Alpha's Rule

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Chapter 23

All afternoon, all night and then most of the day - Baden and Chase hold me between them, tightly and with love. They mostly snore, growl and drool through my hair - but at least they heal faster. I stay nuzzled between them because I’m just as exhausted. It’s probably the most relaxing 24 hours any of us will remember, considering how noisy everything was soon going to become.

It starts with a rude interruption. First, Chase yawns awake, his sharp teeth finding my shoulder, his hand sneaking it’s way down between my black panties - and Baden licking my nose. I laugh while waking up, squeezing my thighs together in an attempt to crush Chase’s hand - Baden watches me with a sexy smirk as I press my embarrassed forehead into his collarbone.

But then we all hear a loud knock.

It’s hurried, urgent and very, very insistent.

“Hello?!” someone screams out, from outside, in a clear panic. Chase curses as I pull away from him and instinctively jump to the window, pushing aside a curtain, I look down.

The sun is setting and there is a group of pale, skinny looking people out front, in tattered clothes and red marks around their necks.

“Please!” another one cries out, falling to their knees.

I fumble with the lock on the window, opening it wide, I stick my head out, “What’s wrong?” I call out, grabbing their attention. With my call, they all jerk back, as if I’ve slapped them. They look drained of blood and sensitive to everything around them. The group of ten or more, clasp their hands together, as if praying. What in the Moon was going on?

“Please help us,” the leader is a male with shaggy blonde hair, he itches under his arm as if he might have fleas, “Please - we’re on the run, we just escaped from an underground slave rig! We were tipped to come here, it’s the only place they won’t find us!”

“Wait there,” I shut the window and turn to see Chase standing up slowly, stretching his arms over his head - his eyes dopey.

“What’s wrong?” Chase drawls, bored.

Baden stays in the bed, sprawled out, eyes closed, as if he is wishing trouble to stay away.

“What a pair of protective Alpha’s you both are... ” I can’t help but tease how un-alert Chase and Baden seem to be as they wake up, “I don’t know what’s going on,” I admit - only because my instincts tell me something is off, “I have to go downstairs to find out,” I turn from a suddenly irate Chase and Baden, stalking my way out of the bedroom, I see Corey also stretching, making his way down to sniff out the danger.

“Visitors?” Corey asks me as I approach, “I heard the knocks, this can’t be good.”

“I agree - ” I start to ascend the stairs with Corey at my side, when we both hear loud stomping behind us - and growls of frustration.

We both turn to see Chase and Baden in their wolf forms, barging down the thin corridor, biting each other in a race to reach the stair case first.

Corey and I pause and duck as they bound over us and snarl their way to the bottom, leaping towards the front door like deers.

Slightly delayed reaction, but okay.

“At least they’re pretty much healed after we slept,” I shrug at Corey and he shrugs back, heading down the steps two at a time.

I reach the bottom to see the front door open by Chloe, who’s welcoming the strangers already. Baden and Chase snarl at the intruders and run around them, herding them up like sheep in the entrance room.

One insult, and they have to prove themselves as Alphas. Okay then.

“Calm down!” Chloe yells at Baden and Chase, just as I storm my way up and add to the mayhem.

“What the hell is going on?” I ask, as the group of strangers all cower on their knees and look down at the ground, trembling in fear.

“Who are you?” Corey asks from my other side.

“They’re on the run from vampire gangs,” Chloe explains, “That’s what they told me. We need to give them shelter. They’re our kind.”

“Do we have enough food?” I wonder.

“Please,” the man with blonde shaggy hair crawls to my feet, grasping my ankles, “Please, we don’t need food - just brief shelter.”

As soon as he’s palms lay on my ankles, my mates stalk their way over, grab the back of his pants and yank him away from me - he nearly goes flying through a damn window.

“Stop it!” I yell at Baden first and he growls at me, while Chase jumps up on his hide legs and puts his paws on my shoulders, backing me away from the group.

“Argh!” I shove him off and he nips the edge of my white knitted sweater, ripping the side while snarling and drooling into my leg. I jerk away, disgusted and Chase shakes his head at me.

Is he mocking me?


“Can they stay?” Chloe asks Baden and Chase, “Please?”

We all wait for the Alpha’s approval, with thin patience.

Baden and Chase quieten their snarls of aggression and eventually shift, standing naked above the injured and starving runaways.

“We’ll make a bargain,” Chase suggests, holding out an arm and keeping me at bay. I try not to roll my eyes as Baden comes to stand beside Chase, protecting me, “You can stay... eat... rest... for three days. If you want to stay longer - you have to go through pack trials. If you want to leave, you’re free to find your way home. But if any of you cause any trouble...”

“We’ll send you back to the people who held you captive,” Baden laughs, haughtily. He does it for cruel affect. He even has that lop-sided I’m a rich douche bag smirk on his lips. I clench my fist and try not to hit him over the back of the head. Chloe has the same look on her face, and she smiles at me sympathetically.

“We promise,” murmurings of submission come from the group.

“Alright,” Chase hides his dick and balls with one hand, while winking at me over his shoulder. He clearly thinks he sounds like a macho, bad ass, experienced Alpha. I give him a forced smile for encouragement. Chase gives me a second look, his amusement and cockiness fading into confusion and what seems to be a slightly hurt ego, “Get your asses up off the floor, showers are second floor,” Chase increases his influential tone and waves everyone up, “Move it. Y’all stink!”

“Follow my ass up, crawl if you want to impress me,” Baden turns and strides for the stairs and I try not to face palm as he ascends with that evil look in his eye. I shake my head at him and Chase smacks my ass, a little too hard, as he follows Baden up. They go to get clothes and the strange wolves all follow with limps, crawling or coughing.

Corey helps a few, who lean on him for support as he helps lead them up the stairs.

“They injected us with Wolf Shine,” one girl with even brighter blonde hair stops by me, her black and white dress looks like a maid uniform and she stands stronger than the rest, able to meet my eyes, “My name is Naomi, I helped them escape while we were in transit. They won’t be themselves for another day at least, until the drug wares off. Thank you for letting us in.”

“Wolf Shine?” I ask, raising a brow, “What’s that?”

“A drug that forces wolves into constant Heat, it makes them willing to give blood... to give their bodies... I am thankful for your Alpha’s acceptance.”

“Relax, Naomi, we’re wolves, we help each other. My name is Maia, it’s a pleasure to meet you,” I smile and shake her hand, “I’ll speak to my mates to see how we can help. We’re new in town.”

“Just settled in, actually,” Chloe slips up to my side, wearing purple pyjamas that match her black hair, “We don’t know how things work in Noble Metropolis as well as you all do.”

“It’s a beautiful city with a dark side, open sewer networks run all the way to Cave City... each night means this city is now infested with Vampires, the worst kind,” Naomi gulps, presses her hand to her lips, kisses it and then presses it to Chloe’s cheek and mine, “Thank you for your generosity.”

“Did the Flying Wolf tip you to come here?” Chloe asks, in a whisper.

“...yes,” Naomi nods and follows the others up to the second level.

“What-?” before I can ask what I want to ask, Chloe grabs my elbow and turns to me.

“Save it, let’s go shopping for groceries! Come, come,” Chloe grabs me to a closest full of more clothes. She grabs herself a black shirt and blue jeans, then passes me some blue jeans and I shuck them on.

“It’ll be good to get some fresh air,” I say a tad awkwardly and as soon as I zip them up, she grabs some cash out of a secret loose wood piece in the wall. Putting a few hundred bills in her pocket, Chloe winks at me and grabs my hand.

“Let’s get out of here!” Chloe drags me to the front door.

And just like that, we’re heading into the heart of Noble Metropolis to grab some groceries!

What could go wrong?

Chloe is talkative. Very talkative, in fact. I barely have to say a word as she leads me through the streets and confidently explains all the property her family own. She was from one of the wealthiest families that were a part of Pack Moon. Her father was the ‘Flying Wolf’ that she and Naomi had spoken about before. Apparently Chloe’s father was some sort of vigilante werewolf in Noble Metropolis. He knew where to send wolves who needed a safe place - mostly because he owned most of the Pack Houses. The fact there were empty residences were all to do with safety. Those barely used were never scouted out or spied on, whether it be by malicious rival wolf packs, crazy rogue omegas looking to cause trouble, evil vampires or crook mages. Hence, we were going to be safe in this mini-mansion townhouse. For a while.

Eventually, we can’t talk about family anymore. I have not much to say about my own and Chloe is soon done explaining hers. Which only leaves us with one more awkward topic of discussion.

“Baden is such a dick,” Chloe sighs while filling a grocery straw bag full of freshly cut meats in Noble Metropolis’ biggest night markets, “Isn’t he?”

“” I grab some herbs from a stand and hold a bunch in each hand as I face a pert nosed Chloe. She faces me, waiting for my answer, so I blurt out, “When he feels left out. I mean. He feels like a dick when he isn’t getting attention.”

“Oh, I know. Have you worked out how to handle them together, yet?” Chloe asks innocently, hoping for an answer. Thankfully she stops staring into my soul and turns to grab some carrots and potatoes, “I’ve heard Chase has a really bad temper.”

“Really? He seems pretty chilled out for an Alpha,” I laugh that off. No way he was one of those temperamental Alphas. Baden was the moody one - probably wishing he could read poetry instead of dealing with me being awkward most of the time.

“Well, I guess you’ll soon find out,” Chloe sighs as she trudges her way to the salts and other spices, “...Baden has good stamina, you know...”

Wait. What?

What did she mean?

Stamina in a fight?

In b -?

“I’m worried about our quiet arrival, to be perfectly honest,” Chloe quickly changes topic before I can respond, “The more secretive we are, the worse it will be when word spreads. So, do I have your permission to invite some family and friends - for a party? Tonight? We can make it seem like we’re here to wreck the house, have a good time. In fact, we should wreck the house - or make it seem like we are just trashy, playful, young and stupid wolves!” Chloe turns to me, beaming with the idea, “It’ll be a great distraction! A great cover for our real purpose.”

“Which is...?” I ask.

“Our purpose is to back you up while you fulfil... you know what,” Chloe nods to my middle right finger, ”Destiny,” she says it with a deepened tone, dramatic but sweet.

She is trying to lighten things up.

Make me open up.

Like wolves did.

“You’re funny,” I try to say something kind and Chloe gives me a sympathetic smile, “I think the party is... a... great... idea.”

“Great!” Chloe almost howls in excitement, a potato launching from the bag into the air.

One passer by, from a group of shopping wolves, launches up and catches the stray potato.

“Did I hear... the word... party?” this stranger wolf, with black hair like Chloe, passes her the potato and winks at her flirtatiously. She tries not to swoon and fails as she stumbles into his chest.

“Yes,” Chloe laughs and shoves him away playfully, “Bring all your friends,” she tells him the address and walks off, fluttering her hand in a wave.

It was the quickest, smoothest interaction I had ever seen.

“See you there, babe!” the handsome young wolf, wolf-whistles and stalks away with his mates, females and males.


This was really happening.

“Oh, this is going to be fun,” Chloe heads to the checkouts, “...maybe tonight should be a Haze Party?”

“No, no, no,” I shake my head, “I don’t think -”

“Wolves don’t have parties without the promise of sex, come on, Maia, seriously,” Chloe looks at me like I’m crazy, “You don’t have to do anything, let’s just call it that. And get in some Moon Shine too.”

“Wait -”

I can’t protest further as Chloe engages in conversion with the employee as she pays for the goods and then hauls half to me.

As we walk away, I mention, “But the drug -”

“Will make your Alpha mates go crazy and you’ll have the best night of your life,” Chloe looks at me with the promise of being a great friend - in possibly the worst way, “At best, if you deny them, it’ll be even funnier.”

“They might force themselves onto me, or worse, hump my leg or something,” my joke has Chloe laughing her head off.

“And that... Maia...” a tear leaks out of the corner of her eye, “Is exactly why we need to do this.”

“Okay,” I can’t believe I let the word slip, “Where are we going to get Wolf Shine?”

“The Flying Wolf, obviously,” Chloe winks at me, “How do you think my family is so damn rich?”

I’m not sure if I’m impressed, or a little bit mortified.

Chloe was from a crook wolf pack? I guess that meant Baden’s father was also in on the crimes. And approved of the drug business.

I’ll admit, I’m a bit disgusted.

But also curious.

I’m curious how tonight will end.

If it’ll be a great cover up for our real purpose - or if it’ll attract the exact attention I wanted to avoid while I worked out how to use my Golden Claw.

The ancient weapon was lethal, one scratch is all it took...

...I close my eyes and pray.

Oh, Moon.

Don’t let any vampires sneak into the party tonight.


Author’s Note. *Alpha's Rule is currently on-hold**This is due to some lack of passion for the story WHILE I’m focusing on other major projects. I will come back to it in the future but right now if I continue it, it won’t be up to scratch and I only want to give you guys the best quality content. So far you can read 2 more chapters on the Radish Fiction app for free but it’s still on hold for the moment. For any Qs my social media for IG | FB | Twitter is @ authorcswallow. I’m also on Wattpad @ CSW1995. Please follow me on Inkitt and/or Wattpad for all writing updates. I'm sorry :( I will come back to it, but it's on hold for the present moment.

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