Death's Saviour

By Skullwriter1166 All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter One: Dusk

My name is Dusk and I am what your world today describes as a Werewolf, however, I am no medieval werewolf, and this is no medieval werewolf story. I am what is called a Hellhound, or the Hellhound. My life’s story is a little gruesome as I have faced many trials, trials that have made me into the wolf that I am today. Trials, it is such a simple word that really doesn’t suit the story of my life but I’d rather not start if off with more blood than necessary. Instead I choose to start with the truth, I am a 18 year old Hellhound who lived most of her life in wolf form in an unknown forest.

I jolt awake and my claws slash through the night air as the after effects of the nightmare shake me. I shake as I finally regain control of my body and convince myself that the nightmare is no longer reality. The cavern floor beneath me is warm and dew drips from the entrance as the moon rises in a half crescent outside. I step from the cavern and let the moon’s rays light up my pale skin. I lied to myself when I told myself that the nightmare is no longer my reality, because it is a reality and it always will be. In fact it is not truly a nightmare, instead it is a memory, a memory that I have to relive in my dreams every single night. The memory of my death. I close my eyes and when I do I can see it all again.
Yesterday was mine and my twin brother’s 5th birthday. Mom and dad made us cake and my cousins came over to celebrate along with their parents. Thunder claps outside and rain splatters against my toes from mine and my brother’s open window pulling me from my soft sleep. The hair on the back of my neck stands up as a chill comes in through the open window and I huff. My brother must have left it open again, he does that sometimes when he watches the moon. A little ache of jealousy shoots through me, my brother had his first shift the last full moon and I didn’t. He is connected to the moon in the way mom and dad are and I’m not. I shove those thoughts aside as I know I will be soon and I love my brother. A scream rips through the house and I slap my hands over my ears at the ferocity of it. I recognize it is a wolf’s scream half-animal and half-human. Fear shoots through my bones and I tremble.

“Crane!” I call out to my brother’s sleeping form but he doesn’t answer.

Carefully I pull my cotton black blankets from my body and slide out of bed. I begin to tremble again as my feet touch the cool wooden floor beneath me. I move towards me brother’s bed and reach my hands out, I shake his sleeping form only to find it way too soft to be my brother. Yanking the blanket away I see pillow’s lined up beneath his blue blanket and confusion fills me, why would he line his pillows up like that? More thunder booms outside as the storm intensifies. A snarl rings through the house and using my wolf hearing I can pinpoint it to have come from the kitchen. Keeping my footsteps soft I move through our bedroom and creak open the door, I don’t see anything out of place so I move into the hallway. To my left is my parents room and their office that they keep all of the things they work on it, than past that is the back door which leads out into the backyard and my favourite place, the forest. To my right the hallway leads out into the family room and than the mud room, plus if I went all the way to the end of the hallway and into the family room to the left of that would be the dining room that we always eat dinner in. Near the end of the hallway to the right is another hallway off to the left which leads to the kitchen. I move into that hallway and noises reach my ears from the kitchen. They are sickening ripping and crunching noises. It’s noises like from the zombie movie dad and Crane and I watched just hours before. Zombie’s I can’t help but laugh at the notion of them, they are ridiculous creatures. One of human’s many more dumb creations, much like vampires.

“Please, please, Crane!” My father’s voice pulls my brain from it’s sidetracked thoughts as it vibrates through the kitchen door and to my ears.

I crouch to make less noise as I pull my body forward until I am just before the door. I almost squealed when my feet step into a nasty puddle of something thick and wet. I lightly dab my finger into the puddle and bring it up to my noise. The undeniable smell of metallic blood meets my noise and panic shoves up into my stomach and throat. This is a lot of blood, maybe dad cut himself badly. But he would heal, all wolves who use their powers regularly can heal at an amazing rate. Mom told me one time that there are wolves out there who don’t use their powers regularly, instead they let them go dormant until the full moons. I don’t understand those wolves, but mom said they were bad wolves who are trying to get all of us to bow to their rule. Ignoring the panic in my stomach and the blood on the floor I inch towards the door and slowly and quietly prop it open using my thumb. My night black hair spills over my shoulders and into my face, I brush it out of my eyes so that I can see through the sliver that I have opened the door. What I see sends my stomach rolling and I almost puke as tears well up in my eyes. My mother lays twisted and broken on the kitchen floor beside the door. Her eyes look out at the world lifeless and her guts spill out onto the floor as does her blood that I stand in. Her mouth is twisted into a snarl that doesn’t suit her and the first tears slide down my face as It hits me that my mother is dead. A white wolf stands beside her and it’s muzzle and paws are red with blood. A snarl twists my lips and I keep myself from baring my fangs at it. This is my mother’s killer, this male wolf who stands over her body like he owns the world. I flinch when another wolf prowls forwards and drags my father behind it by the tail. This wolf is a female, her pelt is also a brilliant white and her eyes dart over my dead mother in a laughing way. A smaller wolf follows behind them, it is a wolf I recognize and that sends my body into recoil. What is Crane doing with these wolves? The female tosses my father into the kitchen counter sending a rumble through it as he moans. He falls into human form and my stomach falls into my throat at the sight of his cut and bruised body.

“Why, why son?” My father croaks out and I notice that they are all changing.

I analyze the faces of the two adults so that when it is needed I can recognize them again.

“You are not my father, you never were. You and that women stole me from my true family when I was just a baby. You stole me from my birthright as being the next alpha of the white wolf pack!” My brother spits at my father and his voice is hoarse and filled with a malece that I have never heard before.

“You are our son, we never took you from anywhere. You were birthed by that women and now you’ve killed her!” My father growls and his eyes glow brown as his anger rises at my brother.

“Then how come I am the only wolf in this family with white fur? Tell me that!” Crane demands as he stands over father with clenched fists.

“It happens sometimes with twins Crane, it is possible Dusk will also have white fur.” My father explains but both of the adults scoff at him and Crane snarls.

“You and I both know that Dusk will have a black pelt. Have you seen her night black hair?” Crane asks in disbelief and then he turns away from my father and I notice one single tear streaking down his cheek.

“They are manipulating you Crane. They have picked on your biggest fear and they are using it to control you and make you turn on us. They will wipe out all that aren’t like them and they will use you to do it!” My father demands at Crane but his voice comes out more pleading them commanding and it is eerie.

“You lie!” Crane screams as he turns on my father and cuts his cheek with one slash of his claws sending blood splashing onto the counter behind them.

The two adults shift and move in on my father. He has no fight left in him and he will not beat these two wolves. He may be an alpha but he cannot possibly win against two alphas at once. Especially not with the look of peace he owns on his face as his eyes flicker to my mother’s body. A dark realization settles into his eyes and they flit right to me from where I crouch in the open door. I didn’t even realize that in my panic and pain I moved the door open and now hold my mother’s lifeless hand as tears streak my face and a small bubble of rage digs its way into my chest. His eyes meet mine and I see the fire reignite in them as he throws himself into the first wolf and punches it beneath the jaw.

“Run Dusk, run!” My father’s voice bellows as Crane turns and his eyes widen when he sees me crouched with our dead mother and clutching her hand.

He almost looks guilty for a moment as he looks me over. Then that look is gone as I watch the wolves flay my father to pieces as he buys time for me to escape. I turn and flee my feet sliding through the blood and over the wooden floor as I retreat down the hallway. I should run for the front door as I can hear toenails slide across the floor behind me as my brother gives chase. In my haste I make a quick turn for the back door instead and just in time as a wolf huffs as it slams into the wall. I run but there is no way I can outrun a wolf in wolf form. I give up on the back door idea as I turn into our room and slam the door quickly. A scratching sound instantly comes at the door and it rattles as Crane throws his weight at it. I turn quickly and scan the room for an escape I look at the open window and I know I have no choice. Taking a running start I launch my body through the screen of the window and land on the other side of the window on my ribs in the mud. I hear a crack but I have no time to consider what I have broken. I pull myself to my feet and take off across the muddy yard and bolt for the forest, if I can reach the forest I can hide. The full moon beats down from the sky above and suddenly a horrible pain digs into my whole body. I stumble and slow as my head spins and pain overwhelms me. No, this can’t be happening right now. I’m shifting for the first time. I fall as my body hurts all over and I glance at the forest desperately as I try to drag my body across the grass. I drag myself to the edge of the forest and I think I’m going to make it when I strong hand grabs me by the back of my neck and laughter rings through the night. I snarl and snap at the laughter but I can’t fight I’m in too much pain. I can feel my eyes glowing as I am turned and brought over to my brother and the women in human form. It is the man then that has me in his grasp. I struggle as his fingers hold me steady and drag me.

“Poor thing couldn’t even make it to the forest without giving up!” The man’s voice laughs and the high pitch of it makes me wince and I chuckle a little.

I flinch when a hand slaps against my cheek sending a new shock wave of pain to my brain and a deep sting into my bones.

“What are you laughing about girl?” The women hisses and I look up into her eyes and see my glowing ones reflected there.

“Are you sure your alpha male is truly that a male? His voice suggests otherwise!” I smile wickedly and she flinches but this remark earns me another slap that vibrates through my skull and makes my vision swim.

“Kill her Crane , she is the last tie to your horrible old life!” The male’s voice practically squeaks and I laugh again.

“I can’t she is innocent!” Crane says quietly as he looks at me and I snarl at him.

“She is not innocent, she is a monster. She is a black fur who dares taunts alphas for fun. She is a threat to your future. End her!” The women whispers in Crane’s ears and I spit at her and laugh when my aim is true and it lands square in her eye.

She screeches and wipes pathetically at her eye and Crane looks at me with a deep sadness. In my heart I know, I know he has decided what to do. He is going to kill me. I look at him in pure disbelief, then for the first time ever in my life I feel hate. I feel so much hate that it consumes me with a fiery rage and I look at my brother with new eyes. He is no longer my brother, he is my killer and he will pay for it. His hand shoves forward and I bite my lip to keep myself from giving my pain away as his fingers curl around my heart.

“I hate you, you will pay for this Crane. You are not my brother, you are a monster. You will be the death of all that is good in this world!” I cry out in pure anger as I slash my transforming hand down his chest and leaving a good long and deep cut that pours blood. However, damn my luck the cut isn’t deep enough to kill him as he looks up into my eyes with a new kind of awe.

“You’ve created this Crane! You deserve to die! I do not. Yet I will. Go ahead do it, death will find you and take you in the worst way for this!” I snarl and rage sets my veins on fire as I try to attack Crane again.

This time he steps away from me to dodge it and when he does so he takes my heart with him. Blackness consumes me and I can fly as I feel weightless. Death was swift for me thanks to my new boldness, swift when it could have been torture like my parents. Death owns me. Yet, I wish it didn’t. I wish somehow I could have lived and been the revenge that my brother and those alphas deserve. I would destroy their pack slowly and methodically. Yet death is where I am, and death is where I belong.

That’s what I thought when I died. But then before I could make it to heaven and my parents I was cut off by death himself. But he wasn’t alone as he approached me. With him came the most beautiful wolf I have ever seen in my life. Instantly I recognized her to be the wolf god that my father taught us so much about. And from that meeting the wolf god, death, a human girl and I came to an agreement. An agreement that brought me back to life. I am alive because I am to fix the world and bring revenge on the white furs for killing off all of my kind. I am also to find a way to bring peace if I can, at the wolf god’s request, but that one in my opinion is and option. So here I am, alive and hunting my brother and his pack down. I am getting revenge for his sins and my people. I am the only black furred wolf left. I am also the only Hellhound. See in death I learned that I had inherited powers from my parents bloodline. I inherited them from long ago ancestors in order to be able to be a wolf to my full potential. I am fire and hell in a package. I would say i’m like that movie with Nicholas Cage and how he becomes that fiery skeleton guy but I only get the fire. I don’t become like a skeleton thing, which is for the best because the fire is enough. Fire that lights up my palm against the night sky. I toss the ball of fire back and forth around in my hands for fun and then I shift into my wolf form. At least Crane got one thing right, my pelt colour. I am black as the night sky and I blend perfectly into the night and the shadows. I’ve tracked Crane’s pack back to his girlfriend’s house. Her name is Fiona, such an ogres name. I smile at my horribly cracked joke. Fiona is my target for the night. The white fur pack had dinner at her mansion tonight and my did they dine. But they dined on the wrong type of food, there was no deer, moose, or even any rabbit. I wouldn’t call it a dinner without those. I turn my lips up in disgust at the thought of their meal. Now they sleep in there beds. I come up to the mansion and peer through an open window. I smile as my nose never lets me down. I see Fiona curled up against my brothers chest. For a single moment she looks so innocent and that stalls out my plans. But then I think about how innocent I was and that brings back my fire. This is a necessary evil to show my brother that the new death in town means business and it is targeting him. I shift into my human form and glance down at them again.

“Fiona.” I whisper so lightly that the light wind carries my voice perfectly.

Fiona rolls against my brother and groans in her sleep.

“Fiona!” I call again lightly but this time I try the octave I have been practicing for the last three days.

My voice comes out perfectly and I know that I have nailed replicating her sister’s voice. I see Fiona stir and then I crouch beneath the window sill as she moves from my brothers side. She breathes out a huff as she comes to the window and looks out.

“Fiona!” I throw my voice out and project it as if I were in the forest and again I smile when it works.

I guess those athlete people father loved were not wrong when they said practice makes perfect. I notice Fiona looking out into the forest and she is torn between going back to sleep and going after her sister.

“Fiona, please!” I project again but this time I add a little more urgency to my tone and I know I’ve nailed it when she hurries from the room.

I move into the forest line as she comes outside. Silly girl is wearing her super expensive nightgown still and I laugh a little on the inside. I play her until I have her right where I want her. The lake in the forest of her parents backyard stands in front of her and the path through the forest is at her back. To the left and old bench sits coated in dew and to the right is an old gazebo twisted and cracked paint with age. The lake water is still with an eerie white tint from the moon above. Fiona calls out for her sister as she looks around wearily now. Good girl for finally sensing me.

“I think you and I might have gotten along if this were another life.” I state from behind Fiona and she whirls around to face me.

“Who are you?” She asks and her voice trembles which tells me that she can sense how dangerous I am.

“Good girl, be afraid of me!” I encourage and smile as it causes her to flinch before me.

“Where is my sister!” Fiona demands suddenly and her little bit of spunk sends a pinch of regret through me.

“Oh, her, yeah she is sleeping happily in her bed still, Fiona!” I explain in my practiced voice until I say her name at the end, saying that in my own voice really hits home how alone Fiona is to her.

“How do you know my name?” She snaps at me and again I feel that tiny pinch of regret as he spunk makes me like her.

“I know everything and anything that involves my brother, including his girlfriend!” I say in an annoyed tone and my eyes bore into hers daring her to know who I am.

“Dusk, but he killed you. He regrets that!” Fiona says in surprise and then she adds the last part and that makes me flinch.

I wasn’t prepared for he to say something like that. I don’t care if he regrets it, that’s his problem but this girl saying it makes my heart ache a little and I can’t afford that.

“He killed me and now I’m back to show him a Hellhound’s revenge. Sorry but this is going to hurt a lot!” I snarl as I look at this girl and I see a strange peace settle in her eyes as she understands exactly what’s going to happen.

The thought of her understanding so easily makes my heart clench and I almost can’t do it. But I must. I have to be strong for my kind, for my parents. I have to be strong for myself. I focus and scorch my fire up her lungs and across her heart burning her alive from the inside. A strangled scream tears from her lips and I rip forward and rip her throat out as I shift mid air. She dies instantly from both attacks and her body falls to a bloody thud on the ground. I stand over her for a few moments and I do her one kindness. I close her wide eyes for the last time.

“I’m sorry you had to be a part of this, you might have been a decent person. May the wolf god be good to you.” I say in a little mourning for her since she deserves it.

Then I turn away from her and in another perfect imitation I scream out Crane’s name using her voice. In the distance her house and family stirr and I know soon they will come across her body soon. Moving like a ghost I settle back into the shadows and wait for the carnage to begin.

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