. I wasn’t sure and maybe he was here to help. But, I have been known to be wrong before.

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