Running Wild

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Chapter 4


I opened my eyes to see a frightened worried pair of chocolate brown eyes, as our gazes met, my whole world stopped. His eyes showed relief and confusion, his hair looked so soft and touchable and his arms holding me felt so calming...the little electric jolts were just tingles now but my god it felt so good, it felt nice and more calming...the pounding in my head had gone and I didn’t remember what just happened. How was I in his arms? Wait I was in his arms oh god. A blush crept onto my face and I knew my face was scarlet, I jumped to my feet, but my legs gave out under me and his hands steadied me, the jolts seemed so natural and easy to ignore now and his eyes showed great concern. They were so mesmerising.

That’s when I notice Shawn, Chris, Ember and Coco staring at me with the same concerned and relieved expression. I forced a smile, leaning back on Tyler despite my best efforts no to; the tingles were sensual and made my heart beat faster. Somehow, they relaxed me, I didn’t’ care why they ignited every time we touched, I was just grateful for it.

“What happened?” I finally questioned confused and everyone turned to look over at Tyler,

“I saw you grab your head and it looked like you were about to pass out, so I was just coming over to ask if you were okay...but you just passed out on me...” he replied scratching the back of his neck. “I got worried so I called for the rest in case you needed medical attention or something,” He continued

“Oh my God! I’m so sorry,” I started saying but get cut off by Tyler

“It’s okay,” he chuckled

“Does that usually happen?” Coco asked curiously tilting her head to one side

“Erm no I just had a bad headache and I don’t know passed out I guess...” I trailed off just as I remembered the wedding that I saw. My breath hitched...was it a dream? It didn’t feel like a dream it felt too real too distant.

“Aqua?” Ember called

“Erm yeah,” I answered forcing a smile

“You just went pale and stopped breathing for a minute,” she said concerned

“Here why don’t you guys get to class, I’ll just go home and rest...” I suggested but yet again Tyler cut me off,

“No way, I’m not letting you go home on your own, the others will get to class I’ll drop you off,” He stated as a matter of factually, it was clear there was no room for argument, but I tried anyway

“No, it’s fine I can manage,” I said leaning on my own two feet and taking a step forward but miserably failing since my knees seemed to buckle under me; once again the Tyler steadied me and kept his arms around me giving me the support I needed. Well, this is embarrassing.

“I don’t think so,” he laughed

“Okay then,” I sighed knowing he was right

Ember laughed, I raised an eyebrow at her and gave her a questioning look

“You can’t possibly walk yourself, not even to the car,” she said laughing, Coco and everyone agreed and gave me a pointed look.

“Looks like Ty will have to carry you!” Shawn winked. Once again, I felt heat rush to my face as the thoughts of him holding me flew into my mind.

“I think I can manage,” I said matter of factually, I knew I was being stubborn.

“Sure, you can,” Chris laughed sarcastically. I stuck my tongue out at him and took two steps forward. ‘Don’t fail me now wolf,’ I thought to myself. Yes, I was walking. A smile tugged on my lips as I continued to walk towards the door. Ty was right behind me just in case I fell, not going to happen, I laughed. Just as I open the door and took a step out, I lost my balance and fell forward- I was going to faceplant the floor. I was caught around the waist by Ty as he pulled me back towards him. My back was pressed to his front and my wolf purred satisfied.

A smirk played on his lips and I knew a smartass comment was coming

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were just falling so I could catch you,” he smirked

“In your dreams,” I replied, it surprised me how much at ease I was and how easy it was to talk to him. “Oh trust me in my dreams things are a lot different,” he whispered into my ear and I could feel his warm breath behind my ear, that caused my body to freeze and my wolf to purr in satisfaction. Laughing he picked me up bridal style, breaking me out of my statue state. “This is so not necessary,” I groaned and attempted to kick my legs, I knew he wouldn’t put me down so I enjoyed the sparks that seemed to endlessly tingle between us. He opened the door to a dark blue, Nave BMW 3 series, it was a beauty. My jaw I took it in.

“Oh wow!” I exclaimed as he placed me in the passenger seat, he laughed as he got into the driver’s seat. “You like it,” he asked smirking “NO! I BLOODY LOVE IT!” I exclaimed...he smiled a cute smile showing his pearly white teeth and he pulled out of the College parking lot. I stared out the window forcing myself not to look at Ty, he was so easy to be around. Did I really just shout that? I was never like that around anyone...except myself or Annie and even in front of Annie, it was rare. I didn’t like opening up to people, and I never have. I cringed as I replayed my outburst, did he think I was strange? Did I make it too awkward?

“Aqua?” I heard Ty say

“Yeah,” I replied looking towards his worried expression

“I asked where you live?” he laughed

“Oh right,” I replied laughing too

I told him the directions and all too soon we reached my house. Knowing for a fact that Annie wasn’t home, yet I searched my bag for my keys.

“Parents not home?” he asked looking between the house and me

“,” I replied not making any eye contact and wanting so bad to say ‘my parents...’ I sighed reaching to open the passenger door, but it was pulled open by Tyler who somehow got out the car before I could turn around. Smiling at him I jump out the car. Facing Tyler, I saw the concern on his face.

“You sure you’ll be okay? I mean you did just pass out in College what if it happens again and no one’s home to notice?” He says clearly worried about my wellbeing. It was sweet he was so caring.

“I’ll be fine Ty, but if you’re still worried you can come in for a bit,” I replied refusing to look at him out of embarrassment. Oh my god...I just invited him into my house, where did that come I don’t want him in my house, do I? I was supposed to tell him to get back to class and I won’t pass out again. I last thing I needed was him to think I needed babysitting.

“That might be a good idea,” He said with a huge smile on his face I smiled too, god his smile was contagious. He followed me into the house, and we walked straight into the living room.

“Nice place!” he commented looking around the living room. The living room was made up of mostly greys and white. A large grey L shaped sofa sat in one corner the large windows that stretched at almost the same length as the wall itself stood behind it with thick white curtains hanging on either side. A single white fluffy chair was in the opposite corner to the L shaped sofa, and a flatscreen TV graced the wall across from the large L shaped sofa. A soft fluffy grey and white rug was spread on the floor between the sofas, with a grey stone finished coffee table in the centre. Floor lamps were placed on opposite sides of the room and small plants sat on smaller stone coffee tables that were on either end of the large sofa. The room was comfortable and homely.

“Thanks,” I smiled thinking of the effort Annie and I had gone through to find the stone tables that we loved so much.

“You want anything to eat or drink?” I questioned Tyler not sure what else to do

“No thanks, I’m good,” he answered sitting on the large grey sofa directly next to me. He could have sat anywhere but he chose to sit next to me. It made me happy that he wanted to be close to me.

We sat there in silence for a bit and I felt nervous energy around the distance between us. The gap was only about two inches, but it was extremely nerve-wracking. Both of us looked at each other and I couldn’t help but laugh and to my surprise, he laughed too.

“Tell me something about yourself Aqua?” He said leaning back on the sofa and looking directly into my eyes, “What do you want to know?” I questioned right back hoping he didn’t ask something I couldn’t tell him...because deep down I knew whatever he asked there was a big chance, I’d tell him.

“How about we start with the full name?” he asked, I took on Annie’s name when she first adopted me, I wasn’t sure what my birth surname was or even if I had a middle name.

“Aqua Jackson,” I answer cringing slightly it never sounded right to say it he seemed in thought after hearing my response as if he was trying to figure out something.

“What about you?” I asked after a few seconds “Tyler Aston Maddox,” he replied with a smile on his face , it sounded like a powerful name and he said it with so much pride, I couldn’t help but smile.

“Favourite colour?” he continued asking “Blue.” I replied he laughed, and I stuck my tongue out at him “You?” I question, “Red,” he replied we continued for a while and I found out that he was the oldest in his family and had a younger brother called Jaden, his favourite food is Spaghetti Bolognese, his favourite movies are any of The Fast and Furious, Avengers and anything like that he also said he watched anything, he moved from London, he’s not afraid of anything in particular and a few things caught me off guard though for the favourite movie when I said The Twilight Series...the second I mentioned twilight he could not stop laughing he laughed for like five minutes non-stop and when I asked what was so funny he never answered.

“What’s your favourite animal?” he asked

“Wolf,” I replied without thinking but then regretted it he had a huge grin on his face after that and when I asked him, he told me his was a wolf too. I didn’t really want to question it, in case he questioned me, so I just sat there.

“When are your parents going to be back?” he asked a few minutes after the silence passed

“Annie...she’ll be back at about six,” I answered hoping he wouldn’t question who Annie is and to my relief, he didn’t. I had noticed he didn’t push for answers and I knew he was dying to ask but I couldn’t tell him not yet at least, people tend to see you differently when they find out something like that they feel sympathy and pity and give you that look as if they know what you’re going through. I knew Tyler might not do that and I knew that I could trust him, but I didn’t like bringing it up.

“You can go if you want,” I said meaning it and not meaning it at the same time, I wanted him to stay I felt at ease and happy whilst surrounded by his presence.“It’s okay, I’ll wait a bit,” he smiled

I looked at the time it was only 15:05 we were just talking for that long; we had some sandwiches’ and orange juice too. I turned on the TV and just flicked through the channels. I really needed to get my mind off Tyler who was sitting right next to me. I felt this connection to him that I couldn’t even explain...I wanted to touch him and hold his hand, hug him and every time he laughed I got butterflies, when we made any contact at all electricity shot up my arm leaving the tingles that I was starting to love, I’ve been ignoring them and making it seem like I didn’t feel them from the start and he was doing it as well but I knew he felt it. It’s not like he gave it away...I just know. Oh my god...I’d been staring at him for the past 10 minutes I blushed and looked straight at the TV.

Eventually, I fell asleep I don’t know when, but I woke up to the phone ringing, it was Tyler’s I quickly jumped up. I was leaning on Tyler’s shoulder, who knows how long I had been asleep like this. I felt really embarrassed. Looking at the time I sighed 18:25, “Sorry,” Tyler apologised for waking me up I just nodded still a bit dazed and half asleep.

“Yeah Shawn?” he questioned; I know I shouldn’t have but I eavesdropped into the conversation

“Ty, where are you?” Shawn asked slightly concerned

“With Aqua, at hers why?” he replied on full alert now

“Well it is half six your Dad was getting worried and I didn’t know what to tell him whatever it is I’m sure you can tell him yourself whenever you want, I just told him you were with a friend,” Shawn spoke, explaining the situation to Tyler.

“Yeah, I’ll tell him later and thank you Shawn I’ll be home as soon as possible,” Ty said saying goodbye

“Annie not home yet?” I asked him even though I could sense that there was only Tyler and myself in the house.

“No, not yet Aqua,” he answered. I sigh as I pulled my phone out my pocket, 3 messages

Annie: Hey love might be late tonight, be home by 9 at the latest, will you be okay?

Annie: Got a message from College saying you came home early because you felt ill, how are you feeling now?

Annie: I’m guessing you got home and fell asleep, call me or text me as soon as you wake up, love you

“She’s going to be late,” I said and pushed my phone back into my pocket.

“You go Tyler, I’ll be fine,” I assured him knowing that his dad was waiting for him at home.

“Are you sure?” he asked looking doubtful, he obviously didn’t want to leave me alone and he was concerned about me.

“Yep,” I replied popping the p “I’ll be fine, I just clearly needed a day off,” I laughed

“You going to come in tomorrow?” he asked

“Yeah, not much to do at home anyway,” I smiled

“Text me if you need a lift in the morning, don’t think you should walk tomorrow...not when there’s no one to catch you,” he winked

“Here show me your phone Mr.Smartass,” I said laughing as I typed in my number and handed it to him saving my name as Aqua, he smiled

“Here I just texted you, just so you have my number too,” he grinned just as my phone vibrated in my pocket. I pulled it out and laugh at the message

Don’t fall when I’m not there to catch you ;) - Smartass

“Thanks,” I laughed as we both stood up making our way towards the door.

“You are sure you’ll be okay...right?” he questioned concern clear in his voice

“Yes! This is my house you know!” I laughed

“Just making sure,” he said

“I know...” I trailed off, he sounded genuinely concerned, it was so sweet

“Just text me if you need anything,” he said again

“Tyler! I just passed out I didn’t get hit by a car or something! I’ll be fine!” I laughed

He cringed and made a painful expression at what I said, but he quickly hid it, that was strange, did I just imagine that?

“I know,” he shrugged...

“You okay?” I asked suddenly concerned about him

“Yeah...I’m fine, see you tomorrow,” he smiled walking towards his car.

Huh? I stared at him as he walked to his awesome car as he got in the car, he waved at me and drove away

Locking the door, I ran up to my room. I looked at the mirror self-conscious, my hair was a mess...and my clothes were slightly creased... I sighed for some reason I wanted Tyler back I didn’t feel as safe as I did when he was here...My wolf wanted him back here too...My wolf was mentally insane at this point. I could hear my heart beating like a drum and my palms were getting sweaty. My legs feel like I hadn’t moved them in ages. I quickly changed into a green tank top and a white pair of shorts. I ran onto my balcony and froze.

“What the hell...” I whispered to myself


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