The Grand Cross: Forming the Shiro Pirates

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Chapter 10: A Ship for Shiro


After Ushio talked to her friend, Mark, she took us over to her house to discuss what we needed to get for the ship. The four of us sat around her dining room table.

“First we’ll need supplies. Let’s see: paint, paint brushes, wood, bulletin board, Nails… Sirraco, Sora, do you have tools?” Ushio started off. “Yes,” Sirraco answered .

“But it won’t hurt to get another set or two,” I added.

“You realize this is our money we’re spending right?”

“We’re Pirates now…. Which makes it the crews money now. Geeze Sirraco would you pay attention.” “Yeah, Sirraco, pay attention!” Shiro repeated sarcastically.

“I AM PAYING ATTENTION!!! Sora is typically more … er…. Protective of our money.”

“Yes but we’ve got two other people on our ship now so we’re going to be spending more on food and stuff anyway. Not to mention the ship has to look a bit more pirate-y so people stop referring to it as the Pirate Thieving Duo’s ship and start referring to it as the Shiro Pirates’ ship or something.”

“Alright back to the list. Anything else you think we’ll need?” “Flags! We have to have pirate flags!!! We can’t be Pirates without pirate flags!!” Shiro said in a, worried, hury.

“Shiro! We get the point! Yes we will get flags. That’s partly what the paint is for… but what’s our symbol going to be?” Ushio said in a tone that said, “common sense Shiro”.

“A cannon! We need a cannon!!!! And cannonballs, obviously,” Shiro added, ignoring Ushio’s question.

“Sorry, don’t have the money for that,” I said before anyone else could reply.

“Yes we do! You said the money belonged to the whole crew!!!” Sirraco replied irritated.

“But I’m managing our money and I say we don’t have enough.”

“We’ve got as least two million gems.”

“One cannon costs one million!”

Sirraco just looked at me with his “Really” expression.

“Okay fine it’s more like 500,000 but it’s still a lot and once you add in the cannonballs it’s going to add up to almost one million! Nobody told me we had to buy a cannon too! Let’s just skip that for now. We can always get one latter.”

“Fine,” Shiro complaned.

“Alright, if anyone thanks of anything else later, let me know, but for now let’s get shopping!”

“Here we are, the supply shop,” Ushio siad. “This is going to be the best ship ever!” Shiro exclaimed

“I’ll get the paint,” I said.


“I’ll get the wood,” Sirraco added.

“Shiro, get the paint brushes, nails, tools. I’ll help Sora with the paint,” I said as Mark walked into the store behind me.

“Ushio, you guys need any help?”

“Sure, can you help Sirraco carry the wood?”

“Sure can.”

“We’ll take the supplies to the shipwright doc’s when we’re done here. I already had the ship taken there,” I said before we all headed off to the aisles that our assigned supplies were in.

SIRRACO: “Pirate Reaper Sirraco. What are the odds of Ushio meating an infames pirate thief and hunter such as yourself. And to think that she’s going to be the only thing she hates, a pirate. You know her father was murdered by a pirate. “Yeah she told us. I don’t know much about her but from what she’s told us, it sounds like she’s pretty desparte. Can’t say I blame her,” I replied to Mark as I examined the wood.

“I guess. What made you decide to join up with a pirate and become one?”

“My sister is the type who love to do new things even if it’s dangerous or illegal. As her older brother it’s my job to protect her, so wherever she decides to go, I go.”


“Damn it. Why does Ushio always give me the boring list?”


“So many colors! Which ones should we get?” Sora asked, shocked at the vast variety.

“You know, I didn’t really think about that. Maybe we should come back later after talking about it with the guys,” I replied.

“Yeah, good idea. But we should go help them carry some stuff if we do that.”


“Shiro stop complaining,” I replied to Shiro, who had been whining about something since he entered the wood aisle.

“What is the pirate complaining about now?” Ushio asked as she and Sora came up in front of us.

“Where’s the paint?” I asked noticing that neither of them were carrying any.

“We couldn’t decide which colors to get,” Sora began to explain.

“So we decided to take a vote later,” Ushio finished.

“Oh, that works. Could you help carry some stuff then?” I replied.

“Of course,” Sora answered.

“We’ll take Shiro’s stuff and he can help carry the wood.”

“Yeah, this wood is heavy,” Mark stated.

“I have a better idea. None of us will carry it.”

Shiro! Of all the stupidest thin~!” Ushio began to say but then cut herself off at the shock of what we were seeing, “What are you doing?”

“Telekinesis,” Shiro said as the wood levitated out of mine and Marks arms.

“But isn’t that something only taught in the Navy?”

“My dad is the Navy Fleet admiral. He taught it to me.”

We stared at him in shocked silence, but then all at once we came back to our senses and realized Shiro’s odd situation, “BUT YOU’RE A PIRATE!”

“Yeeaah, let’s just say my dad and I don’t really see eye to eye.”

“”What about your mom?” Sora asked.

“She’s… well she’s meh with it.”

“Well, we should get this stuff back to the ship,” Ushio said.


“Well, let’s get to work,” I said when we finally got back to the ship.

“First thing’s first, deciding where everyone is going to sleep,” Ushio added.

“Typically Sirraco and I shared the small building at the top of the second mast but with two more people on board the ship, we should separate the guys and girls dorms.”

“But the dorm on the mast is the only extra room there is”

“That’s why we’ll add a new room,” Ushio suggested.

“And where do you expect us to build this new room?” Sirraco asked.

“I’ve already got that figured out. You see, I was thinking that the guys could have the dorm on the mast.”

“Okay but what about us girls?”

“That is where the new room comes in. You know that big storage area in the cabin with the latter going up to it?”

“It’s our ship of course we know it!” Sirraco answered perhaps a bit too harshly.

“THAT WAS A RHETORICAL QUESTION! Anyway if we add a wall there, take out the latter and add a door on the wall that’s already there we’ll have another room.

“What about the captain’s quarters?! I need a captain’s quarters!”

“That, Shiro, is where the room behind the kitchen comes in. We’ll divide that room into the captain’s quarters and navigators room, with a small hallway down the middle. Then the hall of the ship can be divided into the doctor’s ‘office’, Shipwright’s workshop, and if need be another dorm. That is if the one on the mast is too small for more than two people

“Sounds like a plain,” my brother said in agreement.


The first day, we began by adding the wall where the girls dorm was going to be and installing a door and some windows, we sent Sirraco and Shiro to buy a few. Needless to say they weren’t thrild. We then divided the room behind the kitchen into two rooms with a small hallway between the rooms. After words we went down into the hall of the ship split it into tree rooms. We finished around dusk the next day.

“Finally! We’re done!!”

“Are you forgetting that we still need to paint it?” I asked our, a-bit-too-excited captain. Ugh, I can’t believe I just said our captain!! Ushio, you’re doing this for mom, it’s the only way you’re going to simi-safely find her.

No, but the hard part is done,” he replied.

“Our captain’s got a point,” Sora stated.

“Yeah but after the paint dries we have to do the next hardest thing.”

“What’s that?” Sirraco asked.

Furnishing. Okay it’s not hard but it might get a bit heavy.”

“Voting time!” Sora said raising a hand.

Her brother yaned, covering his mouth with one hand, “I vote we vote tomorrow. I’m exhausted.”

“I second that,” Shiro added, stretching.

“I hate to say it but so do I.”

“Yeah I’m kinda tired to,” Sora agreed.

“That settles it. We’ll head back to my place for dinner and get some rest.”


After breakfast the next day we all sat around Ushio’s dining room table and voted on the colors of paint we were going to use.

“Looks like the votes are unanimous,” I said when I finished counting everyone’s slips of paper.

“Good. Let’s go get the paint then, shall we?” Ushio replied.

We all got up and walked to the supply store to get the paints. Once the paint was paid for we headed back to the ship and began to paint.


I backed away from Shiro when I saw the look on his face, just in time to keep him from blowing my eardrums out, “It’s sooo AWESOME!!!”

“The paint should be dry by now. We should start moving the furniture in,” I informed them

“Food! I need food! Let’s eat first! Captain’s orders!”

“But the~”

“Well you heard the captain,” Sirraco said.

“Yeah, all this hard work is making me a bit hungry.”

I stood and stares as everyone walked away, slightly annoyed knowing that we could finish with in the next two hours. “Fine,” I sighed in defeat.

“Okay, you had your food. Now let’s go back to the ship and get the furniture put in.”

“Ushio, why don’t we set up our room while the guys finish theirs?”

“Sounds good to me. That way we all can set it up how we want it.”

“What does it matter how the furniture is arranged?” Shiro asked with a look of confusion.

“It doesn’t. Sora is just very picky on how her room looks.”

“Why? Does it really matter? In my opinion as long as there’s a place for everything, what the arrangement looks like don’t matter.”

“Wrong!” Sora and I said in disbelief.

“The way a room is kept tells a lot about a person,” I replied.

“Yup, presentation is key!” Sora agreed.


“I was waiting for that,” Sirraco stated.


Back at the ship, Ushio and I went to our dorm to get started on the furniture arrangement.

“Okay, how about we put the dresser over there,” Ushio suggested.

“A desk over there.”

“The beds on that wall.”

“And a nightstand with a lantern on it between them.”

“Alright let’s get to work.”

“Well captain, what do you think?” I asked Shiro who was staring starry eyed at the ship. “It’s Soooo COOOOL!!!!”

“Yes…. but what is our flag going to be?” Sirraco asked him.

“Ha? Ummm….”

“I haven’t thought about it yet either.”

“Obviously a skull and crossbones,” I stated.

“Well, yeah, it wouldn’t be a pirate flag if it didn’t have a skull and crossbones,” Shiro said with a slight hint of sarcasm.

Ushio turned to Shiro, “But how do we make it unique tho?”

“Hmmmm. I’ve got an idea.”

“What is it?” Sirraco asked.

I took a piece of paper and pen out of my pocket, and began to draw. When I finished I turned the paper for everyone to see, “How’s this?”

What’s with the black star in the background? You know the flag is black right?” Sirraco asked.

“Yes, I know the flag is black. That’s why it will be outlined in white or light gray.”

“Okay but why a star?”

I looked at my brother with a ‘really’ expression, “Isn’t it obvious?” I then pointed to Shiro’s right arm, were the black star tattoo was located, “I know it’s a touchy subject for you, but if that never happened then we all wouldn’t be here right now.”

“WHEN THE HELL DID HE TELL YOU?!” Sirraco yelled in annoyance, not knowing that he had a little time to tell me during our time working on the ship.

“When we were painting,” I answered. I began to explain how I came to find out about Shiro’s year as a slave.

“So, Shiro, what’s the story behind your tattoo?” I said, as we were painting the railing white.


“Your tattoo. What’s its story? They say every tattoo has a story, so what’s your tattoo’s story?”

“Oh. Well, I guess since I told the others, it’s only fair that I tell you as well….”

“Oh,” was all Sirraco could say when I finished my story.

“I think its an awesome flag,” Shiro said.

“Yes, it fits perfectly,” Ushio agreed.

“Alright since we all agree, I’ll get painting it on the flags.”

“Don’t forget the sails as well!! We need it on the sails!” Shiro replied.


“Awesome, Sora.”

“Thanks, Ushio”

“Well Captain, what do you think of your new ship?” Sirraco asked Shiro as they walked onto the deck from the cabin.

“Sooo Cool! When can we set sail?!”

The three of us looked at Shiro, “You’re the captain! You decide that!!”

“Oh yeah! Ushio should say goodbye to her friends.”

“What does that matter to you?” I asked, still not sold on this “good pirate” thang.

“No one should leave friends or family behind without saying goodbye first, especially when they don’t know how long they’ll be gone. So say your goodbyes and we’ll set sail, for the next island, tomorrow. buuuut, “ he paused for a moment, “let’s sleep on the ship tonight!”

I facepalmed then shook my head slowly and said, “I’m going to go pack my things.”

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