Running Wild

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Chapter 2


Walking to class without looking back was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I sat in my seat just as the warning bell went. I sighed unable to get the many thoughts concerning the different new scents. Who were they? They must have been the new people I heard a few people whispering about.

As people started flooding into the class, I averted my gaze on the desk in front of me. I felt a few people scowl at me and heard a few more whispers regarding the new additions to college, why had they caused such a stir? As the teacher walked in and started one of his many boring lectures, I smelt it again. The scent that stood out earlier the one of mint, freshwater and the forest. It seemed to be getting closer, tuning into my hearing I heard footsteps down the hall. It was like they were taking steps closer to my heart.

As the scent got closer the harder it was to sit still, I took a deep breath as the footsteps came to a halt right outside the classroom door. No one seemed phased by this, that’s when I remembered they can’t hear his footsteps or smell his amazing scent. It was concerning how attracted my wolf was to this scent. I forced myself to stare at the teacher as he continued explaining, I had no idea what he was saying all I was concentrating on was the door. Yet I forced myself not to look, every one of my senses was focused purely on that door and the person stood on the other side of it. I was tense as I saw the door handle turn out the corner of my eyes. I looked down at the book in front of me, trying not to look up- it was torture.

All eyes turned to the door, I heard girls gasp and squeal to themselves. “Sorry sir I kind of got lost,” A husky alluring voice said. It sent shivers down my spine and the hair on my neck stood. I could feel the goosebumps spread over my arms. Feeling his gaze on me I looked up surprising myself. Stupid Aqua I thought as our gazes locked, his eyes widened. He was beautiful; he looked like a model right out of one of the billboards. My breath hitched in my throat as I took in his god-like features. His dark brown hair that almost looked black was so perfectly wavy with slight curls, short on the sides and back and longer at the top, suiting him perfectly, it was slightly dishevelled but still looked natural and amazing; his chocolate brown eyes that held so much mystery emotion and intensity that made him look even more breathtaking if possible; his sun-kissed skin gave him a defiant look. His dark blue t-shirt showed off what was obviously a muscly figure, with his broad shoulders and chest and biceps that almost made me drool. Almost.

The realisation hit me, I was staring, and he was grinning. Forcing myself to look away from him, I stared at the book open in front of me

“Just find a seat and sit down, this better not happen again,” Sir stated, “What did you say your name was?” he continued “Tyler,” the guy replied making his way to the seat behind me. My wolf was purring, she wanted to lean towards him. Get closer to him to inhale his aromatic scent more. My claws were itching to come out, I stared at my hands in horror. I gripped on to the edges of my table forcing my wolf to stay at bay, my head was pounding and so was my heart. Suddenly I felt self-conscious my hood was down since I’m not allowed it up in class. What was wrong with me? His name repeated in my head and my wolf seemed to be more attracted then anything. I was glad my breathing was normal but every breath I took his alluring scent set a million butterflies off in my belly and my wolf moaned and howled in delight.

All the girls in the class were staring at him, or turning around and shooting him suggestive looks, they were doing anything in their power to get his attention. I felt like throwing up at their antics. To my surprise, I realised I was slightly jealous, and my wolf was angered by this too. I had never been attracted to a guy like this before, yes I found guys hot and cute but this feeling was different my wolf was surfacing to him as well which really surprised me. His minty smell was intoxicating and at his proximity, I could smell a hint of chocolate and coffee too...His eyes were the most amazing shade of brown I had ever seen...and I just wanted to run my hands through his hair. What the hell was I thinking?

At that thought the bell rang, numbly standing up I grabbed my stuff and slowly made it out the door. At first, I thought I’d run out, but would that be a bit too suspicious and bring more attention to myself, which I definitely didn’t want. When I walked out, I took a deep breath, hoping to get away from the scent that seemed to have me in a trance; but as I breathed in, it seemed he was right behind me. I wondered how I even had the strength to walk straight, it was like my wolf was trying to take control of my body and just turn around.

“Tyler!” I heard Jennifer call as she came up beside him. Tyler groaned to himself lowly but with my hearing, I heard it. Or did I imagine it? Jen was the queen bee as you would say...blonde waist-length hair, hazel/green eyes and cheerleader. She usually wore skimpy clothes showing off as much skin as possible. Whatever the guys liked, I guess. I continued walking to my next class still listening to the conversation. She was throwing herself at him and he basically just rejected her by saying he didn’t want to be late and walking away. Wow...that was probably a first I thought to myself walking into Maths. Grinning at the fact he wasn’t interested in arguably the most wanted girl at college.

All through Maths, all I was thinking about was Tyler... everyone in the class was still talking about him or one of the other new students. He consumed every single one of my thoughts...his voice was like a melody to my ears, constantly playing, his eyes had me in wonder and his scent had me on edge. Everyone had their own scent heck I could know who was stood behind me without looking, it was like an identification but never had I come across a woodsy and outdoorsy scent similar to his or his friends who I still hadn’t seen but sensed earlier and him...even if he smelt more of mint, water flowing, forest and leave...there was something about him and the scents I smelled earlier, it was just too different as if beckoning me to question it.

I got up as the bell went signalling the end of Maths. As I was putting my books in my locker, I felt eyes on me. Taking a breath, I smelt his minty smell and the outdoorsy smell of two others. It must be the other new people. Closing my locker I slightly turned to them across the hall. Stood next to Tyler were two other guys, one had blonde hair that was perfectly spiked up and dark blue eyes, the other one had short brown hair and green eyes, and both were clearly good looking but nowhere near as alluring to me as Tyler. I looked at Tyler and held his gaze unintentionally; I sighed shaking my head and headed the other way down the hall, feeling their gazes on my back the whole way. My wolf yelled at me to go and talk to him at least introduce myself...but I was more concerned about why they were looking at me like that and why was Tyler looking at me in...that way


I walked into my next lesson chemistry two of the guys that were with Tyler earlier were there too. The blonde one was called Shawn and the one with brown hair was called Chris. Both made me slightly uncomfortable since I could constantly feel an eye on me as if they were just watching me. Lunch passed uneventfully I saw none of the new kids...maybe it had something to do with me being in the library not that I was bothered but my wolf was a great mess, she was curious about the people and was desperate to see Tyler again. There were still many thoughts running through my head about the new students particularly surrounding Tyler.

Walking to English Literature I was one of the first in the class again. I sat there still thinking as people walked into the class. I noticed two girls walking in, both looked flawless, one had emerald green eyes and red curly hair and the other one had the same eyes but brown curly hair they looked identical, that’s when I realised, they were obviously twins. They looked around finding the only free seats were the ones on either side of me. Both smiled at me and sat down on either side. I smiled back; they seemed to have the same woodsy bark like scent as well. The one with red hair turned to me, I didn’t look at her, but I noticed from the corner of my eye.

“Hi, I’m Ember,” she smiled I looked at her disbelief clear on my face, she gave me a confused look

“Are you okay, did I say something or do something wrong?” she questioned genuinely concerned and taken back by my expression.

“Erm no you’re fine I’m sorry, I’m not used to people talking to me...” I trail off hating the words that came from my mouth.

“Oh...” she replied

“I’m Aqua by the way,” I continued hoping she would be all right with my slight delay in reply and awkwardness earlier. She smiled brightly at me “Nice to meet you!” she smiled eagerly

“That’s my twin sister Coco,” she said gesturing toward her sister. I smiled at Coco

“I’m Aqua,” I told her. Both girls were extremely nice, we made little talk when we could. They seemed like genuinely nice people and I was happy they had chosen to sit next to me. All the guys in the class were watching the two girls, they were flawless and confident with themselves not giving any of the guys a second glance they weren’t even fazed by the dirty looks they were getting by some of the girls that were clearly envious of their looks and the attention they were getting. They just got on with their work or talked to me they were in fact fun to be with.

As we walked out of class, we made our way to gym both girls had gym too, so we decided to walk together. The hair on the back of my neck stood as I smelt the alluring mint smell, slowly but steadily it came closer. My heartbeat started to get faster both girls looked at me concern clear on their face. “Are you okay Aqua,” Coco asked putting her hand on my shoulder and giving me a concerned look. I just shook my head

“Yeah, its nothing,” I stated. The girls looked at each other and shrugged not sure whether to question me further or not.

“Hey baby,” I heard a voice whisper Coco giggled

“Hi Shawn,” she laughed Ember rolled her eyes

“Hey guys,” she said referring to the three boys in front of me. The boys who had been watching me earlier and the one boy whose thoughts I couldn’t get out of my head.

“This is Aqua,” Ember continued.

“I’m Shawn,” Shawn said holding his hand out I shook his hand

“Hey,” I replied

“I’m Chris,” Chris said winking at me. That’s when I heard a low growl I jumped back slightly unsure whether it came from me or if I imagined it. All the guys seemed to notice and stood stiff for a minute, I shrugged it off.

“Hey,” I replied rolling my eyes. That seemed to get them to relax.

“And I’m Tyler,” the familiar husky voice said. I forced myself to look at him, he seemed in a daze too.

“Aqua,” I replied taking his outstretched hand. We didn’t lose eye contact at all; I was so lost in his mesmerising eyes... and I could feel the rest of the guys staring at the two of us. The second our hands made contact a jolt went through my hand, electricity, the shock of it left me breathless I made sure to keep my features at bay...I stopped myself from pulling my hand away and kept my facial expressions calm whereas Tyler let out a shaky breath and his eyes were wide. He continued staring at me mystery clouding his eyes, feeling awkward for holding his hand too long, I reluctantly dropped his gaze and let my hand fall. I felt tingles in my hand where we had made contact. I looked at the rest of the guys all of them were just staring at Tyler and looked just as shocked and confused as he did. I rubbed my hands together not sure of what the tingles were. Ember was first to speak

“Let’s get to gym, we’re already late.”

They were all in my gym...It was interesting they

were all really good at sports and were very athletic and they were surprised to see how good I was...As I walked home after saying bye to the guys even if they offered me a lift I told them I preferred to walk and thanked them anyway. It was good and bad that they were in my gym class I was good at sports and loved all kinds and I was very athletic. It was one lesson that I loved. I think it had something to do with me being a wolf.

I then remembered the growl I had heard earlier before was one I made at times but no one was like mine...similar at least but I knew it hadn’t been me could it have been one of them? They all seemed to have heard it even if it was low. I recalled all the events from today...the way Coco and Ember smirked every time a girl or guy in the class said something about them that I knew I had heard but was too low to be heard by anyone else. How much they smelt like the outdoors and the forest...How the guys and the girls were so good at sport and how built the Boys were...this really got me thinking. Was it possible that one of them, or even all of them were like me?


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