The Grand Cross: Forming the Shiro Pirates

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Chapter 6: An unlikely bond is formed


“So Sirraco, you and your sister maintain this ship by yourselves?” Ushio said as she placed plates of food on the table for the three of us.


“You don’t have a small crew to help?! That can’t be easy,” I said shocked.

“No, no it’s not. But it’s not completely impossible either.”

“Well I’m board. Let’s play truth or dare!” I suggested.

They both quickly turned to look at me and hollered “NO!” simultaneously.

“You’ve got to be the most random person I have ever met!” Ushio said.

“What’s wrong with random?” I replied asI took of my jacket and draped it over the back of my chair.

“I didn’t take you for the tattoo type.”

“Hmmm?” I said not quite catching what Sirraco said.

He pointed to the black star tattoo on my right arm.

“Oh... Ummm... I-I’m not... really.”

“Then why do you have one?” Ushio asked.

“I-I’d rather not talk about it.”

“Why not?” She relied.

“It’s not important.

“Why would someone get a tattoo if they didn’t want to?” Sirraco said confused.

“What? Did you get drunk? A friend dare you to get one?” Ushio added.

“No. I got it when I was four.”

“WHAAAAA~!” They both stared at me in disbelief.

“No, no! I sort of got it when I was four!”

“How do you sort of get a tattoo?” Ushio asked blankly

“That don’t even make sense.”

At this point all I could do was sigh, “Fine, but then you guys have to answer a question for me.”

“Fare enough.”

Ushio nodded in agreement.

“When I was four my mom and I was out shopping. I was waiting outside of a store while she ran inside for a few minutes.”

I was four years old, sitting outside a clothing store, reading a book. I could see my mom through the window. Two men walked towards me, talking in hushed whispers.

“The boss is going to be real happy with this hall!” One of the men said.

“I don’t know about that. We have a quota he told us we better meet or else. We’re still missing one,” said the second man.

“Yeah, but once he sees all the hot women and strong children we’ve kidnapped he won’t be mad for long.”

“Look I know you’re still new and all, so you don’t know the boss like the rest of us. When he says he wants a specific number of kids then we have to get him that many kids! Unless we wanna die of course. Also don’t use the word kidnap either he prefers the term human recycling. I know it’s a really stupid code phrase but nobody will catch on as easily if we were heard.”

“Whatever. I think I just solved our our problem. Look,” the first said pointing at me

“Are you kidding me! These streets are crowded.”

“All the more reason to. The more people the easier we can get away with out the family noticing or catching us.”

“Good point.”

The two men walked up to me

“Hello kid,” said the first man.

“Are you talking to me?” I asked looking up from my book.

“Yes, we are,” the second man said.

“My mom tells me I shouldn’t talk to strangers.”

The second man looked at the first and back to me, “Oh we’re not stranger.

“We were wondering if you would like us to buy you some ice cream.”

“My mom says I shouldn’t take ice cream from strangers.”

“Your mom sounds bossy,” the first man replied.

“She’s my mom, she’s supposed to be bossy, at least till I’m older anyway. Now I’m going to go inside with my mom because you guys are weird and not in a good way.

“Smart kid. Grab him,”

They both reached out and grabbed me and made a run for it. My mom looked up and saw from inside the store. She ran outside but even though I could see her, she couldn’t see me. I could tell that she could hear me hollering for her because she hollered back. Finally she spotted me but it was to late. I was too far away for her to catch up in this crowded street. She tried to run after us but she lost sight of us.

Ushio and Sirraco gasped at my words.

“About a week after arriving at the kidnappers headquarters I was sold as a slave in an auction to a noble family where they branded this star on me.”

“I-if you don’t mind me asking, how did you escape?” Ushio said.

“A year later a pirate robed the nobles and for some reason, that I may never know, he saved me and took me home. That’s why I became a pirate, to find him and ask him why he did. Why me? Why only me? There where other slaves there and he was being chased, so why did he take the time to save me?”

“Y-you where... saved... b-by a... p-pirate?” Ushio said quietly.

“Now, I answered your question so here’s mine. First, Ushio. Why? Why did you come out to sea?”

“My mother. She went missing about a month ago. I’ve been trying to dig up information on where she might be. I’ve looked through all her stuff and asked everyone in town but came up empty. One day I got a letter from someone I didn’t know. It was written in code, it took me two days to figure out. It didn’t say so directly but I just knew pirates had something to do with it. A week later some pirates stopped by Turtle Cove to stock up on food and supplies. I overheard some of them talking and snuck on board their ship to try to get more information but I got caught before I could find anything useful. I made a quick escape by hiding in some barrels. The next day I met Shiro and now, here I am.”

“You hate Pirates but you snuck on board a pirates’ ship?” Sirraco asked.

“My dad died when I was five. My mom’s all I got left. I have to do whatever I can to find her.

“Well said. Now, Sirraco? You and your sister sound really close... sooo why ain’t she with you?”

“Oh... Well... We were at the Town of Rockford on an Island west of here when we got a lead on the whereabouts of a pirate group that’s been causing quite the ruckus, here in the western ocean, and stealing a lot of treasure. My sister wanted to leave ASAP. But it was late so I told her we’d leave first thing in the morning. I woke up the next day to find she had left in the night. Well, I knew were she was headed so I took the ship, apparently she had stolen a boat from some pirates, and headed to Turtle Cove.”

“How do you know she’ll be there? What if something happened and she didn’t make it?” Ushio asked.

“She may be the one that does all the theft but she ain’t no weakling. She can take care of herself.”

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