Alpha's Rule

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Chapter 10

I tolerate the rest of the day until I’m within the confines of my dormitory. The moment my door shuts, I barely hold back a scream. Well, I don’t for long. I let it out in my pillow while my mind races with what to do.

I was so done after the day hadn’t improved much. If anything, it had simply reinforced my desire to escape.

I had learned something very valuable today. The only way to free myself, was to free myself, myself. Aka, no help, no elaborate plan - just me and my two feet or on four paws.

I was going to exit Moon Territory tonight and boom, I wouldn’t be a problem any more.

As for accomodation and money? I had a small sum that would last me a few days, but I had no place to go.

So, effectively I’d be homeless.

But at this stage, Alpha Baden’s arrogance was bordering on unbearably painful. If I saw him longingly gaze at Chloe one more time, or hear him refer to me as little cousin while insulting me about my choice of words, or food or clothes in front of his friends - I was going to lose all my dignity.

I had to leave before the insanity of the situation was too much to bare. If anything, I hoped to shock Baden. However, I had Pack Crescent members located in the dungeons of High Tower, so I had to free them first. I angrily search for my best outfit to run in, namely leggings and a hood jumper.

I don’t bother packing many things because I barely knew what the plan was. At this stage, I just needed to make the first move.

Any move except obedience to an asshole mate.

I leave my dorm with a back pack full of snacks, money and a couple of outfits. I head to the hub of Pack Claw on the bottom level, and I find the directions on a silver plaque mounted on the wall. Important members and their co-ordinates on campus, if you needed to find them, were on this directional plaque.

I locate Judge Ivory and I decide to question her about my visitation rights to my pack members. So, I leave with my breath shaken, eyes teary and fingers stiff on my backpack straps.

I admit, I was feeling emotional. Yes, I was also feeling a royal pain in my womb. Not my monthly flow. Something worse.


I had an embarrassing defect. While most wolves had their Heat monthly, I had my Heat twice a month. Every two weeks. Yup. Not only was I oversensitive to simple things like noises, enraging things like Baden’s repetitive behaviour or grinning whining girls who acted like pups to get his attention - I was also very, very aggressive while in heat. It was either run from the Academy or kill Baden, or sweet Chloe, or maybe Charlotte or Siren, the. brown and blonde bitches.

The moment I’m walking through campus, all paths are effectively clear. Academy foot traffic was low. After the basic curfew hours for study, everyone was in their dorms past 7pm. The sun was in a quick descent over the horizon and twilight was settling in from the grey, blue and purple sky, intensifying the colours. With the warm breeze, it was a perfect night to run away.

Quite romantic, if I was running away with someone else.

But nope, I was alone.

Nothing was new. I had always been isolated since I was a child.

It’s as I’m heading through the centre of the Academy, past a circular fountain shaped like a pack of wolves lying on top of one another, that I spot some Guardians. I stop by the fountain as I spot Corey and the others. I freeze, waiting for Baden to appear. Instead, they appear nonchalant as they chat casually in a tightly packed group. They are also relaxed.

I wait for them to leave and then I let out a sigh of relief. They were clearly off duty.

Satisfied the coast is clear, I continue on my way, heading around the fountain to cross the bridge to High Tower.

However, as I’m walking towards the bridge, I see a group of familiar faces walking together across the arch. Charlotte and Siren head the way, while Chloe talks to Chase and Baden talks uncomfortably to five or more male friends. While Chase and Baden avoid each other in the big group, they all seem rather sneaky about their progress.

None of them recognise me in the distance and fading light or maybe they just don’t want to. Never the less, I take the precaution of slipping into the shadows and pretending to walk around the nearest corner, out of sight.

I’m more than happy to avoid them.

I’m more than happy to just pretend I didn’t see them all out past curfew for a fun rough and tumble in the forest. No doubt that is where they were headed.

But, even as I’m walking away, I have to halt and suck in a breath of discomfort. My stomach rolls with the rejection. I had not been invited. Baden wanted nothing to do with me.

Also not surprising.

I sulk my way forward a few more steps, until I hear them clearly as they walk by my little side cobble street.

“I’ll win,” Charlotte proclaims, “Like the last two times I claimed my piece of fur. If I want it, I don’t just talk about it, I pounce. Every time.”

“I’ll shred you this time before you get the chance,” Siren, her ‘best friend’ snarls back at her.

“Girls, calm down,” Chase laughs out loud to them and then the group all pass by.

I hear nothing from Baden but as I look over my shoulder, I get an itch in my body that I can’t shake.

I wanted to follow them and find out what was happening.

“No,” I try to calm my raging hormones, but my mind was making up a scenario where they all fuck each other for fun after a huge fight. All the while, my stomach couldn’t take it. Without even meaning to, I let out a growl. I was feeling... something strange, “What the hell?” I whisper to myself as the feeling doesn’t fade - it intensifies, “These stupid bitches need to learn their place,” I hiss this and even though my choice of words shock me, I also find my limbs moving on their own.

My mind was making the decision for me.

I would follow them.

That’s it.

I’d just snoop.

From a distance.

However, I knew in my heart that I would do more than just snoop.

I wanted to intervene.

I wanted to fight.


It’s pitch black as they find their Forest Fun location. Within the glow of the crescent moon, I watch from a safe distance as the young adults all crowd around in a circle.

“Idiots,” I mouth to myself when I glance between Chase and Baden. They shouldn’t have been encouraged to go running with all of them. They would fight. Everyone knew this.

But what should I expect? I was mated to an impulsive, self absorbed Alpha. He barely knew what he wanted.

I sit in some ferns as silently as possible, back pack thrust aside as I hold my knees with lose elbows, hands clasped as I watch the group of elitist werewolves. The richest families with the strongest blood apparently made the dumbest decisions. Although wolves weren’t’ always renown for intelligence to be honest. Everyone knew we’d rather fight than verbally work out an argument. Gossip instead of support one another. Fuck instead of make love to each other, etc.

“First challenge, clothes off!” Siren announces whilst simultaneously lifting off her top in one very smooth move.

I watch in fascination as everyone laughs and obeys, starting to strip down.

The only one who refuses to do so in front of everyone is pert and proper Chloe. As she transforms to a beautiful black wolf with a tail that looks so perfect it almost looks braided - the girls scoff.

“Why? Every damn time,” Charlotte teases her.

“First round is skin to skin, second is fur to fur. Are you sitting this first round out again?” Siren asks.

“Awww, come on Chloe,” Chase pats her on the head while she snaps at him and turns around gracefully to pace back a few steps away from all of them.

At least she had some sense of control.

And class.

I mean, shit.

Now she was gorgeous, sweet and had dignity.


And here I was, hiding between shrubs, waiting for an opportune moment to cause a scene.

Competition. All of them. That’s all my hormones would allow me to view the shewolves as. All of them were the same to me. Until they learned their place, my mood wasn’t going to sway.

I wasn’t normally a fighter, or an aggressive wolf. However, when my Heat overcame my senses, my inhibitions were out the window. I also had a few tricks up my sleeve incase I did need to defend myself or attack another wolf. Growing up in Cave City with no real Guardian to look over my shoulder meant I learnt to look after my own skin and fur.

It had come with tough lessons and memories I’d rather forget.

Just the thought of growing up the way I had, completely unloved and different from other wolves... intensifies my blood lust.

I find myself undressing and transforming to my wolf without even consciously making the effort. It just happens naturally. Then, I lower my snout onto my paws and lay on my stomach as I watch with wide focused eyes as the teens decide to fight one another.

It’s not co-ordinated, it’s not overlooked by supervision - it’s just chaos and fur.

The girls seem to stick to the girls, boys to boys... at least at the beginning. With strong frustrated panting breaths, I watch as Baden suspiciously avoids Chase as Chase avoids him. It’s an odd thing to see as the male wolves wrestle - laughing and snarling all at once. Even though they’re all naked, their skin is darkened with the soil as they keep tumbling around.

For ten or so minutes, multiple males and women get thrown down and locked to the ground in submission while everyone else taunts them for being weak.

Eventually this cancels out the Aides and Omegas. Now, their are only a few girls standing and a few wolves. Obviously Chase and Baden are standing without any scratches, all they had to do was palm people off without any effort. However, I notice how Chloe in her wolf form, starts to get irate by the rising tension.

Charlotte and Siren look feral with scratches over their arms, legs and stomach, their eyes focused on Chase.

Baden, well... he was looking at Chloe, conflicted because she wasn’t a part of the rough and tumble.

“Don’t be a pussy cat,” Siren taunts Chloe, “Clearly Baden wants to wrestle in between your legs, hunny.”

Chloe just growls, rising her snout as she snorts at them.

“Chloe would rather fight with me,” Chase smirks, “Isn’t that right, Shadow?” Chloe does not appreciate the nickname as she growls low.

“All three of you have tried me and failed,” Baden finally speaks up, glancing over the girls, “Don’t bother. Let’s do the next round. Fur on fur. It’s more fun.”

“Chloe is mine in that round, Baden,” Chase smirks for his former best friend but can’t look him in the eye.

I watch as Chloe transforms into her naked self, kneeling with one knee as she glares at Baden and Chase.

“I will happily rip into both of you arrogant fools,” Chloe snarls, “I stand with Charlotte and Siren.”

“The best shewolf trio,” Charlotte grins, “Come on, let’s show them we’re not so easy.”

She wasn’t talking about sex.

She was talking about pure blood. A rough fight was about to go down.

For some reason, the whole situation becomes clearer to see and I quickly realise it’s because I’ve started to stalk forward and I didn’t even notice.

The group watching on, cheers as the three girls become formidable sized wolves in their fur. They howl together to signify their unity before Baden and Chase transform into their large brown wolves, even bigger.

With the pure blood present, everyone would be equal as long as the girls stayed together and teamed up - they would be able to bring one of the Alpha’s down if they were lucky.

It just depended on who they’d target first.

I stop my wolf from slinking forward just as I’m getting so close, I may be detected through smell.

I watch as the fight starts relatively fast, with the girls heading towards Chase first, since he’s some fresh new meat. They swipe at him and circle him to lunge at Baden, trying to catch him off by surprise. They all have good technique and the growls intensify as the proximity gets closer and closer between every wolf in the young pack.

My eyes zone in on Siren nicking a bite to Chase’s side fur while Charlotte tries to bite Baden and misses. Chloe runs in from the back while Charlotte is close to Baden’s snarling front - and just as Baden is distracted, Chloe lunges for his tail. She rips into the long fur and just as she starts to shake her head wildly, I can’t control myself.

I’ve sprinted into the opening, and I don’t hide anything about the way I enter the fight. I’m fast like a cat... ironically, but that was only because I was so small. I pounce onto Charlotte’s yellow fur back and dig my claws in as I tumble over Baden’s surprised body - and I slam into the side of Chloe, snarling as I bite her off Baden’s tail. I don’t stop there though, for some reason I then lunge at Siren, managing to bite her neck in the first go, I slam my jaw down to draw blood and she whimpers as she falls to the floor, confused by my surprise attack.

My jaw runs with fresh crimson drops as my eyes furiously roll over the other two girls. Chloe slinks back into the now silent crowd, shocked, while Charlotte decides to save Siren by rushing in at me. As she jumps, I pounce into her, biting at her neck as I did to Siren. I’m not holding back and I’m about to rip into a vulnerable nerve when I’m dramatically dragged back out of the fight before my canines can make contact.

My entire fury neck is encased in a slobbering, snarling jaw from Baden as he pulls me off and holds me like a pup as he backs off, throwing me down into some bushes. He separates me from everyone while Charlotte tries to run toward me. Baden stares her down until she transforms back into her human skin.

They all transform after her, except for Baden, Chase and I. I stand up after being thrown to the ground and I bite Baden’s ass, too angry to care of the consequences.

Just as I do that I incur three things.

Baden swivels fast to fight me, the crowd all look on and scream at me to get shredded into as Chase approaches also. Just as Baden lunges for me, to teach me a lesson, I swivel around his huge form thinking I can dance out of harm’s way... until a paw slams down on my tail and jerks me to a stop.

I fall onto my back and turn to snarl at Chase for stepping on my tail. He keeps me there to stop the fight and everyone boos him for getting involved.

Baden doesn’t attack me while Chase is seemingly protecting me.

However, Chase then transforms back to his human self to confront the situation first. He snatches his pants from a friend who’s holding them out to him. Chase has to hurry and put his pants on to hide a stiff erection.

"Shit,” Chase is grinning from ear to ear as he does up his pants, “Baden’s little cousin... no way,” Chase laughs to himself.

“What the fuck is going on?” Chloe snaps at Chase, who holds out his arms while he turns in a circle.

“Ha, ha!” Chase laughs at the trees and the midnight sky before he turns to Baden, pointing at the wolf, still in his fur - like me.

Baden’s whole fur is ruffled high as he glares at me while switching his gaze between Chase and I, unsure of who to hate more.

“What’s so damn funny, Chase?” one of his male friends asks him to explain.

“This moon wolf,” Chase continues to point at me, making fun of my moon like coat of silver fur and white dots, “Smells like a fucking aphrodisiac. Like nothing I’ve ever smelled before. You smell divine, little shewolf,” Chase wriggles his eye brows, “Or should I say... my mate?”

I just lie frozen and confused. It couldn’t be possible.

But Chase repeats it again.

“That’s right folks,” Chase silences everyone by making it clear, “Baden’s little cousin is my mate. Cute and crazy. I love this shewolf! Damn, girl... you’re feisty, aren’t you?” Chase winks at me, completely relaxed about it.

But he’s not making fun of me.

Chase is dead serious and his mind is set... that we’re apparently... mates.

And I don’t even know what to think.

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