Rejection Number Three

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You only get one mate and one chance at happiness. What if you get three? "I-I am not crying. You can't do that to me! You're my mate! Moon Goddess chose you for me!" He sniffed out, wiping his blurry eyes. I admit he was handsome, a good guy to hang out with and caring, but so was my pet dog Phill. So, rolling my eyes I shrugged. "Maybe she was drunk. Matchmaking can be quite exhausting." *** You only get one mate and one chance at happiness, right? Well, I, Luna Nortel, never wanted to have one and yet I was gifted with three. Hunt Kaur, the stubborn, jealous mate; Cole Bradley, the arrogant Hybrid mate; and Jason Woods, the good, crybaby mate. Now, what will I do about these mates? Why reject them all of course!

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Luna’s POV


I heard a growl before my best friend was being chewed up by my beta. Now, this would look hot for any other people around the world but I somehow managed to keep my breakfast stored in my stomach.

My body needs the food, not the floor, mind you.

“You are mine, mate!” I heard another groan, almost drowned out by a loud wail like a moan. Huffing out a breath, I cleared my throat loudly. Almost at the same time, both jumped from each other.

“Alpha Nortel!” Collin looked shocked to see me sitting on the stool in our pack kitchen. Huh...did mates really make people go blind? He called me Alpha because well, I was the alpha of my pack and he couldn’t really call me by my name without sounding a weird ‘Alpha Luna’. That’s also one of the many reasons I hated my name. But my mom really loves the name. In fact, she flaunts the name whenever she gets the chance.

I’m shouting for help because I’m locked in the bathroom constantly, thanks to my little sister?

Her reply would be, “Luna darling is stuck in the door, some gentleman, please go and save her.”

I’m not a gum that I would be stuck, for God sake! And, I don’t need a gentleman to save me either. I think it was a coup between then to help me find my mate. At 21, I should’ve found my mate a long ago but I was glad that I didn’t. As if my scream of fury would make my mate run to me like Tarzan.

And, I don’t need a mate anyway. They are nothing but a distraction. I’ve seen girls find mates at 16 and not a month later pups are popping everywhere. If you’ve to handle 10 or more pups, then you could forget about having any dream job or attending pack business. And, I’m not cruel enough to give my pups a life without their mother really with them.

Now back to the present, Ree went red watching Colin and I silently arguing through the mind link.

“I told you to give me the land file! Not give my best friend your germs!”

“But she is mine!”

“Did I give you the permission to yell at your alpha?”

“B-But she is mine.”

Oh God, please don’t tell me this is what he’s going to chant everytime I talk to him. He must have seen the pure panic in my eyes as he slowed down the ‘mine’ talk, and started to apologize.

“I’m so sorry, alpha. I was just coming here to give you the file when I smelled my mate and then I tried to claim-”

“Collin!” I stopped him from blurting out much. “I know how mates work so you don’t need to give me point by point knowledge. Ok?”

He nodded furiously shaking his curls everywhere. Geez, he’s already whipped. Looking back at Ree, I beckoned her to stand next to me. When she was standing at a reasonable distance from Colin I started.

“And Ree, before my beta pronced and kissed the living daylight of you, let me introduce you two. This is my trusted beta of Ravenclaw Pack, Collin Lane. He’s been with me since I took over the pack two years ago, he’s loyal, brave, 5′8 in height, weights almost as the next Thor, graduated from high school last year with flying marks, he’s friendly and hopefully will be a good mate.” Ree smiled at my beta but I was internally cringing at the words firing from my lips. I mean I sound like the auction hosts describing the person they wanted to sell out.

I wasn’t actually selling my beta, right?

Collin glanced at my violet eyes waiting for me to introduce his mate. Smirking I gestured at her. “And this is Ree soon to be Lane, from Bluetide Pack. She’s in her senior year, cool bitch, my favorite pen girl who for the first time visited me in person, only to be ravished by my beta. I think my job here is done. I’ll just go drown in Jack Daniel and do my business in solitude.”

Without waiting for their reply, I was running towards my office with the files. I didn’t need to anyway as I knew they are not interested in any talking other than mating right now.

Damn, mates again...

“Can I come?”

I was startled to hear the voice near my door. Looking up from the hundred files spreading on my desk, my eyes found dad standing at my office door. He shared the same violet eyes I did. In fact, the only thing I had similar to my mom was the pimples and the freckles right on the place where my mate was supposed to mark me.

“Yeah, dad. It used to be your office too. You don’t need my permission to enter. Feel free to walk in.”

He smiled at me warmly before I was engulfed in a hug. I knew he worried about me constantly. Where mom was optimistic, dad was realistic as hell. He believed that I was mateless at this point. I didn’t have any problem. It’s not like I want the flowers and card life. I want a wild adventurous life everyone would be jealous of.

“’s today go?”

I cringed again thinking about the moans I heard not less than half an hour ago from Collin’s room. Shaking the thoughts off from my head, I shrugged. “As usual. A new member might be joining soon though.”

Dad looked surprised. “Oh really? Is it a male?”

Oh, couldn’t be any more obvious...

“No.” His face fell. “Actually Collin found his mate today. It was my penfriend of one year, Ree. The girl I told you about coming today, remember? That’s the one.”

He mumbled some foreign words while scratching his neck. He’s nervous about something. Did he find any rouge or something?

“Dad, is everything ok?”

He shook his head sighing. “No, it’s not. I’m worried about your sister, Luna. I know she’s 16 and has a mate but she’s acting out recently. I just got a call that she ran off to Texas, Warren is trying hard to find her but she’s blocking the mate bond.”


This is...ridiculous! I know she loves pranking and annoying the hell out of people. But when it comes down to her mate, Mona Nortel is the poster child everyone is envied of. I mean I’ve seen her with Warren. Those two are inseparable. I kicked Warren off the land once because he lost a bet, not one hour later she was out too. And, now she’s running off to Texas?

What the fuck?

“Dad, if I leave for a few days Collin & Drew could handle the pack. You can help out too. So, I’m going to find and drag her beaten ass in Maine. Just you wait and watch.” I was already out of the door when dad started to protest. Ignoring him, I started to bring out the clothes to pack. In a short moment, I had two bags packed and ready to go. I could welcome Ree in the pack after the problem had been solved. Just you wait little sister...

I’m coming to Texas...

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