Running Wild

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Chapter 3

Chapter 3


So, I have thought about it and finally come to a conclusion that…. No. They’re not…they can’t be like me, can they? I thought about it all the way home it’s the only thing that I could think about…besides the constant thoughts of Tyler, his brown hair that I just wanted to run my hands through, his amazing brown eyes and his alluring scent….

They probably moved from somewhere with a forest or woods, and they grew up there, I’ve not met anyone from out of town before so that’s why their scents are so different. The girls probably got good genes and work out and so do the boys, since all of them are built they go gym or use to go gym together. I’m so obsessed with knowing that I’m not the only one with a monster inside me, that I just convinced myself that it could be them.

Yeah that explains a lot. I realise I had been pacing my room and I took a seat on the bed. I felt a sudden urge to go out for a run. It was only six; Annie would be home at eight tonight since she has her presentation. I can go out for at least two hours. Running a hand through my hair, my scalp ached a bit from it being in a high ponytail all day and I decided to pull it out. I stood up, I was wearing purple shorts and a black vest top it will do.

Grabbing my i-Pod and headphones I went out onto the balcony and just sat on the rail and looked down at the ground. The wind was blowing, I wasn’t cold though. I never really got cold. I sighed as one of my favourite songs came on. Softly singing the lyrics to myself I thought back to today. How I had made actual friends that was a first. How I had met three really good-looking guys and actually made some maybe not a lot but a little conversation with them. One of which couldn’t get off my mind, Tyler.

He was just wow, how he carried himself like he doesn’t have a care in the world, how alluring and mysterious he seems. How his eyes hide so many secrets and show so much emotion yet he tries to hide it. I found myself smiling. Oh god, shut up I told myself. My mind went back to the sparks I felt when our hands touched, how sensual and ecstatic it felt. How I made it seem as though I didn’t feel anything. I was proud of that actually, how I held my emotions and held my facial expressions really well. His reaction did tell me that he felt it too, could it be one of the moments when your hands get static I wondered

‘Stupid’ My wolf exclaimed ‘what?’ I replied utterly confused she hardly ever said anything I was surprised she had said that ‘if wasn’t just static Aqua.’ She replied and then silence followed

I moved back into my room when it started getting dark and my wolf was calmer. Making my way to the kitchen I made myself a Nutella sandwich oh God how I loved these, I could literallt have a jar of Nutella and still want more. Luckily, I had a really, really good metabolism so I didn’t get out of shape. If I had a normal metabolism, I would probably be double what I am right now. Well atleast there were some perks if being a wolf. I laughed as I walked into the living room switching the T.V on. I smiled when I realised New Moon had just started, as weird as it was, I loved the movie, series. I know, I know I really shouldn’t, but I really did love the storyline of the whole human, vampire and werewolf thing and the different things in it and the Love factor of it. Maybe it was one of the few wolf-based things that I could watch and possibly relate too. Plus, Taylor Lautner is a pretty nice sight ‘not as mesmerising as Tyler though’ my wolf purred ‘you are something else?’ I laughed to her and once again got no reply. She was being very vocal today, which was confusing me.

Once the movie was finished, I turned the T.V off and stared at the screen. Annie had come an hour ago and went straight upstairs after saying hi and asking about my day. She was tired, I guess. Suddenly I had a headache and closed my eyes rubbing my head. Standing up I made my way to the kitchen, stumbling over my feet. I picked up my speed and quickly made myself a cup of tea and went back into the living room. I sat on the couch as my head was exploding. Drums were playing in there; I drank my tea not caring if I burnt my tongue that’s when my eyelids started to feel heavy and I fought to keep my eyes open but eventually they closed on me.


I woke up in the morning feeling really dizzy and confused. What happened? I thought back to last night and it dropped on me like a bomb shell. Literally, I fell back on the couch clutching my head as the pain returned just as worse as last night. Then all of a sudden it was gone. I breathed a sigh of relief and looked at the clock hung on the wall. My eyes bulged out their sockets I had fifteen minutes to get ready and get to College. Annie was gone so I did the only thing I could, speed.

Taking a shower and pulling on the new pair of purple ripped skinny jeans and a white t-shirt with a little silver butterfly on the left of the hem, adding a purple hoodie. For some reason I stood in front of the mirror cursing myself for hiding everything and not being confident or anything like Jennifer...I grabbed my I-pod and headphones, I ran out the house in a record time of 5 minutes. I sighed where did that Jennifer thought come from? Why that thought crossed my mind I don’t know…I shook my head and made my way to College just on time.

I walked into Bio just as the beginning of class bell went, I sighed in relief. Then the scent hit leaves, freshwater and coffee…I felt his gaze on me as I sat right in front of him since all the other places were taken. As sir started talking, I took my book out and placed it on my desk. I listened to him babble on about how important the animal kingdom was so on and so on…most of my attention was on Tyler well, thoughts and attention. His scent was killing me so intoxicating and my wolf purred and howled when he would take a deep breath, sigh deeply or even move in his chair. I was on high alert as if hearing all his movements allowed me to picture it in my mind.

As the lesson ended, I slowly gathered my books and turned just to face Jennifer, she scowled at me. Walking out I notice the minty scent hadn’t gone, where is he I thought to myself, but continued walking to maths. Whilst walking it happened again, my head exploded this time, I groaned and clutched my head, the world spun around me and I felt a pair of arms steady me as soon as they made contact a jolt went through my body I looked up to see who it was even if I already knew from the minty, fresh water scent but I wasn’t in College anymore.

I was looking straight ahead…Two people were walking down an aisle, a man about 6ft 4 with dark Brown hair and a suit on and a girl most likely his daughter, she had the same brown hair, it was put up in a neat bun and stray bits of curls were down the side of her face, she was wearing a beautiful white dress with frills at the bottom, net coating around the bodice and a complicated well designed pattern. I squinted and saw another guy, in the distance in a suit waiting for his bride, I couldn’t make out his face, I looked around I couldn’t make out any one’s face. No one even noticed me stood there…. I looked down at myself but saw nothing. Darkness surrounded me.


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