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Chapter 28: Riddles

Renee was being hugged from behind by her mate Robert as she broke down crying. She composed herself before continuing. “That was the Scrabble phrase was teasing us with. ‘That Others May Live’ is the short version of the Code of the Air Rescueman: It is my duty as a Pararescueman to save life and to aid the injured. I will be prepared at all times to perform my assigned duties quickly and efficiently, placing these duties before personal desires and comforts. These things we do, that others may live.”

“She is killing random people and claiming THAT reason?” I was seething, and my heart monitor started to alarm. Gunny started nuzzling my neck, stroking my arm and waist to calm me down. “Easy, love, we’re going to take care of them.” They waited until I was calm before they continued.

Craig went first. “We know Luis is working against us, but we don’t have enough evidence to make it stand up in court. We can’t do anything yet.”

“Anything in the human legal system, anyway,” Robert said. “For right now, this information doesn’t leave this room or the shadow investigation team. As far as anyone knows, we are fully invested in the joint investigation with the FBI and the Packs are cooperating completely. NO ONE working with the FBI is to know about his treachery; if he gets wind of it, he might disappear or warn off the shooter, and we can’t have that.”

He was right. I could feel the rumbling in Gunny’s chest, I knew his cat wanted to rip him apart for hurting us, for hurting me, but he was being held back by his human. I put my hand to his face. “You want his blood, don’t you.”

His eyes shifted slightly, his panther was forward. “His blood will stain my teeth, my love.”

I scratched his hair over his ear. “When it is time. Your human side is correct, we have to play this out or we don’t get them both.” I looked up at the Alphas and the others. “These two need to be stopped, but I don’t want the human justice system for them. I want them to face Pack justice.”

“You know what that means, Rose?” Craig looked over at me. “They can’t face Pack justice as humans unless they are caught on Pack lands. That is the condition we agreed to as part of the peace treaty that ended the war.”

“Can’t we just capture them and move them to Pack lands?”

“No, because if we can’t prove it to the Justice Department then we are liable for murder charges. They have to agree we have jurisdiction, so it needs to be airtight.” He looked at the two of us. “Doc told me of your options, are you moving forward with the change?”

I looked at Gunny and smiled. “Yes. I don’t like being out of the loop for three days, but it beats being stuck here for weeks. I want to be Gunny’s Mate, and for you and Ella to be my Alphas.” Gunny nuzzled my neck where his mark would go, while Ella came forward to hug me. “We would be honored to have you as part of our Pack,” Craig said. “We’ll leave you to it. Gunny, you’re excused from the investigation while you take care of your mate.”

“Thank you all,” I said. “Thank you for saving my family, for saving me. I love you all.”

“We love you too, Rose,” Renee said as she gave me a quick hug. “I can’t wait to see your panther.”

“I don’t know, wolves are pretty cute,” I teased. Gunny’s cat started to rumble, not pleased with the idea that another man would touch me. “But, cats love to nap, and that sounds much better to me than running around chasing things.”

The group filed out, and as soon as they left Doctor Julia came in. “I understand you’re taking the change?”

“Yes, I want to do it now. No point in waiting.”

“I agree, the sooner you heal the better. Gunny, come with me, we need to talk first.” Gunny got up, pulling on shorts before he followed her out. He was gone for a while, long enough for me to fall asleep again.

When I woke, he was snuggled in next to me. “Gunny?” He looked up at me. “What did she want?”

“She wanted to talk to me about how to do this without hurting you, Rose. Not only do I need to make love to you and give you an orgasm, I have to do so in animal form, and without hurting you or moving your head around. We don’t want to make things worse before we make them better,” he said.

“You’re not tying me up, Gunny.” After the last time, I didn’t know if I could take it.

“Nothing like that… now,” he said while he wiggled his eyebrows. “We’ll wait until we’re back in our room.”

“What then?”

His eyes moved to the corner of the room where some cushions had been wrapped in sheets. “We use these.” He got off the bed, my lips wetting themselves as I watched his muscled backside as he picked them up. He placed them lengthwise on the bed, creating a platform of sorts for me. “I have to make sure you want this now, Rose. It’s going to be painful, you’ll be out for a while, but I promise it is worth it.”

“I’m sure, Gunny. Make me like you, make me yours in every way.”

“Oh baby, I’ll make it good for you.” He did everything slowly, supporting my head and body as I rolled up and onto the stack of cushions he had brought in. They worked well, allowing me to lie down in the right position, with support from my bent hips up past my shoulders. My head rested on a pillow at the top.

He kissed me deeply, then got onto the bed behind me. His fingers spread me, and he took a deep taste of my slit as I moaned in pleasure. “God, Gunny, I missed you,” I whispered, moving my hips to try to force more contact with that talented tongue of his.

“Nice and slow, baby. We’ve got all the time in the world, so we’re going for the slow build.” He did exactly that; working his way around my labia, ticking my clit with the tip of his tongue, in general driving my desire higher and higher. He put a finger in, slowly stroking me in concert with the ministrations of his tongue. He pulled his finger out, and I felt him shift, the tongue becoming larger, more dexterous, and reaching deeper.

He waited until my moans were nearly constant before moving up. His body moved over mine, his hard cock reaching forward to find my welcoming folds. The cushions worked great, his weight wasn’t on me and I wasn’t straining to hold position. He put his weight slowly behind him, forcing that big cock into me. My mouth was open, my eyes rolling back as he filled me completely.

He looked down at me, I could see his cat’s concern, he was maintaining enough control to do this without moving my head around. “I’m fine,” I whispered. “Keep going.” He pulled back a few inches, the barbs on his cock catching and releasing on the ridges of my channel. He moved back, then pushed inside. I clenched him tight as he filled me, and relaxed as he pulled back, the short strokes helping to limit my motion.

I couldn’t help moving a little, but it wasn’t bad. “Faster,” I told him. He moved to a more normal pace, and I was nearly there. “I’m close,” I told him.

He started to lengthen strokes, his mouth moving down to hold me gently where my right shoulder met my neck. The action held me in place, allowing him to buck into me a little harder. He could feel me preparing to release, he pushed forward one last time, and when I cried out in pleasure he bit down hard.

“GUNNYYYYYY!” My contractions pushed him over the edge, and I felt him fill me with his hot seed. The pulses from him seemed to go on and on, filling me near bursting as I felt the excess drip down my thighs.

He pulled his length out quickly, the sensation of the barbs causing me to go right into an even bigger orgasm. He moved his head between my thighs, his tongue cleaning our combined juices from my legs in long strokes that ended at my oversensitive folds. When I collapsed spent, he took one last lick from clit to my lower back. Gunny shifted back, moving to hug my back as I came back down. He licked at the mating bite, the saliva helping to stop the bleeding from the deep puncture wounds. “How are you?”

My head was spinning, my insides were jelly and I felt tired and satisfied. “That good, huh?”

His voice was in my head, not my ears. “Gunny?”

“I’m here, Rose. I’ll always be here for you.”

Tears were running down my face, soon other voices started to fill my head. “Welcome to the Pack, Rose,” Craig told me.

“We love you and you’re a perfect mate for our Gunny,” Ella added. Others started to give me their congratulations as Gunny gently rolled me onto my back before tossing the cushions off the bed. He went into the bathroom and came out with a warm cloth, cleaning my sore parts. He went back to the bathroom for a moment before curling up next to me. Over the next hour, he taught me about how to use the link; how to invite or block people, how to make a distress call, and how to hide or project her thoughts. “So, you can listen in to what I’m thinking?”

“Only mates can, it takes a deeper bond than that of the Pack. If you don’t want me to, leave the block up.”

“I ought to spank your ass raw, you could have told me that before the change. You knew what I was thinking as soon as you bit me?”

“Yep.” He kissed my shoulder. “My mate has a dirty little mind, and I can’t wait to try a few of those out on you when you’re feeling better.” I blushed, but I couldn’t stay mad at him. “Just think, you’ll be able to hear what I think, what I feel during sex, and I can feel you. Feeling you come apart under me was the hottest thing ever.”

No, YOU are the hottest thing ever, my mate.” I closed my eyes; I could feel myself getting hot as the fever started to build. The change was starting. Gunny called Doc Terry in, he gave me the sedative and I drifted off to sleep in the arms of my love.

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