The Silver Staff of Justice (Book 2)

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Epilogue: Between Raindrops

Sitting at his desk on a Tuesday night, John looked up suddenly from the article he had been reading online about the recent drought and its effects on the cheese industry in Vermont. He swore that he heard a sound he hadn’t heard in weeks, the sound of rain hitting the pavement outside.

It was an instant realization, a sudden increase in his blood pressure as he stood up and ran to the window where a small candle burned on the sill, he had placed it there hours ago, its flickering flame always calmed him. Without regard to the candle, John threw open the window and reached his hand outside to check and see if it was real. When he felt the cool rain hit his palm he knew that she was back.

John almost slipped on his carpet by the door as he ran out of his bedroom and down the stairs. He didn’t bother grabbing his rain boots, he wouldn’t be on the ground for very long anyway. As he reached the backdoor in the kitchen hi mother glanced at him quizzically from where she had been preparing lunch for him and his younger brother.

“Where do you think you’re going?” She laughed as she pointed to John’s bare feet. “Put some shoes on so you don’t track rain into the house.”

John sighed and bent over to pull his sneakers out of the old wicker basket next to the backdoor. He missed when it was half filled with her shoes, especially the grey sneakers she had loved so much when they were kids.

As he tied his shoes, John heard Kyle barreling down the stairs toward the backdoor just as he had. He must have noticed the rain too. John smiled to himself.

“Do you think?” Kyle asked as his brother John stood up to face him at the backdoor of their old colonial house.

John only nodded and smiled before turning back to the door and running out with Kyle following closely at his heels, his shoe laces dragging in the shinning wet grass behind him. Their mother shook her head and wondered what could have possibly gotten into them, it was a drought but rain was bound to come sometime.

Outside John and Kyle raced from their backyard into the tall grasses of the large field behind their house. The grasses waved in the wind as it picked up speed and the two boys kept their eyes to the sky, searching for a sign of Catherine and Lena. They made it well past the old maple tree and the rock they used to all hang out around when they were kids before they caught a glimpse of a black silhouette falling quickly to the ground.

Suddenly Vartines’s hulking figure emerged from the clouds, his huge black wings flapping slowly as he lowered himself to the ground. Before his enormous feet even touched the ground, Catherine slipped down the back of the great dragon and hit the ground running. She tackled John in a hug that left them both on the ground in the wet grass laughing hysterically.

“Did you miss us?” Catherine laughed as she got off of John and watched as her younger sister Lena pulled herself from the giant hug she had been giving Kyle.

John smiled, his face was beaming with happiness “Of course we missed you guys, it hasn’t been the same since you left.”

Catherine smiled back and waved to Kestina and Amsterdam who were quickly trying to catch up to John and Kyle. “Well we are here now, you guys ready to go for a ride?” She asked excitedly.

John nodded as he walked briskly toward Vartines who was smiling down at him, his sharp white teeth glittering in the light. “It’s good to see you again John.” Vartines nodded as John climbed up onto Vartines’s back.

“It’s good to see you guys too.” John smiled as he looked over across his friends. It had been far too long since he had seen Catherine and Lena and now that he was with them, he wasn’t sure if he would be able to let them go again. At least for the time being he could forget about the future and forget about the past, forget about why they had moved and when they would meet again. For now John could just enjoy the fact that he was with the people he cared about most.

For now you’re home John heard Kestina’s voice ring out in his head.

John turned to her and nodded, smiling even more now than before. Yes, for now I am home. John thought as Vartines pushed off from the ground and they ascended into the clouds above. The ones Catherine and Lena had worked tirelessly to create so they would have cover to fly above.

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