The Grand Cross: Forming the Shiro Pirates

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Chapter 9: The Shiro Pirate are formed


“Guys! I see Turtle Cove!!!”

The Pirate and Sirraco poked their heads out of the caben.

“What?” Pirate said.

“We’re there?”

“No, I just said that for the hell of it….. Yes, we’re there!” I said rather sarcastically


“So this is Turtle Cove,” I said when we got off the ship.

“Yup… now off to home…..”

“Time to find Sora.”

“Wait…. Shouldn’t Ushio show us around….. we don’t know where we’re going.”

“Good point,” Sirraco said, then turned to Ushio, “You don’t mind, do you?”

“Might as well, you did go through the trouble of bringing me back.”

“Over there is our number one clothing shop. The food market is down that road. And over here is our only Inn…”

“SIRRACO!” A girl, who had been leaning up against the wall of the Inn, yelled excitedly and ran over and threw her arms around Sirraco.

“Sora!” Sirraco said clearly happy to see his sister was safe, despite what he said about her being able to take care of herself. “Why didn’t you wait like I told you?”

Sora was a foot shorter than her brother. She had long flowing auburn, much like Sirraco’s, hair. Her eyes, also green, where brighter, more like a peridot then Sirraco’s emerald eyes. She wore boot cut jeans and high sole sandals. She had a short, black, jacket that came just above the seam of her white cropped, V-neck, which she filled out well. No guy in his right mind would say that she was not breathtakingly beautiful.

“Well, I couldn’t let the treasure… I mean those Pirates get away, now could I?”

Sirraco face-palmed, “No, I guess you couldn’t.”

“Oh! You brought friends,” she said spotting Ushio and I.

“Sort of. They were headed here but didn’t have a boat.”

“We did but it got wrecked in a storm.”

I had a boat. All you had was two barrels.”

“You didn’t even have money!”

Sirraco and I turned to Ushio, “NEITHER DID YOU!”

“I’m heading home.”

“Ushio, you said you’d show us around!” I said a bit disappointed.

“I’m done showing you around! Get off my island Pirate!”


“You didn’t show us where you live,” he muttered.

“And I’m not going to either! Now if you excuse me I need to go talk to Mark at the market,” I said as I walked towards the market.

The market was no different than any other market. It was packed with shelves and coolers full of food. Shoppers walked the islas with shopping baskets. Some of them waved at me with happy faces, welcoming me home.

“Ushio! You’re back,” Mark said from the counter.

Mark was a bit taller than I am. He had short brown hair and brown eyes to match. He wore a black shirt that had Market writing on the top right and blue jeans.

“Yeah, sorry I took so long, it didn’t quite go as planned. Did Mom come back yet?”

“No, sorry.”

I sighed, “It’s not your fault.”

“Oh! Old Man John said a letter came for you and asked me to send you over when you got back.”

“Do you think it’s from Mom?”

“You’ll never no if you don’t get to Old Man John.”

“Good point. See ya, Mark.”

“See ya later, Ushio.

“Ushio, can we come too?” the Pirate asked.


We walked to the west end of town. When we got there we followed a stone path up a hill where Old Man John’s small house sat at the very top, surrounded by a few trees and a small beautiful garden that his late wife plainted when they got married.

I knocked on the door of Old Man John’s cabin, “Old Man John? Are you home?”

Old Man John opened the door, “Ushio, you’ve returned.”

Old Man John was a kind old man who was highly respected by everyone on our small island. He was very intelligent and wise, a person everyone went to for advice. He ran a small mailing business at his home. The delivery birds would bring the town’s letters to him so that they couldn’t get lost or stolen if the receiver was not at the island at the current time. He never asked us to pay him for keeping our mail safe, but the townspeople insistes on giving him some form of pay as a thing you even if it wasn’t much.

“Mark tells me you have a letter for me?”

“Yes. It came just the other day. Please, come in and have some tea. You’re friends are welcome as well.”

He sat a silver tray on the coffee table in front of us. “Here is your tea,” he said, pouring tea into five different Tea cups and passed them out.

“Think you,” we said as he handed us the tea.

Old Man John walked over to a desk at the far end of the room. On it was a lock box. He pulled a key from his jacket pocket and unlocked the box.

He reached into it and pulled out an envelope. He walked back over to the four of us sitting on the couch by the fireplace, to hand me the envelope, “You’re letter.”

I took the letter from him and ripped it open. My dearest daughter, Ushio, I could hear moms voice as I silently read the letter. “IT IS FROM MOM!!” I said relieved to know she was okay. I began to read it outloud. “I’m sending you this letter to let you know that I am okay and ask you to not worry. I don’t know when I’ll be home but I promise it will be as soon as I can. I can’t fill you in with all the details but just know that everything is going to be okay. With lots of love, Mom.’ What? This isn’t right. What does she mean she doesn’t know when she’ll be back?”

“She said not to worry. So just don’t worry and wait,” The pirate said clearly trying to make me feel better. It didn’t help.

“You don’t get it! Mom would never just up and leave without saying a word! And she would absolutely never ever send a letter saying she don’t know when she’ll return!”

“Well you know there’s…” Sirraco started.

“A first time for everything,” Sora finished.

“Typically I would agree, but you don’t know my mom. Something’s wrong, I just know it! Thank you for the tea Old Man John.”

“As always, it was my pleasure, Ushio. I wish you luck in finding you mother.”



After we left Old Man John’s place, we decided to go to a restaurant and get something to eat. “Sooo, you guys ready to join my crew yet?”

“WHAT PART OF NO DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND!!!” Sirraco yelled rather harshly.

“Crew?” Sora asked curiously.

“This guy won’t shut up about having us join his lousy Pirate crew,” he explained to his sister.

“You be-friended a Pirate?! And he wants you to join his crew?!” Sora said. She turned away from Sirraco and mouthed, “cha-ching,” while doing an unnoticeable fist pump. I seemed to be the only one who noticed.

Ushio didn’t seem to be paying attention to any of us. She was sitting with her head resting on her hand and the straw of her drink partially in her mouth even though she wasn’t actually drinking it.

“What’s up Ushio? Normally you would be yelling at him, louder than me,” Sirraco finally asked her but she just continued to stare off into space, lost in thought.

I waved a hand in front of her face, “Ushio, what’s the matter?”

“Hmmm?” She finally responded. “Oh sorry. Nothing. Just thinking.”

“Whatcha thinking about?” I asked, then added somewhat joking, “Joining my crew?”

She looked down at her cup, now swirling the straw around in her drink, and sighed, “Yes…”

“WHAAAAAAAAA~?!” Sirraco hollered in complete shock.

“I told you!”

“It’s not like I want to!”

“THEN WHY ARE YOU THINKING ABOUT IT!!!!” You could see the irritation on Sirraco’s face.

“No, it’s not like that. I was mostly thinking about mom. I need to find her, but I don’t have anyway of looking for her. I can’t keep jumping aboard random pirate ships and hope to find something and hope I can find a way home….”

“What are you saying?” I asked.

“I’m saying, in order to find her, I have to think like a pirate, act like a pirate, be in a pirate’s environment….” She then pointed at me, “Pirate! I will be joining your non-existing crew, indefinitely!”

I threw my right fist up and jumped out of me seat, “Alright!”


“Why not?”

“I have a few conditions I have to make clear before its official.”

“And what are these condition?”

“I’m only joining in order to find my mom. Which means the day I find her is the day I retire from being a pirate. This means that I will be joining your crew as long as it benefits me. The second one is as soon as it no longer benefits me is the second I leave. Understood?”

“Sounds good… Now what about you two? Are you guys going to join as well?”


“Absolutely not!” Sirraco declined.

“Sirraco, wait…”


“What would the harm be? We’re already thieves.”

“Yeah, thieves that steal from Pirates.”

“We can still do that but we’ll just be pirates that steal from other pirates.”

Sirraco began to talk in a town that only I could hear, “What about our promise?”

“Sirraco, we won’t be breaking that promise, we’ll just be revising it a bit,” I whispered to him.


“Fine.” I had made my decision, I looked at Shiro, “I’ll also be joining you’re crew, Shiro.”

“Really?!” He said happily.

“What?!” Sirraco said with a faint hint of anger in his voice.

“I think it will be fun… dangerous…. Yes…. but still fun…… and a little rebellious…. What’s so wrong with being a rebel. So brother…. Are you in or are you going to make your little sister become a pirate alone?”

Sirraco sighed, “wherever Sora goes, I go…. I’ll join your crew.”

“Awesome! I’m officially a Pirate Captain!”

“Wait! Like Ushio, I have a couple conditions. First, if Sora ever leaves so do I. And second….. If ever any of us feel the need to add to our conditions….. There will be no complaints.”

“Add all the conditions you need! Just as long as I get a crew!”

“Sense everyone is giving their own conditions I have one…. I get to continue managing our money.”

“I have one more condition or a suggestion rather…..” Ushio added.

“Alright, let’s hear it,” Shiro said eagerly.

“We make a bulletin board of our conditions for joining The Shiro Pirates. It will go in the caben of our ship for everyone to see that way none of us forget what each of us are here for and every new member will add their own conditions to the board.”

“I’m in,” Shiro agreed.

“Best condition yet,” Sirraco added.

“That makes all of us! Oh, I’ve got another one!! If we ever vote on anything it has to be a unanimous decision.”

“Absolutely!” Ushio said.

“There’s just one problem…. I don’t have a ship yet.”

“Yes you do,” I replied.

“I do?”

“Sirraco and I already have one, why get a new one? We can use some of the money we got from our last job and fix it up to be more pirate like.”


“Might as well it will be cheaper than buying a new one.”

“Alright then let’s go back to my house and get planing. But first I need to go tell Mark what’s going on.”


“Ushio. What can I help you with?” Mark said when I entered the market.

“Mark, there’s something important I have to tell you. Do you have a minute?”

“Sure. What is it?”

“Mark, you’ve always been like an older brother to me.

“And you’ve always been like a little sister, Ush. What its this about?”

“I’m leaving the Island indefinitely.”

“I see. This is about your mom isn’t it?”

“You know me well. I’m going with Shiro to become a Pirate.”

“What? But you hate pirates.”

“I know but it’s the only way I can think of to get information on Mom and stay remotely safe. Becoming a pirate is better than getting on random pirate ships and not knowing if or when I’m going to get home.”

“Yeah, that is a good point.”

“So I need a favor from you.”

“What is it.”

“Can you take care of the house while I’m gone and let me know if you hear anything from Mom or if she comes home. I know it’s a lot to ask but you know I wouldn’t if it wasn’t necessary.”

“I’ll do me best, Ushio.”

“Think you, Mark. We won’t be leaving for a few days. We need to do some work on the ship first.”

“If there is anything I can do to help let me know.”

“I will. Thanks Mark.”

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