A Blink of an Eye

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Charybdis is in a situation that he never expected to ever happen to him. He only has two years left to live. He's torn between his duties & beliefs. What will happen when truth slowly became lies? In the midst of destruction and death, Charybdis will find himself surrounded by lies and evil. Charybdis received his powers when he became a vessel, called Matella, eight years ago. At his eighth year, he discovered something that will make him question his own existence. An association started its move and their target is the Matella. Fortunately, brave warriors that protects the Matellas, the Salvatores are there for him. But what if instead of protecting himself from evil, Charybdis suddenly felt like he needs to protect himself from a specific Salvatore? Will he survive the last two years of his life or will he cease to exist earlier than what is destined?

Fantasy / Adventure
R.L. Keziah
3.8 6 reviews
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The Legend of Timore

In a different time and land called Fortis, there is a monstrosity that can carve mountains, dig volcanoes and suck dry the oceans in just a snap. The Timore, is what the people of Fortis called this entity.

Several hundred years ago, Evil threatened the peace of the land. The people had no choice but to rely on the power of the Timore. It is the only one in existence that can rival the power and sinister of Evil.

At first they had no means to control the monstrous power of the Timore. They just had to trust that the two powerful existences will destroy each other in conflict and the people had to live in constant fear and death.

They had to endure and hide, until the Salvatores arrived. They were four warriors who had the courage to face the evil and try to control the Timore. While they battle both the Timore and Evil, they successfully found a way to defeat both.

The four Salvatores found a way to control the Timore. They used a vessel that will contain the Timore and they will use that vessel to defeat the Evil. The vessel is revered as divine and called the Matella. They were neither female nor male. They’re believed to cease being a mortal but as a demigod.

The heroes were known as Bellatore, the strongest warrior; Felger, the lightning warrior; Aecor, the warrior of the oceans and Caelum, the wise warrior from the skies. The first Matella was also seen as divine and the real savior and known as Vortex.

Because of the four heroes of the Fortis and the very first and most powerful Matella, the people of the land finally left the life of fear and death. Their war with Evil lasted for almost ten years. And when exactly ten years passed after the Matella received the Timore, Vortex mysteriously disappeared.

After those events, several hundred years later, it is known that after becoming a Matella, the vessel will only have ten years left to live. When ten years passed, they will disintegrate into nothing because their bodies can no longer handle the strain of the Timore.

As times and seasons change, the Timore is now viewed as god by everyone. And as the times of destruction cease and peace is evident, the Land of Fortis was divided into thirteen nations. The Medietas, Avaritia, Ira, Ignavia, Ligurrio, Jacto, Magnitas, Miliuna, Nivalis, Calor, Rimor, Strages, and Obvenio. The Matella currently resides in the Temple of Heirus which is protected by the strong and brave Salvatores.

The people of Fortis now lived peacefully under the protection of the Matella and Salvatores while worshipping their God, the Timore.

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