The Grand Cross: Forming the Shiro Pirates

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Chapter 8: Help from a Stranger


“Ushio would you please get down here?!”

“No! Not until I see Koaneichy Island or until that pirate stops begging us to join his pathetic non-existing crew! Whichever comes first.”

“You’re acting really childish!”

“And I will continue to act childish until I never have to see the pirate again!”

“Who’s going to make lunch? I can’t cook to save my life and Shiro don’t know how!”

“You realize that you just said the same thing but in different words don’t you?

“Yes I know that!”

“Fine Nojo Mojo but only if I can poison his food.”

“No you can’t poison Shiro’s food.” I then realized what she had just said, “DID YOU JUST REFER TO ME AS A MONKEY FROM A CHILDREN’S BOOK!!!”

“Maybe I did! Got a problem with that?!”


Shiro came out of the cabin.

“Ushio! I need food! Make us food!!”


“Why not!”

Finally, Ushio decided to climbed down from the crow’s nest.

“Because we’re at Koaneichy Island. We can stop at a restaurants there, before getting supplies.”

“Really?! We finally made it?!”

“Yup. Let’s find a place to dock the ship and head ashore.”

Shiro jumped with one fist in the air and said with maybe a little too much excitement, “alright!”


The Pirate jumped off the ship yelling, “FOOD!”

Sirraco, also jumped from ship, “I’m starving!”

I, like a normal person, climbed down the rope ladder, “Why does everything revolve around food with you two!”

They both just turned and looked at me and said, “We’re guys.”

I slowly shook my head, “Everyone got their money?”

“You mean my money. Yes.”


“Alright then, let’s meet back here in an hour. Use the same list as last time.... Except Sirraco, you’re taking the grocery list. I’ll get the drinks.”


“But all I have to get is salt and pepper! What am I supposed to do for an hour?!”

“Sirraco, the last time you got the drinks, you got more alcohol than anyone needs and it wasn’t even on the list!”

“It’s my money! If I want to spend it on alcohol, alcohol is what I’ll spend it on!”

“Pirate! I don’t know! Find something to do!”

“Fine. I’ll just explore the island.”

“Don’t go wandering off.”

“What about food?” Sirraco asked.

“Yeah! I thought we were eating first!”

“We are. After we eat we’ll meet back here in an hour.”

“Oh okay,” they replied.

“Alright. Let’s go find somewhere to eat.”

“RACE YA!” The Pirate yelled just before he took off running towards the town.

Sirraco began to run after Shiro and yelled, “THAT’S NOT FAIR!”

“HEY! CHEATERS!” I yelled chasing after them.

Sirraco looked back and said, teasingly, “You snooze, you lose!”

“I WIN!” The Pirate said as soon as he passed the first building.

“YOU CHEATED!” I hollered irritated.


Caught up in our little rase, we failed to notice the state of the town in front of us. Shocked, the three of us stared in horror at what we were seeing.

“What in the world...?” I began to say, after a moment of silence.

“...happened here?” Shiro finished.

I watched as Ushio’s eyes narrowed with rage, “Pirates!”

Half the town was destroyed. We looked around as citizens worked to fix buildings and streets. A young lady, about in her mid to late twenties walked past us.

“Excuse me miss,” I said stopping her in her tracks. She turned and looked at us, “Could you tell us what happened here?”

“We were attacked by those no-good Iceberg Pirates a week ago. They destroyed over half the town.”

“That’s horrible! See Shiro! This is why I hate Pirates!” Ushio responde.

“Again, not all of us are like that!”

“Yes, you are!”

“No we’re not!”



I shoved myself between the two and pushed them away from each other, “I know the town was recently attacked but we’re wondering if there is any place to eat open.”

“Yes, there is one that just reopened the other day. Just continue straight, turn down the second street on the right, it’s at the end of the road.”

“Thank you miss.”

“Sirraco! That’s insensitive!”

“Do you want to get home or not! The sooner we eat the sooner we can go shopping the sooner we get to Turtle Cove, the sooner I can meet up with my sister and you can get home.

“I don’t know, I kinda want to beat up the guys that did this. Where are they?” Shiro replied.

“They attacked a week ago! They’re obviously not here!” Ushio answered.

“Then where are they?”


“I don’t know. I was just asking… Sheesh.” Just then his stomach growled,I’m hungry.”

“Then let’s go eat,” I said.

“I want to beat up the jerks who did this-!”

“THEY’RE NOT HERE!!!!” Ushio repeated.

“I know that!”

“So let’s eat and get our shopping done,” I replied.

“And if we run into those pirates on our way to Turtle Cove than you can beat them up.” Ushio finished.

“I know that! You guys didn’t let me finish! I was going to say I want to beat up the jerks that did this so let’s hurry up so we get out of here and hopefully catch up with them.”

“Oh,” we both said.

“You know I think that’s the first smart thing I’ve heard you say,” Ushio said with a small hint of sarcasm in her voice.

“Yup. Sounds like a good plain to me.”

“Awesome! Let go eat!”

“Why would you want to beat someone up you don’t even know for an island you’ve never been to?” the lady asked.

“Just because those guys are pirates doesn’t give them the right to go around destroying towns just because they feel like it. So someone has to teach them a lesson. We’re pirates ourselves but you don’t see us destroying things.”

Ushio and I quickly turned to Shiro and the two of us, at the same time punched him in the head, “DON’T INCLUDE US!!!”

Shiro fell to his knees, “Ow…” Slowly standing up, he said, “By the time we get to Turtle Cove you two will be begging to joint my crew.”

“NO WE WON’T!!!” we yelled.

Shiro began to walk away and added, “Just keep telling yourselves that.”

“WHERE ARE YOU GOING!!!” Usho and I was really beginning to get extremely agitated with this Pirate.

“To eat. Are you coming or not?”


We then followed Shiro.


“That food was really good!” I said as we walked out of the restaurant.

“The booze wasn’t too bad either.” Sirraco added.

Ushio shook her head at us. “Alright, now that you guys are full, meet back at the ship in an hour. I’m going to go get our drinks.”

“Yes Mother,” Sirraco and I jokingly replied.

Ushio turned around quickly to face us. We could see a vein popping out up her forehead, “WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY!!!”

Somewhat terrified, Sirraco and I ran off in separate directions.

At the Marketplace, I went into a small shop to look for the spices we needed.

“Salt and Pepper. Salt and Pepper,” I said quietly to myself as I scaned the shelves.

Someone must of heard me because they stretched their arm out to me, with salt and per in their hand.

“Hmmm…. Oh thanks,” I said looking up to see a young man about my age.

The man had blonde hair, with a hint of light orange highlights, that went about to his chin and bangs that covered his left eye. His right eye was blue. He wore a nice black suit and tie with a light blue button up shirt, that looked like something a chief would wair.

“No problem. But if you want good food you’re going to need more than just salt and pepper,” he replied.

“Really? Ushio told me that was all I needed to get.”

“My boss sent me out to do some grocery shopping for the restaurant. If you want I can help you get the spices you need to make amazing food.”

“Sure. Thanks.”

“Wow, has it been an hour already,” I said spotting a clock on the wall. “I got to get back to the ship. Thanks for helping me and for the recipes.”

“Don’t mention it.”

“Sanji? Where are you?” I heard a girl’s voice holler.

The man turned in the direction of the voice. “Over here, Shadow,” he replied to the girl. He turned back to me and said, “I got to go as well. If ever you’re out to sea, come to The Galleon for a first class gourmet meal. You can also go to one of our land branches but all our best chiefs are at the sea branch so the food is better there.”

“I’ll be sure to remember that,” I said making a mental note.

“Sanji!” the girl said again.

Sanji turned and ran in the direction of girl’s voice, “Shadow, I’m coming!”

“How many times do I have to ask you not to run off like that?”

“Sorry, I was helping someone with their shopping.”

Back at the ship, Ushio and Sirraco were waiting for me on the deck.

“Pirate! Where have you been?!”

“I thought all you had to get was salt and pepper.”

“Yeah but I ran into a guy that works at the restaurant we ate at and he helped me get better spices and even gave us some recipes.”


“Who cares, let’s set sail so I can get home.”

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