Choosing Destiny: The Chosen

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Chapter Eight: A Wicked Prediction

I walked over to where Max and Claire was talking much to Taylor’s displeasure. It looked intense, and by intense, I mean it seemed they were getting to know each other very well. I could hear her laughing at his lame jokes, and I could hear him faking interest in her hobbies. Or maybe she really thought he was funny, and maybe he was really interested in her likes and dislikes. It wouldn’t make any sense for them to show an interest in each other, they only just met!

“Max!” I called.

He looked over at me with an aggravated expression. Okay, he must really be into this girl. That’s good, I guess. I couldn’t help the pang of jealousy I felt. I just got my brother back and I don’t want some new chick trying to swoop in and steal him from me.

“Destiny, wait! I think I may have found my soulmate!” Max yelled.

That was my last straw. I turned around quickly and grabbed Max. He stifled a yell, or rather it was muffled. All I really remember is wanting to tear his throat out, but instead I felt myself let my hands tighten around his throat. Then I slapped him in the face, and something shook me out of the haze because I was horrified and mortified and anything else you may want to say.

Curse these heightened emotions!

“Max, I am so sorry. I don’t know what’s come over me! I haven’t been myself here lately,” I said, quickly.

He looked at me, and started to walk away. I wanted desperately for him to turn around and say anything. I just got my brother back and I may have just pushed him away for good. I guess I still should get used to these vampire emotions.

“Destiny, this is the most outrageous thing you have ever done. Why? Why would you do that to me?” Max asked, turning around slightly.

“I didn’t mean to. I swear, I just felt so angry. You and Claire just met, and you already think you are soulmates. Do you have any idea how bad I feel? I killed mine,” I cried.

For a second it looked like he was sad. That look that said maybe he would forgive me. But he just walked away, and didn’t utter a response. He went back to Claire and told her they needed to leave. I watched as they walked out hand in hand, and not giving me a second glance.

I didn’t have much time to dwell on the matter because Aris started to speak.

“My children, gather around,” Aris said.

I felt fear lurch in my stomach. Something was very much amiss and I couldn’t tell what. We all gathered around him regardless. He looked glassy eyed, and he did not look well at all. It was still weird that he was in Matt’s body, but he looked a little sick.

“The Great Evil will come on the third week in November. A powerful witch will walk among us in the skin of another, and we will not know who she is. The only clue we have is the bells will ring with power to bring evil to the world. The evil will consume her blood, and then they will become all powerful,” Aris said.

November? It was only the middle of October now! That is far too soon. The bells will ring, that’s a clue for me. It means the Bell witches, and my last name is Bell.

“Destiny Bell, I believe they will come for you. You are the most recently turned vampire, and you having the Bell name; it might confuse them,” Aris said.

“We will have to keep you under lock and key,” Henry said.

“I have to hunt; I can’t stay locked up!” I almost yelled.

“We’ll allow you out, supervised,” Aris said, gently.

I shook my head, and ran towards my room. I couldn’t believe this. I needed to get out, and I needed to get out now. I couldn’t stay here and help these people. I need to go into hiding.

I felt a pain in my throat. I was hungry and I needed to feed. I heard rustling outside my door, and my senses immediately began to pick up sounds and smells. It was some nurses, and I am pretty sure they would make a tasty snack. So, I headed towards my door.

I found a small boy on the way out, I fed on him. His tears did little to deter me from my task. I was taking all the anger and frustration and sadness I felt out on everyone. He could have had a brilliant future, I didn’t care. My future got ripped from me, so he shouldn’t have one either, right?

I could hear footsteps approaching and I turned and saw a young witch. Oops, she should not have interrupted me while I was eating. So, I grabbed her up, and compelled her to sit still and be quiet. I slowly sunk my teeth into her neck, and realized she had a poison in her system. It tasted bitter, but I knew it wouldn’t hurt me so I continued to drink.

Someone must have been trying to kill her. I justified it by thinking I was putting the girl out of her misery. I would later find out that the poison was intended for me, and what a lesson I had to learn. The poison was accompanied by a taste of sweet berries. Guess I decided to eat a fruitarian.

I grabbed one nurse and threw her in my room, and then I grabbed the other one. I could feel her panic, and I felt exalted. I didn’t’ bother to compel them. I wanted to taste their fear, and the anxiety was thick in the air. I sunk my fangs into the first one’s neck, and drained her dry; and then I did the same with the second one.

The feeling of blood going down my throat is euphoric. I needed more, I wanted more. So, I bolted out the door, and headed out of the building. No one noticed I was gone, but it wouldn’t take them long to notice the two dead bodies in my room. They will be looking for me tonight or in the morning.

I grabbed a hoodie, my iPod, and my headphones so I could not hear anything. I wanted to be alone, and if anyone disrupted me they were going to incur my wrath. I put my earphones in and turned up my iPod, it blasted some obscure rock song. Disappearing was my plan. As soon as I walked out of the building, I never turned back.

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