The Grand Cross: Forming the Shiro Pirates

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Chapter 12: Noberu Island


I sat on the deck, still trying to digest the fact that I’m now a pirate. We left my home island, Turtle Cove two days ago. Today is day three of me, officially, being the thing I hate most in this world.

The morning air was cool. If we weren’t in salt water right now I’m sure there would be frost on the ship. Although the sky was a bit cloudy, the sun was shining bright. Sirraco and Shiro were sleeping on the deck. They past out after our second banquet, that Shiro demanded we had, last night. The from the banquet where still sitting on the floor.

“Hey guys, I see Noberu Island.”

I looked up to see Sora was keeping watch in the crows nest.

“Would you keep it down Sora, I have a headache.”

“Well, that’s your own falte,” She replied as she climbed down the rigging.

“How’s it my fault?”

“What’s going on?” Shiro said, yawning as he sat up.

“We’ll be at Noberu in about twenty minutes,” I said examining the distance between the island and our ship. “But I’m not a navigator, so I could be wrong.”

“Yeah we need to get a real Navigator and soon,” Sora said.

“Especially if you’re really planning on going to The Grand Cross,” Sirraco added.


The Island was one large cite, filled with fancy houses and mansions. Just by looking around the place, I could tell that our third banquet, that Shiro wanted to have here, was going to cost more than any of us bargained for. I say this because every person walking around was wearing expensive clothing. I guess it’s better than Sirraco’s plan but Shiro owes me big time.

“Well. They don’t call this Island, Noberu for nothing,” I said after a half hour of walking.

“Why you say that?” Ushio asked.

“This place it full of Nobles! Their lucky I only steal from Pirate.”


We all turned to the direction of the voice. A girl was running towards us. “You’re finally a pirate!” She about knocked Shiro to the ground when she threw her arms around him in a tight hug. The girl then quickly let go and grabbed him by the shoulders, her face an inch from his. “Tell me you need a navigator!”

“Seara, hi. Yeah, why?”

Seara had long light orange hair that was almost blonde. Her eyes were a vibrant fuschia. She wore a hot pink skirt that went just above her knees. Her shirt had a single long sleeve. It was bright turquoise and covered in blue glitter.

“Take me with you!” She turned to look at the other nobles walking the streets and shopping. “These people make me sick!” She in a dull, slightly angry tone.


“JUST LIKE THAT!” the three of us yelled.

“Shiro, are you going to introduce us to your friend?” Ushio asked.

“Guys, this is Saera. The daughter of nobles but she hates them so she’s our navigator now.”

“We are NOT having a fourth banquet tomorrow!” I said. “The banquet we’re having here will cost more than enough for today and tomorrow!

“Sorry you read the condition board.”

“You’re a noble but you hate nobles?” Sirraco questioned.


“Pirates are angels compared to nobles! So I’m running away and becoming a pirate with you guys. Is that okay? I’ve got money I can give you!”

Oh, great, I thought.

“She can join.”

“Sora!” I said, even though I saw it coming.

“We don’t even know her…” Ushio said, concerned. “How do you even know her?”

“I met her when her and her family came to my home Island for a business meeting or something like that.

“Come on guys. We were just talking about needing a navigator before going to The Grand Coss.”

“Sora you just want her to join so she brings monie with her.”

“Sirraco, that’s not very nice!”

“You’re the one that said she can join after she said she had money.”

“Seara?! Get back here! Time to go!”

“Darn it. I’ve got to go. I’ll pack my things and meet you at the docks later.”

“Need me to talk to your parents. They can’t keep you from leaving, you are eighteen.”

“You know how they are, Shiro. I’m still in school for another month, I think it’s probably best to just leave.”


“I’m coming, mom!”

“Who are you talking to. Their not from here.”

“A friend, Dad.”

“Hurry up.”

“Sorry guy’s, I’ll meet up with you later.”

“We’re going to have a banquet later tonight, You should come.”

“I’ll see what I can do.”

“We’ll see you then.”

“You might want to stay until tomorrow. Those clouds indicate a storm coming.”

“Alright. Thanks Seara.”


“I’m coming! Sorry guys. You’re welcome, Shiro.”


After running into my old friend, Seara, we went to buy supplies. After words, we returned to the ship, which was sitting at the

“So, tell us about our new navigator, Shiro,” Ushio said as she restucked the storage room.

“Well, like I said earlier, she is the first born daughter of a noble family but hates the rich. She grew up on this island but came to my home island a lot when we were kids. During that time she learnt that there were other ways of life and that her family and the other nobles weren’t what she thought they were. She began to teach herself navigation in hopes of getting away from here someday. I told her about wanting to become a pirate and I offered her the position of navigator.”

“So you already had a navigator and didn’t tell us,” Sirraco implied.

“No, not really. She turned down the offer and I didn’t know what island she was on to go pick her up. All I knew was she lived on an island of only Nobles and she hated it there,” I answered while I moped the cabin floor. “I’m getting a bit worried though. I know she said she’d see what she can do about coming to our banquet, but normally she still comes even if there was a hundred percent chance of her not coming.”

“Yeah that would be a bit worrying,” Ushio replied.

“I’m going to go look for her.”

“We’ll come with you,” Sora offered.

“You sure?”

“Well yeah. You said so yourself, we’re friends now.

“Yeah and you already told her she could join.”

“I still hate pirates and I still don’t like you. But you’re our captain so you’re friends are our friends.”

I looked at each one of my crewmates, and smiled.


When we returned home I went to my room and began gathering some of my things and placing them on my bed, what little stuff I actually liked. My favorite outfits, my navigation books, my navigation supplies, and some little nick nacks that Shiro gave me when we went to his island.

Being Nobles, our house was a huge white mansion. It had sixteen bedrooms, thirteen bathrooms, one kitchen, three dining rooms, four living rooms, and a room with a 30 feet by 60 feet indoor pool, insane I know.

I grabbed a suitcase and two bags from my oversized walk in closet and placed them on my bed, hoping my parents didn’t come in. I put my clothes in a suitcase and my books in a bag. I wrapped my nick nacks up in newspaper before placing them in a separate bag.

Right when I thought I was in the clear, my bedroom door flung open. I jumped out of my skin before I turned around to see both my parents in the doorway.

“What is going on in hear?!” My father asked, when he saw my suitcase and bags.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Mother said in response.

Caught red-handed, I looked at them with a serious expression. “I am leaving this wretched island,” I said firmly.

“Excuse me,” mother said.

“I said I am leaving. And I’m not coming back.”

“You call a maid and have them put this stuff back where you got it from.”

At that I turned around and deliberately picked up a stack of clothes and put them in the suitcase.

“Seara! Stop this at once!”

“I’m eighteen! You can’t stop me from leaving.”

“You are a noble! You are not leaving this island.”

“Watch me,” I replied as I zipped up my suitcase.


“Why don’t you just try and stop me.”

“If you leave you won’t be able to marry a prince!” Mother said angrily.

“I don’t care about that! All I want is to leave here and be a navigator!”

Just then, there was the sound of shattering glass as my bedroom window split into millions of tiny pieces. Shiro and the swordsmen landed on the floor in front of me, they had jumped through the window. The two girls walked in through the door.

“Geeze, You two couldn’t just use the front door?” the archer asked, her bow in one hand and an arrow in another.

“Yeah, I’m all for showing off but that was a bit much,” the swords-woman said tworling one of her swords in her right hand.

“What is this? Who are these people?” Father asked.

“Where are the guards? Why didn’t they keep them out?!”

“Yeaaah… about that…”

“Ushio and I took care of them… don’t worry though… they’re not dead. But they are knocked out.”

“What do you people want?!”

“We heard you yelling. So we thought we’d see what was going on.” Shiro replied. “Anyway, Sears’s coming with us. Don’t try to stop her or you’ll regret it.”

“Who do you think you are, telling nobles what to do.”

“I am Captain Shiro, and this is my crew, Ushio, Sora, and Sirraco. Seara is our navigor now and she’s coming with us. I’d rather not hurt people but if you try to stop her from leaving then I will make you pay.”

“Just try and take her. We’ll get you for kidnapping.”

“No I’m not kidnapping her. I know what it’s like to be kidnapped. Let’s just say it’s not fun.” Shiro climbed up onto the window seal and wrapped his left arm around my waist. “Guys grab her bags.”

“Yes captain!” The crew said and rushed to get my things. They then came and stood by Shiro and I.

“Well, we’ll see ya some other time, Sears’s parents, maybe.”

“Sir, madam! We have introunders.” Said one of the guards who had just came to my door. He was holding his right arm where an arrow was sticking out.

“We know that! They’re right here! Stop them immediately!” Father demanded.

The guards ran into the room.

“Energy bind,” Shiro said. A rope of blue light appeared out of Shiro’s right hand and wrapped around the five of us. “Now…” He stretched his right hand out in front of us. “ENERGY BURST!” An explosion of blue light burst from his hand. The force of it caused the five of us to fly out through my shattered bedroom window. I just barely got a glimpse of the guards flying back into the wall before we hit the ground and began running to the ship when the energy rope disappeared. The guards ran out the door, chasing us.


“Are you sure this is the right house, Shiro?” Sirraco asked.

“Do you not recognise the sound of those yelling voices from earlier today?” Shiro replied. “I have no doubt that this is the right place.”

“Well, I can’t argue with that,” Sora said. “Let’s go see what’s going on.”

“Yup,” I agreed following her.

We walked around to the front of the house. Spotting about ten guards, we hid behind some bushes. The two of us turned to talk to the guys, only to find that they weren’t here.

“Welp, it looks like it’s up to us,” Sora said.

“Guess so. Those idiots.”

“Try to distract them by shooting an arrow.”

“Alright.” I took out my bow and a normal arrow and proceeded to aim it so it hit a tree. I released the arrow and it hit its target.

We heard one of the guards holler, “What was that!”

The guards went to investigate, and Sora and I made a break for the front door. Upon finding my arrow, they turned in the direction it came from.

“Someone’s trying to get in side!” Yelled another guard. “Stop them!”

They all ran towards us. Sora took out her swords and ran for the guards. Her attacks were surprisingly, graceful as she spun around and swung her swords at the attacking men. I took out three more normal arrows and shot them the guards coming at me. Each on, though shot at the same time, hit its target, I took out two more arrows, one at a time, and shot the other two approaching guards. I ran over to Sora, who had just finished taking out her five guards.

“Well, that was no fun. You didn’t even try to give me a challenge,” Sora said to the unconscious guards.

“I know right. I can’t wait for the enemies to be a bit stronger. So far everyone’s been so weak! But that aside, we should get inside.”


We ran back to the door and snuck inside. We followed the sound of the yelling voices of Seara’s parents. Both of us kept our weapons out incase the were more guards. When we got to an upstairs hall we spotted a bedroom with the door opened and light on. The yelling was coming from that room. We heard the sound of shattering glass. We walked to the room to see Sirraco and Shiro had busted threw the window.

“Geeze, You two couldn’t just use the front door?” I said, my bow still in one hand and an arrow in the other.

“Yeah, I’m all for showing off but that was a bit much,” Sora add tworling one of her swords in her right hand and held the other pointing to the ground in her left hand.

“What is this? Who are these people?” Seara’s father asked, turning a bit red.

“Where are the guards? Why didn’t they keep them out?!” her mother added.

“Yeaaah… about that…” I began, resting my arrow on my shoulder.

“Ushio and I took care of them… don’t worry though… they’re not dead. But they are knocked out,” Sora finished still tworling the sword.


“What the hell was that, Shiro?!” Sirraco asked.

“Yeah! What did you do?” replied Ushio.

“I can take energy and form it into a physical object.”

“How?!” they asked.

“I’ll explain later! Right now just focus on running!”

“I know I said to stay until tomorrow but know I’m thinking we should just leave now.”

I laughed, “I agree. When we get there we’ll set sail and head for The Grand Cross.”

More people were chasing us then just the guards now. We all looked back to see the “angry mob.”

When we finally reached the ship, we quickly got to work and set sail, as the noble’s came to the edge of the docks.

“SEARA! GET BACK HERE!” I heard Seara’s parents holler.

Seara laughed and looked at her parents on the coast. “Yeah right! Later you lousy nobles! See ya... NEVER!!!”

We all laughed.

“What a fitting way for pirates to leave a place!” Sirraco laughed.


“We just left!”

“I’m hungry! I want a banquet!!!”

“Isn’t a storm coming that we have to prepare for?” Ushio asked.

“Yes, but if someone keeps an eye on the weather we should be able to get ready in time.”

“You mean you when you say someone right?” Sirraco said.

“Of course! I am a navigator after all.”

It was about an hour Ushio and Sora started the food for the banquet when Seara looked at me.

“So are you going to answer their question?” She asked.

“What question?”

“How you are able to turn energy into a physical thing.”

“Oh right.”

“Tell me you didn’t honestly forget, already,” Ushio relied.


“Well, I guess it’s not as bad as when you forgot that your small sailboat got wrecked in the storm the night before.”

“What does it matter? It all worked out in the end, right?”

“I agree,” Sora said, reaching for a pan hanging on the wall. But how are you able to do that thang with energy?”

“Well, I drank water from a Hell Spring.”

“Real funny, Shiro. Now how do you really do it?” Sirraco said, while sharpening his swords

“I drank from a Hell Spring.”

“Stop joking, Shiro. Everyone knows that the Hell Springs are just legend,” Ushio repied.


“I’m not joking. Legendary things are only legendary until proven real. And I know for a fact the Hell Springs are real.” Shiro said standing up and walking up to the stove. He stood next to me. He removed the lid from the salt sitting on the counter and removed a spoon full.

“What are you doing?” I asked as he deliberately dumped the salt in his hand. The second the salt touched his hand, his body appeared to become weak. He fell to his knees.

“Shiro!” All of us aside from Seara, hollered.

“Idiot. He’s fine. He’s just proving you wrong. Hell Spring drinkers can’t tauch salt, it makes them weak.”

“What? I thought it was water that made them weak,” Sora responded.

“Nope. It’s the salt in ocean what that does, thus making it so they can’t swim in the ocean. But they swim just fine in freshwater.”

“Okay so maybe the Hell Springs are real, but I’m going to need a bit more evidence because for all we know you are acting right now,” I said as Shiro slowly got to his feet and shook the salt off his hand and into the trash can.

“Still don’t believe that not all pirates are evil, liers.”

“No, I don’t,” I replied to Shiro.

“Well, then you are contradicting yourself, Ushio.”

“I told you I’m only joining until I find my mother.”

“Hey, Seara. I was wondering, What kind of fighting style do you use?” Sora asked.

“Fencing. I love fencing, even if it is a Noble tradition, so to speak. Difference between them and me is they fence for hobby, I learnt to fence so I could fight with the rest of my crew when I finally got to join Shiro as a pirate.”

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