Alpha's Rule

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Chapter 19

“Did you speak to Wolvenshire last night?” Poppy asks by the lake shore as Chase and Baden swim out last after I’ve walked from the water to the sand, dry as a bone. Chase and Baden shake out their wet hair, flicking it everywhere before they come to stand by my side, where I simply look baffled by Poppy’s question.

“No,” I answer Poppy plainly, “We... got into a bit of an issue on the island. First a spider told me I was welcomed to the island of past and future. After that, to top it off Chase and Baden from the future popped up and the present Alphas... these two... murdered their future selves. But other than that, no, no contact with Wolvenshire,” I shrug and Poppy opens her mouth as if to instantly contradict me, but she quickly rethinks her reply.

“...pack your bags, you’re leaving now,” Poppy holds out a hand to me and I shake it with a raised brow, “Take care of the Golden Claw and know that when you least suspect danger, you will be most vulnerable.”

“That’s reassuring,” Chase laughs it off and Baden takes the opportunity of farewell to grab my elbow and tug me along.

“We’re off? We’re glad to go,” Baden doesn’t even glance at Poppy as he pulls me along. Chase catches my other elbow, squeezing it tightly - he grins.

“Back to Half-Moon Academy,” Chase smirks.

“Why are you so smug?” Baden asks suspiciously.

“We return as a pack,” Chase winks at me and Baden, “You all forgot what tonight is, didn’t you?”

“...what’s the special occasion?” I ask, not certain.

“The Feast of Wolvenshire,” Chase growls happily.

“Oh, fucking hell,” Baden sighs, “A big fuck fest in the forest at midnight? Sounds appropriate for our return, huh?”

“Fuck fest? More like a lover’s fest,” Chase jerks me out of Baden’s grip entirely and holds me in front of him with an arm around my shoulders, “You see, Maia? I’m much more romantically inclined than the other weasel Alpha in this threesome.”

I duck out of Chase’s hold and skip away from both my giddy Alpha mates.

“You’re the one with weasel hair, dickhead,” Baden snarls at Chase, who ignores him.

“Let’s just focus on surviving our return?” I ask, “Sound appropriate?”

“Would you like to go on a date with me tonight, Maia?” Baden growls out of the blue, “A proper date.”

“Aww, am I gonna third wheel?” Chase holds a hand to his chest, hurt.

I walk backwards through the mage camp, towards our stored backpacks in the trees. I eye both my mates with curiosity at their intentions, “We’re a pack so we’ll go as pack mates - why is a date necessary?” I ask, “Let’s just go together.”

“ will we handle the attention?” Baden asks, quietly, “Should we blatantly boast about our three way bond?”

“Alpha’s don’t boast,” Chase chuckles, giving a side long glance at Baden, “...they dominate. Nor do they hide who they are. Ignore them all, Baden. It doesn’t matter what the other wolves think.”

“Well... then, fine,” I add in, halting my steps so they also stop, “Let’s make a statement together. Let’s all go on a ‘date’. I’ll be on your arms. Proudly. Heads held high. You two in suits, me in a cute dress,” I delight in the way my mate’s eyes sparkle with the suggestion, “...and if anyone tries to interrogate us or humiliate us for our rare 3 way mutated bond - I’ll show them my Golden Claw. We’ll give them something else to talk about.”

“So you want to keep it now, huh?” Chase asks while Baden stays silent.

“I just have a feeling it’ll be more useful accepting it’s not coming off... and taking advantage of it in the mean time,” I hold up my right hand, where the invisible claw adorns my middle finger, now only visible in wolf form, “Let’s make an impact that they all remember. We stick together. Always and forever. Don’t forget our pact on the island.”

“I love how friendly this all feels,” Baden growls out with frustration like he doesn’t really mean that, as his dark eyes glare through mine.

“Maia sure is cold with us, isn’t she? Alphas, friend-zoned by their mate,” Chase buys into Baden’s emotions, “...seems we’ll have to change that, Baden - won’t we?”

As soon as Chase sees me shudder with annoyance and a rush of anxiety, I turn on my heel and stalk away to hear them both chuckle as they follow.

Typical Alpha male werewolves - turning a simple pack bonding moment into something sexual.

Although I can’t lie... I’m at least a little excited for tonight’s feast.


10 hours later

The return to Half-Moon Academy wasn’t as dramatic as any of us had anticipated. In fact, no one had even showed up to greet us at the gates. Talk about feeling discarded. A part of me wondered if any of the elite wolves expected any of us to return alive. However, the campuses sudden disinterest in our connection was relieving to say the least. Perhaps it was just the Feast of Wolvenshire that had everyone occupied for now.

For a few hours now, I had been organising my work and relaxing with the space from both my mates. After napping briefly and awakening at twilight, I had showered, straightened my hair and slipped on a tight and short silver-grey dress that ended just under my ass. Now, I finish applying some basic makeup in my dorm bathroom. I apply some red lipstick to finish off and stare at my simple reflection. Dressed up, I was nothing special. Just a short brunette with wanna-be hot thick straitened hair and average everything else. I sigh and walk to my bedroom to find some slip on shoes to match the dress. In the end I decide to go barefoot.

Just as I’m crossing my legs on the bed and painting my nails a black colour to finish off the look - there is a knock at my door.

“Maia,” Chase knocks harder when I don’t answer instantly.

“Patience!” I call out as I try to steady my hand on the nail polish. I had only finished three fingers.

“Maia!” Baden this time, sounding distressed. Rolling my eyes, I get up and unlock the door, swinging it open to see the crowd outside in the corridor. My lips gape as I see Chase and Baden dressed in suits, hands clasps in front of them as all the other Pack Claw Tower girls and boys watch on as I usher my mates in.

Baden barges in first while Chase reaches out a hand over my short stature and keeps the door open as he turns to the crowd while backing in.

“Scat,” Chase snarls at the crowd and they chatter and gossip as they fall back.

Finally he shuts the door and I back up some more until I can grab my nail polish and sit back on the bed.

“Fuck it’s small in here,” Chase steps to the bed and squeezes in the middle next to me, with Baden on one end of the bed.

I sigh and ignore them as I try to finish my nail polish on my small bedside table.

My awkward silence is met with more awkward silence from both my alpha mates until one of them speaks up.

“...are you nervous... Maia?” Baden guesses correctly.

I shake my head and nod at the same time.

“M-maybe,” I mutter, while pretending to focus on dipping the brush into the jar of jet black. I jerk and almost stuff up the paint when Chase grabs my knee, squeezing it. I glare at him and he pouts his lips. Baden leans over and raises his legs, kicking his shoes over Chase’s lap and mine, “Why do you two have to find ways to touch me all the damn time?” I ask, “We’re going on a date soon... all of us... get off me,” I try to shove off Baden’s legs but he just laughs at me, unmovable, and Chase laughs at Baden laughing at me.

“Why the fuck are you laughing?” Baden loses his smirk and glares at Chase.

“You can’t process your emotions at all, you act out like a child - a bratty Alpha,” Chase rubs it in and I hum my agreement.

“Just cause you run your mouth off doesn’t mean your some sensitive all wise Wolvenshire prodigy, you arrogant piece of shit,” Baden growls as if he wants to start a fight.

I’m just finishing my nails now and screw the bottle shut as I turn to see Chase glaring at Baden. I shake my hands, hoping to dry the polish quickly as I notice Chase’s arm slowly snaking around Baden’s thigh. He pulls him closer and tries to flip him, but Baden resists with a roar.

“Oh, for Moon’s sake!” I complain and watch with a roll of my eyes as Chase and Baden lock into each other and end up rolling on the bed nearly kicking me and ruining my dress, “Stop fighting on my bed!” I jump to my feet and try to look tall as they lay on their sides, Chase’s leg over Baden’s thighs and Baden’s hand closing in on Chase’s throat. They both glance at me and then ignore me. I pounce on top of them and land my knees on their shoulders, “Stop. It. Now!” I press my palm’s on their faces and try to pry them apart, “You’ll ruin my bed - eek!” In my attempt to seperate and break up the play fight - I’m pulled down in the process. My mates grab a leg each and force me to slip between them. I try to remain up right, panting and huffing in complaint but the strength of two is unbearable. They pull me right in and squish me together, laughing all the while. I wheeze in breaths of complaint as my back is up against Chase’s suit and Baden is flush against my front, grabbing my hips. I feel Chase’s hand on my thigh and one around my neck as he breathes over the top of my head.

“Oops,” Chase smirks above me, glancing at Baden briefly.

“For a single bed, why is this so damn comfortable?” Baden asks playfully, leaning in to rub his nose on mine, “...maybe you planned this... a little shewolf barrier between our cocks. How selfish, Maia.”

“I hate how immature you both are sometimes,” I admit, in a serious growl, “We’re not in high school - we’re in college. Act like adults. Both of you - ow!” I yelp out as Chase yanks on my hair with one hand and forces me to shut up by slipping his other hand from my neck, over my jaw and then over my mouth, clamping my lips shut.

“Better?” Chase asks Baden.

“Better,” Baden nods.

I hiss and try to bite Chase’s huge palm but he just squishes me in tighter.

“You should know better than to slip in between two Alpha’s fighting, Maia,” Chase drawls in my ear, amused “Look how small you are, little wolf...”

“That bitch mage Poppy said we were Maia’s slaves,” Baden scoffs, “How funny. Little. Wolf. Maia.” he is staring into my eyes like me trapped between them is hilarious.

“Let’s dwell on serious topics tomorrow. Tonight will be fun,” Chase slowly releases my lips and I gasp in a breath. I bring my elbows back and struggle wildly.

“Let me go or I’m not going at all with either of you!” I snarl out.

“After our pact, you don’t have a choice,” Chase scoffs before reaching his leg over my body - he kicks Baden off the bed roughly. As Baden gracefully rolls and jumps to his feet, Chase knees me off next. I literally slip off the edge of the bed, try to land on my knees and end up face planting right into Baden’s crotch.

“Ew!” I slap Baden away as my cheeks burn bright red and as I try to scramble to my feet, I trip on a stray shoe in the process.

Chase jumps to his feet and I’m saved again... in similar fashion to the night on that boulder where I almost tumbled off but my mates caught my ankles.

This time one of my wrists is grasped by Baden, in front of me, the other wrist is snatched up by Chase, behind me. They both pull me up while I die of embarrassment.

I can’t even look them in the eyes.

“Sorry,” Baden speaks awkwardly while he let’s go of my wrist and then straightens a twisted dress strap on my shoulder. I nod and hitch my breath as Chase’s fingers glide under my chin and force my head up so I have to meet them both their dark eyes.

“We forgot to comment, Maia,” Chase’s tone is light but serious at the same time, “You look stunning tonight.”

“T-thanks,” I pull back away from Chase and nervously glance between Baden and him, back and forth, while my heart races as they both stare at me so intensely.

“Chin up, little wolf,” Chase murmurs, “There’s no need to be shy with us. We’re your protectors.”

“...psssh, obviously,” Baden cuts off Chase with a different kind of passion in his eyes, “...and hopefully we’re more than just friends?” Baden catches my gaze.

“Well, yeah, but -” I try to respond, quietly, and then Baden cuts in.

“Unless you have a favourite?” Baden blurts out.

“Me,” Chase buds in and I glare at both of them.

“Can we go already?” I ask and have to pause to see their bushy wolf eye brows droop, “ you have to look so disappointed? If you both want an answer so badly,” I try to make a game of it, “ with me tonight. Then I’ll decide whoever is a better dancer. The best will be my favourite forever. I’ll have one mate to dance with and one mate will be friend zoned until the end of time,” my tone drops dramatically - I hope my half-hearted joke amuses their alpha humour.

They smirk a little but not much.

Not appreciated?



“Can we just go already?” I ask, turning around and reaching for the door.

“What a beautiful ass,” Chase whistles.

“Fuck me,” Baden breathes out next.

“Later,” Chase growls.

“I’m leaving!” I slam open the door. Chase and Baden pounce forward to grab my arms, forcing me to link them through their elbows.

It’s somewhat awkward considering I’m so much smaller than them.

But at least finally - we were on our way to the Feast of Wolvenshire - as a unified mini-pack, about to announce our bond proudly to the whole Academy.

And while Chase and Baden were giddy - I was nervous as all hell.

Tonight, so much could potentially happen between all 3 of us. Full moon’s always enhanced a werewolves natural, base instincts.

That meant that the Alpha’s might come out to play... but my second Heat... I hoped it didn’t come as quickly.

My Heat was unbearable thinking about one of them when it was just Baden.

But two mates?

On my arm?

Fawning over me?

All night?

Literally. Anything. Could. Happen.

And I was terrified - not much of them - but of my own instincts.

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