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Chapter 50: Rebuilt

Ten Days Later

I woke up feeling hot, you know, down there. I looked at the bedside clock, it was almost six in the morning. First light wouldn’t be for a while yet.

I moved my hand down my body, pushing the covers from my skin until I ran into fur. Gunny was under the covers, his head laying over my thigh, his nose near my belly button. Again. The combination of his warm fur and hot breath had me sweating, but it wasn’t his fault. His cat was becoming insanely protective of me as my pregnancy became more noticeable. For the last few days, this meant he shifted and placed his body over my baby bump to protect it from, I don’t know, being poked or something.

I moved his head up and scooted up the bed, freeing myself from his legs and paws that were on each side of my left leg. He opened his eyes as I swung my legs over the side and got up. “Morning, baby,” I said to him as he shifted back. I ran to the bathroom as the motion of getting up caused my stomach to do backflips. I barely made it to the toilet in time, retching whatever was in my stomach out.

He was at my side in no time, holding my hair back as I tossed my cookies. The morning sickness had begun a few days ago, and it was bad. I had started to develop issues with different foods, the most troubling being that I could not handle the smell of bacon. How could my body deprive me of THAT? It all seemed to be coming faster and harder than when I was pregnant with Charlotte.

I sat back and let a breath out, taking the glass of water from Gunny with a quick smile. I rinsed the taste out, spitting it into the toilet, then flushed. He helped me up and I brushed my teeth before excusing him so I could go to the bathroom. Of course, he just stood on the other side of the door, listening for me to pass out or something.

It was all so different from my last pregnancy; I was no longer sixteen, I wasn’t scared and alone. I had a mate and a daughter and HER mate, all of whom were falling over themselves to help me. I swear, Gunny would do anything for me if I asked. I opened the door when I was done, kissing him on the cheek before letting him take the bathroom.

I laid down on top of the sheets as I listened to him in the shower. I imagined what was happening in there without me; the water cascading over his broad shoulders, down his muscled back, then that biteable ass of his before his thick legs. The fantasy was getting me worked up, and the pregnancy hormones were helping. I moved my hands down, one playing with my tender breasts while the other delved into my swelling folds. I slickened quickly as my fingers moved up and down, then curled into my channel. I closed my eyes, surrendering to the feelings, and unaware I was projecting.

The door to the bathroom crashed open, and a naked and highly aroused Gunny stood there for a moment. Our eyes met, his hand on his shaft and my fingers buried inside me. His eyes darkened and he dove onto the bed by me. He landed at the base, his head between my legs, and he took a deep sniff before pulling my fingers out and tasting them. “Mmmm… yummy.”

“Breakfast in bed?”

“Absolutely.” He looked away, burying his face into my hot sex. His tongue pushed deep inside me, wiggling around and sending delightful tingles up my body. I grabbed his hair and pulled him closer. He was positively ravenous, licking and using his fingers to bring me to a peak quickly. I exploded in his face, soaking him with my release before he licked me clean. He started to kneel between my legs, his shaft red and ready in front of him, but I closed my legs. “Gunny… I have a prenatal visit this morning. I can’t go there with you dripping out of me.”

“I could pull out,” he begged.

“Lay on your back up here,” I told him. He moved up into the center of the bed, and I rolled until I was on my hands and knees. I placed my knees on each side of his head, and started to lick down his eight pack until I had his big cock in my hand. “I need my protein shake,” I said as I surrounded his helmet with my mouth and tongue.

He moaned in pleasure and grabbed my hips, pulling me down until he could resume his ministrations on my sodden channel. I worked my mouth down his shaft, relaxing my throat as I pushed myself farther down. He was very distracting, and I came again when I had him in my throat, his shaft blocking any sounds I wanted to make. I pulled off him, took a few breaths then pushed back down.

We knew what the other liked, and the bond between us reflected our mood and pleasure. The combination allowed us to very quickly bring each other to a peak, but when he was nearly there, I pulled off and squeezed the base of his cock until he was past. He growled, understanding what I was doing to him, and he didn’t like it. I squealed as one of his fat fingers, fresh from my pussy, pushed into my ass and started wiggling around.

I took him into my mouth again, working him up and down near the top while jacking the rest. Every dozen or so strokes with my lips, I would take him deep into my throat and hum a tune. The combination had him working back to a peak. I wasn’t going to last much longer either, he was VERY talented at what he was doing. “Someone is about to blow,” I sent before I decided to use my finishing move. I took him all the way into my throat, then pushed my index finger into his ass and pressed on his prostate.

He moved his head back and screamed in pleasure as he found his release. I let the first big spurts go down my throat, then backed off so the rest filled my mouth. He got back to work as I swallowed his essence, taking me to the edge and over until I collapsed on top of him.

I’d barely caught my breath before I felt him hardening again. “Jesus, Gunny, are you taking Viagra?”

“Don’t need it with you around.”

I looked down at him, he was ready again and I wasn’t satisfied yet. “I need you in me, Gunny.”

“I thought your cooter was off limits?”

“I’ll let you have my ass then. I need you, baby. I need you in me now.” He grinned as I rolled over on my stomach, pulling a couple pillows down to raise my ass up in the air for him. He opened the drawer next to the bed, pulling out the lube. He squirted it onto my ass and his fingers, using two, then three to open me up. Over the next few minutes, as I rode that edge between pain and pleasure. By the time he finally pressed that baseball bat of a cock into my tight backside, I had already come twice on his fingers.

He pushed in slowly, invading me inch by inch. He would pull back a little way after I had adjusted, then push forward again. I was biting the pillow as he worked it in, fighting not to scream. I was glad for our bond, he could feel the difference between uncomfortable pain and hurting me. When I felt his balls resting against my swollen pussy, I was finally able to breathe again. “Take me, baby. I want to remember this the whole drive home.”

He pulled out until his head was teasing my ring, then pushed forward, sheathing himself a few seconds later. I moaned in pleasure, he could feel what it was doing, and he knew he could speed up. I loved feeling what he did through the bond; the tightness of my ring, the heat, the way I would try to hold him in place as he pulled back. After my change, I found out I could take him harder, and recover faster than I did as a human. With his equipment and how he could use them, I needed it.

He turned on a vibrator and started to tease my pussy with it. I reached a hand back and took it from him, adjusting it so it was hitting the thin space where his cock was moving. When I got close, I held it in against my G-spot until I hit my release. I loved being double penetrated by him and a toy, it was a sure-fire way to set me into near continuous orgasms. He was banging me hard now, his hips smacking into mine as I came another three times. By the time he was ready to explode, my legs were jelly and I felt like I didn’t have the energy to scream again. He withdrew, jacking his proud length until he was shooting his hot come over my back. I felt his hot spunk land on my back and my ass as my body continued to twitch. He collapsed on the bed next to me.

I couldn’t move. “God, that was SO good,” I said. “I must look so slutty right now.”

He pulled his phone off the table and took a picture, then a couple more. When he finally showed me, I was shocked. I looked well fucked, that was for sure. My pussy lips were swollen, the vibrator on the bed below it, my juices soaking the sheets. My ass was still gaping from the anal invasion, and my body was positively dripping with come. “I’ve got half a mind to Superman your ass,” he told me.

“What’s that?”

“I cover you up, let the sheet dry to your back and give you a cape,” he said.

I looked at his phone and noticed the time. “Shit, I have to take a shower now and get ready,” I groaned.

“I can help you shower,” he offered, but I shook him off. I needed to get ready, and a shower would get handsy quickly. I ran off for the bathroom, and twenty minutes later we were out the door.

I went into one of the floating offices as Gunny went into the Gila Pack kitchens to get us breakfast. I couldn’t handle the smells of some of the foods, so I waited until he brought me a plate of pancakes and a bowl of fruit. We ate quietly, I ate slowly, hoping my stomach would settle with the starches and sugars. “So how did Tom get the house ready to move into so fast?”

“He was motivated, and the contractor agreed to have crews there 24/7 until they were done,” Gunny said. “I talked to him briefly last night, the painting was completed, and the new carpets are going in this morning. Most of the furniture in the living room was not salvaged, so the new stuff will be delivered and set up before lunch. The kitchen is ready to go. Luckily, the bedrooms and other rooms weren’t damaged badly. All of the structural repairs are done now.”

“I’m glad Ella sent him with Al to take that over,” I said. “It gave him a project to take his mind off the divorce.” Tom, Lars and Shelley had spent a lot of time in counseling, both with the Pack psychologist and the Alphas. They had agreed to an amicable divorce, their assets split evenly, and the appropriate paperwork had been filed in the human courts. Shelley was still human for now, she wanted to be officially divorced before she would consider mating. Lars had agreed, he was willing to wait and he knew she had to become comfortable with him. He was just happy she was no longer rejecting him. They were spending a lot of time together, allowing him to be with the triplets and to get to know Mark, Olivia and their children. It was a big lifestyle change for the single retired Marine.

“In a way, it was helpful. The house was never designed to be a Pack House, since the walls were so damaged it gave us a chance to redo the floor plan.” The bedrooms were smaller, but more numerous, and each bedroom had its own bathroom.

“And we got to soundproof them this time.” The both cracked up, remembering how they had kept people up when they first arrived there as new mates. The contractors had spray insulating foam in all the walls, and used overlapping drywall with soft spacers as they rebuilt. The doors were now solid wood, and were sealed around the edges. “Even with werewolf hearing, we should be able to have sex without disturbing the whole house now.” We finished up, and he collected the plates and returned them to the kitchen. I was waiting outside for him, avoiding the smells of the dining room.

We walked across to the clinic, where our prenatal appointment was scheduled. After the normal checks, I asked him about the morning sickness and nausea, which seemed to be much more intense than my earlier pregnancy. “You can’t relate one to the other,” Doc Terry told me. “You are different now, you have your cat. However, werewolves normally take pregnancy easier than humans. Let’s have a look, shall we?”

I laid back on the exam table. Gunny was sitting at the head of it, so I leaned back into his chest. This was something unique to werewolf doctors, it was a way to protect them from overprotective mates as they were doing their business down there. Wendy spread a sheet over me before she lifted my gown out of the way. “That’s cold,” I said as Doc moved the ultrasound probe over my belly.

“Can’t be helped,” he said. We were all watching the screen as he adjusted it. The picture was grainy, but soon it showed a black space with a little bean-sized baby in it. I started to cry, Gunny was pulling me into his chest, and Doc printed out the picture. He took some measurements, then told me everything looked good.

He moved the probe slightly, and a second black space appeared.

Then a third. I started to feel light headed.

When he found the fourth, I passed out.

I woke up soon, flat on my back on the exam bed with Gunny sitting by my side. “Gunny?”

“Yes love?”

“Please tell me he didn’t find any more.” I couldn’t imagine even being pregnant with the four I had seen.

“That was it, baby.” He held a print, Doc had found the perfect spot and was able to get all four little babies in one picture. “You’re having a litter.”

We’re having four babies!” I was a little ticked at my panther for this, she had known something and held it back from me.

I moved my hands down to my belly. “I’m going to be ruined, I’m going to look like I swallowed an exercise ball.” I smacked him on the shoulder. “You did this, you bastard, you and your super panther sperm.”

He just laughed. “I’d apologize, but I’m so happy I could burst right now,” he said. “It’s going to be fine, love. Multiple births are common amongst us, and since you are a panther, you can deliver as a cat and the babies will come out in cat form as well. Remember how Ella told us it was much easier that way?”

“Easier for YOU, your belly won’t be dragging the ground. And don’t even THINK about leaving me alone for the birth like happened with her.”

“Never. Now, Doc and Wendy are sworn to secrecy, but have you thought about when you want to tell everyone?”

“They already know I’m pregnant, Gunny, and they will figure it out quick when I start blowing up. I want to tell Charlotte and Josh first, then our Alphas. We can announce it to the Pack when we get back home,” I said. Doc came back in and checked me out before clearing us to go. We went back to our room to pack the rest of our stuff, most of it having been done last night. I sent a nudge out to Josh. “Josh, are you with Charlotte?”

“Yep, we’re in the game room.”

“Can you guys come to our room?”

“Sure.” There was a short pause. “Charlotte is nervous something went wrong at your appointment.”

“We’re fine, but we do need to talk.” Gunny got back from taking our bags to the SUV just before the two came in. Gunny had me on his lap, and I patted the bed next to me. Josh immediately sat down and pulled Charlotte into his lap. Her leg had healed pretty well, only a jagged scar remained, but she was still building the strength back. I looked at the two guys who were so protective of us, they were almost annoying.

“Charlotte, Josh, we need you to keep this to yourselves for a bit, we won’t be announcing it to the Pack until we are settled back at our own house,” Gunny said.

“The appointment went fine, the babies are on track for development.”

“Babies?” Josh said.

“BABIES? WHAT DO YOU MEAN BABIES,” Charlotte said in shock.

“Well, yes,” I said as I took her hand. “I’m going to need a lot of help from Gunny, from you and from Josh to take care of them. After all, we’ll each be able to hold one.” I smirked to myself, four, three, two, one…

“YOU’RE HAVING QUADRUPLETS???’ Charlotte’s eyes rolled back into her head and she slumped against Josh’s chest. He was torn between looking at me in shock and looking at her with concern. A moment later, she shook her head and started to cry. “Oh God, Mom, that’s so Gunny! I mean, why not, get the whole batch now!”

She moved off his lap and hugged me tightly. “I know, he’s an overachiever.” Gunny just chuckled in my ear. “The good news is that I got pregnant while we were in DC still, so you didn’t actually hear their conception.”

“Thank GOD for that.” We talked for a while longer, mostly about how the news would affect me. It would be a high-risk pregnancy, and Doc wanted me back at Gila pack starting at 30 weeks, so he could closely monitor things. He also told me I would be put on bedrest at about that time. He didn’t have experience with cat multiples, so he was going to treat it like it was all being done in human form.

I asked Craig and Ella if they could stop by before lunch, and they came in a few minutes later. They could tell by the tissues and the emotions that it was good news, but finding out it was quadruplets was a shock to them too. “We’ll support you any way we can,” Ella promised.

Lunch was very emotional, we had made a lot of close friends here at Gila, but it was time to go home. A caravan of cars was in front of the Pack House, and after teary goodbyes, our Alphas led us out. I slept most of the way home, waking when we approached the gates. Tom and Al were standing there to welcome us, and it was good to be home.

The Scrabble Killer was dead, along with her trainer and protector. We were backing off the open investigation, letting the Cell think their threats had worked. They didn’t, we were just going quiet with our investigation. Alpha Robert allowed Melody and William to come to our house, where they would join Al, Josh, Jacob and I as we would trace back the links to find who was really behind all this.

And when we knew, Gunny and Lars were going to ride into battle again.

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