The Grand Cross: Forming the Shiro Pirates

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Chapter 4: Shiro's... Death Wish?


After deciding to travel to my home island together, we went to a park at the edge of town and sat at a picnic table.

The park was filled with children. They were chasing each other, butterflies, and dandelion fuzz, all while laughing and screaming in delight. Their parents sat on benches making sure the children stayed out of trouble and chatting with each other.

The pirate, not to my surprise, was pouting about another decision Sirraco and I out voted him on. “Why can’t we head out today?”

“Because there’s supposed to be another storm tonight. But hey, if you want a repeat of last night then by all means go on your own,” I replied, I’ll admit, cold heartedly. But hey, he is only a lousy pirate.

“But it’s more fun traveling with your crew,” he complained.

“Would you stop calling us your crew!”

One of the kids passed us to get a ball that another kid tossed to him.

“Look, Shiro. The plan is, we go to my room at the Inn and plan out our route,” Sirraco started.

“Then tomorrow morning, we’ll go grocery shopping and take Sirraco’s boat to Turtle Cove.”

“When we get there I’ll go look for my sister.”

“I’ll go home and you... well, you can just be on your way to wherever you’re wanting to go... And far, far, far away from me.”

“But I can’t go to The Grand Cross without a crew or ship.”


Sirraco caught a frisbee that nearly hit him in the side of the head. As he handed it to a child we both realized what the pirate had just said, “WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU WANT TO GO THERE?” The kid ran away, terrified of our sudden yelling.

“I’m a pirate, all pirates go to The Grand Cross... Also... I’m looking for someone and I’m positive he’s there.”

“I really don’t care what your reason is. If you want to go there and get yourself killed it’s none of my business. That’d be one less pirate in the world so it works out great.”

“That’s a bit harsh isn’t it?” Sirraco asked with a hint of concern in his voice.

“You’re one to talk! You’re a famous pirate thief and bounty hunter!”

“I have never once actually killed a pirate. I just weaken them and take them to a Naval Base or prison.”


“Then why do they call you the Pirate Reaper?” Shiro asked curiously.

“Because the pirates are usually passed out when I’m finished with them. Witnesses of the action never stick around long enough to see that they’re still alive. And by witnesses, I mean pirates.”

“I’m hungry.” Shiro replied out of nowhere.

“HAAAAAAAAGH!!!!” Ushio hollered. She grabbed Shiro by the shoulders and shook him, “WOULD YOU STOP THINKING ABOUT FOOD ALL THE TIME! We. Just. Had. Breakfast. AN HOUR AGO!”

“Yeah, which means it’s snack time,” he answered.

Ushio let go of Shiro’s shoulders. She then took a handful of her hair in either hand and pulled it, out of frustration, “AAAAAAAAGH! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?”

“I’m kind of hungry too. Let’s stop by a restaurant on our way to the Inn.”

Ushio sighed, “Fine. Whatever. Just as long as we have money to buy groceries tomorrow.”

“DON’T ACT LIKE ITS YOUR MONEY! Why the hell would anyone in their right mind set out to sea without even a little money?”

“I spent mine on a boat and food.”

“Lame excuse!” I replied then turned to Ushio, “You! You seem smarter than this idiot, so why the hell don’t you have any money with you?”


“Oh... Ummm... Well... You see... I didn’t... I never... I-I was going to bring some with me but then I found out that the pirate ship I was planning on stowing away on was going to leave sooner than I thought so I didn’t have time to run home and grab it... Then I decided to steal some from the pirates but they caught me before I had a chance,” I replied, hoping he would buy my lie. If I told him the truth he’d just consider me a bigger idiot than The Pirate.

“Okay. See that makes sense.”

Phew, he bought it, I thought in relief. “Anyway, what do you guys say about heading back to the Inn so I can take a look at that map?”

Sirraco was the first to answer, “All right.”

“Hey! Don’t forget we’re going to stop and eat first!” The Pirate reminded us, though we really didn’t need to be. Well, at least I didn’t.


On our way to the hotel we stopped at a small outdoor restaurant. Half a dozen round tables, each with an umbrella and four chairs, sat in random places on the stone patio. We took a seat at a table near the doors. Each of us had a sandwich, french-fries, and a drink.

“This island’s food is so amazing!” Shiro said when he finished his chicken sandwich.

“My sister’s is better…” I replied before shoving a fry in my mouth. “...although she charges for it.”

“She charges her own brother for her cooking?” Ushio asked in disbelief as she sat her cup on the table.

“Sort of. I always end up getting it back somehow. When we started stealing from pirates she put herself in charge of our money.”

“So she’s like your treasurer,” she replied.

I couldn’t help but laugh, “More like our banker.”

“Your sister sounds weird.”

“Shhhirrrooo,” Ushio said through clenched teeth.


Not long after we finished eating we headed to the inn where Sirraco was staying.

There was a single twin size bed to the left of the room. A coffee table sat in the center. On one side of the table was a couch and the other a rocking chair. There was a small stand on either side of the couch, each with a lamp on it. It had wood floor with a large rug. The walls were painted an off white.

“All right, here’s the map, Ushio,” Sirraco said as I cleared newspapers and magazines off the small coffee table.

I took the map from Sirraco and laid it out on the table. Sirraco sat next to me on the couch while the Pirate sat down in the chair.

“Okay so, we are here at Nowailly Island. If we go to Koaneichy Island, which is between here and Turtle Cove, to get supplies and then stay for the night, we should get there in five days total. Three to get to Koaneichy and two to get to Turtle Cove. So tomorrow morning we need to get three days worth of food and then head for Koaneichy.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Sirraco replied.

“I just hope we don’t have a repeat of last night.”

“Why not? We’d get there so much faster.”


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