Alpha's Rule

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Chapter 20

I expect on the way to the feast in the forest, that Baden and Chase’s Guardians will be in tow. However, my mate’s reassure me that because we have made our offical pack bond - we no longer needed Guardians to keep an eye on us. The fact my Alpha mates were so convinced that we would be okay now that we were united as three... it was both reassuring... and terrifying. Official packs didn’t form until after college. We would be an exception tonight. It would be a bit more dangerous, but hopefully the other Alpha’s were more focused on mating rather than seeking us out to challenge our rank.

As Baden and Chase escort me through the forest, where lanterns are lit to guide the path to the celebrations, the crowd following around us all watch us from a distance.

I notice right away that a few of Baden’s friends and Chase’s allies - stray from us.

We had been talking lightly but my hands tighten on my mate’s elbows as I realise we are being completely shut down and shut out... by practically all the werewolves present. I’m really irked when I see Baden and Chase nod to fellow ‘friends’ who don’t even nod back.

“Interesting reception so far,” Chase sighs.

“You should have seen my family,” Baden growls very quietly, hoping no one catches on, “Only my mother would speak to me.”

“The mages prepared us for this,” I add, “They don’t understand... wolves are frightful and weary of what they don’t know. They’ll no doubt keep their distance until someone has the balls to approach us.”

As we walk through the ferns, the crowd disperses into a gathered area. Wolves mingle, eat, drink and dance under the moonlight. An innocent display. Some are already loping around in their fur, playing. Preparing for other more intense encounters later.

“Baden,” we hear a sweet voice call out and my alpha mates pause, turning to the sound.

I also follow where the call came from and I spot Chloe in the trees, wearing a dress blacker than her hair. Chloe tries to nod Baden over to her, but Baden hisses out a breath.

“Come over here,” Chase calls out, smirking even as I turn to glare at him.

However, he’s smile drops and I turn to see Chloe looking disappointed that she was yelled out too. She had tried to be secretive and she’s already skulked away.

“What was that about?” I murmur.

“Who cares. This is weird, I don’t fucking like it,” Baden growls low and Chase’s hand slips along the small of my back, to reach down and clench Baden’s ass. After successfully distracting Baden’s thoughts, Chase licks his lips and gazes down at both of us.

“Let’s get the hell out of here,” Chase suggests.

“Why?” I ask.

“...why not, little wolf?” Chase breaks away from us and turns into the forest - walking off.

Baden grabs my elbow and tugs me along so we can keep pace with Chase.

For a while, we get deeper into the forest, away from the main crowd. I already feel like I can breathe easier as we slowly reach a small patch in between trees, at least ten minutes from the feast. Enough moonlight shines through onto a lone mossy boulder, which Chase jumps on top of, placing his hands on his hips.

“So, what now?” Baden snaps, “We wait for Charlotte or Siren to start recording?”

“Be honest with yourself, Baden, their already sniffing crotches of all the Alpha’s they want to fuck tonight,” Chase rolls his eyes to the moon as it shines down on us, “...would you look at that... a blood moon.”

“Are you serious?” I ask, glancing up like Baden - we see the edge of the moon glowing crimson.

“I’m not sure if I should prepare to die or expect good luck,” Baden murmurs out, while running a large splayed hand through his muck of hair. I see one piece stick out of his ear and I take a step towards him, reaching up to help tuck it behind his ear.

Wolves were always rugged, in one way or another.

“I choose luck,” I shrug, watching as Baden watches me with a curious gaze, “’re both very handsome tonight and I’m proud to have you,” I smile and look up at Chase as he slowly squats and picks at the moss while watching me.

“You’re sweet, Maia,” Chase drawls.

“Since it’s a date,” Baden cuts in, catching my attention once more. I turn to him and Baden reaches out to grab my hand, lifting it up and pressing his lips against my knuckles, “Do you mind if we spend the rest of the night together - away from that trash we used to call our friends?”

“Now we’re talking,” Chase growls in approval and I blush as Baden slowly pulls me closer, until he places my hand over his suit, directly over his heart.

“What would you like to do, Maia?” Baden asks, far more nice than he usually is, “Roll around in our fur? Chase the scent of the forest through the night? Lounge and talk in a tree? Fuck in a tree?" Baden slowly smirks when I blush deeply at the memory of us talking up in the forest by the mage’s camp.

“Um,” I gulp and think about it, glancing at Chase to see him jumping down the rock to come towards us.

Feeling a sudden hot rush through my blood, I jerk out of Baden’s hold and stumble back a few steps - my move a little obvious.

“Awww... how cute,” Chase chuckles as he comes to stand beside Baden.

“Shy, Maia?” Baden asks, raising a brow.

When we spent a whole night together, we were on that weird as all hell island. None of us had been in the mood to do anything more than play.

Now, tonight was a totally different scenario.

I stumble back to a tree and grasp onto the bark, my hands behind my back as I lean against it and stare at Chase and Baden. Standing tall and together, looking so magnificent in their fancy suits... disguising the fact they could turn in a moment, into great beasts, full of lethal power and graceful speed. What did Poppy say? My protectors... my slaves?... but also mine.

They were all mine.

I lick my lips without thinking and my mates’s gazes zone in on that small movement.

“Why...” the word comes out a little too husky so I swallow and start again, “Why don’t you kiss each other... and I can watch, from over here?”

“In your dorm you suggested you could dance with us and now that we’re all alone in the woods away from prying ears, you’re commanding us to make out? That’s an awfully big leap,” Baden mentions, a little meaner now as he mocks me.

I had attempted to be sexy.

Instead, now I felt embarrassed.

“Watch?” Chase almost coughs while laughing on the word, and he has to contain himself when he sees how embarrassed I get. I suck in a breath and hope my mates stop looking at me like I’m the weird one. I just wanted to.... okay... maybe it was a little weird to ask them to kiss... just to watch, “Maia, Maia, Maia,” Chase takes slow steps toward me and I can only take two more before I’m scrambling around the tree for a branch and hopping up to a minimally safe distance.

“I’m not ready for a whole night of steamy, hot, first time sex,” I hiss honestly, blushing bright red as I glare down at both of them. Baden is watching me like I’m a child, while Chase is just pursing his amused lips.

They were the experienced ones, why did I have to be forced into this so quickly?

“Fine, cutie,” Chase dismisses me and finally turns back to Baden, “She doesn’t want in, that’s fine. Our creepy side bitch can watch us, whatever,” I roll my eyes when I hear the play on words - trying to provoke me.

"Females,” Baden scoffs, smirking. I watch as my mate’s don’t circle one another, or take it slow. Instead, Baden and Chase step into one another. At the same height, their foreheads collide and they breathe each other in. It’s animalistic, the way they share air, glaring into each other’s gazes with a passionate love already showing through the bond.

Oh, Moon. This is what I was fated with. Two beastly mates, sexy as all hell, with just as much desire to get into each other’s pants as they wanted in mine.

I slowly lie down on the branch right above them, my hairs on end as Baden whispers something and Chase growls back from his throat. They are daring each other to go first - to initiate the kiss.

As I lie flat on the branch and watch down from directly above, Baden and Chase lock lips gently at first.

Seeing the collision makes me catch my breath, heat striking deep in my womb.

I’m so entranced by the way they continue to make out, slowly more and more rough, ravenous for one another - like they can’t get enough to make up for the lost years already - that I don’t feel myself slowly moving to the side to get a better view of them as they step out of view for a moment.

"Shit!" I yelp out as I slip right off and tumble down towards them. Baden lunges towards my yell and in a ill-stroke of luck, my legs land on his massive shoulders and I grab onto his head, panting in shock at what just went down, “Oh, Moon! My heart leapt out of my chest! T-thank you, Baden...” I gulp and look down as Baden’s head buries a bit deeper between my legs.

He sniffs and I snap my gaze to Chase, to see him grinning.

“Lucky weasel,” Chase growls out and I try to pull off Baden’s shoulders. As I tumble backwards, Chase’s arms slip under my own and he steadies me onto my feet while Baden’s eyes rage with desire.

"...ours! Our little bitch,” Baden let’s out a guttural sound of lust while my eyes widen. He was really embracing his Alpha instincts tonight. Whatever cord that had been holding Baden back from me, snaps as he closes the distance, grabs my face in his hands and smashes his lips against my own.

I flutter my eye lids shut as I’m pulled into a deep, deep kiss. I gasp into Baden when Chase’s hands grab my ass, clenching my dress material and slipping the small length up. Baden doesn’t let me back up, holding me still in the kiss as Chase drops to his knees behind me. His nose presses into my cheeks, his breath tickling my pussy just before I feel a long hot tongue flick out and fly over me.

“Oh, shit!” I snap away from Baden’s mouth, sucking in a breath as Chase grabs my knees, pushing his thumbs into the backs of my legs. He forces me to bend - so he can bury deeper and I’m basically sitting back on his face, “...fuck... me...” I pant the words out, and they coincidentally ask something more of my mates.

I didn’t mean them to! Damn it! As Chase’s tongue stills on my throbbing flesh below, savouring my taste, Baden reaches for my dress and rips the front open.

“Seriously?” I hiss out.

“We’ll gladly fuck you tonight, Maia,” Baden growls, pulling the material to the side, so he can get access to my breasts. I almost resist but then I impulsively grab onto Baden’s skull and warp my fingers through his long hair, holding him to my chest as his tongue flicks out over my nipples and his teeth find each one - nibbling one and then sucking on the other.

Chase is growling behind me as he keeps tasting me, pulling out more wetness for later...

Just as I moan slowly, like a low howl, throwing my head back - I feel a wet tear of rain splash against my cheek.

And then another.

And another.

And then a hundred more.

In a flash onslaught of heavy rain, a dark black rain cloud unleashes from above us. It’s sudden and distracting - cooling all our skin.

Chase pulls away from my back, standing up and tugging my dress down while Baden leans up and snarls at the sky.

“Moon be damned!” Baden growls out.

“We should find cover,” Chase laughs good naturally, I turn around to see him start stripping and then I turn to Baden to see him doing the same.

As they both strip, my knees are weak as I turn quite a few times, getting dizzy. My Heat has consumed me and I can feel my desires and needs focusing on one thing... two things... only two cocks that could rip me apart and satisfy all the urges that were taking over me.

“Some help, little wolf,” Chase grabs my shoulders to stop me spinning between them. He stills me, now naked and very hard - as he grabs the bottom of my dress and shimmies it up and off my body. I lift my arms to help and then in a three way unison - we shift in a flurry of movement.

Baden and Chase crowd into my sides as if protecting me from the rain as I’m huddled in my small white patchy form between them.

I growl at the rain and they growl in agreement.

Then, we pounce off - aiming to find a place to hide and take cover. We lope through the woods, until we find a rocky outcrop. Not exactly a cave, but an area big enough under a concave boulder to rest under. After licking and biting my ear, Baden lies down first. I flop into his massive side and Chase drops on my other flank, blocking me in between them. Their wolf bodies keep me nice and warm while the cold air strikes their own fur.

We all watch the night forest turn to glistening jet black leaves and drowned out bark. The smell of everything increases and our noses all twitch in delight.

The smell from the rain, however, masks the smell of anyone approaching.

It’s not until the rain suddenly ceases, and the blood moon light shines through - that golden eyes start to pop up in the forest all around us.

First three pairs, then six... then nine.

Shining eyes, all coming closer.

An ambush.

Baden and Chase automatically jump up, their hackles raised, combined snarls aggressive and in warning to the wolves that are approaching.

However, as they stalk out to protect me, I whimper when the scents of the other wolves catch my nostrils.


It wasn’t a single pack.

It was very specified attack group.

Nine freaking Alphas from Half-Moon Academy were circling the area, their snarls just as loud and fearsome as Baden and Chase combined.

Even though my mates were bred for Prime Alpha... to potentially take the throne to rule all werewolves... this... this was too much, even for them.

I try to think of a plan, but I know my Golden Claw will be useless against wolves - it was only designed to kill Vampires! And just as I’m whining in fear and anger from my small concave hide away, I start to shiver with adrenaline... and that’s when they all pounce.

It’s a blur and a blood bath. I’m frozen and can’t look. Most of it is terrifying sounds of yelps, whimpers, cries and snarls which fill the surrounding area... but when it’s over in minutes... the silence left in the forest is quiet, horrible, sickening and full of lingering violence.

When I blink open one eye, I see Baden and Chase lying in their fur, nose to nose, breathing heavily, blood pouring from their wounds. None were life threatening... it was just a warning.

I spot one lone wolf retreating at the last moment after surveying the damage done... and what I witness is hard to believe.

A large brown-black beast, the most giant werewolf I’ve ever witnessed.

It was the Prime Alpha.

Baden’s father.... he was here.

He had planned this attack.

Which meant this wasn’t just an ambush.

This was a banishment.

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