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Chapter 20: Rest

“Wendy, I’ll stay here with him if you want to go home,” I said.

“Oh, thank you. I checked in on him five minutes ago, he’s still asleep. Doc gave you his orders for him, right?” I nodded.

“I’ve got your phone number, I’ll just text or call you if anything comes up.”

She handed me a paper cup with a few pills in it. “He will need these at two in the morning, wake him up to take them because if you wait too long the pain won’t recede enough for him to go back to sleep. Remember, keep him quiet. He’ll try and talk you into releasing him…”

I smiled at that. “Oh, I don’t think his begging will work on me.” She grabbed her stuff and walked out, leaving the lights down in the hallway and offices. I went to the ice machine and filled a cup with fresh cubes, then grabbed a tube of KY from the supply drawer. A thin towel would make a good blindfold, I thought as I rolled it up. Moving to his room, I slipped inside without a sound.

I set the supplies on the table, leaving the rolled up towel by his head. The room was lit only by the heart monitor and a nightlight in the bathroom; I could make out his strong form as my eyes adjusted. The head of the bed was slightly raised, and his hands were fixed to the bed rails on each side. Since this bed was wider than a normal hospital bed, his arms were at a forty-five degree angle instead of near his hips. He was covered by a thin blanket and a sheet, and he was sleeping soundly.

I leaned over and kissed his cheek, my eyes watching the monitor as his cat woke up enough to see I was here. His heart rate picked up and he turned towards me, his nose taking a deep whiff of my scent. I grabbed the blindfold, placing it over his eyes and tying it behind his head as he came out of his sleep. “Rose?” He tried to move his hands, then his head moved as he tried to shake off the blindfold. “Rose, what are you doing?”

“Payback’s a bitch, Gunny.” I grabbed the blanket and sheet, pulling it down his body as he struggled against the restraints. When it was off, I saw his ankles were also restrained, they were tied to each corner of the bed, leaving his ankles about two feet apart. “The way I see it, you’re bound, helpless and at my mercy. There’s no one to save you, and nobody around to hear you scream. If I were you, I’d relax, go with the sensations, and give me what I want.”

“What do you want, Rose?”

“I want to be your equal, Gunny. I’m not a demure woman who’s going to stay home baking cookies and popping out babies. I might submit to you in the bedroom, but sometimes I want to be on top and you need to submit to me too.” I moved down, trailing my lips across his healing scar on his bad shoulder. “Now, Doc says you can’t exert yourself. If your heart rate goes over a hundred,” I paused for a second as I took his nipple in my mouth, “I’ll have to stop. And I don’t want to stop. I want to cum, cum and cum again all over you.” I moved a leg up onto the bed, positioning my wet sex above his right hand. “Show me this hand still works, Gunny.”

I moaned softly as his talented fingers went to work. He moved his middle finger between my folds, spreading the lubrication as his other fingers worked the outside. He didn’t have much mobility in the restraint, so I helped him by moving my hips. I felt him press a finger into my core, and I started to move, slowly fucking myself on his hand. “Oh yeah, baby, put another finger in me.” He did, and moved his thumb up to rub my clit. I let the sensation build, moaning as a third finger pushed its way inside. He curled them, reaching for my g-spot as I sat down, then I pulled up a little before sinking down again.

“Rose… Please…”

I looked down, he was so hard a lineman couldn’t climb it. I rubbed my hot pussy with my fingers, then moved over to his straining cock. I ran a fingernail lightly from base to tip until the pulse alarm went off. “Calm down, baby, or I’ll have to stop.” I moved the hand to the bed, bracing myself as I moved faster and faster on his fingers. “Oh god, baby, I’m close.” My leg was trembling as my body coiled.

“Come for me, Rose.” He moved his fingers fast, his thumb pressing down on my clit. “Come NOW!” I exploded on his hand, soaking it with my juices as my body tried to get past the stimulation. When I could talk again, I lifted myself off him and sat down by his feet.

“That was intense,” I said.

“Let me go, Rose, I’ll give you that and so much more.”

“I’m sure you will, baby. How are your legs?”

“A little stiff,” he said, “just like my dick.” I moved down and unclipped his right leg, moving his knee up and down to loosen it up before reattaching it higher up on the bed, leaving his knee bent. I did the same with the other side, he was still trying to figure out what I was doing.

“Lift up, baby.” I pushed up on his butt as he raised his hips and I slid a pillow under him. “I like you a little higher up, it’s easier to ride.”

“Oh, baby, I’ll give you the ride of your life.”

“Really? You think you could handle a little anal tonight?”

I watched his cock twitch with the thought, Gunny Junior was down for it. “Oh yeah, Rose, I could really go for that.”

“Good. I had Ella pack a few of my toys, thinking they might come in handy.” He listened as I got up and went to the chair by the door. I unzipped my bag, pulling something out I could see him licking his lips in anticipation. “Here,” I said as I put a bunch of KY in his fingers. “Get this good and lubricated, it makes it easier to go in,” I said. “We don’t want it to hurt too much.” I put the butt plug in his fingers; he moved it around, lubicating it well.

Meanwhile, I grabbed an ice cube and put it in my mouth. Moving between his legs, I took the plug from him and moved onto the bed between his spread legs. I leaned forward, pulling his cock up straight with my left hand I sucked the tip into my mouth. He moaned as my tongue swirled around. The ice cube added a new dimension to the blowjob, the heat and the cold made everything more intense. I could see his head moving back and forth as I worked him.

When things got too cold, I’d spit the cube onto the sheet, then put it back in a minute later. He was really getting into it now, and I had to stop more often because his heart rate was going up. The blindfold really added to the experience, it heightened his touch and hearing. It wasn’t long until his mind was so clouded by pleasure he lost track of time.

He didn’t realize what was happening with the butt plug until my right hand started pushing it in his dark star.

“ROSE!” His pulse shot up, and I pulled off his cock but kept up the pressure on the plug. He was stuck, he could try and push up with his legs but his bound wrists wouldn’t let him escape. “THAT ISN’T WHAT I FUUUUCK!” The last part was when the widest part made it in and it latched in place. “Jesus, Rose, that hurts!”

“Really, Gunny? A big, strong man like you can’t take a little pain in his backside? That’s the same size as the medium one in our set. You worked me up to the extra-large one in two days. Then you shoved that baseball bat of yours up my ass and fucked me until I was ready to pass out.”

He smiled. “Yeah, and you loved it.”

“Well, you’re in for a treat, baby, because I brought my new strap-on with me.” He started to struggle, but stopped when I touched his cock again. “Now, take a deep breath and relax, I can’t touch you until your pulse drops down again.” It took a minute to drop down, and when it did, I did. I started sucking him again, nice and slow. Lick up one side, down the other. I reached down and palmed his heavy balls. “You’ve been backing up, I can feel it.”

“I need you, Rose. I need to come SO bad right now.”

“Not yet,” I teased as his pulse started going up again. “Doc said you have to rest, so here’s the deal. You start trying to fuck me, I’ll stop and you won’t like what I will do. You lay back, relax and enjoy the show, and I’ll rock your world.”

“Anything, baby. Just fuck me.”

I moved up, straddling his hips and facing him I reached back and held that magnificent rod up to my needy slit. I moved it around as I watched him struggle with the need to push up into me, finally moaning in pleasure as I dropped down enough for the head to go in. “Calm, baby. Keep that heart rate down.” Every time his pulse went up I’d freeze, if it hit a hundred I’d pull off him until he calmed down again. It took a good five minutes before I was fully seated on him. I was impressed, he hadn’t tried to push into me yet.

“Are you enjoying this, baby?”

“Except the plug, yes.”

“Really? I thought you’d like this.” I reached down and pulled the plug out just a bit before letting it slide back in. I could feel his cock twitch in me, he didn’t want to admit it but I knew it felt good. When his pulse rate slowed, I turned the knob on the bottom of the plug.

He bucked into me as the vibrating butt plug started to pulse. “What the fuck? ROSE!” His pulse rate spiked up to a hundred and twenty, so I lifted myself off him.

“Calm down, baby, and I told you not to buck up into me. I don’t want you hurting yourself.”

“Turn it OFF! Please!”

“No.” I got off the bed, moving over to the table I grabbed a couple ice cubes from the cup. Getting my hand good and cold, I smirked as he screamed like a girl when the cold cubes touched his balls. “You need to behave, Gunny, and do what your mate says. Learn this lesson now while it’s mostly pleasant.” I moved the cubes around until he forced himself to stop moving, then I pulled my hand away. “Better.”

“Let me go, Rose.”

“I don’t think so,” I said. “You and I are going to have an equal relationship. You don’t get to dominate me, I’m a strong woman on my own and you better learn to accept it or your balls will be bluer than they are right now. So, are you going to behave?”

He was having to think about it, so I put one of the ice cubes under his balls and right above the vibrating plus. “YES! Yes, now please, love, I need you so bad…”

I climbed back on top of him, this time it didn’t take as long to get all the way down. I didn’t move up and down, I just massaged his length with my pussy as the vibrations from his butt plug worked their way from him into me. I could hear his breathing get quicker, he was getting close and so was I. I reached down and turned the knob to high. I didn’t care that his heart rate was spiking, we were moving quickly to a climax and it was going to be huge. I started to move, raising my hips and slamming down on him until he screamed his pleasure as I joined him.

His cock got impossibly large, then started to come deep inside me. I was clenching him, sucking him farther up as he filled me with his seed. He normally gave me three or four jets of his hot jizz, but it just kept coming. I fucked him through it, the fluids pushing out around his shaft in a creamy froth until I finally collapsed on his good shoulder.

I reached back and pulled the plug out, earning another moan from him. “Fuck, that was intense,” I said.

I laid there for a while, both of us recovering and enjoying the time together. I finally got up and went into the bathroom, cleaning myself then bringing a washcloth out to clean him, then the plug.

“Can you get this pillow out, baby? It’s starting to get uncomfortable.” I reached up and untied the blindfold, he relaxed until I forced it into his mouth and retied it as a gag. “Rmph ut arrr oo doooong?”

“I told you, your ass is mine tonight.” I walked back to my bag and pulled out the strap-on dildo I had been given as a gag gift in college. It was black, about eighteen inches long and as big around as a coke can. His eyes went wide and he started to shake his head rapidly side to side. He started to struggle as I put the harness on and went to lube it up. “Really, Gunny? It proportional, just as big to your ass as your cock is to mine.”

“Mmmph wwm”

“It’s simple, Gunny. You shake your head yes, we’re equals in bed and out, and I put this away. Say no, and I make you my bitch tonight.” I pulled out my phone and started recording. “Now, Gunny, do you agree that your mate Rose is your equal in all things, that you will treat her that way in public and private, and that you love her more than life itself?” He quickly nodded his head yes, and I stopped recording.

The next morning, I was deliciously sore and satisfied as we awoke to my phone ringing. I untangled my limbs from his; I had untied him a long time before. I picked up the phone, seeing the time was 0632. Not much sleep.

The call was from the task force. “Rose, there’s been another shooting, outside Kansas City.”

“Oh God…”

“They found another Scrabble piece, Rose. Dropped on the street from where she shot from. It was a letter ‘V,’ 4 points. And there was a note written in Sharpie on the back.” She paused. “It said, ‘How many more, Renee?’ in block letters.”

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