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Chapter 11: Travel time

We were both tired after the long day, and I was still a little sore from the previous night’s activities. We politely excused ourselves after some drinks and returned to our room. I could barely get through my nightly activities and as soon as my head hit the pillow, I was out.

I had a wonderful dream. I was laying in the shade, the warm tropical breeze flowing over my naked body. I was in a hammock, gently rocking, the sound of the waves in my ears. I moved my legs, feeling my arousal as delicious sensations began to move up my leg. I felt a tingling, then jumped a little as I felt his tongue against my thigh. He moved it up, finding my sex which was more than ready for his attention. I moved my hands down, enjoying the tingles as he worked a finger into me. His long tongue worked its way up and down my slit, causing me to gasp as it flicked around my hard clit. I felt a second digit enter, and he began to saw them in and out slowly.

I opened my eyes, seeing the ceiling of the guest room, but I didn’t care. It wasn’t a dream, it was a Gunny.

Gunny beats dreams.

“Oh, God,” I moaned as he pushed his fingers deep inside me. I pulled my legs back, my knees falling to the side to give him complete access. He was working my sodden slit faster now, liquid noises filling the air along with my satisfied moans. My hands gripped his short hair, urging him to do deeper and faster. His tongue and lips were attacking my clit as he worked his magic with his fingers. I started to coil like a spring, things were building quickly. He responded to my urgent pleas, I felt his face and tongue shift to be more cat-like. It felt amazing as his tongue extended, now longer, more dexterous and rougher in texture.

He went to work, pushing my arousal higher and higher as he lapped at my aching core. I felt his fingers move, then his tongue replaced them. He pushed it into my channel, licking areas deep inside, and curling it along the roof of my vagina. I shuddered as he licked at the rough spot, sending shocks all the way to my foggy morning brain.

Then his finger pushed into my ass, and I exploded on him.

He held his finger in place, allowing me to fuck myself on it and his wonderful tongue as my hips raised and lowered without conscious thought. He moved his thumb up to pinch my clit, causing me to seize up yet again as it all became too much. I felt liquid gush from me, coating his face in my girl cum as I reached my nirvana.

It took a minute to get my breath back, thankfully he withdrew from me and focused on cleaning me up. “Good morning,” I finally said as I got my voice back. I couldn’t even look up; my body was still awash in tingles.

“Yes, it is. Every morning is good with you in my arms,” he said as he moved up. He was smirking, literally the cat who ate the cream, and I loved him for it. I couldn’t believe this strong, caring and amazing man was MINE. I felt his hard length dragging up my leg, leaving a sticky trail of pre-cum along the way. He reached my lips, his kiss taking my mouth gently but leaving no doubt as to his possession of me. I felt his tip at my entrance; I was sore, but I could never deny him. “Gently,” I said as I broke the kiss.

He tried. He pushed the head slowly into me, pausing as I winced a little. “You’re hurt,” he said as he withdrew and sat up on his knees. “I’m sorry. It was selfish of me.” He got up and started to move for the bathroom, his shoulders slumped.

“Wait,” I said. I had an idea, I’d seen this in a magazine article and it said it was the best way to take him completely. I moved around, laying on my back with my neck at the edge of the bed. “Come here.” I watched him upside down, his large balls moving side to side under that amazing dick of his as he walked over. I reached up and grabbed his length, pulling the tip into my mouth. He moaned as I sucked the tip, my tongue flicking his slit to clean off the trail of clear liquid. I started to jack off his length, using my saliva to lubricate his length as I took long licks of it. I focused on relaxing as he pushed deeper into my mouth, and then my throat.

Giving him head was not easy, since he was much bigger than any partner I’d ever had. He let me take control as he reached the back of my throat; I moved my hands to his hips and swallowed, relaxing my throat as I pulled him to me. The position was working well, it aligned my jaw and throat so he could plunder me. It didn’t hurt that it gave him full access to my tits and pussy, which he took advantage of.

“Fuck, Rose, you’re amazing,” he said as I felt a few inches disappear into my throat. I worked my tongue around, moving him a little in and out before I pushed him away so I could catch a few breaths. My spit was flowing out of my mouth, coating my face as I stared back at his balls just a short distance away.

“More,” I said just before I pulled him forward. This time I got farther down his shaft, and he grabbed my face and slowly fucked my throat before I pushed him away again. A few breaths, and I pulled him in again. After five or six times, my throat had adjusted to his size and he was finally balls deep in me. I would have smiled, but my lips were stretched around him. When I pulled off, I looked up at him. “I want your cum deep in my throat,” I told him just before I pulled him in again.

I alternated between letting him fuck my face with shallow strokes and taking him deep into my throat. I could tell he was getting close, his knees were starting to shake. When I felt his cock start to swell, I took a deep breath then pulled him all the way in. “ROSE!” He screamed my name as his balls unloaded, sending jets of hot cum straight into my stomach. I felt three, then four pulses before I had to push him back, and the last was still enough to fill my mouth with his sticky essence. I swallowed it down, then cleaned him up before he collapsed next to me on the bed. “Gunny?”

He was panting as he moved his hand over my stomach. “Yes love?”

“That doesn’t count as bringing me breakfast in bed.” He laughed, causing me to laugh with him. “I guess I still need to feed you then. Come on, let’s take a quick shower then we can go eat. Renee said breakfast is buffet style, no set time.”

I watched him get up, his muscled back rippling before he turned to show off his toned abs and chest. He leaned down and picked me up, carrying me into the shower where he got me clean. We didn’t have time for more fooling around, so after I dried myself I let him shave and use the sink while I went out and got my clothes. By the time I had grabbed my stuff, he was going out.

He walked out naked, heading for the bed where I had set his bag. I left the door open, figuring I could tease him a little. I pulled on my panties, then got out my pink bra and started to pull it on. Looking out the door, I waited until he was in view. “Baby,” I said as I jiggled the girls, “Do you these are too saggy?”

His face was comedy gold. He was staring at them, fascinated, as I watched as his face went from blank to shock to lust and back to blank again. I bounced them again. “You don’t have to say anything, I know I’m old. Hell, I could be a grandmother in the next few years.” I put it on, pouting, as I waited for his reaction.

He finally shook his head and re-entered the land of conscious thought. “Rose… that may be the single dumbest question I’ve ever heard in my life. Can you have too much money? Too much sex? Too much horsepower?” He walked in and cupped them. “You’re perfection, love. Don’t you ever doubt it.”

I quickly finished up, putting on the skirt, blouse and jacket that were my normal work clothes. He was wearing a white dress shirt and was trying to get his dick to deflate enough he could zip up, without much success. It didn’t help when I grabbed it as I walked by, leaning down over the bed to put my toiletries back in my bag. “God, you’re driving me crazy. All day I’m going to be thinking of you in that lingerie under that suit of yours,” he said.

“Come on, I’m hungry,” I said as I grinned to myself, making sure to wiggle my hips as I zipped up my bag.

“You’re playing with fire, darling.” He finished dressing and opened the door for me. We ate and were on the road thirty minutes later. Enrique and Linda were following us in their own cars. I got a text along the way from Ella; Nadine Anderson had arrived at the Belden Pack House late last night and would be at the office about noon.

I led the way into the underground parking garage, flashing my ID at the guard. “Next two cars are with me,” I said. He waved us through and we took the elevator to our floor. When we got there, uniformed officers were waiting along with SAIC Hernandez, who didn’t look happy. “What’s going on, sir?”

He handed Linda her temporary identification, the uniforms moved between the door and Enrique. “He’s not going to be part of your task force, Agent Conspiell. His security clearance was denied.” The uniforms moved forward, grabbing his arms and starting to pull him to the elevator.

“WAIT.” I looked at the boss. “He’s a key part of this, I need his skills.”

“You will have a liason with the National Security Agency arrive here tomorrow. That person will communicate with NSA staff in Washington or Utah for whatever searches are required by your task force. Enrique stole data from them, he should be in Guantanamo Bay, not behind an FBI desk,” he said.

“You forget who you are dealing with and what our history is, Agent Hernandez, and who is really in charge.” Gunny moved next to me, crossing his arms to make his shoulders and chest even more pronounced. “The Alphas are assigning people who have the skills to do the job, AND the trust of the Packs. The NSA is an agency that most definitely does NOT have our trust. Beta Enrique WILL get access to whatever data he needs and he will get that access directly. You may put someone with him, hell, you can mirror his terminal, but make no mistake, he WILL be there for us.”

“No clearance, no access. Take him to his car and make sure he leaves,” the SAIC directed his uniforms.

“Enrique, go to the airport. Have the plane take you to Utah and call me when you arrive, I’ll have access for you before then,” I told him. He nodded and let the officers lead him away. “The Alphas won’t like this a bit.”

“It’s protocol, Agent Conspiell. You should know better.” I didn’t want to fight it, so I just went past him and back to our office area. After calling the Deputy Director and passing on the Alpha’s demands that Enrique get access, I called everyone into the conference room. I started writing on the white boards. One board I divided into columns with the five Packs that were attacked. The second I labeled The Shooter. The third I put The Clues.

“All right, it’s brainstorming time. The first board, put what we know about the kills. The second, everything we know about the shooter. The last, any clues we have.” Everyone got up and started jotting stuff down; I went to the Clues board and listed the Scrabble characters we had found.

T T T H H R M.

An hour later, everyone’s ideas up on the board, and we were no closer to figuring anything out. It was time to split up. I sent Rob and Melody to visit the other three crime scenes, hoping they could come up with any other clues or evidence from these previous shootings. I called FBI Headquarters, asking for a Profiler to review the case and hopefully give us an idea of who we were working for. I tasked Nadine with putting together a database we could use to screen people, looking for evidence that would include or exclude them from the suspect list.

I asked Linda Remington to work with the Media Relations agent here to come up with a public strategy. “Look, we need people’s help. If what Gunny thinks happened is true, this person may have been at the shooting location for days beforehand. We need to cast a wide net, set up a tip hotline, and see what shakes out. Right now we don’t have even a basic description of the suspect, we’re flying blind here.”

She looked around. “I can do that, but if we start doing a tip line we will need help. I’ve seen times when a dozen agents full time couldn’t handle the call volume.”

“I’ll put it on my list. If the Feds can’t supply agents fast enough, I’ll have the Packs man the phones. I can have people here in a few hours if I need to.”

She thought about it for a moment. “Only the killing in your Pack made the press, because all the other Packs covered them up. We have a hook, though. The killing in the Cascade Pack should be the backdrop. It’s got all the elements; an innocent couple killed, children orphaned, they weren’t doing anything other people weren’t doing. I can use that.”

“Sounds good. Set thing up with the Pack so we can fly up there tomorrow and do a press conference. I also need press releases announcing the formation of the Task Force; make sure you get FBI and Pack representatives and statements. We’re asking for people’s help here, we need to make them WANT to find this guy.” She finished her notes and went out to her desk to start making phone calls.

Gunny reluctantly tackled the suspect list after we reviewed the board that showed what we knew about the shooter. “Nadine, bring in as many administrative people as you need to set up this database. Work with the Department of Defense first. Start with sniper school graduates from any of the services, also Designated Marksmen. Marines, SEALs, Army, I don’t care if they are in the fucking Coast Guard, get them on the list. Then talk to the FBI, DEA, CIA and get the list of THEIR sniper school graduates. Once you have all the names, use the dates and locations of the attacks to rule out people. Hopefully we can get it down to under a thousand names we need to look closer at.” I rolled my eyes, a thousand people was a huge number.

We had seven dead, no real leads, and short deadlines. I put my head down on the desk, the headache already coming. The last time the FBI dealt with something like this, it was the Unabomber and that task force took years to find their man. I had weeks.

We were going to need a bigger task force.

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