Again and Again

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After the capture of the heks queen ,Roseltonne found the recognition he had always wanted. But things didn't fit in right.. And a disastrous blood month confirmed his worst fears . The upirs are one of the most feared communities, feared and despised . Being in the army isn't an easy job for Roseltonne . His much sought after break and recognition came after the capture of the heks queen Carina.. But a single event in the most dreaded blood month is now threatening to overturn his perceptions of the reality he is familiar with.

Fantasy / Romance
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The blue winter's moon . Living in the shadows for the whole mensis, this day marked the auspicious beginning of the blood month for the upirs .
Roseltonne was reluctant. He had promised the chief that he won't be a part of the madness ,they concealed as merriment. He knew that the screams he heard from the castle the night before the blood month every anno couldn't be just a coincidence.
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