The Hybrid

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Chapter 17 - Hot & Heavy

Currently I’m dangling from the balcony with my grip tight on the rope of sheets I have made. Yeah, I have a death wish.

I ease myself down before yelling out in panic when I hear the door burst open and a familiar voice roar my name. Hearing his footsteps draw near, I don’t have to wait long before Vulcan leans over the balcony to look at me with furious green eyes. I laugh sheepishly before waving to the couple of guards and Nikolai standing below.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing, little mate?!” Vulcan thunders from above making me grimace at what is to come.

“Hey! I’ll have you know that I am of average height mister!” I shout, pointing at him before gripping the rope again.

I ignore him and ease my way down the rope, my knuckles turning white with how hard my hold is. Vulcan’s house is three storeys high and if I fall from here, I will surely end up in the hospital. Thankfully, the wind isn’t blowing today and the boys are standing off to the side where they can’t see up my skirt.

Finally, my feet touch the ground and I smile in satisfaction, looking up at my masterpiece before groaning when two hands suddenly grip my hips. Based on how sparks and tingles practically explode all over my skin, I know exactly who it is. He turns me around to face him, a scowl etched onto his lips and his eyes darkening by the minute.

“I can’t leave you alone for one goddamn second, can I?” He fumes, pulling me back to his house by the hand. “For fuck sake Aurora, you could have fallen!”

“Nah, the knots were pretty tight!” Nikolai cuts in, following behind us while the guards disperse to wherever it is they are usually stationed.

“Do not encourage her!” I manage to high five Nikolai before he leaves me to be dragged to my doom.

I find myself back in his bedroom again with him pacing in front of me while I sit on the edge of the bed. Keeping quiet seems like the logical thing to do once I see how angry he is. So, I let him grumble to himself and shoot me furious looks from time to time.

“What the hell was that?!” He rages, bending down to look me in the eye.

I would be lying if I said I’m not fearful of the true extent of his anger. “That, was me trying to escape. I mean it’s pretty obvious.”

“You are staying here.” He growls, making me scoff and push him away.

“I most certainly am not! This is kidnapping!”

“You are my mate -”

“I can be your mate from my apartment-”

“It’s too dangerous!” He yells, making me shut up.

His chest heaves up and down as he pants, trying to control his breathing. His eyes that were once a dark green are now obsidian with streaks of red flashing through them as if begging to come to the forefront. I can tell that he’s trying to calm down but it doesn’t seem to be working with the way he pinches the bridge of his nose and the constant growls that escape his lips.

“You will stay here and this is the last time we are having this conversation!” He grits out before making his way out of the room and slamming the door shut.

I jump in surprise at the sound before letting out a yell of frustration. Just before this, he had taken my phone away when I tried to call Damon to come and collect me. Now, I have no device available to me and I’m stuck in this damn place.

Dawn has turned to dusk and I have had enough. There is absolutely no form of entertainment in this house and whenever I tried to leave with Nikolai to go to the pack house where the game room is, the guards would end up hauling me back inside. In the end, I had told Nikolai to go without me with a dejected sigh.

Vulcan himself has gone out to attend a pack meeting, as the guards told me, leaving me to mope around the house by myself. The second I heard the slam of his car door, I had sprinted back upstairs and refused to come out. Not even when he called me for dinner and that was saying something. Aurora Maxwell never skips out on food. Food is life!

Sometime later, around nine at night, I slip out of my clothes and pull one of Vulcan’s soft white t-shirts on, the item almost reaching my knees since he’s so tall. Sighing, I walk into the connecting bathroom and am just about to turn on the shower when the sound of the door opening alerts me. I straighten with a frown when the door closes with a thud, and when I start to take a step in that direction, Vulcan suddenly appears before me.

Screaming, I rest my hand on my chest, feeling the beat of my heart race. His expression doesn’t change, instead it remains stony as he looks down at me with his green eyes darkening at the sight of me in his clothes, barefoot with disheveled hair.

I watch in fascination and awe as specks of gold rise to the surface, like an energy saving light bulb being switched on and taking its time to brighten. His eyes are quite like that right now; the gold hue is taking its sweet time to turn intense.

I swallow hard, a certain warmth shooting through me at the smoldering look before turning and walking right back to the sink. Picking up the ivory colored towel that had slipped from my grasp when I had heard the door open, I hang it on the rack. I can still see Vulcan staring at me from the corner of my eye and it’s making me quite nervous.

“You are not asleep yet.” He states but it comes out more like a question. I look up to find him gazing at me in confusion with his thick brows furrowed and arms crossed intimidatingly.

“I intend to sleep in my own bed. Like always.” I reply, stubbornly.

A fire blazes in his eyes, wild and untameable and I know what’s coming next. “You are staying here.”





“I am not agreeing to this one.”

He growls darkly, making me uneasy at the sound. A weak whimper escapes my lips when he slams his hands on the wall behind me and leans closer to my face. “If I have to tie you to the fucking bed I will do just that but you are never leaving me. It would be in your best interests to listen to me instead of being stubborn.”

I glare at him before pushing him away, huffing in anger. He stumbles slightly, out of surprise, and I make a run for the bathroom door in an attempt to escape. Although I know just how useless an attempt like that is, it doesn’t hurt to try.

An arm shoots out and wraps around my waist, slamming me back into a rock-hard chest. Heavy breaths kiss my exposed shoulder and I can feel the planes and ridges of his abs as he presses me against him, tighter. I almost moan in delight at the sensation of tingles exploding on my skin at the contact. It makes it much harder to control myself when my brain instantly turns into mush around him.

Struggling, I push him away once again and back up a few steps. His eyes are now dark to the point where I can’t decipher if there is any green left. His body trembles slightly and his fists are clenched to the point where his knuckles are a stark white, contrasting with his perfect tanned skin. I gulp harshly and move back, until I realize in horror that I have backed up into the shower.

As if realizing it too, Vulcan smirks dangerously, yet a hint of anger is still shining in those dark orbs of his. He stalks forward with a predatory glint in his eyes and I realize with a start that I’m the unlucky one in this situation; his prey.

“V-Vulcan...let m-me g-go.” I croak, my throat suddenly becoming dry at the look he’s giving me.

It’s almost like he’s ready to pounce and devour me whole but instead, he decides to drag it out and make me sweat, he wants to play a game that has me submitting to him in the end.

He cocks his head to the side, edging forward with each shaky breath that escapes my lips. Every step that he takes, I take one in the opposite direction. The shower is big enough to fit a football team, however it’s not big enough to let me escape. Soon, I find myself come to the sinking realization that I have nowhere to go, quite literally.

Vulcan has backed me up against the tiled wall, his hands on either side of me, low enough so that he will immediately catch me if I try to escape. I look up to see that same golden glint in his eyes, the specks turning brighter and more intense as each second ticks by of us just staring at each other. I want to pull him close and feel the warmth that’s emitting from his body right now, I want to feel his lips meet mine and touch him like my body aches to.

“Vulcan,” I whisper, weakly. His attention is solely on my lips at the sound of my voice. “W-What are you doing? Let me go.”

After what feels like an eternity of waiting for any sign of movement or conversation, he finally moves. I inhale sharply when his fingers trail over my knee, his hand slipping under the shirt to caress my inner thigh. Biting my lip, I try to ignore the pounding of my heart, try to ignore the roaring in my ears, try to ignore the way his fingers move closer and closer and closer to my core.

“Fuck...” I hiss when his hand never meets the place I ache for it to touch.

Instead, it grips my hip and teases the waistband of my panties, hooking a finger in and pulling slightly so it snaps against my skin, making me gasp in surprise.

His other hand creeps under the shirt and I feel like I’m on fire. The warmth his hands emit are burning me, but it’s a good type of burn, one that I wish to be subjected to everyday. My breath hitches when they slide over my rib cage, his thumbs teasing the skin underneath the lining of my bra. I gaze up at him with hooded eyes, watching and waiting in anticipation to see what he will do next.

When he doesn’t make any move to go any further, something inside me snaps from frustration. I wrap my arms around his neck and push myself closer to him, causing his hands to move to my back. Shuddering when he traces my spine, I fist the material of his button up shirt at the sweet sensation that shoots through me.

Moaning softly, I push up on my tip toes and press my lips to his peeking collarbone. A husky growl echoes in the air, making me shiver at the sudden sound. I smile proudly; only I can make him react like that. I continue to place gentle kisses on his skin, my lips trailing.

What the bloody hell am I doing?! I wonder to myself, confused at how my body suddenly craves to be near his.

His grip tightens on me and I lean back to see his eyes closed, pearly white teeth gnawing at his lips. Pressing myself closer, I lean forward and take his bottom lip between my teeth, biting it gently before releasing.

The action causes a series of growls to emit his lips, his chest reverberating under my hand. I groan when he grips my chin and dips down to nip my neck, harshly. My fingers find themselves running through his hair, gripping and tugging when he pulls the collar of the shirt to expose my neck to him.

“Vulcan!” I gasp quietly when his lips meet the top of my breast, the red strap of my bra visible.

My head falls back when he places a wet open-mouthed kiss on my skin, sucking and nipping at it. I moan loudly when his teeth sink lightly into my flesh, only for him to run his tongue over it again and then blow warm breath over the wet skin.

It goes on and on, the action repeated until finally, he leans back and stares down at my exposed skin. Satisfaction, delight and content; all these emotions flicker in his eyes and I wonder what he’s so happy about. Frowning at him in confusion, I open my mouth to question him when the sound of someone knocking loudly on the bedroom door and calling his name startles me.

It’s so sudden and different from the quiet moment, well, as quiet as it can get with my moans and his growls, that it causes me to yelp in surprise and back away. However, that turns out to be disastrous as I manage to press down on the handle that turns on the multiple shower jets.

I shriek as cold water sprays onto us, wetting our bodies and making the white top dangerously transparent. Raking a hand through my hair, I turn to switch the water off when I’m abruptly pushed up against the wall. Gasping, I stare up at Vulcan only to see that his gaze is trained on the red color of my bra which is now visible because of the wet shirt. I’m basically in my underwear as the see-through top does nothing to hide my body and my bright choice of undergarments.

His hands grip my wrists and hold them above my head, our wet bodies pressing against each other and fitting like the perfect mold. Despite the fact that cold water is raining down on us, Vulcan’s body temperature remains constant and provides me with a source of warmth.

I snap back to reality when his knee presses between my legs, forcing them to open slightly. His lips glide down my neck, droplets of water dripping onto my face from his wet strands. I want to reach out and touch his chocolaty brown hair...I need to touch him. A whisper of his name escapes my lips but drowns in the sound of the stream of water meeting our bodies.

He finally releases my wrists just as he presses his lips onto mine, eliciting a whimper from me as I clutch at the wet material of his shirt in an effort to pull him impossibly closer. His lips are warm and wet, his tongue swiping across my bottom lip and coaxing me to open up to him.

Resisting, I deny him access only for him to growl in frustration and try again. Again and again he is denied when suddenly, he grips the back of my thighs and hoists me up onto his waist. I squeak in surprise and that gives him the opportunity to slip his tongue in and explore my mouth.

Soft sounds of pleasure escape me, my body expressing to him just how much I love his lips on mine and that seems to egg him on even more. With a deep growl, he switches off the water and strides out of the bathroom.

Throwing me onto the bed, my body barely has enough time to bounce slightly before he pounces on me, hovering over me with one hand tangling itself in my long tresses and the other sliding the wet shirt up on my body to grip my hip.

My back arches when he rains kisses down my neck, paying close attention to an area which has me aching for more. His lips pepper the area where my neck meets my shoulder, biting and sucking as if marking his territory. All I know is that I don’t care about the marks I will have by tomorrow morning, I lose myself in the moment and the feel of his body against mine.

He knows what he’s doing to me, the smug bastard. I can practically feel the smile on his lips whilst he trails them on my skin, doing torturous things to my body and having me gasping with need. When I can’t take it anymore and feel myself slowly losing control, I place a hand on his chest and push lightly.

He seems to get the hint and pulls away, hovering over my body once more. I watch as his pointer finger rises and pushes a wet strand of my hair away from my face, the back of his hand grazing my cheek soon after.

We stare at each other for what feels like the longest time and that’s what I love the most about him; how I can lose myself for days and all I have to do is look into his eyes. It’s something pretty darn magical and euphoric if you ask me, being able to forget about the world around you and focus on one person and one person alone.

But soon, the moment is over and the blasted knock sounds again. Growling, Vulcan gets off me and pulls me up, dragging me into the wardrobe and telling me to get dressed, mumbling about how I could catch a cold. Rolling my eyes, I turn around to find comfortable night clothes, pushing away multiple hangers in the process. I can hear him murmuring outside before he closes the door.

I must have taken too long because when I turn around, Vulcan is already walking back into the wardrobe with a fresh pair of night clothes on him. He gestures for me to hurry up before walking out and towards the door. I lock myself in the bathroom, blushing from what occurred in here just moments ago. Snapping out of it, I hurriedly change into a dry pair of pajamas and step out, smiling at how nice it feels.

My smile soon fades when I see Vulcan standing there with his arms crossed and a scowl on his lips. He looks quite intimidating yet dangerously sexy in his dark t-shirt and cotton pyjama pants. I sure hope I’m not drooling.

“What?” I ask, throwing my wet clothes into the hamper by the door before turning to him.

Sighing, he shakes his head before grabbing my hand and leading me out of his bedroom. I open my mouth to protest but shut up when I see a maid standing there with fresh bed sheets in hand. Blushing a bright red, I duck my head and follow Vulcan, my hair serving as a curtain to hide my face.

Eventually, we reach the kitchen where he stops and I stare up at him in confusion. “Why are we here?”

He guides me to a stool at the kitchen island by the small of my back and pushes me onto it. Walking away, he begins to take ingredients out of the fridge and cabinets, switching on the stove and placing a saucepan over it. I watch quizzically, wondering why on earth he’s cooking at this hour when dinner had been at eight.

Finally, he glances at me and shakes his head when he notices me sitting there as confused as I was when he dragged me out of his room. “You didn’t have dinner.”

My eyes widen in shock, not just at the realization that I had not had food but at how thoughtful he is. He remembered that I had refused to come out when I didn’t and that alone warms my heart, sending a flutter of butterflies through my tummy. Smiling slightly, I tuck away a piece of hair and look up only to find him already staring. I blush and look away, watching from the corner of my eye as he turns the heat to low and walks over to where I sit.

He dips low and presses his lips to my cheek in a gentle manner, one that has me closing my eyes and savoring the moment. His husky, deep voice that always makes me shiver in pleasure cuts through the thick air like a knife, warm breath blowing onto my ear and he utters a sentence that I know is full of promises and underlying threats of consequences should I choose to disobey.

“You will not leave me. Not today, nor tomorrow, never.”

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