Alpha's Rule

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Chapter 17

“Where the hell have you been for the last 6 hours, Maia?” I hear Baden ask his gruff growled question but I refuse to turn and face him. Baden and Chase had approached together and were now right behind me as the moon shone down on my form, standing on the edge of the shore by the Mage’s camp.

“Let her revel in the power of the moon,” Poppy scolds Baden and has my back, “She must embrace it before she walks on water.”

I take in a deep breath and exhale.

The water was the last thing on my mind.

The island, however... and the consequences of what we would do on that island... was another matter altogether.

I shake off my fears, close my eyes and start to walk forward.

If the Golden Claw gave me the ability to walk on water, talk to animals and talk to Wolvenshire - surely some part of being adorned by the powerful claw would give me wisdom, even if said claw was currently invisible. So, how come my heart was beating amiss and my mind was running riot? The more steps I take over the water, my eyes still squeezed shut... the more nervous I become. In fact, just as anxiety is meant to go away while in the process of facing a fear - the exact opposite seems to happen for me.

Eventually I open my eyes to see my feet softly floating above the water and as I look down at my hands - I see cuts and red lines forming. Cuts, bruises... lashes. I can’t feel the pain, but I can see the blood. As my hands tremble, I keep walking, not because I want to - but because I can’t control my self. A force pulls me forward, as if a ghost overtakes my body.

My limbs pull me and as I finally get closer to the shore of the island, I watch as my palms, close the wounds and the blood stops flowing.

I regain control of my will and I sprint the remainder of the distance until my feet hit the sand.

My anxiety peaks and I fall to my knees, breathing totally broken and my hands at my chest.

I felt absolutely wracked with fear. I couldn’t explain why or from what. I simply force myself to crawl forward onto the grass. The grass looked comforting, for some reason.

As I finally reach the green slithers of growth, I fall to my side, bury my nose into the dirt and smell the nature of the island.

Finally, none too soon, I calm down. I stay face down in the dirt, breathing in the scent of the soil until I finally lift my dirty face to see Baden and Chase swimming towards my location.

“Am I going crazy?” I whisper to myself as I get to my feet, shaking from the passing terror. I wipe any dirt off my face and look down at my blue tank top and leggings. I made it, not wet and fully alive - even though I had the most mystifying panic attack along the way.

I eventually find a felled log just outside the mini forest of the island. I take a seat on the loose dead bark and I stay still as a small... not so small... but rather large, spider, crawls out of the bark next to my thigh.

It turns to me and I feel strangely unafraid.

Welcome, a grizzly little voice speaks to me as the spider walks away quietly, to the island of past and future.

“What in the name of the moon...?”

I think the spider just spoke to me.

I watch as the small black creature scuttles away and I turn to see Baden and Chase finally making it to the shore line.

As they get to their feet in the shallows, stalking their way to the edge of the water, I watch as they step from liquid and sand - to dirt and grass.

They both pause as if they’ve seen a ghost - and they spin to one another - locking gazes.

“...we did it,” Baden slowly smirks and I watch as Chase licks his lips and takes a step closer to Baden.

“I can’t wait to fucking d...” I can’t hear the rest of the rumbled sexual words as Chase leans in to kiss Baden roughly. Baden and him, equal heights, revel in a passionate embrace and kiss... of victory?

I am so confused!

I sit, wide eyed as they go from kissing - to reaching for each other’s jeans.

They start to take off their bottoms while the whole camp of Mages watch on from the other side of the water.

“Slow down!" I squeak out, my hand at my throat, “What the hell are you two trying?” I ask, narrowing my eyes at the seemingly changed Alphas.

Only after Baden and Chase have completely discarded and kicked away their jeans like garbage, they turn and slowly smirk.

This entire time, their bodies have morphed into larger... even more muscled... and scarred physiques.

They’ve transformed.

“Little virgin Maia,” Chase drawls, lowering his head and prowling forward in such a dance of smooth grace, I am conflicted in what to do.

“You’re not Chase,” I gasp, jumping to my feet and pouncing backwards over the log to put something between us. It looked like Chase’s face... but the words and actions were more... mature, “...who are you, you’re not-!”

“Oh?” Chase pauses dramatically on the other side of the log, allowing me the brief moment to relax. I watch as Chase slowly looks down at his body, taking in the physical changes, “No... this is definitely me,” Chase glances back up, but the growl of reassurance was too spiteful.

He looked ready to ravage me.

And I wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or -

“Little bitch, Maia,” Baden comes strolling in last, but he doesn’t hold back.

I yelp out in surprise as he strides right over the log, jumping into me and grabbing my throat, pushing me back a few steps until he’s successfully backed me up into a thick tree trunk.

“What the hell-?” I huskily squeeze the words out, confused as Baden runs his eyes over my face.

“It’s been years,” Baden whispers, “Years since we’ve crossed paths.”

“Oh, honey,” Chase leans into my side, his hand smacking down on the trunk next to my head, he leans in and winks, while his eyes scan over me with evil intent, “We’re Baden and Chase from the far, far away future.”

“Um...” I let out a scared breath.

“So innocent and quiet in this time,” Baden shakes his head, “I miss this Maia.”

“Future... mates?” I ask, raising a slow brow as Baden finally releases my throat to grab the strap of my blue tank top.

“Ten years,” Chase murmurs, “We grew pretty sturdy over the years.”

“I suppose,” I flinch as Baden starts to push one tank strap down my shoulder, “You’ve come to tell me a message?” I eventually raise my hand and slap it on Baden’s larger one, ”Stop.”

Chase literally bursts out laughing as I slap Baden’s hand away.

“Oh, I remember why this was so funny, now,” Chase almost wheezes, before steading himself by gripping Baden’s shoulder, “You, Maia,” Chase turns from Baden to me, lowering his tone, he leans in nice and close, inches from my lips, “’re so stupid... and slow... back in this time.”

“I’ll ignore you just said that. Right now is right now for me, thank you very much,” I try to keep my chin high and my tone polite. I really hoped these were not my future mates because if so... “Why are you both here?” I ask, “And why do you look like you both hate me?”

Chase and Baden pause, watching me with indescribable passion.

"We fucking adore you,” Chase snarls, curling back his lip.

“More than the moon, Maia,” Baden adds quietly, lifting his hand back up, but this time to run a single finger down my cheek, “...the moon... strange...”

“We can’t tell you why you ran,” Chase adds, “All we can say now, so you know for the future, our present time, is that when you do run from us... that we love you. Maia. We. Love. Being... around you... literally,” Chase smirks as he transforms his lovely little poetic speech into a sexual threat.

“As Alpha’s do, I suppose,” I whisper, “Mating... since you know the future, do we fuck on this island tonight?”

Chase and Baden pause.

“, we don’t,” Chase nods at me, “That’s why we’re here. You waited too long to let us take your virginity. It caused many issues down the track. You need to let go of your fears and let us fuck the living shit out of you... tonight...sweet wolf,” Chase grins, “Don’t worry, we know what we’re doing... now. Fair warning.”

“If you say no, you’ll lose people you love,” Baden adds, “And you’ll never forgive us.”

“I’m so confused.”

“Don’t be,” Chase reaches out a bold hand to lay on my stomach, spreading his fingers slowly, “...all you have to do is let loose... you have nothing to fear,” Chase looks up and meets my gaze, “When we swim back to the shore we forget everything. So, you can pretend nothing happened,” Chase winks.

“Wait...” I pull away from both of them and slip under Chase’s arm, ignoring the fact that it causes both of them to tilt their heads at me dangerously, as if I’ve disrespected a sacred Alpha rule or something, “Are you Prime Alpha’s now?”

I hear Chase snort and Baden rolls his eyes to the moon.

“...can’t answer that, shewolf,” Baden speaks subtly as he gazes back down to meet my gaze, “You need to trust us. You. Always. Trusted us.”

“Trusted?” I blurt out.

“Bad choice of words,” Chase snarls low at Baden, “Regardless... we kind of have to fuck you or we die.”

“This sounds like a desperate attempt to get laid,” I raise an eyebrow.

“Always one to change a seduction into some kind of game, Maia,” Chase shakes his head, “Not this time,” Chase turns to Baden to whisper, “Perhaps if we do a good enough job on her psyche - we’ll change our future?”

Baden smirks.

“The witch said it wouldn’t change anything besides the deal. So, what happens on the island... stays on the island,” Baden licks his lips, “Let’s make her scream till the dawn... our sweet bitch is too tense and it’s pissing me off.”

“...agreed,” Chase chuckles.

However, as they communicate while gazing into each other’s freaking souls, I slowly back up into the darkness of the island... slipping off my tank top silently - I turn into my wolf and slink away into the trees.

I keep my head low as I scamper into the depth of the mini forest, hoping I can find a place to hide.

Whatever was happening, I was so not prepared for dealing with Baden and Chase - what, 29 years old? Slightly older?

As I keep trying to stay with the helpful wind so my scent doesn’t spread to their sensitive noses, I scout around for a place to camp.

Eventually, I settle on a thick bush. It’s literally the only thing I can use to hide successfully - enough. I push my way into the middle, swivel around and lay on my stomach, my ears pricked backwards. I wait.

And I think.

Everything future Chase and Baden were saying to me, made no sense.

I guess it shouldn’t, as they spoke of the future... but truly, multiple things intrigued me even though I didn’t understand it.

One - their new forms and attitudes.

Confident, cocky and wise. They knew far more than they did when they were young.

The other interesting point was this... something I couldn’t... let slip; once they returned to the shore, and the young Baden and Chase returned - they would remember nothing.

Which meant, if I really did want to... let loose... I could.

Call me crazy, but that little fact was very interesting to my curious little mind. Whether I was foolish or not. Stupid or not. If I could truly fuck them without consequence - and experience our mating bond - without consequence. Literally. No. Consequence. Then... why shouldn’t I?

“Oh, Maia!” Chase stalks his way around a tree and stops mere feet from me, arms crossed over his chest as my eyes roll up... and through the leaves, I see his cocky smile and his eyes looking right at me, “ adorable, little pup.”

So much for hiding.

Baden slinks out next, his feet next to the shrub - as he squats and smiles at me.

I growl deep in my throat, still unsure.

“We’ll make it easy,” Baden whispers, coyly, “Let us kiss you, just once each. And if you don’t want to push it... no sweat. We’ll risk dying when we head back to our time. What do you say, little shewolf?”

I stop growling.

This ultimatum was... not so bad.

“Come on, Maia,” Chase also squats down, to my level, “What’s one little kiss gonna do...?” his wink at the end says it all.

Apparently, ‘one little kiss’ from both of them, would change everything.

And truly?

It would.

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