Painted Scars (The Millennium Wolves 03)

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Chapter 30

Things were peaceful for a while and it was the last week of July when I decided it was time to face my parents.

Shade and I, along with Daphne, were invited to dinner with them in their house. We all accepted and arrived together around eight. My mother, Lyra, opened the door, looking as pretty as she always did; chestnut hair and big blue eyes. She greeted us with a warm smile and let us inside. My father, Cyrus, was waiting for us there and smiled a little strained smile when he saw me. I could figure out why.

Once we were seated near the dinning table, my mother said, “I’m so glad you’ve come home safe and sound.”

I nodded. “I’m glad, too.”

Dad looked at Shade. “And you’re the mate. The Gamma, right?”

Shade nodded without speaking a word.

My parents exchanged glances and when Mom’s landed on me, our gazes locked. It seemed like we had some sort of silent conversation but I didn’t have any idea what it was about. When her eyes turned misty and she suddenly cried out, I tensed.

“What’s wrong, Mama?” Daphne asked at once, worry etched into her face.

She looked at me, sniffing. “I’m sorry, Daisy,” she whispered, “I’m so sorry.”

And I knew what she was apologizing for without her saying so. I could see it in her eyes. It was as obvious as the sun what she and my not biological father thought of me now.

It slashed a piercing pain through my heart to know that. And I had to get it out, vocalize it to bring the point home. “You were glad when I was kidnapped,” I said, somewhat numbly, “you were glad, in a dark part of your heart, that I was going through what Lyra had twenty-four years ago.”

Neither of them responded. Neither denied it. And I knew that I could go on with this parade. I gave Daphne half a smile and hugged her stupefied form. “I love you, and I know you love me. We’re sisters, whether or not your parents are mine. And the they’re not mine.”

My mother felt justice, having the daughter of her rapist going through rape as well. What she refused to acknowledge was that I was her daughter too. That little piece of info seemed to erase itself in her mind, it seemed. And Cyrus... he’d never been my father to begin with. He didn’t have the need to feel love for me. If anything, he might resent me even more than my mother.

Taking Shade’s hand, I led him out of that house without saying a word. But I didn’t need to speak; Shade understood. He took me to my room, now ours, and held me through the night, making love to me when I asked, and tenderly kissing me to forget the pain of this evening.

It would take time to accept the fact I just disowned myself from having parents. Like it would take time for everything else to get fully settled.

But while my dramas were over, it didn’t mean everyone was in the same place. Because, as it happened, the walls of the Pack House shook and screams echoed through the barely awoken hallways.

Shade and I needed to only glance at each other before we jumped out of bed, threw clothes on ourselves, and ran to the direction where the screams came from. It appeared to be the Morgans’ rooms.

For the past few months, as Martin and his daughters stayed with us, nothing of the like occurred. But as Shade and I opened the door and saw a person with black cloak and hoodie having Anya draped over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes, we realized something was very wrong.

Eve and Raphael came in right after we did, and Eve let a hiss and I felt my skin growing goosebumps. I felt the force of sheer power shoving beyond me and hitting man who had Anya in his arms. It was telekinesis, I realized.

But for an odd reason, the man in the cloak wasn’t bothered by it. I could see his grin behind his hoodie before he jumped out of the window, Anya still in his hands

“You’ve got to save her!” I said, looking at both Shade and Raphael. Horror dawned on me when I fathomed what was going on. Anya was barely fifteen, almost sixteen, and she looked like a pretty doll. That didn’t look promising on her part and I felt sick just thinking about what would happen to her if we can’t stop her.

Shade and Raphael didn’t think twice; they both shifted into wolves and jumped out of the window right after the kidnapper. Eve shot me a look, said, “Make sure the other Morgans are all right,” and took after them as well, a pair of black, featherless wings spreading out of her shoulder blades.

Since I had zero knowledge in the field of violence and pursuing kidnapping – which was ironic, thinking of it now – I did as she asked and went into Martin’s room first. What I found made my blood run cold. He was lying on the floor, blood spilling out of his head.

That was not what I expected and it sent a warning bell through my head. I walked toward him with a beating heart, gulping, and crouched near him. Then I put my hand on his neck and felt for a pulse, anything to indicate he was okay, that he would still be alive.


There was no time for tears so all I let myself do was cup his head in my hands, close my eyes, and pray he would be safe in the afterlife.

With a heavy heart, I let him stay there and went to search for Reyna. Meanwhile, others came into the room, and I told them about what had just happened. There were shocked gasps and growls filling the room, but I had no time to deal with it. Reyna had to be found or everyone would lose it.

She was the queen-to-be of California. She needed to be safe.

I began searching for the girl everywhere in the Pack House. I started with the kitchen, then the Dinning Hall, the lounge, the library, other rooms. Eventually, I found her in the backyard, of all places, looking up at the moon with an odd look in her emerald eyes. “Reyna,” I said, my voice raspy, “let’s go back inside. Some things happened that you ought to know about – “

“My dad is dead,” she said, yet her voice was completely normal. No sorrow or agony, no hollowness or even numbness. It was like she’d just talked about the fact it was almost August; like it meant nothing in particular but it was a good knowledge to have.

That was not what I wanted to hear. Not at all.

“Reyna,” I tried again, gritting my teeth, “come inside with me.”

She suddenly looked at me, her gaze sharper than I saw before. “I think it’s my cue to go.” She said, and I realized she wasn’t entirely here with me. She rose on her feet, her jeans muddied and her tee rumpled, and gave me a pitying look. “Don’t try to lose you dignity by stopping me. Not that you could if you tried.”

“What – ?” I was speechless. The nerve of this girl never ceased to amaze me. I was about to yell at her when for my utter shock she simply turned her back to me and ran into the woods beyond the backyard.

And it wasn’t just running. It was almost like she glided across the grass, her feet a blur, barely touching the ground.

I was left standing there in shock. The shock soon dissipated when I felt a tug in the mating bond from my mate, calling me to be back with him. I gave one last look at the woods, at where Reyna had gone off to, and wanted to slap myself. Why didn’t I run after her? Why did I let her escape?

But I knew why. Because that wasn’t my job, and Shade would not be so happy with me if he learned I began chasing after the girl, especially now that we only recently found some sort of peace in the midst of all this disaster.

Fearing Eve’s reaction when I told her about Reyna and Martin, I ran back inside the house and went to the Entrance Hall, where Shade, Raphael and Eve had returned to. Their eyes were ablaze with rage. The Millennium Wolves crew were there too, and my pack higher ups as well.

“We don’t know who it was that took her,” Raphael said without preambles, “but we’re pretty sure it’s a Deity. One of the two we all can’t stand.”

Fucking shit. “You couldn’t follow him?”

“The bastard teleported,” Eve snarled and Raphael put an arm around her. She tensed, something that wasn’t so natural in the relationship between the two of them, and I noted she didn’t return his hug. “With Anya.”

I came to stand next to Shade and grabbed his hand. “On that note, you might not like to hear what I found out.” I said, grimacing.

Eve’s fiery gaze snapped to me. “What did you find?”

“Martin Long’s dead,” I said, the words absurd to my ears. “His body’s in his bedroom.”

Zachary and Omar nodded at me. “We’d already took him away,” Omar said, reassuring, “but where is Reyna?”

“She...” I said, taking a deep breath and closing my eyes so I wouldn’t have to see Eve enraged farther. “She ran away.”

“Fucking teenagers,” Eve sniped, her angry voice ringing in the room. She came and grabbed my shoulders and I was forced to open my eyes and look at her desperately furious ones. “Where did she run away to?!”

“I have no idea,” I said, feeling deeply sad for her, “but something tells me it’s best if no one comes after her. You should’ve seen how she ran. It was like...” I shook my head. “It was like she was a ghost floating through the night. And she was faster than anything I’d ever seen.”

“Fuck,” Raphael’s growl filled the air, causing all werewolves to freeze. He was truly angry now, and everyone felt it, cowered from it. “We’ll have to do it like this, then.”

Eve let go of me and watched as her mate went to the middle of the room and gave everyone a dead-serious look. “Eve, Omar and Zavier. Get ready for a long trip. We’re going after the two girls. Shade,” he looked at my mate, “you’re in charge while I’m gone. I’ll brief you shortly about some things that you ought to do in my place. Gabe, make notice that Shade is my replacement. You’re to cooperate with him. Daisy,” he looked at me, “I’m sorry, but I need you as a head healer sooner than I wanted. Are you up to it?”

“Yes,” I said immediately, “I’m fine. I’ll do it.”

He nodded. “Good,” then he looked at Juniper, his Spymaster, and said, “I think you should check on your brother once we finish her,” he told her, “because I have a distinct feeling he’s going to get a visit soon from our escapee.”

Juniper paled. “Jed is not led by his balls.”

“We shall see,” Raphael murmured ominously and then went to Shade, passed him a note, talked quietly to him so only he could hear, probably briefing him, and then took off with Eve and Omar on his tail.

Shade seemed a little stunned, but then he regained his focus and looked around the hall. “I need you all to start making calls. We need to insure we have enough food, drinks, and everything else.”

“What?” Gabe asked, looking confounded. “What are you talking about?”

“It’s the Alpha of the Millennium’s orders,” my mate said, his face turning grave, “Until the Morgans are found, dead or alive, Lumen is under siege.”

And thus, while Shade and I were content in our life together, I knew that for two girls, their previously content was truly over with.

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