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Gothic Melody

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Graceona, a demon princess banished for committing horrible deeds in her home of Parts Unknown has a life anyone would want or so she thinks. She loves a man but things are keeping them apart.

Fantasy / Romance
Graceona Cross
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Chapter 1


Graceona, a demon princess daughter of the ancient demon elders the Demon King , Lord Gabriel, and his beautiful mistress Lady Elizabeth. Graceona was the middle child next to her older brother, the beautiful, wise, and level-headed Zion Cross. Graceona however was not level-headed like Zion. She was a stubborn, beautiful and a tad insane person. Below her in age was,Jaden Cross, he is a quiet turned person, but he shares Graceona's stubbornness and Zion's wisdom.

Graceona had a older brother, older than Zion but he was killed in the Vampire-Demon War thousands of years prior to her birth. That is the story that he parents told her and her two brothers. Zion and Jaden believed this tale, Graceona on the other hand didn't believe it. She knew how her father was, he had tried killing her many times because of her gender, he has tried burying her alive, burning her alive, he also use to beat her as a child. Her mother was no different than her father though her father tried destroying her, her mother was the one that actually drew Graceona to kill the Demon King and his Mistress, abandoning her from her home, The Demon Realm.

Graceona now lives in her own realm that she created over 300 years ago, it is a world made entirely of pain, hate, and anger. The residents of the world are also from her imagination. Her favorite structure in the world she created was the castle that touched the ground and rose to the fiery red sky. The people in the world loved and adored their ruler, but they were fearful of what she was. Since the world had been created Graceona had killed twenty people, fifteen of them had wronged her, the rest of them died because she grew tired of them.

Graceona stood on the balcony of her castle watching over the people who roamed the red tinted streets, the red sky never lost it's light meaning it was never dark, the black clouds hung in the sky like black smoke that came from a smoke stack of a large factory. The realm was younger than she was but she loved this place, this was the place that she dreamt of over 400 hundred years ago. Though Graceona was the oldest living creature in the realm she still had her beauty that she possessed when she created the realm and took her first steps into it. Her long silk crimson red hair reach down to her hips, her tips black, red hair hung freely off her shoulders past her breast. She had the body of an earthly model, knowing this fact she mostly wore belly shirts that ranged from bright red, to dark red, and then to black, today she wore a long sleeve sweater belly shirt with a fishnet under shirt, on her slender neck she wore a black choker with a large red ruby in the middle of it. Below the waist she wore a black belt that had chains on the side a very short skirt that had a red cross on the front, on her legs were black fishnet hoes, her feet were covered with leather buckle up knee length boots. Her make-up was as dark as usual, black eyeliner on her sapphire blue eyes and black eye shadow, on her lips a crimson red lipstick that was the color of blood.

Graceona heard footsteps approach her even before the large doors to her room opened, once the doors did open she heard porcelain clashing against porcelain without glancing back she knew who the butler was by the clattering of the cup against the teapot and the cheap smelling cologne he wore, it was none other than Edgar, since he was a creation of hers he has no last name, other than Grace, a creation that was like a daughter to her, Edgar treated Graceona and Grace like they were his family, Grace and Edgar are the only creations that she allows to get near her, the others were lucky to be there, they had not wronged her, no one had not since she killed the fifteen of them that had.

" Lady Graceona, I have to go to the store after this, Samuel forgot to. Is the list on the table?" Edgar asked in his dry shaky voice.

Graceona turned around looking at the old man that had worked for her since he was a young boy, his parents had died in her killing spree, she said her voice icy as usual," No, you're not going to the store in place of Samuel, that is not what I pay you for, send him up here, when you go back downstairs tell him I need to see him, if he refuses I will know and I will deal with him myself, you are dismissed for the rest of the day."

Edgar bowed before taking his leave Graceona looked at the tray containing the teapot and the empty glass on her bed, walking over to the bed she sat down on the bed pouring herself some tea. She looked around at the large room that surrounded her, the room big enough to house a family of ten during the holidays plus a Christmas tree full of presents, she knew what holiday's are, but she no longer had a family to celebrate those precious moments with. Graceona hated her family she had in the demon realm, those feelings caused her to go against having a family of her own. If family was about burying a child alive or burning one in a fire, then she was more than willing to die alone, though being immortal did get lonely, her father had told her that no one would love her and she was wasting her time wishing for the impossible.

Graceona looked at the steaming hot tea in her cup swallowing her anger, everyone in the demon realm hates her for the deed that she committed by killing their rulers, but knowing the hatred they all shared for her brought a smile to her face, it satisfied her in ways that no one but her could understand. She did it as their punishment they had no one to blame but themselves, for years she waited for the vampires to kill them and take them out of her life, she smiled at the thought of her mother's screams of pain and agony rang out to this day, and the sight of her father fighting a losing battle against Allah herself, the thoughts of him cursing her with his last breath brought her comfort and brought her the best dreams that she could ever think of having, Graceona was never depressed she knew she done the world a favor, the humans have no idea how she saved them, first it would have been the vampires that the demons had at their mercy, then the humans, then the world.

Graceona let a loud laugh this laughter was filled with evil, the only time she actually laughed, she never laughed at good things only when she had it planned to kill someone or something, even then the laughter lacked so much joy compared to the looks of pain on her parents face when she struck them down all those years ago.

Chapter 2

Graceona stood on her balcony she had been waiting for fifteen minutes for Samuel to come and attend to her wishes, she clenched her fists, her claws digging into her palm bringing droplets of blood unto the crimson red carpet. It was then she heard feet rushing up the steps leading to her room Samuel ran through the doors painting for breath he said, " You needed to see me ma 'am?"

Graceona looked at the breathless youth before her, many times she wanted to make the sixth creation killed in cold blood, but she knew once she killed one she would kill more before she stopped. She looked at the young man before her and said coldly," What am I paying you for, Samuel?"

Samuel jumped straight to his feet he could tell by the tone in his majesty's voice that she was angry enough to take his life, he looked down at the ground and replied," You are paying me to go to the grocery store and to make your tea, ma 'am."

The room was silent for the longest of time until Graceona sighed and said," I won't kill you because you are too pathetic to kill, but cross me again and your life will be mine, for the taking."

Samuel bowed turning on his heels rolling his eyes, he was about to walk out of the room only to hear Graceona laugh her evil laugh he knew that he was caught, it was like she could see right through him, read his actions rather he was facing her or not. He slowly turned around ready for his execution, but she just looked at him he said knowing true fear, " Would you like me to bring Grace a rabbit, a puppy, whatever you want please don't kill me."

Graceona walked over to him slowly she said coldly," The rolling your eyes is nothing compared to the talk that I have heard from you, you should know more than anyone that I hate failures and mostly I can't stand punks, I had to deal with that junk on Earth. Go get the groceries you better enjoy your time of life while you got it, have you forgotten that I killed you mother and your unborn sister driving your father to the verge of death, if you have, this time I will make sure you always remember."

Samuel swallowed hard rushing out of the room only to hear Graceona laughing evil as he ran out the door. After Samuel left the room, Graceona walked over to the bed sitting down taking a sip of tea. Samuel's fear still lingered in the room as if he were still standing there, she could hear his heart beat uneasy with fear. She smiled, she loved being a demon she didn't need a family to get love she had the power of fear to get what she desired. She heard light footsteps as if someone was tip-toeing to her room, she knew that it was Grace, then she heard a knock on the door, getting up she walked over to the door opening it, she looked down to see Grace, her hair blond and in pigtails on the sides of her head, Grace looked at her with her big blue eyes, Graceona knew that Gracie Lynn would never let her down, she only regretted that Grace didn't have a father figure, but Graceona was very picky about choosing the right father for the six year old standing looking up at her with innocent eyes, Graceona wanted to give the child everything that she never had, a loving family, dolls with beautiful long hair in long flowing pink dresses, Gracie Lynn's room was the only room in the castle that she would allow to turn from black and red to pink and purple. Gracie Lynn hugged Graceona's leg she said, " I couldn't sleep mommy."

Graceona looked at her the child had been calling her mom since she learnt to talk, but Graceona tensed up every time that one word came from the child's lips, if only Gracie Lynn knew that it was the woman that she found so much comfort in was the one that took her created parents away from her. But they were poor they couldn't take care of the infant and they wouldn't hand over the baby to her even though she promised them that they could come and visit her whenever they wished. Graceona snapped out of her reverie picking the child up carrying her to the room next door to hers, it was frilly with lacy white curtains, a purple carpet with a large round circular rug in the middle of the room, Graceona sat Gracie Lynn on the unmade bed Gracie Lynn lay on the bed between a large purple bunny and a lay her head on the stomach of a large brown puppy stuffed animal, Gracie Lynn patted the bed wanting Graceona to lay down, never being able to deny Gracie Lynn anything she laid down beside the young girl who throw her large brown dog behind her laying her head on her stomach yawning closing her eyes. Graceona stroked the back of Gracie Lynn's head grabbing the cover covering her up. Graceona watched as Gracie Lynn sucked her thumb.

Graceona heard as Gracie Lynn's breathing was peaceful due to dreaming, Graceona could never bring herself to hurt the child laying with her, it always shocked her when she realized that someone with so much hate could make someone as innocent as Gracie Lynn, many times she had considered paying someone to take Gracie to Earth and raising her to get her away from someone who would eventually never be able to stop killing and someone with a mental illness she was no doctor, but no matter how much she has tried she could never forgive her father for doing all the stuff that he done to her. She could be married living happily on Earth or where ever her family wanted to live instead she was over 400 years old and living alone in a large castle surrounded by servants in a world that would scare a small child, that is why she forbid Gracie Lynn to go outside, because this maybe her favorite world but it also sickened her to think that a mere child thought of it.

Graceona sighed, easily sliding out from under the sound sleeper beneath her walking out of the room, going back to her room.

Chapter 3...

Shadow a 3,000 year old ancient vampire walked the dark streets of London. He heard the laughter of a couple a few blocks away. He had not laughed since he was a young man living in the poor parts of England, working on farmlands to make money for his family to live on. Before his turning into a vampire he was full of laughter and dreams, after he met a beautiful woman on his birthday she had everything, beauty, grace, and money. She offered him everything that he could possibly want, but she would never give him the needs that he wanted, he wanted a family of his own to care for, children with Lulu's looks. Lulu would often leave him standing in the room without giving an answer. Shadow who was known as Adam at the time, always thought that if a beautiful woman like Lulu didn't want him then he would often wonder why the other single women would follow him around. He remembered the night that he was turned into a vampire as if it had happened last night.

Shadow a young man that was barely in his twenties walked the dark streets of England looking for Lulu who had left in a hurry during their conversation, as he walked the cold winter streets he began to wonder if he would ever find her. Then he felt as he was forced against the wall, he looked seeing a creature with burning red eyes, pale skin, the grip around his neck was ice cold, Shadow struggled to get free from his capture only to hear a laugh ring out and felt the grip get tighter around his neck then he felt a pinch on the side of his neck, he struggled until he felt death coming to him, moments later he heard a scream of agony, managing to open his eyes partly he saw Lulu who was knelt down next to him her beautiful purple eyes filled with sadness as they looked at him, he felt as she gently stroked the top of his head, it was harder to hold his eyes open as the time passed as he closed his eyes he felt something hot against his lip and then he heard Lulu say," Drink Adam."

He managed to open his eyes seeing Lulu's wrist was gushing blood, his mind was fuzzy from the blood loss he looked at her she said again," It's alright, when you drink my blood your pain will go away."

Before he knew it he had Lulu's wrist tightly in his hand drinking the blood until she pulled her wrist away.

As Shadow walked his mind replayed the flashback like a broken record player in his head, if he knew that making his pain go away would mean that he would forever roam the darkness sleeping during the day, never to see the sun rise and hear the chirping of the birds outside his window. He never knew that he could never live in a house with window's, or he could never be able to eat normal food without growing ill. He walked into an alleyway going until he got to a dead end he leant against a wall sliding down it to a sitting position folding his arms on the top of his knees laying his head on them. When Lulu turned him to the undead she never mentioned that he would be alone, or the fact that he could never father a child, he would rather have died that night than live a life forever doomed to live in the darkness.

Shadow had not fed for two days he could feel the hunger clawing at him, standing up he walked from the alleyway searching for the night's victim.

Chapter 4 ...

Shadow stood in the shadows of a popular gothic club called Slime light, the club had just opened it's door to the public. He saw a lone Goth teenage girl walking towards the club, Shadow stepped out of the shadows and said his voice seductive," Lovely night isn't it miss?"

The girl looked at him she noticed that he had black hair that was in a ponytail and it hung over his shoulder, he wore a crimson red dress jacket, and crimson red pants with black dress shoes. The girl said, " It is a pretty night, what brings a duke such as yourself to Slime light?"

Shadow looked at the large structure and replied," I have often heard that this is a great club for the dark of nature."

The girl replied," It is, it only opens at night it gives it an eerie appearance on the outside but it is beautiful on the inside."

Shadow nodded and asked, " I was planning on getting a bite to eat before I went in and I would enjoy it if you tagged along."

The girl was hesitant at first then she finally agreed.

The two of them walked the dark alley, Shadow felt his hunger clawing at him fiercely at this moment, the young woman's blood was tempting him as the wind blew he stopped turning to look at his latest victim, it was then he saw the fear in her eyes, she started to run away only to have him grab her arm he said, " Come now miss, I am hungry there is no need to run, I will just catch up with you."

Shadow pinned her to the wall he could hear her heart pound with fear, no matter how hard she thrashed to get loose from his grip it didn't seem to affect him, she heard him say, " I will make this as painless as possible if you would just hold still."

She screamed Shadow backhanded her with force that drew her to the damp ground he then pounced on her silencing her screams. Once his meal was finished he licked his lips and teeth her blood was his favorite type AB, he had planned to spare her life by taking only a few drops but once he drank from a person with blood type AB he found it hard to resist it sometimes. He looked at his latest victim, he felt sorry for the young woman she was just twenty-three years old, he did not find joy in seducing young woman who were just starting life. He would often cry tears of blood for his actions, he often thought many times of staying out even when the sun came up just to end his existence. He looked at his latest victim in disgust, if he could turn time around and go back 3000 years he would and he would have never left Lulu's castle located on the hill away from the other houses in the streets. Life was precious to him all those years ago but now he could never go into the light without dying or getting injured badly by the suns horrible rays of light.

Shadow looked in the distance to see that the sun was making it's way into the black lifeless sky. He ran out of the alleyway heading towards his abandoned cabin in the woods.

Chapter 5...

Gracie Lynn opened her eyes, she quickly sat up in a hurry to get to her feet. Today was her seventh birthday and her mommy promised her that they would spend the whole day together doing whatever she wanted to do, she had a list written of the fun things that she wanted to do today. She wanted to go to the pet store and buy a kitten that she saw yesterday, she wanted to go to the zoo and look at the monkey and feed the deer, and ride the pony's. She also wanted to go look at the toy store at the new princess doll that they had, it was beautiful she had blond hair that hung freely to the middle of her back, her eye-shadow was glittery even her lipstick it was a pale pink but it had shine to it, her evening gown was long and white, the dress had beautiful designs done in golden ribbons, on her feet were white classic high heels. Thinking of the great day she would have she quickly got to her feet and ran out of the open door to Graceona's room she tried opening the door but it wouldn't budge. Gracie Lynn slouched her shoulders putting on a pouting face. She heard Edgar's dry voice from behind her he said, " Be patient miss Lynn, your mother probably didn't get any sleep last night, she will be up in time."

Gracie turned to look at him smiling a big smile when she saw the big box with the pretty pink bunny wrapping paper, Edgar laughed and said," You know this is yours don't you miss Lynn."

Gracie shook her head yes happily, Edgar said," Let's go in the sitting room and open it, you know how your mother has sensitive ears one sound she would wake up."

Gracie nodded running past him happily, he followed along behind her.

Graceona knew that Edgar was right she hadn't gotten any sleep last night, she wanted to go to bed after she tucked Gracie Lynn in last night, but her thoughts kept her awake all night. She thought of saving Gracie Lynn from becoming the thing that she is, she wanted Gracie Lynn to remain innocent for the rest of her life even as an adult, the only conclusion that she could come up with was to erase her memory of her and this realm and send her to live on Earth with Edgar, his sweet and caring wife, Mary, and their two daughters Amy and Stacy, they were fully grown young women they could help Edgar and Mary take care of Gracie Lynn, not like she was hard to take care of. The thought of not seeing little Gracie Lynn was too much to bare, it made it seem like she could feel her heart being ripped from her. It hurt worse than being burnt alive and was more frightening to her than being buried six feet under in the cold, wet ground. Graceona felt as another tear fell from her eyes, she had cried all night, seeing her parents' deaths play over and over in her head still didn't ease the pain. She never once regretted being the villain that someone would find in their novel's or being the psychopath that would be in one's film, but now that she had to get rid of Gracie Lynn her light in this sick world she created she wished that she was normal, a human, a vampire, whatever she had to be so that she wouldn't endanger Gracie Lynn.

Moments later she heard a knock on the door and knew who it was, it was Edgar, using her telekinesis she unlocked the door he soon came in closing the door behind him he said," Miss Gracie insisted that I come and check on you, I think it was to mostly wake you so you two could spend the day together."

Graceona heard him laugh and said not turning around," I'll be down soon, tell her to be ready and we will go as soon as I get downstairs."

Edgar was about to leave the room but Graceona said again," I want you to take her to Earth and take care of her, I'm not the parent that she needs."

Edgar replied," Are you sure that is what you want ma'am?"

Graceona said sadness filling her voice," It's not what I want but it is what is best for her."

Edgar and his wife have always wanted Gracie Lynn after Stacy grew up, the house got lonely without kids running around, he looked at his master having to deny the wish that she spoke of him, he said," I can't do that your majesty."

Graceona sat up looking at him she said," Why not, I can tell that you have always wanted to take Gracie home and raise her as one of your own, now that I am handing her down to you, you don't want to take her."

Edgar looked at her and replied," Because your majesty, I know how close you and miss Grace are I can tell that this is a hard decision for you, what if you want her back, Mary doesn't give away children she loves so easily and I don't want to see her die like you killed miss Gracie's parents. I love my wife your highness."

Graceona still looked at him and said," I can't keep Gracie, if I was to kill her I don't know what I would do."

Edgar replied," You won't hurt miss Gracie, I believe in you, you have more self control than you give yourself credit for ma 'am, I have seen the looks you give Samuel you want to kill him but you let him live, I don't know why but my guess is that you want to keep miss Gracie from seeing what your are capable of."

Graceona walked over to the balcony door and said," I can't keep my cool all the time with Samuel."

Edgar replied, " I know that it is hard to put up with Samuel ma'am, but you protect those that you love and care for, I think that you are a great parent to miss Gracie and I think that she thinks so also."

Before Graceona spoke another word she heard footsteps running towards her room she said," We'll finish this later, I have to go get ready."

Graceona walked to the bathroom across the room closing the door. Edgar walked out of the room locking the door behind him. He saw Gracie Lynn run to her room with her doll that Edgar and his family made her for her birthday, he walked over to the door and saw that she was hugged up to the doll looking at a picture book waiting for Graceona's appearance to say that she was ready to do whatever the child wanted to do. Edgar sighed walking back downstairs hoping that Lady Graceona didn't come up with the conclusion to get rid of Gracie Lynn, he felt that neither her or miss Grace would be happy in the long run, but he had faith in Lady Graceona to make the right choice.

Chapter 6...

Graceona and Gracie Lynn walked the realm hand in hand as they always did. Graceona had the realm in Gracie Lynn's mind looking like a warm summer day on Earth. Graceona didn't want to taint the child's mind with something so sinister as the realm's evil appearance.

Graceona saw as two people approached her, one was a woman and the other was a man. The woman had dark brown hair that almost looked black, her eyes were a lavender color purple, her skin was pale, her lips were the color of a fully blossomed red rose, on her slender neck was a black leather studded choker, her attire was a black and deep purple tube top that had buckles in the middle of it holding it together on her, she wore a dark purple leather jacket that went below her breast; her pants were black leather she wore a belt with a silver chain on the right side of it. On her feet where black boots. She was Graceona's best friend and advisor Ellen Blackheart.

The man in front of her was in a wheelchair due to being paralyzed from the waist down, his name was Raven Blackheart, Ellen's twenty-five year old brother.

Raven had hair to his lower back, it was a blackish gray, though the gray showed a tad more than the black, he had lavender purple eyes like his younger sister, he always wore a black sweatband on his forehead, his attire was a really tight long sleeved shirt, the shirt showed his muscular chest and arms. Raven worked out a lot before he became paralyzed, he wore blue jean pants that had two belts around his waist that were black, on his feet were gray and white tennis shoes. Like Ellen's skin Raven's was pale also.

Graceona and Gracie Lynn stopped in front of the two siblings Ellen said," Hey girls, where you two headed?"

Graceona looked at Raven as usual he was smiling, she admired him he was a brave person and a kind person at that, he was paralyzed, but he didn't let that stop him from trying to do things for himself. He had always told Graceona that she was a great person and should show it more. Raven like Gracie Lynn had not seen her kill anyone, and Graceona always hopes that they never do.

Graceona was brought from her reverie by someone getting her hand she looked seeing that it was Raven he kissed the top of her hand and said," How are you my lovely Graceona?"

Graceona looked at him and said," I am doing very well, how have you been Raven?"

Raven replied, " I've been doing alright, I can't say that I have been doing well."

Graceona looked at him and said," You know you don't have to avoid me anymore, you do understand that I will love you no matter if you were paralyzed don't you?"

Raven looked at her shocked that she knew that he was avoiding her, but he was not too shocked for he knew that Graceona wasn't only a great person but she was a genius once it came to reading people rather she was looking at them or talking to them on the phone, he replied, " I'm sorry my love, please forgive me."

Graceona looked at him as he looked at the ground she said, " I have already forgiven you months ago, I know that you feel ashamed of what has happened to you, but I don't see why you would, you know that we have been close since you were old enough to date."

Raven looked at her, then smiled his usual boyish smile that she loved to see on his face, he had a beautiful smile an his pearl white teeth made it even more exotic.

Ellen watched Graceona and Raven every time that they got together, she knew Graceona's temper and she knew that Graceona was a violent person, but she never said anything to Raven, the reason she never told Raven was because she trusted Graceona, Graceona was quick tempered, that was true even Raven knew that; but Graceona was also in control of her actions, she had a high tolerance for the people that she held dear. That was not many people, Ellen could admit that to her knowledge Graceona only liked four people, if she liked more than that Ellen had no knowledge of it.

Ellen was brought from her thoughts when she heard a group of laughter she looked seeing Raven and Gracie Lynn laughing, Raven loved Gracie Lynn like she was his own and he had even told it to her and Graceona, Graceona noticed it and had told Ellen many times that if Raven didn't soon ask her for her hand in marriage she was going to ask him first, Ellen would laugh at her and tell her that it would take time and that Raven would ask when she least expected it.

Graceona looked at her friend and advisor she looked to be thinking of something good because she was smiling, she could easily read Ellen's thoughts but once it came to Ellen, Raven, Edgar and Gracie Lynn she let them have their privacy until she seen that she needed to enter their thoughts and that wasn't very often. The last time that she entered someone's thoughts was when Raven became paralyzed he avoided her for three months, he never returned her phone calls, he never came to see her; when he did all that she read his mind she could tell that he was ashamed of being ill like he was, so she was patient until he came to her a couple days ago. Gracie Lynn said," Uncle Raven you wanna come with me and mommy, I have a big'o list of what I wanna do today?"

Raven looked at her as she extended her arms wide to show how long her list was, he looked at Graceona who said," I really don't mind that at all."

Raven smiled and replied," I guess it's a date then."

Gracie Lynn stuck her tongue out saying," Yucky, not a date, it's gonna to be a family time out."

Raven and Graceona looked away, for the first time in months Graceona felt herself blush she said," The child has a way with words doesn't she?"

Raven laughed for he knew Graceona was blushing and he loved how she always tried to hide it, in order to keep the macho attitude of hers in tact but it was still funny to watch her try.

Chapter 7 ...

Graceona walked behind Raven pushing his wheelchair while Gracie Lynn marched happily ahead of the two of them. Graceona knew the first place that Gracie Lynn wanted to head was the toy store, she was going on all day yesterday about a princess doll that she seen in the window. Graceona heard as Gracie Lynn sung the happy birthday song over and over again. Once they got to the toy store Gracie Lynn was going to go inside only to be stopped by Graceona who said," You will need this to get it Grace."

Gracie Lynn turned to face Graceona who handed her a credit card, Gracie Lynn looked at the card amazed, Graceona put the credit card into Gracie Lynn's hands and said," Try not to lose it."

Gracie Lynn ran into the store. Graceona got in front of Raven kneeling down to him, Raven looked at her and asked, " What are you doing, Grace?"

Graceona looked at him, her icy blue eyes looked into his violet purple eyes she said," I'm going to give you something that will protect you from vampires, I want you to hold onto it, because I made it myself and you need it more than I do."

Graceona reach into her pocket getting out a jet black gem, Raven looked at her, curiosity registered heavily on his face, Graceona looked at him once more saying," Watch the gem."

He looked at her replying," It's just a gem Grace, how can a gem stop a vampire?"

She smiled saying," Things aren't as they appear, my dear Raven, keep watching."

Raven watched as the gem dissolved into black and red mist, soon Raven saw what Graceona wanted him to see. Instead of the small black gem that once lay in her hand, now a large handle that glowed, as if some sort of magical light was burning wildly inside it, he looked up and saw that it had a scythe's edge, the blade looked as if it could tear a mortal into leaving no blood to escape the body. He said," I don't know Grace, it looks evil."

Graceona looked at him getting his hand putting it on the handle, she replied, " Anyone or anything can be changed Raven, I'm not going to lie to you, this scythe has taken down powerful rulers, rulers that was once destined to destroy mankind. This scythe has my powers in it, I want you to make me a better person Raven, I have been this way for to long, to be honest I grow sick of the same lifestyle everyday.

Raven looked at her wondering what she was talking about, he had hung around Graceona for years, he had never seen anything wrong with the woman in front of him, sure he heard that she created this realm and everything in it, but what was so bad about that. She had a good heart, she was the one that found him in the crashed car when he wrecked, well that was the tale the doctors told him, he remembered the wave of pain he felt in the hospital bed, in a blink of an eye the pain melted away and while he was drifting to sleep he heard her voice assure him that everything was fine. Raven finally snapped from his reverie and saw that the scythe was gone, in it's place was the small black gem. He asked the long red haired woman kneeling in front of him, " What is there to change about you Grace? What have you done that is so terrible."

She looked at him and replied," There is everything to change about me Raven, please do it and don't ask questions because I can't give you the answers that you want to hear."

Graceona stood up as Gracie Lynn came out running the doll in one hand, Graceona's credit card in the other, Gracie Lynn showed the two her new doll handing Graceona her credit card, she said, " Mommy your card is shiny, can I have one?"

Graceona looked at her and replied, " I'll get you one, where you want to go to now?"

Gracie Lynn looked at the doll and said," Um."

She got the list from her dress pocket unfolding it she said," I want to go shopping, then I want to go home and play with my new doll and doll house, will you buy me a doll house mommy?"

Graceona smiled replying," I'll find you the best doll house money could buy, and you will get it."

Gracie Lynn climbed into Raven's lap showing him the doll that her mom bought her, she said, " I'm gonna name her after mommy, can I mommy?"

Graceona looked at her and replied," Wouldn't you want to name her something more pretty, I mean Annabella, or Candice?"

Gracie Lynn still looked at Graceona and replied," Nope, I want to name her after you, your name is prettier than those two names."

Graceona sighed in defeat she said," I would be more than glad to share my name with her."

Graceona walked to the back of the wheelchair, Gracie Lynn jumped down and ran happily ahead of the two lovers, who weren't too far behind her.

Shadow lay in the basement of the abandoned cabin, he fed the previous night so he decided to lay low in the cottage. The memories and thoughts of the woman he fed on played in his mind, she had a family, a life that only existed in his memories now. He couldn't walk in the sun without it killing him, he couldn't stay up during the day anymore. He sighed opening his eyes to the darkness of his coffin. It would be a cold and scary place to mortals but after sleeping in the thing for 3,000 years, the coldness of the coffin was no more cold than his pale dead flesh, and the darkness was sometimes soothing to him. The death like sleep that over took him everyday was nothing out of the ordinary, he had grown accustom to it. Shadow sighed closing his eyes remembering the life he had before it was taken away from him.

Chapter 8...

Gracie Lynn played happily with her doll house, it was almost bigger than she was. It was white with blue trimmings, it was a three story house with a plastic white porch that folded like the rest of the house for easy storage. Inside the house was pieces of furniture such as beds, tables, a refrigerator. Everything her dolls would need to have fun. The househad bright pink walls coloring the room.The house came with a garage attached to it. The garage had a door that could be pulled up and down , the man that sold them the doll house let her choose the car that she wanted. She did she picked a baby blue car that didn't have a top, her mommy told her it was a convertible. The car held two of her dolls in it, the dolls she choose was her princess doll that she named after her mommy, and her doll that Edgar and his family made for her. It was a rag doll that barely fit in the passengers seat of the toy car. Gracie had been playing with her new toys since she got home from her day with her mommy, she didn't' know how long that has been.

Graceona sat in the large sitting room just below the stairs that led to the bedrooms. Raven sat beside her on the couch. She looked at Raven and asked, " Would you like something to eat or drink?"

Raven shook his head no saying politely, " No, thank you."

Raven refusing drinks and food was nothing out of the ordinary, he and Ellen would come to visit but they wouldn't eat or drink anything. Sometimes she would have to force them. Graceona sat back on the couch. Raven looked at her, he didn't really like to eat at other people's homes. It didn't seem right to him, even if he was invited. Even when Grace made him and Ellen eat he still felt horrible.

The red haired woman that sat a cushion across from him said, " Gracie seems to be enjoying her presents, she hasn't been downstairs since we came here, that has been two hours ago."

Raven looked at her and replying with a smile," She's lucky to have a mother as caring as you, I would give anything if I could join my parents and make a change."

Graceona looked at him, his smile completely gone from his angelic face. She didn't really know what to say once it came to loving one's parents, her relationship with her parent's were never a close one, so she never got to learn much on parental love. The love that she shows Gracie Lynn, and the rest of the people that she cares about, she had to learn it herself with the help of her older brother Zion Cross. After she was banished from her home realm at age seventeen, she was introduced to the world around her more. Earth was a horrible place for anyone to live during the 1700's. One wrong move and death was the punishment that was on the receiving end. Death and pain was all she knew, killing all those people she created years ago made her numb. She looked at Raven who was now looking at the ground, she knew that he was upset. She didn't have to be looking at him in order to tell, seeing him sad made her heart hurt. She finally brought herself to say sadly," It must be hard to live in the house your parents lived in."

He replied his gaze still on the white marble floor, " It is, but were I can't work anymore. With Ellen having to take care of me, we're lucky to still be living under a roof. I'm a disappointment to everyone I know, sometimes I think I would be better off just to die and let you and Ellen have your lives back."

Graceona stood up, Raven looked at her. Before she could control herself she slapped Raven across the face. She said angrily, " Maybe I don't want my old life back, you don't know what I want."

Raven held where she smacked him and looked at Graceona, instead of the sadness that usually showed in her face. Anger was easily read on her face, Graceona was about to take her leave but Raven asked shocked," If you don't want me to die then what do you want then, Grace? You never tell anyone what you want, nor do you let anyone help you."

Graceona looked at him kneeling down in front of him and replied," I want to be with you for the rest of your life, I don't want to lose you Raven. Ellen probably feels the same way I do, your the only relative that she has left, like her I am going to do everything I can to keep you alive."

Raven smiled at her, she said," I could help you with your problems Raven, I would do anything for you and your sister. You two know that, right?"

Raven looked at her and said, " We know that you would do anything for us, but we have asked for your help enough already."

The woman kneeling in front of him replied sternly," Well Raven, you give me no choice. I am going to interfere with the matter."

Raven looked at her, he wasn't sure how to take Graceona's statement, it was so stern. The act that her words were stern bothered him at a minimum, but what really threw him off was her interfering with his and Ellen's lives. Raven had known Graceona for years, never once had she bothered to get involved with anyone's problems. There was something about the ruler of the realm that he couldn't figure out, everyone around him has grown old, or died. But Graceona she never changed, her looks were always the same. He was certain that the woman was older than him, but she never showed signs of aging. No wrinkles, her voice had always remained the same. Seductive and sad. Her voice was the one that he wanted to hear in the morning. He wanted to wake up in the mornings in her bed after a romantic night that the two of them shared together. He wanted to be the father of Graceona's children. She never showed signs of slowing down like everyone in the realm. Come to think of it, he had never known her to get sick, if she did get sick she did an excellent job of hiding it. Something that Graceona said to him earlier, scratched it's way into his mind, " This scythe has my powers in it." He couldn't begin to imagine what she meant by those words, but he wanted to find out. He looked at Graceona who hadn't moved from her knelt position since he zoned out. He asked, " Are you a vampire?"

Graceona looked at him taken aback by his question, she really didn't know how to answer his question, should she lie and tell him that she was no more human than he was. She thought, even if I tell him that, he will wonder how I created this place and the scythe. But if I tell him the truth how do I know he won't leave and never talk or look in my direction again. Or how do I know that he won't try to kill me, I haven't lived for 400 years just to die to my own weapon. That would be exactly what would happen, I would be cut down by the same weapon that I used to take my parents down in 1626 on my seventeenth birthday. Even if Raven did turn against me I couldn't bring myself to kill him. Graceona had to give him an answer soon or he would grow suspicious, as to why she had to think of an answer to give him. She finally came back to her surrounding she asked, " What do you think that I am Raven?"

Raven looked at her saying, " I don't know, I was just wondering. I have known you since I was a teenager, you looked the same as you did back then. Your looks haven't changed, nor has your voice. Neither one of them show any signs of aging, if you don't want to tell me what you are can I at least know how old you are?"

Graceona sighed saying, " I can't give you the answers that you want, I'm sorry."

Raven asked smiling at her," I'll tell you something you don't know about me, if you tell me at least something I want to know."

Graceona had a look of amusement on her face she replied, " Really, you tell me first and then I'll tell you something."

Raven was about to speak but he thought, I should let her go first for two reasons, one she is a lady. number two she could easily trick me if I go first. He said," Nice try Grace, you go first."

Graceona looked at Raven, she said, " Fine, but first I want to say goodbye to you."

Raven continued to look at her then he asked confused, " What do you mean goodbye?"

The red haired woman looked at him and replied, " I have a feeling that once I tell you what you want to know that you will leave me, but you want to know what I am and I can't deny you anything that you wish."

Raven looked at her he said assuring, " I won't leave you Grace, I promise."

She looked at him and said," I was born in 1609, my parents were Lord Gabriel and Lady Elizabeth. They were rulers of the demon realm. I had three brothers Saine Cross, he was the eldest. I can't tell you anything about him because he was killed before I was born. I had another older brother Zion Cross, he was the sensible one of family. He was more compassionate towards people than I am. Then there was Jaden Cross my youngest brother, he was like I am stubborn wise, he shared Zion's wisdom. But Jaden was a quiet turned person."

Graceona stopped looking at the ground, she heard Raven say," Is that why you thought that I would leave you? I always thought that I was a special person, now I know I am when a demon princess wants to be around me."

Graceona looked up at him and replied," You are a special person Raven, I think highly of your words and opinion. Whatever you say I take it to heart, if you asked me to kill someone you hated. I wouldn't question why, If I saw that killing someone was the only way to save you. I would lay my life on the line even if it meant my death, I feel the same with Ellen, Gracie and Edgar, along with his family."

He looked at Graceona and asked, " Have you killed before?"

Graceona nodded her head replying," Yes, but they brought it on themselves."

Raven looked at her and asked," Who did you kill?"

He watched as Graceona's eyes locked into his she replied confidently," My parents."

Graceona heard the large wooden doors to the palace open, she looked seeing Ellen. Ellen said," Come on Raven, let's go home. I made dinner."

Raven looked at Ellen and replied, " Fine," he then looked at Graceona asking, " Will I see you tomorrow Grace?"

Graceona nodded, Raven and Ellen left the palace. Graceona stood from her kneeling position. She walked into the kitchen where she saw the cooks doing their jobs of keeping food on the table. She saw Edgar sitting at the table his head was laying on his arms, Graceona walked over to him and asked," You feeling alright Edgar, you need to see the doctor?"

Edgar lifted his head and looked at her, he replied fear showed in his voice," I'm sorry Lady Graceona, I was just sitting to rest-"

Graceona interrupted him by saying," You should rest, go home and you can have a week off, your too old to be working the way you do."

Edgar looked at her and replied, " Only for a couple of days then I'll be back."

Edgar left the room. Graceona sat in the seat that Edgar was sitting in, she was thinking of how the day tomorrow would pan out.

Chapter 9 ...

Graceona sat in her leather lounge chair thinking of her life as a child. The people on Earth were horrible, many of them were dieing of diseases by the day. She had heard stories from her father that Earth was full of humans that would be willing to take the life of another man. Never in all her years had she had thought that her father would be right. Thinking back on it now, her father never showed any remorse, when the advisor told him that another human was dead. Graceona couldn't help but to think of the times that she had been on Earth, it was for just a short time. It didn't matter, that time on Earth told her that she would never go back unless she was being drug against her will... and that she didn't see happening in any human's life time. Her thoughts turned to her brothers Zion Cross, he and her were real close, if not for his interference she would be dead to this day. Graceona was tough, that she wouldn't doubt, but she was certain that she could not take down a whole race of demons by herself. Zion was the one that banished her to live on her own, she couldn't help but to thank him in her mind for what he done for her. Zion always showed her kindness even as a child, he was two hundred years older than she was, but never once did he treat her as anything but his equal. Graceona sighed, this palace had everything to bring her entertainment and joy but she never thought so, the east side of the castle held the servants and their rooms. The west held the training room, the library, and a sewing room. She had made a lot of Gracie Lynn's clothes in that room, she had offered to buy the girl nicer clothes but she always said she liked when her mommy made them. Graceona had learnt to sew a long time ago, it was after this realm was built. The stores have paid her for the clothes that she designed, they priced them to where only rich people could purchase them. Ellen and Raven kept on her to make them an outfit or two, Graceona finally agreed to make them each one outfit a piece. That didn't stop her from making more for them though. The basement of the palace was off limits too Edgar, Gracie Lynn, Raven, and Ellen. The basement section of the castle was were she held her personal favorite room...The torture chambers and the prisoners that disobeyed her laws. There hasn't been any in that section for many years, but she still keeps it active for when someone does do something stupid to her or anyone she loved. Slight thuds were heard approaching her, she looked at the large wooded doors, they reach just below the ceiling. Soon they came open, Raven came into view with Ellen pushing the wheelchair behind him. Graceona stood up walking over to them she nodded welcome, she looked at Ellen and said, " Is something wrong, you two just left an hour ago?"

The siblings looked at her and Ellen replied sadly," Our house burnt down, could we stay here for a couple of days? I promise once tomorrow comes around we will start looking for a place to live."

Graceona looked at her two closest friends without a second thought she said, " Stay here as long as you need."

Raven looked at Graceona and replied, " We don't want to be a burden on you Grace."

The red haired demon in front of him crossed her arms and said her voice calm, " It won't be a burden to me, I enjoy your company. Now that Gracie has her new toys to play with, I seriously doubt I'll see her for a couple of days."

Ellen smiled and said, " Thanks girl, I knew we could rely on you."

Graceona continued to look at the siblings, Ellen was happy to accept her help Raven on the other hand he seemed bothered by it. She said, " There is plenty of room here for you two. I insist that you stay as long as you wish."

Ellen stretched and asked, " Can we go lay down, I don't know about you all but I'm tired."

Graceona nodded, she got behind Raven and started pushing his wheelchair. Ellen wasn't but mere inches behind her. The trio walked to the passage way beside the flight of stairs, as they walked she heard awe's of amazement come from her friends. They had never seen this section of the palace, they never seen anywhere past the large sitting room. Large pictures lined the white marble walls, the pictures were of different sceneries from around the world, mostly locations on Earth. There were pictures of Great Britain, Big Ben was shown in a lot of the pictures of that area. Another place that was in the pictures was Japan, those were mostly pictures of the Japanese soldiers ready for battle. A picture of a town shrouded by fog and old abandoned building that showed years of decay. That picture was her favorite picture, though she couldn't remember where it was from. Once Graceona got to the end of the hall there was three doors two on the side and one at the back. Graceona said, " These three rooms are almost the nicest rooms in the palace, the one on the back has a large glass dome that makes up most of the ceiling, it has it's own washroom. It is also very large in size," She pointed to the door on the right, " That room is also large in size, it has a king size bed, a marble floor, and a large window that over looks the realm," She finally pointed to the door on the left," This room has a study appearance, but it is still a bedroom none the less. It has a role of books that line the east wall, the bed is also a king size. It has it's own washroom also."

Graceona watched as the siblings looked at her, Ellen was the first to move she opened the door on the back stood shocked at the rooms appearance. The bed was just as Graceona said it was, it was larger than any bed she had ever had. The floor was carpeted a crimson red color, two lamps stood on fine oak nightstands by the bed. The glass dome over head was clear showing the red sky over head. Ellen said, " I want this room, goodnight guys."

Ellen closed the door behind her. Graceona got in front of Raven kneeling down to him she said, " I hope that you will enjoy your stay here, I really do enjoy having you visit me."

Raven watched as Graceona put her hand on his lap, he put his hand on hers and said, " I'm sorry Grace, I had something for you at the house but it was destroyed by the fire."

The demon princess looked at him and asked, " What was it Raven?"

He looked at her and replied, " I was going to purpose to you tomorrow when I came over, now I'll have to wait to get another ring."

Graceona smiled saying, " A proposal is a proposal Raven, where Icame from we didn't purpose with a ring, we did it a little differently than people on Earth do it."

Raven looked at her asking curiously," How did you guys purpose to someone you loved?"

She replied," I'll tell you tomorrow but for now you need to go to sleep, you've had a rough night, by time you wake tomorrow there will be fresh clothes and everything you and your sister need to live here."

Raven smiled and watched as Graceona stood up, she opened the door on the right saying," I know that you love to read, that is why I chose these rooms for you two to stay in. Goodnight dear Raven."

Raven heard as Graceona's high-heeled shoes clanked as she left. He rolled his wheels of his wheelchair into the room, it was more beautiful than he thought. The white marble floor had fancy red rugs. The bed was huge, way bigger than his full size bed in his old home. Grace sure knew how to make her visitors feel welcome. He rolled the wheels of his wheelchair until he got to the bed, he unmade his bed making his way onto it laying down, bringing the covers to his chin closing his eyes. He loved the bed already, it was soft and the white pillow under his head was feathery soft, the fur on the pillow made it more comfortable. Before he knew it he was asleep.

Graceona stood in front of the mirror in her room, her attire changed. Instead of the red and black outfit she had on she wore a short night gown that was purple, her house shoes were white furry high-heeled shoes. Her house coat a silk black her long red hair was put back into a ponytail. She walked to her balcony she saw smoke cloud the area were Ellen and Raven use to live, it didn't shock her that the house had burnt down. The house was nearly as old as the palace, the family couldn't afford descent wiring. Many times she had asked the two to come live with her and out of that hazardous place, but they refused saying they could fix it up. She walked back shutting the balcony doors walking from her room, she peeked in on Gracie Lynn to find that she was sleeping like a log, hugged up to the doll she bought her today. Graceona didn't close the door knowing that Gracie Lynn couldn't sleep with her door closed, she wondered downstairs and to the kitchen, she saw her servant, Mary Rose. She did most of the shopping in the palace, so she knew that Mary could find some suitable clothes for Ellen and Raven. Mary Rose had long brown hair, green eyes that were covered with her glasses. She wore a white turtle neck sweater with blue jean pants, she wore a black leather belt with a silver buckle. Graceona walked over to her and said, " Could you do a little shopping for me Rose?"

Mary Rose said, " Sure, red and black right?"

Graceona smiled, Mary Rose had already been working for her a month now. Graceona knew when she first saw the young woman that she had potential, she liked the girl, she thought of others and she was a hard worker. Graceona replied," No, I need some deep purple's and black's, for Ellen, and blue's and black's for Raven. He likes tennis shoes, and Ellen likes boots, flat boots. I've never seen her in high heels. Go crazy with it, buy something for yourself as well."

Graceona reach into her house coat pocket getting her credit card, continuing, " I want you to spend every penny that is on this card, mostly on stuff for Raven and Ellen. If there is something that you like get it."

Mary Rose said, " You don't have to spend any money on me."

The demon princess looked at her smiling then walked out of the room. Once out of the kitchen Graceona wondered the halls pass the stairs. She got to the bedroom doors she saw that Raven's door was open, stepping inside she looked at Raven who was sleeping on the bed soundly. She walked over to him looking at him, she moved the hair from his face kissing his lips whispering," Goodnight, my angel."

She made her way out of the room closing the door silently behind her. She cracked open Ellen's door peeking inside to reveal that she was covered entirely by the blankets sleeping. Graceona closed the door back leaving the hall going back upstairs to her room closing the door. Once she got to her bed she pulled her shoes off unmaking the bed laying down covering up. She looked at the ceiling closing her eyes, she soon was asleep.

Chapter 10...

Raven sat on his bed at Graceona's palace, the previous night was a blur. Almost dream like, it wasn't until he fully opened his eyes, seeing that he was in a different location. He wondered if Graceona was awake, the one thing that did fully register in his mind was being depressed about the ring he bought her was destroyed in the fire. The ring wasn't much, it wasn't fancy but he knew Grace. She didn't care if it was fancy or not once it came to presents her friends gave her. He sat back on the headboard looking at the deep purple comforter that lay spread over him, the room itself looked like somewhere from a movie. To be where he was he had slept so soundly, after Grace told him what she was he felt uneasy about it at first, but then he thought about it on his way home with Ellen. If Grace wanted him dead, he was confident that she would see to it. He had read many books about vampire, demons, werewolves. Anything supernatural that he could the supernatural world was a violent world, but it intrigued him. The action, their powers, what got him the most was the way they fell in love. The books showed that when a vampire or werewolf fell in love it was forever lasting. His knowledge on demons was idiotic, those creatures never satisfied him. They scared him a lot, they always seemed more violent and brutal than any other creature. Before today he thought that Graceona was a vampire, he would have never thought. Not even in his wildest dreams that she was something that mostly tried to kill him in his nightmares. Raven sighed, he probably smelt of smoke and old cologne. He needed a bath, a bath sounded good to him at the moment. He sighed sadly when he realized that he had no clean clothes or anything, the only thing he had to claim was the clothes on his back. The gem that Grace give him rested in his pocket, he grew concerned about Grace's safety. What would she use if a vampire suddenly decided to attack her? Grace has been alive for a long time. Would she be strong enough to take on a vampire without a weapon? He heard knocks on the wooden door that was closing his room from the other rooms in the house. He looked at the door saying, " Come in."

Moments later Graceona opened the door, she stepped inside the room and said with a smile, " I brought you some new clothes. Black and blue, just the way you like them."

Raven watched as she lay the stack of clothes on the foot of the bed, he noticed her attire was red and black as usual. She wore a leather, silver studded choker, a crimson red cloth long sleeve belly shirt. Underneath that was a jet black shirt, she wore a black jean skirt that fit snug around her waist and thighs. She wore brown hoes and black high heeled shoes that tied in the center in the front. He looked at her hair it didn't hang down like it usually did, it was put in a tight ponytail, her bangs covered her right eye. On her lips a crimson red color lipstick, she wore black eye liner around her icy blue eyes. Raven couldn't take his eyes off of her, he had never seen her with her hair put back like that, she always had it straight. To him she looked human, no different than anyone else in the realm around them. He use to wonder while growing up how a woman controlled a realm like this, before his parent's told him that Grace created the realm he thought her father may have done it. Before yesterday he wondered if Grace had parent's and why she would stay here and not be with them, now he wondered what her parents could have done to her to make her kill them. Grace always seemed to be a calm and levelheaded person, she seemed to take a lot before retaliating violently. Raven snapped from his reverie and said finally," You look beautiful, Grace."

He saw as Graceona looked at him she smiled saying, " Thank you, Rose picked this outfit for me last night. She has excellent taste in clothing."

Raven nodded his head and replied," Yeah," He looked at the clothes that Grace lay at the foot of the bed, " Did she pick those out to?"

Grace looked at the clothes and said," I told her the colors to pick, I looked at them this morning. I think you will really enjoy them, Ellen isn't awake at the moment. I'm sure once she sees her clothes she will go crazy, everything is black and purple with the occasional red. The clothes are really nice, I knew I could trust Rose to get the clothes."

Raven looked from the clothes to the purple comforter, Grace noticed this she asked sadly," What's wrong?"

She walked over to the bedside sitting in the empty wheelchair, she leaned over to him and got his hand. He looked at her and replied," I wish that we could pay you back for everything you do for us."

Grace smiled once more and said reassuringly," You and your sister give me something that others rarely do."

He looked at Grace and ask in confusion," What do we give you Grace?"

Grace replied," True friendship, you two show me everyday that there are people who care about me."

Raven patted the bed and said," Will you lay down here with me awhile Grace?"

Grace smiled, she stood up from the wheelchair walking around the bed she sat on the bed untying her boots taking them off crawling onto the bed. Grace sat next to Raven her back propped up against the headboard, Raven got her hand looking at it. For the first time he noticed that she had claws, he asked," Can you use your claws like vampires can?"

Grace looked at him and then at her claws saying," I can rip open anyone or anything's throats with these claws, along with sending large amounts of poison into their bloodstream... an instant kill on any creature."

He asked, " Would you do that to anyone without a reason?"

Graceona looked at him and replied," I never kill without a reason."

Graceona thought of the night in 1626, it was the night of her birthday. She sat contemplating her attack, she would show her parent's what they raised. She was just going to beat them to an inch of their lives, to show them that she could be the better ruler of the realm. She never intended to go far enough to kill them, heck she didn't think at the time that she could beat them. She knew before the plan even started that someone would die that night, she was ready for death. She embraced it with arms wide open, at the time she thought that maybe in death she would be more loved. For years she yearned love from her parents, she wanted nothing more than to be someone that they were proud of, rather they approved of her or not. What she really wanted was to get a hug from her parents every once in awhile. She bit down on her lower lip forming fists, anger boiled up in her soul. Her parents got what they deserved, a life for a life. Graceona use to be allied with the human race, but once she needed them. Like everyone else in her life, they let her down. She was forced to live on the streets of Great Britain when she was banished, she survived everything that the human world threw at her. Plagues, blood thirsty vampires, murderers, the hidden demon slayers. Whatever the world threw at her, she came up on shaky legs once it came to the vampires and demon slayers. It wasn't long in her banishment sentence that she went from the innocent girl with the black pony tail, and frilly dresses. To the murderous monster that created this realm. She said goodbye to the childish, pushover Gothika Cryptika Cross. Welcoming the Graceona Allah Cross that her favorite of the aliases that she was forced to go by. All the aliases had their own personality, Luna Shayla Chang, a fighter from Japan that was suppose to have died, in an explosion. With her adopted family. She decided not to roam around the continent long afterwards, fear of exposing who she was. Her last alias she used was Carrie Elizabeth Smith, she was a college student that graduated the top of her class. The reason that Graceona Allah Cross was her first and current alias was due to the power she felt with the name. Many of the old Great Britain vampire ancients knew her as this name, she studied under them for years on how to use her powers. But now she wouldn't let a vampire walk near her without killing it slowly. " Grace, you feeling okay?"

Graceona snapped from her reverie and saw Raven was looking at her worryingly, she shook the thoughts from her mind saying," I'm fine I was just thinking, sorry that I wasn't much company to you."

Grace watched as Raven smiled he replied," You were, what has gotten you to thinking that hard, I thought I would have to perform CPR."

She returned the smile she said, " I was thinking about what it was like growing up."

He said," It must have been rough."

Grace nodded her head replying," I'll have to tell you about it sometime."

He said," Yeah you better, I'll hold you to it."

Graceona got off the bed grabbing her boots, she was about to walk out of the room. Raven asked," Does this bathroom have a tub, or just a shower."

Grace looked at him then at the bathroom saying," It has a garden tub, you'll love it. You need help getting into your wheelchair?"

He looked at her and replied," No thanks, I got it."

Grace looked at him smiling and said," I'll have the cooks have you something to eat by time you get out, the washroom has everything you'll need to use in it."

Graceona walked out of the room.

Shadow roamed the empty, lifeless streets of Britain. He was starting to grow tired of the cabin, soon he would have to search for a location. People were probably starting to wonder why he never aged, he and Lulu were happy together until she was killed by a woman with long crimson red hair. He swore since that day, he swore to himself that he would find the woman responsible and end her life. he didn't see the woman's face, he knew she stood at five foot eleven, her attire was dark red and jet black. She had a hypnotizing voice, she didn't look to be but his age. The woman's strength was remarkable, she took down Lulu with such force and brutality that he was sure that she wasn't any vampire slayer. The woman was inches from killing him, only to stop with a chuckle saying, " Your too pathetic to kill, if your anything like her," She pointed her finger to Lulu's dying body, " If your like her, it wouldn't be a fair fight to put you out of your misery."

He remembered as the woman walked away he tried to kill her with a sneak attack, only to be flung into a nearby cabin. The woman laughed as she left, she seemed to be enjoying herself. It disgusted him to the core, he thought of himself as a monster and hated himself for it, but the woman she seemed to be a monster and was proud of it. Shadow sighed and continued to hunt for his next meal.

Chapter 11...

Graceona stood on her balcony waiting and watching the realm with a icy glare. When she left Raven's room entering her own, she was greeted by a strong, un pleasuring odor. She knew the scent too well, it was a newborn vampire. Newborn vampire were always the nosy sort, always poking their noses where they had no business. The scent was close enough to make her mouth water, the smell that vampires left behind always disgusted her. But their blood always brought her satisfaction. She ran back into her room soon running through her bedroom doors, she checked Gracie Lynn's room first. She saw that the girl still played happily with her toys, relief ran over her. She swung from the top stair rail falling from the second floor to the first, she landed on her feet running towards Ellen and Raven's rooms. Her mind staying linked to theirs incase the vampire may try to attack one of them, Once she got to Ellen's door it was shut. She stopped putting her hand on the door knob to reveal it was locked, she was about to go to Raven's room then glass shattering came from behind the locked door. Graceona kicked the door down, she saw Ellen picking up glass from the floor. Grace asked, " Did a vampire come in here?"

" No, I just dropped a glass statue." Ellen replied, not really knowing how to take Grace kicking her door down.

Grace looked at her, then she heard Raven's thought's. They were full of fear, before Ellen could say anything about the door, Grace had already left and entered Raven's room.

Raven looked at the creature that had knocked him from his wheelchair, it slowly approached him. Examining him, Raven noticed the look in the creature's eyes. It stalked him, knowing to well that it wanted to end his life. With inhuman speed the creature dove for him only for someone to collide with it, he heard and felt as the wall beside him crumpled into a million pieces. He looked and saw a large hole beside him, where the wall fell.

Graceona looked at the creature as it stood up with lightning speed it yelled," Your going to pay for the meal you costed me!"

Grace shot the vampire an icy look. She hated when someone raised their voices at her, not only did it make her angrier than she would probably be in the first place. But it didn't feel to good on her ears either. Grace got a good look at the vampire and noticed it was a young man with short spiky brown hair and gray eyes, His attire was a long sleeved shirt and leather black pants. He looked to be a mere teenager, a former human. She didn't recognize him so she was certain that it wasn't one of her creations. She still looked coldly at the vampire before her, he screamed attacking her. Grace moved quickly from the vampires attacking distance and grabbed him from behind, her hand holding the vampire's head back, her claws touching his throat she said coldly," How do you like being the hunted, scum?"

The vampire elbowed her in the stomach, Grace felt as her temper surfaced. The vampire had to be young to not know what he was dealing with. Either he was young, or reckless and stupid. Grace pushed the vampire just a little sending him sailing across the street. With fast speed Grace kept up with the vampire. She pounced on him as the both of them landed in the road making a creator, the vampire struggled to get free from her grip she said," Whatever immortal life you thought of having as come to an end, your death was sealed when you entered this realm."

Grace heard as the vampire cursed at her, She used her free hand to crush the vampire's skull in. She stood up licking the blood from her hand, it felt like a hunger in her was finally being filled. She l0oked to the palace and saw the large hole in Raven's bathroom. Soon Ellen and Raven met her in the streets in front of the house. She got to them and said," You two alright?"

Ellen looked at her with a smile and said," We're fine, we thought that we would come and check on you. You hit Raven's bathroom wall so hard it caused a huge hole."

Graceona chuckled then said," I'm more than alright, that was the most fun I had in ages."

Raven asked shockingly," Are you sure your alright Grace, your hand is bleeding."

Grace looked at her hand replying," It's not mine."

Grace walked behind Raven's wheelchair continuing," Raven and I have a wedding to go to, want to come Ellen?"

Ellen looked at her shocked," Whose wedding?"

Grace looked at Ellen with a smile," Mine and Raven's, I need a brides maid and some new clothes. What do you say, you want to help me out again?"

Ellen smiled and said," You better believe I want to go dude."

The three of them walked into the palace.

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