Painted Scars (The Millennium Wolves 03)

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Chapter 10

At first he didn’t react. I didn’t move, just pressed my lips softly to his. Then, as if something switched in both of us, his hands were gripping my face my hands flew to curl around his shirt, pushing him closer.

Electricity sparked through my veins when his lips smashed mine under, and I closed my eyes, tears still streaming out of them, hanging onto his shirt with everything in me, the pain on my cheek gone. His heat engulfed me. His palms on my face, cupping it, were brass yet their friction with my skin caused my heart to beat so hard, I was sure he could hear it.

He didn’t deepen the kiss. Neither did I, even though I so badly wanted to. Instead, like an unknown force was in play, I found my hands gliding up his torso and clinging onto his shoulders. My body moved on its own, pressing against his, shoving farther into him, as if the physical contact could help me bring down his shields.

His lips were suddenly off me and then, giving me an unreadable look, he pulled his hands away and grabbed my wrists, gently taking my hands off him. I looked at him, my soul cracking when he rose onto his feet and wiped his mouth. “I need to go back. You, too. Eve and Rafe will probably have questions for you.”

Reality slammed into me and almost knocked me out. Right. Eve and Rafe were going to find out about what I’d done, and their trust in me would be broken.

But that was only a minor problem considering the fact Shade didn’t want to fight for me, for a mate. I decided to do everything to get him to be mine, I know. But I didn’t think my wolf would be able to take it if I couldn’t make any more progress. If my kiss seemed to be such a disgusting shock.

Without saying a word, I shifted. In my wolf form, I sent Shade a look, and he stared blankly back at me. Averting my gaze, I padded away from him, then ran.

I needed to run off everything that had just happened before I face off the Alpha of the Millennium and his Devil.

I returned to where I’d abandoned my bike and drove back to Lumen. I had no idea how Shade was going to get back, but I didn’t care. I couldn’t care about him right now. I needed to focus on the matter at hand and not at my emotional state.

When I pulled into the Pack House’s parking lot, I felt that something was not right. I couldn’t put my finger on it; something in the air felt wrong to me. Taking off my helmet, I went inside the Pack House and at the lobby, my heart skipped a beat.

Martin Long was pacing, eyes wide and frightened. Anya sat anxiously on one of the chairs in the lobby, Daphne sitting next to her and holding her hand. Eve was on the phone, speaking too softly for me to hear, and Rafe was pinching the skin between his brows while Gabriel, Zavier, Zach, and Shade, who somewhat arrived before me, were talking lowly with him.

When I entered the room, I saw Eve sending me an almost evil glare. She wasn’t the only one; Omar, who’d just walked into the room with Juniper at his toe, sent me a low-key glower, and the rest of the werewolves in the place didn’t seem overly welcome to me. Even Gabe, whose eyes looked at me with disappointment.


“Call me as soon as you know something,” Eve murmured into the phone and then walked toward me purposefully. “Reyna is missing.” She said without missing a beat.

I blinked in surprise. That was not what I’d expected. “How long has she been gone?” I thought the thing with the Morgans settled after everything that happened. Reyna and Anya went to school, were seemingly content, even if Reyna had been a little withdrawn and introverted. It just looked like her personality.

“She ran away,” Eve said lowly, eyeing me with open suspicion. “We don’t know exactly when. She was at school, then Sophia said she couldn’t find her anywhere after school ended. She thinks she escaped around lunch time, and that she wasn’t alone.”

Double fuck. “You’re going to look after her?”

Her eyes, which were normally an icy-blue, suddenly changed to brutal violet. “I would have, if I didn’t agree to leave the protection of the Morgans to the wolf.” She’d said that last part loudly, and I glanced at Rafe, who scowled at the accusation. Uh oh. The “it” couple fighting was not good right now.

“Okay, so I’m guessing the sentinels went after her,” I said, trying to understand what was going on.

“Yeah, well, until she’s found, we need to have words,” the violet in her eyes flared. “You went to the Red Market. Have been doing so for the past few months. Am I correct?”

There was a sudden silence in the entrance hall. I could feel eyes on me. This was the time I was supposed to come clean. I thought I’d covered my tracks well but I hadn’t, it seemed. I needed to own up to my stupid mistake. Yet, the coward in me took over. “Aren’t we supposed to be focusing on Reyna? She’s the would-be queen of California. She might be in danger.”

Raphael seemed to snap at hearing me say that. “I trust Miles to bring her back safely with the sentinels. Until that happens, let’s kill the time we wait with you telling us what the hell you’ve been doing in the Red Market and how the fuck it relates to Snow.”

They were on me like I suspected. I found myself glancing at Shade, and saw that he wasn’t looking at me, instead staring at the grand window of the hall. He was listening, but he wasn’t going to help me. He wasn’t going to act like a mate should.

The pain was too real now, and my wolf went into a sudden shock. It finally computed into her brain that Shade was rejecting us.

But I couldn’t concentrate on that now, and I wouldn’t. I needed to first tell Eve and Raphael what was going on. I needed to tell them about Snow. They wouldn’t rest until they found out what was going on.

Just as I was about to speak, bracing myself for their wrath, the doors opened and inside ran Miles, a bleeding Reyna in his hands, and behind him the stupefied sentinels. “She’s dying!” he yelled.

Instantly forgetting about everything, everyone in the hall went to Reyna. Miles put her down on the floor and as Daphne and I knelt beside her, both of us checking her pulse, we knew. “There are too much wounds all over her,” Daphne whispered as she began checking her body, “even if you get me my first-aide kit I don’t think I can help her.”

“Can’t you fix her?” Martin was there, cradling Reyna’s unconscious head, silent tears filling his eyes. “Aren’t you a healer? The Healer of the Millennium?”

Daphne’s lips quivered, her eyes filling with sadness. “I can only heal werewolves. Healers only heal werewolves. Reyna isn’t one.”

"Fuck!” Eve screamed and something behind was smashed. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

“Do you know who did it to her?” Juniper asked, eyes also watery.

“No,” Miles said, his voice as emotionless as ever since he lost his mate, “there’s not scent over her. Someone covered his tracks.”

There were a few techniques to cover scents from object or people. Whoever hurt Reyna, it was obvious they knew we wolves were keeping an eye on her.

Something occurred to me then. While I didn’t know who Webb was yet, I did know I got something from him. Something that wasn’t human nor wolf. He gave me to this world through a curse, but gifted me with extremely strong healing powers. Maybe... Maybe it was time I delved deeper into that.

I remember my experiments when I was little, experiment Daphne and I kept a secret from everyone. It’d worked on her, a werewolf. I didn’t know if it would work on a human. But nothing about me was normal. Nothing about my birth circumstances was normal.

I had to try.

“Daphne,” I said lowly, raising my eyes to her agonized ones. “I need you to bring me my violin.”

She tensed, her eyes widening. I tried to convey to her my thought, my plan, through my stare. She jerked as she understood. Rising suddenly on her feet, she ran out of the entrance hall and up the stairs.

“Where is she going?” Raphael suddenly asked, his eyes following Daphne as she disappeared upstairs.

I could hear Martin’s sobs as he rocked Reyna’s head. “She’s bringing me something that might help,” I answered his question.

When Daphne came back, I rose to my feet and realized I was covered in Reyna’s blood. I was still naked, you see, and my skin was now splotched. Thankfully, Daphne brought with her some of my clothes and I put them on, the jeans and tee, before grabbing the violin case from her.

“Everyone move,” I said as I pulled the violin out of the bag. My eyes collided with Martin’s shocked ones. “I need you to move. I’m going to try something to save her.”

He gritted his teeth but nodded, pressing a kiss to Reyna’s forehead and putting her head softly on the ground. He then stepped back along with everyone. I could feel their stares burning on me, while Daphne paled. She knew what I was going to do and she didn’t like it one bit.

I took bow in my right hand and the violin in my left. With the nails on my left hand, I pierced my inner right arm, drawing a line of blood. Without looking away, I smeared the blood from my arm onto the slim horse’s hairs on the bow, painting them red. Once that was done, I walked so I was in front of Reyna’s dying body, got into position, closed my eyes, and played.

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