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The Pawn

We heard the door open as Mordred peered inside. His eyes were light green like his mother's I shuddered. Arthur caught my gaze almost immediately. The king knew what emotion was present in them. Fear. He put a hand on my shoulder protectively. I scowled at the knight still standing by the door, nervousness gripping my heart. I just wanted to smack him until his cheek bled. How dare he kill Arthur!

"Forgive me for interrupting, Arthur. The knights have requested your presence."

My eyes flicked back and forth between Mordred and him. He nodded after a minute, somewhat on his guard. A smile turned up the corners of my lips.

That's right, Arthur, don't trust him completely. If you do you'll surely die, I thought approvingly.

"Thank you, Mordred, I'll go meet them at once," the king replied, patting the knight's shoulder. I sighed, covering my face with hands. How thick could he be? The door closed behind them, I turned to find Merlin staring at me.

"I know, Elle. I too am aware of the prophecy of Arthur's death. Viviane and I figured it out a few years ago."

I gasped, "And you haven't done anything! Forgive me but I was under the impression that he was your friend. You can't just let him die."

Merlin ran his fingers through his raven hair; so much like mine. His ocean-blue orbs reflected an amount of pain that I'd never seen from anyone back home. "He's the best, closest friend I could've asked for, Elle. But I don't know what to do."

I rolled my silver eyes, annoyed. "Well, here's an idea, get rid of Mordred for God sake! Don't just stand there and wait for it to happen. Do something!" Viviane touched my arm, tearing my fiery gaze away from the wizard. I collapsed into her embrace, sobbing uncontrollably. "I'm sorry, Merlin. Forgive me I shouldn't have yelled at you."

"It's okay," he said, "you're right." "Maybe, I'll go and speak to Morgana."

Viviane grabbed his arm, trying to stop him. "No, please, Merlin, you know what she's like." The wizard cupped her face in his hands. He kissed her forehead, leaving his lips on her skin for a second longer than was necessary.

"I can handle Arthur's half-sister don't worry, darling. We're evenly matched." The Lady of the Lake grinned, uncertainty revealing her false smile.
"That's what I'm afraid of," she answered shakily.

"I'll be fine. I love you."

"I love you too, Merlin."

He walked out of the king's chambers and towards Morgana's. Knocking on her door, the warlock took a deep breath. He had feeling she would continue to be stubborn. At least he could try. Morgana opened the door and glanced out, slightly confused. Her hand leaned against its polished wooden surface; and she flashed a seemingly innocent smile as she looked him over.

"Merlin," she purred, breaking the tense silence. "What brings you here? This isn't a social call, is it?" His throat went dry. He coughed multiple times, attempting to regain the ability to speak. Glancing up, he met Morgana's eyes with one slim, pale finger she beckoned him inside.

Merlin shook his head to clear his thoughts. "Morgana, I know you're not truly evil. It's just a mask to protect yourself. However, that will only last so long, my lady then you will have to be truthful."

Her voice hardened but still remained in a seductive whisper, "Truthful of what, Merlin? I'll neither admit nor deny the validly of my plans. If you're trying to trick me into saying I still possess an ounce of humanity, I won't divulge that either, sorry...looks like your visit was in vain, tell me does Viviane know you're here?"

The wizard sat down on his enemy's bed. Morgana began to pace in front of him, the skirt of her dress brushing the floor elegantly. He stood and placed his hands gently on her shoulders, halting her steps. The sorceress averted her sea foam-green orbs, a blush slowly creeping into her cheeks. Merlin titled the young woman's chin so that they locked eyes. "Morgana, look at me. I can't force you to do anything but just know that you don't have to be this way. You control your own destiny, you can choose whether to follow the path you're on or change it," he told his friend, hoping some of it sunk in. But he doubted it. He stroked Morgana's cheek and left.

Meanwhile, I leaned against Arthur's high-backed chair at the head of the Round Table. I watched Mordred intently as he slouched in a darkened corner of the meeting hall. I hastily exchanged glances with Arthur and the Queen. Mordred caught my eye; I glowered at him then resumed talking to the king.

"Elle, can't you be a bit more civil to Mordred?" Arthur asked frowning. I shook my head, drumming my fingers lightly on the back of his chair. He kissed my cheek, chuckling softly.

"I'm sorry, Arthur, but if you knew what I did you wouldn't be requesting that I show him more respect, trust me."

"Oh, what is it that you know?" I felt hot tears form in my eyes as images flashed in front of my eyelids. Arthur and Mordred fighting in sword-to-sword combat, Arthur pale and lifeless face down in the dirt of the battlefield. Mordred dead. I shielded my tear-streaked face from the view of the other knights, weeping freely. "Elle, what's wrong" the king questioned, caressing my face tenderly.

I got to my feet and bolted from the room. Arthur was on my heels, confused as to the reason I was upset. I ran down the hall, opening the door to my chambers. The king felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned and exhaled a sigh, pulling his wife into his embrace. "Arthur, talk to her. Something's troubling her, she trusts you."

He kissed the queen's dark brown hair. "Thanks, Guinevere, I love you."

She hesitated the slightest amount. "I love you too, Arthur."

He knocked on my door and crept inside. I had my head in my pillow sobbing heavily. The case was dampened with my tears and my eyes were ringed in red. Arthur sat next to me, lifting me into his arms. Running his fingers through my dark waves, he cradled me closer.

"What's the matter, Elle?" I threw my arms around his neck, crying harder. The king held me to his chest and tried to sooth my pain.

"You die in battle with Mordred, okay! I can't lose you, I can't!" I yelled a bit louder than necessary. Arthur hugged me tighter as tears slid down my cheeks. He wiped the water droplets away with his thumb.

"You won't I promise, Elle. Nothing will happen to me."

We heard a soft knock on the door; I saw Mordred's light green orbs peek through the crack. I sighed and rose to my feet, walking over to it. "Go away!" I said piercingly, resting my hand against its surface.

He rolled his eyes, "Eleanor, why do you hate me?"

I crossed my arms over my chest, "How dare you call me by my full name! I hate you because you're responsible for Arthur's death. If you touch him I swear to God I'll kill you!" The knight was silent for a moment. Then he laughed and entered, ignoring the added weight of my hand. I fell backwards, nearly landing on my back on the cold, stone floor. The king caught me and helped to steady me. Why did I have to wear high heels?

"Are you alright, Elle," Arthur questioned. I shook my head, glaring in Mordred's direction. He simply smirked, basking in the glow of my misery. Anger swelled within my heart; I just wanted to stomp over there and smack that smirk right off his face.

I batted my eyelashes innocently, "Arthur, can I?"

"No, you cannot no matter how much he annoys you."

I groaned, "Ugh!" My gaze wandered to the pawn who currently boiled my blood. "You can leave anytime, you know. We're not plotting against your mother. There's nothing important you can relay to her. You're free to go."

Mordred vanished almost too quickly. Arthur squeezed my shoulder, tucking a stray hair behind my ear. "It's okay, Elle, he'll come around he's not entirely stupid."

I hoped so if not Arthur's as good as dead. I had to save him. I must. I didn't care how much Morgana fought me. I'd save Arthur even if it cost me my life!

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