The Grand Cross: Forming the Shiro Pirates

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Chapter 11: Leaving As a Pirate. Goodbye Turtle Cove.


Sirraco, Sora, and I were taking the last of the supplies to the ship when Ushio came into view, carrying a bag in either hand, her bow and arrows on her back. Mark was behind her carrying another bag.

“Ushio! You’re back!” I said excitedly.

“I was beginning to think you ditched us,” Sirraco said.

“Would you like some help with your stuff?” Sora asked.

“I got it, Sora, thanks though. Sirraco, I’m not the type of person to ditch someone after telling them I’d go with them. I said I’ll become a Pirate with you guys, indefinitely, and I meant it.

“Ushio’s never been one to break a promise,” Mark stated.

“Awesome. I hate promise breakers and liars. Hey, is the captain allowed to add to the condition board?”

“Everyone else put something on it.”

“I don’t see why not,” Sirraco added after Sora.

“Well, it was meant to be an insurance policy for the crew… but I guess if it’s alright with everyone else then it’s okay with me. What’s your condition?”

“No secrets and no liars. We’re friends and a team, we need to be able to trust each other.”

“I like that condition,” Sora replied.

“Sora? Wouldn’t that mean that we would have to tell them about that thang we were discussing a few days ago?”

“Well, you don’t have to tell us right away. We did only just meet over a week ago, so we can wait ’till everyone’s a bit more comfortable with each other,”

I climbed up the rope later with my bag of supplies. When I got on deck I noticed something sitting by the cabin… three somethings actually.


I looked over the railing as Sirraco began to climbed the ladder.

“Where did these Cannon’s come from?”

“What Cannon’s?” Sirraco said as he climbed on deck. When he spotted the cannons he walked over to the railing, next to me. “Where did the cannons come from?”

“What are you two talking about? We decided to wait to get cannons.”


Sirraco looked over in Sora’s direction, “Sora…”


“Yes, Brother?”

“What did you do?”

“Me? Nothing!”

“Then why are you over there acting all innocent?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”


“Oh good grief, Sirraco! We’re Pirates now! Last night while everyone was asleep I went for a midnight walk and…”

I was laying in my hamech in the girls dorm, Ushio decided to sleep at her house one last night. When I was certain that, at least, Sirraco was asleep, I got out of bed. Carefully opening the door, I walked out onto the dock. I dropped the rope latter and climbed down to the dock.

“Now where did they say they were hiding that ship?” I said to myself, when I was on the beach. I looked around. Finally, I spotted a pirate flag above a small hill. “There it is.”

I ran to the foot of the hill. I walked to the other side to look and see if anyone was guarding the ship. I tiptoed quickly and quietly around the ship and climbed aboard. Seeing that no one was guarding the captain’s quarters, I slowly opened the door and entered.

The only light in the room came from a small lantern on the captain’s desk at the far end of the room. On it was a stack of papers, a quill pen in a bottle of ink, and a few wanted posters. A large map was pinned to the wall behind the desk.

“Now where is that treasure?” I looked around the small room but couldn’t find any signs on were it was hidden. “Hmm…” I thought for a moment, “ahh! There it it!” I went behind the desk and removed the map to find a cabinet in the wall. “Stupid pirates. Why use a cabinet if they aren’t going to have a combination lock!”

I took out my homemade lock pick and had it unlocked within two seconds. I opened the door. The little bit of light from the lantern reflected off of thousands of gold coins and jewels. I quickly baged up the treasure and returened the room back to how it was before leaving.

“Huh? Cannons? Hmm that gives me an idea…”

“So you stole cannons from pirates?” Ushio said when I finished my story.

“Shiro said he wanted cannons. We didn’t have the money to buy some. I saw an opportunity and I took advantage of it. That should teach them not to leave their weapons just laying around.”

“Alright, but then where’s the treasure?” Sirraco asked.


“The treasure you stole with the cannons.”

“Did I say I stole treasure?”

Sora. Where is it and how much is it worth?”

I sighed, “It’s under a floorboard in the girls dorm. We can sell it to a bank for about one million gems.”

“ONE MILLION GEMS!” They all yelled in complete shock.

“Give or take a couple thousand.”

“You sure it’s worth that much?!” Ushio asked in disbelief.


“Sora has a gift for estimating how much treasure it worth, accurately.”

“That’s handy. Keeps people from ripping you off,” Shiro implied.

“That’s the idea.”

“Yeah, until you try to rip off the buyer.”

“I never tried to rip anyone off!”

“Yes you have!”

“Hey, that ass deserved it!”

Ushio and Shiro chuckled.

“I think we’re about ready to set sail. Ushio, did you finish saying your goodbyes?”

“I did.”

“Good. Everyone ready then?”

“Whenever you are,” I answered.

“Of course,” Ushio replied.

“I’m ready,” Sirraco said last.

“Wait a minute,” Mark said.

We all jumped. Apparently I wasn’t the only one that had forgotten he was here.

“Mark? What is it?” Ushio asked.

“I need to talk to your captain.”

“Me? Okay, what do you need?”


“In private,” Mark replied.

“Sure thing.”

Shiro jumped off the ship and followed Mark down the docks. Sora climbed aboard the ship.

“Odd,” I said with a confused expression as I climbed the rope later.

“What’s odd?” Sirraco asked.

“Nothing, Mark just seemed to be acting different is all.”

“Different how?” Sora said, a bit concerned.

“It’s probably nothing.”

Just then Shiro came walking back to the ship.

“That was fast. What did he want?”

“If he wanted you guys to know he would have said it in front of you.”


“Well, yes… but I also said we didn’t have to tell each other our secrets until we’re ready to… Also he asked me not to say anything. Besides it’s not important.”

Shiro climbed onto the ship. Sirraco went to raise the anchor. Sora unfurled the sails and I took the helm. As we began to set sail, some of the townspeople walked up to the edge of the docks. The four of us dropped what we were doing and walked to the back of the ship. We silently listened as they hollered their goodbyes.

“Good luck, Ushio!”

“We’ll miss you!”

“Have fun on you journey!”

“Come back safe!

“We hope you finding your mother!” Old Man John hollered

“Be safe, Ush! And Shiro! Don’t forget what I told you!”

“Mark, I told you not to say anything!” I said to myself a bit frustrated with him.

“Don’t worry I won’t!” Shiro hollered back, leaving me even more curious about their private conversation.

“I’ll be back real soon, with mom!”

“I like this town. It’s got some really nice, caring, people. You’re lucky, Ushio,” Shiro said in a soft, kind voice.

“Th-thanks…” I said hesitantly. I still don’t like the idea of becoming a pirate but what else can I do? I have to find mom.

“I know you don’t like me or pirates but I’m going to do everything I can to change your mind.”

I sighed as I looked down at my hands, folded on the railing, “That will take a miracle.”

“Then I will be that miracle.”

“You’re weird,” I smiled at the beautiful blue water.

“So are you… But... I like weird.”

I looked up at him. I couldn’t believe how serious he was being right now, he was not the same idiot I meant on that small sailboat just a weeks and a half ago…. Just as I thought that, Shiro’s stomach growled.

“I’m hungry!” He said loudly.

Welp, so much for having a serious moment with this guy.

“I’ll make lunch, but it’s going to cost you.”


“NO!” We all yelled in response.

“I’ll cook today!” Ushio said quickly.


“We just set sail!”

“Yeah. And?”

“If we have a banquet, with the way you eat, we won’t have any food for tomorrow!” I stated.

“How many days will it take to get to the next island?”

“Judging by the map, I’d say about three days. Providing the weather is right that is,” Ushio stated.

“Alright! Then let’s have a banquet today. We can get more food at the next island. Captain’s orders.”

“Why do you think we need a banquet?!”

“To celebrate.”

“What the hell is there to celebrate?!” I asked.

“The official forming of our crew and friendship.”

At that we all went silent, not knowing how to respond.

After about a minute, Ushio, finally, sighed, “you heard him guys. Let’s get the table ready.”

“But the more we let him eat the more money we have to spend at the next island!”

“Sora, becoming a pirate was your idea. Now you have to live with the consequences.”


“NEW CONDITION!” I hollered.

“What?!” They all sounded shocked.

I ran to the cabin and everyone followed.

Inside the cabin, I ran to the Condition Bulletin Board. I ripped off a piece of paper from the scratch pad we placed above the board. I took a pen out of the pen holder, beside the board, and began to write. When I finished I pinned the paper on the board, under the column with my name.

“With every new…” Sirraco started.

“Member we must…” Ushio added.

“Have a banquet…”

“To celebrate!” They finished together.

“That’s right! I’ve got three new crew members. Which means we need to have three feasts. One today, one tomorrow, and one at the next island.”

“And why can’t we have just one banquet for the three of us?” Ushio asked.

“Because banquets are fun.”

“Do you not know how expensive that is!”

“Yeah but we need to celebrate some how.”

“So then we celebrate with alc…”

“Absolutely not, Sirraco!” Ushio interrupted.

“That’s more expensive than having a banquet three days straight! Okay Shiro! Banquet it is! I’ll cook… free of charge…. This time.”

“I’ll help,” Ushio offered.

They turned and headed for the cabin to get started cooking. Sirraco went to the rigging to climb up to the crows nest.


They stopped and turned back to me. “What now, Shiro?” They all said annoyed.

“Does this ship have a name?”

“What?” Sore and Sirraco replied while Ushio stared at me with a blank face.

“Does she have a name? If she does you never told us what it is.”

“N-nooo,” The two said.

“Well that’s no good! What is a ship without a name?!”

“A ship?” Ushio said.

“A descrased ship! All ships need a name… They’re a very important part of the crew and they need to be respected and treated like it. We can’t set sail without giving her a name… so voting time. Any suggestion?”

“You realize we already set sail, right?” Sora said.

“Yes but we can still see the island, so we need a name before we can’t see it anymore.”

The Cutting Wave?” Sirraco said sarcastically.

“Really?” Ushio said. “You’re not referring to your fighting style are you?


“Sirraco, no,” Shiro replied.

The Hundred Arrow.”

“Ushio, that’s as bad as Sirraco’s suggestion.”

“How about The Black Star,” Sora said.

“Matches our flag. I like,” Ushio said.

“Not to mention our captains tattoo.”

“Are you guys trying to torture me with my own memories?”

“Of course not!”

“I was joking, sheesh! Take a chill pill. I think we’re all in agreement.”


“Sounds good.”


The Black Star it is, then.”

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