Alpha's Rule

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Chapter 9

The classes I follow Baden too are surprisingly bearable. What isn’t bearable, is the lunch time antics of werewolves and their fake packs. Yep - like make believe, even college werewolves played games in the forest at lunch time to test their dominance, their skill sets and their speed and strength. All wolves did, not just Alphas. It was important to find out who to avoid, who you could trust and who was weaker than yourself.

We were playing a game called the Wing of Wolves. This game was about speed. Yes, of course, we couldn’t fly... so why wings? Because werewolves weren’t just wolves - we were enhanced. We could run as fast as the eagles above us, no matter how rough the terrain. We were special, we were tough, we were made to survive in a world full of magic.

The aim of the game is to make it to the other end of the territory, the cliff edge was our end. One half of the group would run, one half would hunt.

Anything was a go, as long as there was no blood spilled. The first runner to make it to the end - if they could make it - was titled the Wing of Wolves. It was an honorary title since kindergarten.

You’d think we’d grow out of games like this, but hell, we were wolves - we liked to play. But remember how I mentioned that Alpha’s usually ran away from the other college wolves? Well, this one doesn’t matter... because Baden is the only Alpha present.

Around me, I have every other type of wolf, Aides, Omegas, Fang Bearers, Matriarchs, Guardians in training, potential Danes which were the Second in Commands... and as for Betas? Well, let’s not forget I’m a little cousin. So there was no Beta here - unless you count the starry eyed Aides who wished Baden was their mate. The tall pretty ones, blonde and brunette, Charlotte and Siren, are the lead bitches. They fucked whatever fur they could grab onto and they bullied every shewolf around.

I didn’t find them scary, though - I just found them annoying as all hell.

I watch them from my position on top of a rocky incline, on a boulder. It’s the exact same location Baden and I found out we were mates.

As it is, I’m hiding here, watching from above as the other runners try to make it to the end.

I was a runner too.

As you can guess, Baden was picked to be a hunter, so I was breathing out a frustrated breath of annoyance.

I didn’t want to be held down by the neck by him in wolf form. I whine and lay my head on my paws, huffing out another breath.

Today had been exhausting trying to keep up with Baden. While he ignored me, I ate on my own, listened on my own... thought on my own.

I had looked out for Chase and I hadn’t found him near by, so I had no chance to intercept him yet.

Now, I am waiting for this silly game to be over. It was fun to play with friends... not strangers. Hopefully soon, the wolves would come back, lunch would be over and we could go to the second half of classes, the day would end and then I could go to my dorm... and cry.

Yep, I felt like crying... in fact, I was alone now... so... now was a time better than any. I whimper quietly as I sniff the air and all the wolves eventually disappear up ahead. I hated being on my own when I was in wolf form... I just felt the detachment more. I liked company. All my friends would be wondering where I was but since I was paired with Baden, none had come to check on me in the last week or more. They all knew something was wrong and they didn’t want to get into trouble... my past was complicated and they didn’t want to sacrifice their own reputations.

As I whimper out of lonliness, sadness and pent up frustration, the chill of the breeze makes me feel worse. Some warm fur to cuddle up to, would be perfect right about now. When the dormitories had movie nights, we all watched in wolf form, cuddling up to one another, enjoying the sharing of fur.

Now, I am small, alone and even my white fur reflects what little sun there is, so I feel even more chilled to the bone.

As I start to shake, I still don’t have the will to get up and move to keep warm. I am too depressed. I just close my eyes, letting out a growly sigh... and then the wind changes... and a peppery smell infiltrates my nostrils and assaults my senses.

I jump up to my paws in an instant, narrowing my eyes and sneezing three times in a row while shaking my head. The noises are loud and the snot is plenty... I back up in disgust of my own sneezing fit... and I turn my head to the right. I almost fall over and play dead in shock... but I stop myself just in time.

Baden is sitting in the ferns, his tail still, his brown fur lush and long, his black nose wet and healthy as he looks at me.

I don’t have time to contemplate how long he’s been there or what he’s thinking, because he’s already approaching.

I jump back a step, a small growl eminating from my throat.

I was nervous... had he heard me whimper? Sigh? Cry?

I bloody hoped not.

However, as I growl - Baden widens his black eyes, lowering his snout as he growls louder... and he keeps closing the distant.

I have no idea what he’s intending but I slowly drop to my stomach and lay my head down, glaring up at him... hoping desperately that he doesn’t bite my neck. I’d rip into him and probably get my ass whooped. But I’d lay into him, never the less.

As I prepare for anything, the last thing I expect is for Baden to swivel his huge Alpha body, lay down next to me - right next to me... and lay his head across the back of my neck.

For a moment I forget to breathe... and then I let out an almighty sneeze for a fourth time as his body lies against my side and his head rests next to mine.

I wished we could talk in this moment... but all I can do is process the basic move he’s made on me.

To put it simply, he’s warming me up. His body warmth transmits to mine while his head lies across my neck and next to my snout... for comfort.

That’s it.

It wasn’t a romantic move... I mean... was it? I don’t know! He was my mate! Should I consider it romantic?

I simply raise my head and eye him suspicoiusly.

As I continue to watch him, he bares his fangs... annoyed by my glare... and then when I continue to watch him, confused... he suddenly takes his head off my neck, jumps to his legs and jumps away from me, growling loudly.

Now I jump to four paws, turning to face him with an almight growl of my own.

I watch as he turns, shifts and picks his clothes up from behind a tree... the same tree I put my clothes.

I also transform and run, naked, to the trunk. I snatch up my black woollen dress while his back is turned and he gets changed. I do too, slipping the black wool on quickly while I watch him finish slipping on those jeans... and then he leaves them undone and his black shirt off as he turns to me suddenly.

Baden is scowling.

“What’s your problem?” he snaps, truly annoyed.

“I can’t believe you’re asking me that question,” I snarl, “Remember? Mates - shmates? I’m your cousin? I can sleep with whoever I want?” I remind him.

“So?” Baden shrugs, “I don’t know you, I was giving you an option out, fucking hell,” he holds his hands out, truley pissed at me.

“Do your pants up!” I yell at him, “Before your - your cock falls out and hurts somebody!” I try to be insulting but Baden just gives me a funny look, like it’s some sort of fucked up compliment.

“,” Baden answers, mischievously while clasping his hands behind his back, “I won’t do what you tell me because you’re just an Omega... you haven’t proved anything to me, Maia,” Baden uses a high handed tone that I can’t handle any longer.

I’d show him.

“Watch me, asshole,” I jump forward and close the distance. I reach out and grab his zip. I admit, my adrenaline spikes with the bold move, and my hands tremble, but I manage to grab the zip properly and pull it up. I do the button on his jeans last and glance up into his glare, panting and feeling great! ”There, your Beta showed you how to do up your pants, almighty Alpha!”

I’m about to step back with my smirk, but he’s eyes are somewhat satisfied as he suddenly snakes his arms out and grabs my elbows.

"There, now I see some of the real you,” Baden murmurs, low... sexy... and dangerous. It’s like his Alpha side has come out now that we are alone again, “I was testing you, Maia... I was baiting you,” Baden slowly smirks, “You’re a funny little wolf, I’ll give you that... pretty cute... but not very smart, because you’re impulsive.”

“You’re just trying to see who I am by provoking me?” I almost yell at him, but I decide to hiss instead. As I try to struggle out of his hands, he just holds me tighter and he doesn’t budge.

“Stop, Maia,” Baden speaks slowly, while his eyes run over me, “Stop wriggling around... just breathe.”

“You... you are a hypocrite, you... y-you say one thing... then expect another thing...” I whisper this to myself while looking down at the grass, “I hate you so much sometimes... and I barely know you.”

“Well that’s silly, hating someone you don’t know,” Baden scoffs, suddenly releasing my arms and shoving me back away from him, “Maia Royale of Pack Crescent... why were you looking at me with distaste as I gave you my fur?”

“What?” I ask, until I realise he truly thought he was helping just before, “You, y-you were simply keeping me... warm?” I ask.

“You were whimpering because you were cold. I’m not stupid, Maia, I knew you wouln’t play, so I went searching back towards the start line. I followed your scent,” Baden explains, like it’s obvious.

Clearly he was smarter than he looked.

“I was actually whimpering because... never mind,” I shake my head and look away, ”Cousin,” I scoff to myself again.

“Remember what I told you, you’re my cousin in front of others only,” Baden says this quietly and I feel his eyes still on me.

When I turn to him, I cross my arms over my chest and try to calm down.

Maybe this could be a normal conversation for once.

“You’re unsure of me?” I ask.

“My cock is sure of you... my mind, that’s another matter,” Baden has to put his hand over his jeans in the middle to remind me that is where his cock is.


“Well... do you like me at all?” I ask, “Like... in anyway?”

“Cute and funny. That’s all I’ve gathered, little wolf,” Baden forces on a smile, “...and yes...” he pauses, as if he doesn’t want to say it, but eventually he adds quietly, “I acknowledge you as my mate, Maia.”

“Wow,” it’s the only word I can think of to say.

“Did you maybe, uh, want to...” Baden pauses as the other wolves howl for us... sorry, for him. I was barely acknowledged with his friends, “Never mind,” Baden turns towards the sounds of the howls, “They’ll come back this way eventually...” Baden turns around... suddenly looking cold again.

“So, uh...” I trail off, “Did you want to go on a date with me?” I decide to ask, “A second time? That’s what you were about to ask, wasn’t it?”

In the moment, I give him the benefit of the doubt. I was trying to ignore all his words this morning. I understood now that he was a confused immature Alpha growing into his maturity.

Perhaps I could guide him, by being bold.

“, what?" Baden asks me, “Didn’t I tell you that I fell in love with Chloe four months ago? Why would I date you?"

“...never mind,” I shrug and look away.


I was a fool and a half.

“Cheese and weasels, you really are funny, aren’t you, little wolf?” Baden points out, amused, “I’m heading back... keep up, Omega... you don’t want to lose your life,” as Baden turns, he’s clearly satisfied with his words.

I watch him jump down the boulders and start running, in mortal form, back towards the academy.

He slips on his black shirt as he runs and I start to climb down the boulders to jog after him.

All the while, my cheeks are pink with embarrassment and my stomach rolls with the constant rejection.

He was such an asshole.

I had to find Chase soon to work out what went wrong between them. To see if I could understand Baden a bit more through his rival. However, my heart was slowly sinking with hope, too.

If Chase and I didn’t work something out...

...I only had one more option.

Because I don’t think six months of Baden was possible.

I’d go crazy.

My last resort was already a plan I had thought of when I was at my most desperate... and I had had some pretty desperate thoughts this week, to say the least.

If things didn’t improve in the next seven days... I could free my pack from the dungeons or whatever cell they were in... and then I’d run away from here.

Start a new life somewhere... anywhere else.

The thing is, Half-Moon Academy had been my haven once.

Now, it was just becoming my everyday hell, just like Cave City had been for my childhood.

Not only that but I was sick of feeling worthless by a hypocritical Alpha who claimed I was his mate - but refused to date me.

I was in a hole... and I wanted to get out and patch it up... or else I’d climb out and run as fast as I could - to get the hell away from my idiot mate.

If I ran, Alpha Baden would never see me again... I’d become the Wing of the Beta, a Beta that escapes her Alpha... I’d be a legend. People could write songs about my defiance and Baden’s confused disposition that lost him everything.

And for some reason... that thoughts makes me really damn happy!

Perhaps I’d run sooner than I thought.

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