Alpha's Rule

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Chapter 11

The moment I get a free chance to run, I slink off into the woods and try to escape while everyone including Baden is distracted by Chase’s loud antics. I lunge for my back pack, holding it in between my teeth as I disappear into the woods.

No one follows me, but that’s just because everyone is arguing with Chase about how he can’t be mated to me and he wouldn’t know for sure until we traded saliva.

Not wanting to be forced into kissing a young man I barely knew, I disappear.

I keep running, my mind racing as fast as my heart beat and four paws.

So much for escaping. Instead, I was still in Moon Territory and worst of all... drama. I was now involved in drama.

That was the worst thing for wolves. You didn’t want to be the point of interest of gossip at school, college or work, nor in your pack. You would be scrutinised to no end, whether it was fair or unjust, you would be mentally ripped apart until you were sorry for whatever it was you were involved in... even if you weren’t the perpetrator.

It was one of the reasons I ran from my pack in Cave City. Pack Crescent was a hellish wolf pack. If you were assaulted, it was your fault for provoking it. If you were involved in any kind of crime, you were stupid enough to get caught. If you didn’t donate your blood to the vampires who inhabited most of Cave City, you had no back bone because you didn’t conform and follow the rest of the pack. If you simply have a vocal and public disagreement with another pack member, you were shamed. Shut up. Have no voice. Be silent. Run. Hide. That was the life I came from. Hence, I tried to avoid gossip or drama at any cost. I couldn’t stand it.

Now, I had the most elite wolves focused on Chase’s idea that I was mated to him. It was bad enough being Baden’s ‘little cousin’ wondering what the topic of conversation would be when everyone eventually found out we were mates and laughed at me for the rejection I faced in the beginning.

That was another thing. If you were rejected by your mate, although it wasn’t a topic to discuss too in depth, it was simple enough to get a chuckle and a good amount of happy stares from others because you went through a tough time.

What did wolves like, if they were so mean? Tough Alphas. Tough, violent and head strong wolves. Large wolves, tall wolves, pretty wolves. Wolves could be both shallow and simple but also passionate about such meaningless qualities.

If you had a good heart, you better keep up the popular reputation or it was not worth it.

Being a pack animal, worshipped or stomped down on in a hierarchy; you had to know your place and stick by your standards or you’d be lost.

Sometimes Omega’s liked the infamous reputation of being a loser or a loner. It meant you were left alone. You didn’t pick fights. You might get gossiped about but that was it. You were a boring topic so you were brushed over.

That was what was annoying me right now.

Even freaking Omega’s had it better than me.

Was I even an Aide?

No, I was a fake Beta.

That is why I was so damn angry, it wasn’t just my Heat.

I was a lost wolf.

I was surrounded by wolves that could be my pack, but I wasn’t acknowledged and Baden had put me in that situation.

Perhaps it would be better to be mated to Chase. I wish.

But Chase was wrong.

I had already figured out in my run that he was making fun of me in front of everyone else. To Baden my smell was putrid, so if that gossip had passed on, Chase was just saying I smelled like an aphrodisiac because I in fact, didn’t smell anything like an aphrodisiac.

So consumed in bitter, salty and negative thoughts, I run mindlessly until I reach the boulders overlooking the dense area of ferns, sitting high above with access to extra moon light. The first place Baden and I had our date and the same place we had our awkward disagreement earlier on today.

Now, I transform into my human form, shucking on my leggings and hoodie. I sit on the edge of a boulder, crossing my legs and gripping my knees.

I was taking a brief moment of reprieve to relax and work out my next move.

But my intuition was telling me I couldn’t relax.

Because I wasn’t alone.

I jump when I hear a stampede of wolves running by down below, fast and quick, snarling and barking at one another as they head back for Half-Moon Academy.

As they disappear, I have the distinct feeling that no Alpha travelled with them. Hence they were so noisy.

Just as I’m thinking that, I hear two more heavy running wolves, pouncing through the ferns and racing each other up the boulders.

I watch as Chase and Baden reach a boulder each at the end and jump at the same time for the same spot near me.

I duck and roll to the side as their wolves collide above me and they start fighting as they roll across the soil and leaves, snarling.

It’s not an actual fight, however, it’s just a quick brawl as they eventually get to their feet. Chase rolls out from under Baden while they growl low at one another and slowly back off away from each other, saliva dripping from their jaws.

“I came up here to be alone,” I point out, as calmly as possible. I slowly turn around and kneel, facing them, squeezing my thighs together to try and relieve the Heat reverberating from deep within my womb.

Both of them would be able to smell it.

I watch as they both transform as neither of them have brought clothes.

They stand naked, glaring at one another while I have to blink multiple times at the two naked young men in a staring competition, with only ten feet separating them.

“You can’t be her mate, genius, because she’s my mate,” Baden says this with the frustration of someone who’s already stated this many times before they got here.

“Like I said, you halfwit weasel, I know you’re lying,” Chase raises a brow, “And I know why,” after a dramatic pause, Chase turns to me, pointing at me, “You, come here and let us trade.”

At least he didn’t ask for a kiss.

“Palms out,” I suggest and I hold out my hand as Chase holds out his. In perfect synchronisation we spit accurately into each other’s palms, long distance.

I’m surprised by our co-ordination. I stand up and he closes the distance to shake hands with me.

“Enjoy,” Chase seems keen to prove a point and doesn’t wait. He swiftly raises his palm and licks off our combined spit. And he keeps licking it, while smirking over his palm at a confused Baden, including myself, “Try it, little shewolf,” Chase drawls this sexily to me and I raise my palm, convinced this is Chase’s idea of a prank.

I lick a tiny bit off.

The impact is so disturbing, I jolt back and I literally go tumbling backwards off the rock.

I yelp out as I grab for the stone, and my fingers slip easily upon moss.

I’m about to hit my head real hard until my ankle is caught my Baden.

I look up and see I’m mistaken.

Both my ankles are caught.

Baden holds my left and Chase holds my right.

In synchronisation again, they pull me up and neither of them let my ankles go.

In fact, my legs, though in leggings, are very much spread apart.

“Hey! Let my legs go!” I snarl this at them, “What are you... oh, Moon,” I gawk in disgust as both of them try to look away but fail to do so - their gazes trapped along my thighs and deeper still. Even their nostrils flare.

"Fuck,” Baden lets out a curse the same time that he releases me, just as Chase lets me go as well.

I’m pulling so hard back I almost go tumbling again, but I just barely save myself, edging forward and snapping my legs closed. I move forward and stand up.

“He is my mate,” I point at Chase and look at Baden, “It’s true. Chase is my mate.”

“So am I,” Baden points towards both of us as if that will make it sink in deeper, “We are also mated. We were mated first.”

I wait for a bit but my eyes keep travelling down both of them.

Down towards....

...oh, Moon.

I can’t handle their naked human forms any longer.

“Can you both... find some god damn pants!” I scream this in frustration and they both roll their eyes and walk into the shrubs.

As they surprisingly surprise me by obeying my screamed and desperate wish, my nose crinkles at the scents they leave behind.

I sniff.

I sniff again.

“Oh Moon, oh no,” I mouth this to myself just as I look up and see both Baden and Chase, similar height, similar hair and similar smell - coming from the forest with two large leaves covering their cocks, “Your scent changed,” I whisper at Baden, “You smell... nice now,” I gulp, “It’s like Chase’s pheromones changed my senses and allowed me to recognise the... the fact that you smell... way fucking better,” I shrug, my voice dimming as the nerves settle in.

“This is interesting,” Chase points out, weirdly calm now that leaves are covering their private parts. Chase glances professionally between Baden and I, without emotion as he summarises what he is thinking, “I believe we’re all mated to each other.”

“Not. Possible,” Baden mentions, looking aggravated by Chase’s calm tone.

“How is it not possible?” Chase asks Baden, “It’s fated. It’s done.”

“You’re an idiot,” Baden scoffs, looking away, he almost seems hurt. Eventually he meets my gaze, “...what are your thoughts?”

“It’s true,” I add, “I don’t know how. But it’s true. May I ask. You two were... best friends, why did you go seperate ways? Perhaps you were so close because you were mated to the same wolf even when you didn’t know it, your instincts made you close and... maybe...”

“A little confession, shewolf, Baden and I weren’t just close,” Chase mentions provocatively and confidently, which gets a quick rise out of Baden.

“You left because you wanted different education,” Baden snaps, raising a brow, “We were never close. You faked it. You fake everything. Your friendships, your family and your values.”

“I left because I heard you no longer wished to see me,” Chase answers back, finally showing some emotion as he snarls, “My father told me - your father told me as well, you never wanted to see me again. You thought I was holding you back from ‘maturing’ or whatever the fuck that meant,” as Chase explains, Baden seems to be having a revolution.

“What the hell? I never said any of that...” Baden murmurs.

“That’s why I chose to study else where, you num nut,” Chase lets out a whistle, turning around in a 360 he eventually remembers me.

So does Baden.

They both turn to me.

They want my reaction.

They were about to get it.

“...what do you mean... you were more than close...?” I ask, confused.

“Tell her our secret,” Chase looks at me while asking Baden to confess it.

Baden is about to refuse and Chase can see it, so Chase takes charge.

“We had a bit of a crush on one another,” Chase explains, raising a brow, “We... experimented. It was fun,” Chase looks at Baden now, “At least I thought it was until you expressed through a third party that we shouldn’t interact as much if at all. ‘Minimal contact’ was one of the phrases burned into my god damn brain. I thought you were a hypocritical asshole. But we were told lies, Baden. We were both told lies. It all makes more sense now.”

“It sounds like there were plots to tear you both apart,” I whisper, my heart wrenching just at the thought of such evil, “And whatever was planned, worked.”

It made more sense now.

Chase and Baden had loved one another. And -

A bright white flash lights up the shadowed forest and gives the surrounding nature a second of light to highlight the green.

Then it’s gone and there are a couple of giggles near by.

I turn and see a blonde and brown head bob down as they turn into wolves and then they sprint off.

“Oh, moon,” I let out a breath.

Baden is blinking, Chase just missed them depart.

“What was that?” Chase asks, turning around too late.

“You’re a fucking idiot, Chase,” Baden turns around, his voice deep with frustration, ”Damn it!"

“Charlotte and Siren just overheard everything,” I explain to Chase, “They took a picture but for all we know... they could have been recording too.”

“What did I say?” Chase asks, raising a hand into his hair, he scratches, “Uh... Baden, where are you doing, man?“”

I turn and see Baden stalking into the woods, brooding.

“You fucked up!” Baden snarls out without turning back around to face us.

Something told me Baden didn’t want this going public.

But it was too late now.

And just when I was about to express, whole heartedly, that I had no issue with their feelings for one another...

...judgement was about to roll in.

Probably from the whole Half-Moon Academy.

I look at Chase and he looks at me, shrugging.

“Welcome to a threesome, little shewolf,” Chase seems happy, even if Baden is freaking out.

“Hi,” I answer, nervous.

I guess that is what it was.

A three way mating bond.

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