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Chapter 24: Home

The Pack meeting didn’t take long; Craig and Ella wanted to update everyone on the threat and reinforce the rules for Pack security. So far everyone had cooperated, but the longer the lockdown went on, the more likely someone would try to get around it. The Alphas also told everyone that there was a leak in the Albuquerque FBI office, someone who was working to help the shooter target me and get away. Gunny hugged me tight and Charlotte gripped my hand as they were talking, because I was still a target and I was exposed.

I stared at Josh as the meeting ended, causing him to lift Charlotte off his lap. I watched him take her back to the female dorm, kissing her briefly before she ducked inside. I squeezed Gunny’s hand. “Come on, stud, let’s get it over with,” I said. “I’m exhausted.”

He went to pick me up and I stepped back. “Ah ahh, you’re not fully healed and I’m fully capable of walking my ass back to our room.”

He lunged forward, grabbing me around the waist and lifting me onto his good shoulder. “And I told you I’m nearly healed and your ass is MINE,” he whispered as he walked to the stairs. I was turning red as I saw the other adults pretend they didn’t hear it, but it was nothing new. Packs had happily mated pairs that enjoyed a healthy and frequent sex life, and didn’t feel the need to hide it.

They also spent more money on soundproofing, but not here. This house had been built to human standards, so even my ears were hearing more than they wanted to some nights. Gunny kept holding me tight until we were in the room with the door locked. “Why don’t you take a shower, and I’ll fix the bed,” he said. I laughed, his panther had wrecked the one we had; sheets were shredded and stuffing from the mattress was pulled out. I kissed him and went into the bathroom, leaving him to the cleanup.

I showered slowly, making sure I gave him plenty of time to get things ready. I finished my bedtime routine and wrapped myself in my towel, knowing that any clothes would only last a few seconds once I got to bed. I walked out, and was immediately pulled into his arms. Once again, I was flying through the air to land on the bed, my towel dropping off in the air. This time I was ready, I wanted him, and I wanted him now. I watched him strip as my hand moved down to my sex. My tongue was licking my lips, he was Grade ‘A’ Prime man-meat, and he was ALL mine.

I pulled the sheets back and jumped in as he leaned over me, taking my hand in his. I didn’t recognize what it was until it was too late. He used his cat quickness to pull up and secure a leather cuff around my wrist. By the time it clicked closed, he had my other hand in his and was pushing it to the other corner. The matching cuff was pulled up and quickly attached. I was now helpless before my Adonis of a mate, trussed up and ready to be ravaged, and my body was so ready for it.

He turned off the lights, then went over and closed the curtains, casting the room into darkness. Now I was at a real disadvantage, he had excellent night vision and mine was nowhere near as good. My ears strained to pick up his movements, but he moved like a cat too. Silent, smooth and with purpose.

I felt his mouth descent onto my right breast, sucking the nipple up and biting down gently. I moaned loudly with the sensation, and before my mouth could close it didn’t. A hard rubber ball was placed in my mouth, and his hands quickly secured the elastic bands behind my head. “WMM URRR UUU NNNNG?” is all that came out when I tried to talk.

“You’re not the only one with a toy drawer, Rose. The ball gag will allow you to breath, but you won’t be able to be as loud as normal. Even if someone in the house hears you, they won’t be able to make out what you are saying. So, go ahead, scream your pleasure to the heavens, because its MY turn to play.”

I could hear him laying some stuff out on the bedside table, I looked but could see nothing through the darkness. I heard a cap come off, then a liquid noise. Lube, I thought. My ass clenched in anticipation, and for the first time I thought maybe I went a little too far with the strap-on threat. I jumped when I felt his tongue part my slit, moving slowly from the bottom to the top, circling my engorged clit and moving slowly back down. My hands were helpless, but I locked my legs behind his head and tried to pull him closer as he continued to tease me.

He was anticipating this, because he moved his shoulders up to roll my hips with him, and while I was focused on his tongue I lost track of his hand. I felt the plug at my dark star, he pushed it in past the resistance of the anal ring. It popped into place, and he pulled it a few times and rotated it to make sure it was fully seated. We both loved anal, and I loved toys, especially this one. He turned the vibrating plug on and it started a low pulse in my bowels.

He moved his tongue back to my sodden sex, going back to work on it. As he took me soaring to the first of many orgasms, all I could think about was how lucky I was to have this man. I had asked him once why he was such a good lover, did he have lots of partners, watch a lot of porn, or read a lot of dirty stories? “Yes,” was his first answer, “but my job helped too. People think of snipers, and they think all we do is put the crosshairs on someone and shoot. Marines know anyone can shoot, but the SCOUT part of scout/sniper is much harder. Learning to remain unseen in a hide, for days, observing and recording everything. Learning patterns, tendencies, personalities. There are guys I killed that I knew better than their best friends, I’d been watching them so carefully.”


“So I do the same with you. I don’t dive in aimlessly, seeking my own pleasure, hell an Army guy can do that. I watch you, every part of you. What makes you react, what does your body like and dislike? What makes you moan, what do you urge me to as it builds? Your breathing, how flushed your body is, how swollen you become, it’s all monitored. Plan, do, check, adjust. Every time we make love I learn you better, better than you know yourself, and THAT is how I rock your world.”

The first crest hit, I screamed into the gag, but it was like he said- not near as loud, and you couldn’t tell what I said. He turned the knob on the plug, sending it to a slowly building and falling buzz, then knelt between my legs and placed his big cock at my entrance. “MEES”, I think it sounded like, but he knew what I needed before I did. He lifted my left leg to his good shoulder, causing my hips to tilt as he pushed forward. I started to come again as he filled me; this time the orgasm started in my ass and exploded through my hot pussy. I felt our bodies soak as my girl cum sprayed him down.

He stayed in place, letting the vibrator and his big cock tease me as my channel clenched down and released him repeatedly. When I thought it was over, he rubbed my clit with his thumb, drew back and slammed into me. His leg pushed the plug in as he bottomed out somewhere just below my tits from how it felt. I shook my head, wanting a break as it felt like one orgasm just crashed into the next. When he bent both my knees back to my shoulders and started to pound me into the mattress. I came hard, screaming his name into the gag.

He reached down and yanked the plug free, setting off yet another peak, then pulled out and pushed into the gaping hole left behind. I screamed again, not from pain but from the pleasure of it all. He was watching my face, making sure he wasn’t hurting me, at least until I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him in. I moaned, and my eyes rolled back as he bottomed out in my needy bottom.

He was close and the tightness of my back passage gripping him meant he wouldn’t last long. He withdrew and plunged back in slowly, then a little faster, until he was pounding me hard. I screamed again into the gag as he slammed home and stilled, his cock swelling inside me before I felt his hot jets of love shooting deep inside me.

He stayed there, kissing my lips and face as we calmed down from the orgasmic high we had reached. He popped out, and I felt a flood let loose under my ass onto the new sheets. He rolled off, reaching down to remove the ball gag. “I’ll prepare a bath,” he said with a kiss.

“You know, I was perfectly clean until you started banging me like a bridge piling,” I said as my head fell back. He just laughed and went into the bathroom, I heard water running. He came back with a wet washcloth and cleaned the worst of the sticky from me. When he was done with my sensitive parts, he finally released my hands and picked me up. The tub was half full, and he set me down into it before he went back out to change the bed again.

I was so wiped out I didn’t do anything, I just rested my head against the towel he’d placed there and let the jets of the tub relax my spent body. When he came in, he sat down on the opposite side from me, our legs tangled together in the middle. He immediately picked one up in his hand and started rubbing it. “Oh God, Gunny, keep doing that.”

“I’ve had three days of rest, baby, I’ve got plenty of energy left to take care of you.” He did, working one foot then the other, then working his strong hands up my calves and to my thighs. I was putty in his hands, my head back, my body floating before him weightless. I wasn’t surprised when he leaned forward and softly started to lick my sensitive inner flesh; he knew not to stimulate too much or too quickly, and I relaxed into what he was doing. I had lost count of how many times I had come, and one more wouldn’t hurt. It washed over me as he held my ass in his hands, lifting me to his lips like a wine glass, and he drank down the taste like a fine wine.

I was done after that, and he knew it. He started draining the tub and got us up, drying me as he held me up with one arm. He carried me back to bed and tucked me in, going back to the bathroom to finish his bedtime business. I was dead to the world before the door opened again.

My back alarm woke me. Ever since an injury in my rookie year trying to subdue a suspect, it would stiffen up after too many hours in the same position. I could feel Gunny’s arm over my stomach, he was snoring lightly next to me. I moved his arm and rolled over, feeling for my alarm clock but only finding a large vibrator. I knocked it and a few other things onto the floor, not finding my phone at all. “It’s in your purse, I turned it off,” said Gunny. “Ella said she’d wake you if something important comes up. You’re exhausted, you won’t be going to the office until lunchtime and everyone knows it.”

I let my hand drop. “So what time is it?”

“Just past nine. Marge kept some breakfast back for us.”

I got up and did my business, coming back I opened the drapes a little to let some light in. I watched the beams create shadows on Gunny’s arms and chest, and I felt that familiar lust starting to build. My lady parts had been rode hard and put away wet last night, but it didn’t mean I couldn’t have a little fun with the tent he had staked under the sheets.

I pulled the sheets down until they were exposed, then took it in my hands. Every time I touched it I was impressed by its size, I could grip it like a baseball bat, but it was the barrel not the grip area. My fingers couldn’t wrap all the way around. I leaned down, licking the clear fluid from the tip as I started to jack him slowly. I moved the top hand off and down to his heavy balls, full again after the night of sleep, I took him as deep into my mouth as I could. My lips stretched to their limits as the spongy head pushed through, and then he was back to my throat. I pushed to the limits of my gag reflex, then back out. He’d probably be too big for me to ever take to the root.

He started to moan and whisper his pleasure as I sucked and licked his proud staff. He didn’t take long, he was finding out that a cop had observation skills as well. I knew what he liked, and I knew how to tip him over the edge. He was close.

He pushed me off, then grabbed me and rolled me onto my back. He straddled my legs, his hand fisting his cock over my stomach. With a loud moan his legs jerked and the first rope of his seed shot out, spraying me from stomach to shoulder. It was quickly followed by four more, coating my body with his seed.

When he was done, I went to get up and clean off but he wouldn’t let me. His eyes were shifting, his cat was forward again. He started rubbing his essence into my skin, turning my tits and shoulders into a glistening, sticky mess. The massage felt great, he was gentle but determined. When his eyes changed back to normal, he sat back and apologized. “I’m sorry, my panther knows you are going back and he wanted my scent to be on you strongly.”

“Jesus, Gunny, I’m going to smell like a peep show booth.” I got up and started to go to the bathroom.

“Please, baby, just listen.” He followed me in, wetting a washcloth. “I’ll clean off enough so you don’t look like a glazed donut, but don’t take a shower. My cat needs this, and only werewolves will be able to smell it.”

“Fine.” I let him clean me off, then I got dressed. When I came out of the closet, he was in panther form. I started rubbing his head and shoulders against me, laying more scent down. I looked down at all the cat hair he’d left behind, thankful I hadn’t chosen a dark color. He shifted, looked at me apologetically then got the roller from the dresser. He went over my clothes, the masking tape removing the black hairs from my outfit.

I went downstairs to get breakfast while he got dressed. The kids were in the living room watching a movie. “Morning, baby. Schoolwork done already?”

“Yep, we only needed ninety minutes this morning. Mrs. Clarke is coming over this afternoon for our algebra test.”

“All right, take a break but I want you to study for at least half an hour before lunch, all right?” She nodded. I looked at the shelf which was now filled with dozens of Christmas nutcracker toys of all kinds. The wooden tools were painted as classic soldiers, animals, even a Wonder Woman model that broke the nuts between her thighs. “What’s with this?”

Jane laughed. “OK, so that Youtube video, someone called her ‘The Nutcracker’ and the nickname stuck. Her address here got leaked, and yesterday these came pouring in. Most are from teens and young women, you should read the letters.” She pointed to a pile on the table nearby.

I shook my head, when I grew up there was no Youtube and nothing like this happened. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed our plates out of the warming oven, then brought it to the table. I was halfway done with my breakfast when Gunny came down the stairs, pulling a shirt over his shoulders as he walked down.

The front door opened, and Justin Peters walked in carrying a large box. “More stuff for you, Charlotte,” he said as he walked into the living room and set it down.

Gunny froze as he reached the bottom of the stairs, he took a deep breath then yelled, “BOMB! EVERYONE OUT!!”

I jumped to my feet, but Marge grabbed me and pulled me outside. I was struggling futilely against her, looking back where everyone was running out of the house and screaming for Charlotte, when there was a bright flash and a loud noise, then everything went black.

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