The Grand Cross: Forming the Shiro Pirates

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Chapter 5: Sirraco, this is why we didn't give Shiro the grocery list


The next morning I woke up in Sirraco’s room at the Inn, on the couch. I sat up and saw that both the boys were still asleep, Sirraco in the bed and The Pirate in the chair.

“Shiro, Sirraco, wake up,” I said but they didn’t wake. I sighed, stood up, and leaning over the small coffee table, I pulled the pillow out from under Pirate’s head.

“Ow!” He hollered when his head hit the wooden arm.

I then threw the pillow at Sirraco’s face.


“Time to get up.”

“Why did we have to get up this early?” Shiro complained as he sat up in the chair.

“The sooner we leave the sooner I can get home and away from you, Pirate. Now I divided the leftover money, that Sirraco gave us yesterday, between the three of us. Sirraco, how big is you boat? And does it have a kitchen?”

“Yes it has a small kitchen. I can take you guys and show you where it’s docked before we go shopping.”

“Great then that’s where we’ll meet up. After dividing the money I made a shopping list for each of us.

I walked over to Sirraco and handed him his list. He examined it as I walked over to The Pirate. “Sirraco, you can get the spices,” I side handing Pirate the list. “Shiro, you will get the groceries.” Shiro read over his list. “And I’ll get the drinks.”

“Do you really want the pirate getting the groceries? I mean really?”

“On second thought,” I began taking the list from The Pirate, “I’ll get the groceries. I then took Sirraco’s list from him and handed him my list. “Sirraco will get the drinks.” I then gave Shiro the spice list, “And Shiro will get the spices.”

“Why can’t I get the groceries?” Shiro asked, disappointment filled his voice.

“BECAUSE WE DON’T TRUST YOU!” Sirraco and I yelled.


“Here it is. You may look around but don’t steal anything,” I said when we arrived where I docked the boat.

“I thought you said you had a boat,” Ushio said, surprised.

“This ain’t a boat! It’s a ship!” You could almost see stars in Shiro’s eyes as he looked around.

“Okay, yes it is technically a small ship. The kitchen is through that door,” I said pointing to the cabin.

She went into the cabin to take a look. “Perfect,” I could hear her say. She then came back onto the deck and stood in front of me, “Alright, we’ll….” She looked around, “Where did Shiro go?”

“The view up here is amazing!” Sirraco and I looked up in the direction of Pirate’s voice.

“Would you get down here! I’m trying to give instructions!” Ushio hollered.

“But it’s a pirate ship!”

“NO IT’S NOT!” I yelled, beginning to get almost as irritated with this guy as Ushio.

“Hey Sirraco! Will you, your weird sister, and your ship join my crew?!”




“But I asked nicely!”


“Fine,” he finally said then jumped down from the crows nest. He stared at the ground, clairly not satisfied with me answer.

“WOULD YOU STOP POUTING!” Ushio yelled at him. “Okay, let’s meet up back here in an hour”


“Ushio! The only things on this list is salt and pepper!” I said to myself, not having read over this list back at the Inn. “Are those even considered spices?!” frustrated I grabbed a handful of hair in both hands, “haaaaaagh! What am I supposed to do for an hour?!” Then, all of a sudden I had a bright idea, “I know! I’ll go explore sirraco’s pirate ship!” Well, soon to be pirate ship, I grind widely.


“Okay, what kind of drinks am i getting?” I said to myself as I walked down the market streat. “Milk... Water... Orange juice…” What its this! I thought getting a bit annoyed, “Grape juice....” HAAAAAAGH WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS GIRL! WHAT KIND OF DRINKS ARE THESE!” Noticing that a few people were staring I took a deep breath, “Alright, fine, but it is my money so I think I’ll add something else to the list.”


“I wonder if Shiro and Sirraco are about done.” I said examining some tomatoes. “Well I’m sure Shiro is... I gave him the easiest list,” I added as I put the better looking ones onto my basket. “Let’s see, what else do I need. I’ve got the fruits and vegetables. All that’s left is the meat and spaghetti noodles. Maybe I should get some bait in case we need to fish. Knowing how Shiro eats we’ll probably need it.... But I don’t know if Sirraco has a fishing rod or not. All well, we should be fine if we keep a close eye on the pirate.


Back at the ship, I had climbed up on the roof of the cabin.

“This ships sooo cool!” I said excited to finally be on a real ship, again. “Now to figure out how to convince them to join my crew! Hmmmm?” I heard the sound of footsteps on the deck. I looked over the edge of the cabin roof and saw Sirraco. “Hey Sirraco! Back already?”

“Yeah. Don’t know why she thought it was going to take an hour to get all this. It only took me twenty minutes.”

“No kidding! I only took about five minutes to get my two things.”

“Is she not back yet?”


“Sooo, uhhh, what are you doing up there?”

“Nothing. Just exploring the ship.”


“Hey?! You wouldn’t happen to have any playing cards would you?”


“Wanna play Go Fish while we wait?”

“Why not, I’ll go get the cards. We can play on the deck.”


I jumped down from the roof as Sirraco returned. We Sat down on the deck and Sirraco began to deal.


“Finally back. Now we can set sail and I can go home, away from that Pirate,” I said when I saw the ship.

I climbed aboard the ship, to find Sirraco and The Pirate sitting on the deck floor.

“Got any twos?” Sirraco asked Pirate.

“Go fish.”

“Your turn,” he sighed.

“Got any fives?”

“How do you keep doing that!”

“I’m psychic.”

“Like I believe that crap!”

“What are you two doing?” I asked as I walked over to them.

“Playing Go Fish,” Sirraco relied.

“Wanna join?” asked The Pirate.

“No. I’m going to go put the groceries away,” I answered, then turned and walked to the kitchen. When I entered the cabin I could not believe what a saw. “SIRRACO! WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!”

“Booze. What else would it be,” he said when I stormed out of the cabin and held up a bag for him to see.

“I gave you a list and this is what you buy!”

“Look I got everything that was on your list but keep in mind it’s my money we spent so I didn’t see anything wrong with adding a little alcohol to the it. You’re stuff is in the fridge.”

“Alright crew! Let set sail!” The Pirate said, almost, out of nowhere.

I punched him in the head.

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