The Hybrid

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Chapter 21 - Jealousy

I yelp before quickly turning to the side as a pack member runs past me. Making my way towards Vulcan’s second office in the pack house, I sigh heavily. Everyone is preparing for the arrival of the council members this evening. Pack members hurry across the territory, lugging boxes and getting a stage ready for greeting them with rows of seats stretching out on the lawn. Not bothering to knock on his office door, I walk straight in. Indigo and a few pack warriors stand in the room with Vulcan sitting in the lounge seat near the bookshelf.

″Your pack,″ I start, walking over and throwing myself into his black, leather chair. ″Is not letting me do anything and I’m dying of boredom!″

″You destroyed half of the decorations when you tried to help, Aurora.″ Vulcan mutters distractedly, his eyes scanning the contents of the file he holds.

″I told you it was because my ankle got caught in the tangled lights!″ I glare at him, spinning the chair around with my leg.

″Go do some homework or something.″

″It’s Friday evening, homework is done on Sundays. Worldwide.″

He chuckles before signing the paper and dismissing one of his men. I shiver when a tingle shoots down my spine at the sound of his husky voice, only to scowl at him when he sends me a knowing smirk. Suddenly, I gasp as an idea strikes me, swinging the chair to a stop and gripping the edge of the table in excitement. Vulcan looks up at me with a raised brow, staring at me expectantly.

″Can I go to the mall?″

″No.″ He snaps, immediately angry at the thought of me leaving his sight.

″Why not?″ I whine, preventing the chair from moving idly with my feet before pouting at him. ″I’ll bring you back something cool!″

″I said no, Моя роза.″ (My rose.)

I sit up in the chair abruptly, which stops him from writing as he stares at me with a challenging look. I will not sit around here, bored while everyone does something productive. ″If you don’t let me go then so help me God, I will get so hyper -″

″Indigo, get a car ready for my mate.″ He orders, his eyes widening at my threat. ″And put some guards with her.″

I grin at him cheekily before cheering in excitement. Hopping off the office chair, I race out the door and grab Caia on the way. We have just ran through the house and outside to the waiting car when arms wind around my waist and I’m pulled back into a hard chest. Tingles erupt on my skin making me confirm that it’s Vulcan. I turn around to look up at his bottle green eyes which are filled with uncertainty.

″Take this.″ He states, placing his credit card in my hand. ″Get anything you want, okay?″

″No, that’s your money. I have some on me.″ I frown, looking at the piece of plastic in my palm.

″And you are my mate. Anything of mine is yours, so I want you to spend as much as you want. And take Sophia with you. Don’t go alone and -″

″Don’t talk to boys, I’m yours. Blah, blah, blah. I got it.″ I roll my eyes playfully and lean up to kiss his cheek before getting into the car.

Rolling down the window when he knocks, I watch him lean down to eye level, shooting him a confused look. His green eyes now have a dangerous glint in them and his expression has turned very serious.

″Just remember, I will rip their heads off if I find out any boy came near you. Stay close to your guards.″

″Aye, aye captain!″ I cry, saluting him before we drive off to pick up Sophia.

Bringing Sophia along was the worst idea ever and I’m now beating Vulcan up in my mind for suggesting it.

″Aurora,″ She calls for the hundredth time ever since we stepped into this God forsaken store. ″Why are you looking at sweatshirts?″

″Because I have developed a sudden hatred for lingerie. I need sweatshirts to keep me sane.″ I reply, hugging the two pieces of clothing to my chest whilst she pulls me back to the undergarments section.

″Buy some lingerie! You’ll have Vulcan following you like a lost puppy!″

″Yeah, no!″ I shove the very revealing and lacy garments back into her hand. ″I’m good.″

“Okay, I did not need that image in my head, Sophia. Ew.” Caia shudders in disgust before walking off to the beauty section.

I start following her in an attempt to escape but am pulled back by the hem of my shirt and dragged further into the depths of hell. I end up being forced to buy at least six new pairs and Sophia befriends this annoying worker who glares at me every time I say no to an item. Walking out of the store and handing the bags to one of my guards, I groan when my stomach grumbles.

″Food court?″ I ask, grinning when both girls nod in agreement.

Reaching the busy place, Caia and I struggle to find a seat while Sophia orders for the three of us. Running over to one and throwing myself into the booth before anyone else can, I sigh in relief. I gaze at the guards slipping into the shadows. They’re good, I have to give them that. But it’s still uncomfortable with them around. I guess I just have to suck it up if I don’t want to end up in danger.

Sophia returns with our food a few minutes later and I am unashamed to tell you that I literally inhale it as if I have been starved for days.

″How do you think Vulcan is going to react when he sees the present you got for him?″

I look up at her in confusion and point at her with my fork. ″What do you mean? My present will top anything that has ever been given to him!″

Sophia only rolls her eyes in reply before taking a sip of her smoothie whilst Caia chuckles mischievously. After a while, we finally finish and leave the mall. Getting into the car, I tell the driver to drop Sophia on our way back before opening the plastic bag in my lap that’s full of sweets, only to groan when Sophia snatches it away from me.

″You are not getting hyper today.″ She states sternly before handing me a small amount of the sugary goodness.

I grumble and stick my tongue out at Caia, who’s stuffing all the sweets I have bought into her mouth before sending me a cheeky grin.

I run into the pack house, pushing open the door to the familiar office and accidentally letting it slam against the wall with a resounding thwack that I pay no attention to.

″Vulcan!″ I scream, excitedly. ″I got us something cool!″

He looks away from his laptop and leans back in his chair. Indigo still sits on one of the couches with a smaller pile of paperwork next to him on the table. Both men stare at the large bags in my hand cautiously before Vulcan sighs.

″What did you get, mea lux?″ (My light.)

I grin before walking over to his desk and placing the bags on the chair. I tell him to close his eyes, watching him obey before placing a large, stuffed wolf in front of him. Hushing Indigo when he bursts out laughing, I tell Vulcan to open his eyes while I bounce on the spot in excitement. His green eyes open and focus on the animal before looking up at me. Chuckling deeply, he picks it up.

″Do you like it? I won it at the carnival! I couldn’t believe they had a wolf because normally they don’t!″

″Wait what?! You told me you were going to the mall.″

″I went after. But look,″ I bring out the white, stuffed unicorn I won for myself and slam it down on the desk beside the wolf. ″I got this too!″

I turn around to frown at Indigo who’s now on the floor and holding his stomach. Grinning when I remember what else I have won, I start rummaging in my bag.

″I got one for you too!″ I reveal, taking out the purple monkey and holding it out to him. ″Sorry, I couldn’t get the pink one.″

Now it’s Vulcan’s turn to burst into laughter. I step back once Indigo takes the animal and shakes his head at me in amusement. ″Nah, purple monkeys are the shit. Thank you, Aurora.″

Smiling proudly, I walk back to the desk and grab my unicorn before rounding the table and sitting on Vulcan’s lap.

″Did you have fun?″ He murmurs in my ear as he pulls us towards the table, nodding to Indigo when he finishes the paperwork and leaves.

″Yeah, it was nice to get out for a while.″ I reply, combing my fingers through the soft, lavender mane of the unicorn.

Two guards suddenly walk through the door and place my shopping bags on the ground before nodding at us and leaving. I pay no mind to Vulcan’s body freezing underneath mine, not even when he leans us slightly forward in his chair.

″Aurora,″ Vulcan starts huskily as I hum in reply. ″What’s that peeking out of the pink bag?″

“Oh...shit!” I shriek before jumping off his lap and running towards the bags. Vulcan, the cheater, uses his ability and gets there first, taking out the pieces of lacy lingerie from the bag.

″I uh,″ I laugh nervously before gulping at the bright gold flashing in his eyes. ″They’re not mine!″

He starts walking towards me making me back up. I curse under my breath when my lower back meets the desk. Soon, he has caged me in with his arms and is holding me prisoner under his gaze. His eyes are swirling with lust and I shiver at the intensity of them.

″Oh really?″ He asks, chuckling darkly when I nod. ″Who are they for then, mate?″

I look around the room in panic, trying to come up with an answer before my eyes meet his dark ones.

″ bought them for you, yeah! You’d look cute in them, I think pink is so your color, don’t you?″ My laugh trails off as I look up at him and gulp.

The air becomes so heavy and thick, and I have no idea what’s going on in that mind of his. All he does is stare down at me with gold flashing in his eyes, causing pleasurable tingles to shoot down my spine. Not being able to take the silence any longer, I duck and run to the door. Bad idea. Immediately, I’m pushed against the wall, making me cry out in surprise.

″Don’t ever run from me, mate!″ He growls loudly, pinning my wrists above my head.

I don’t respond. Why can’t I just have a happy life with my unicorn without being slammed into walls? Gasping when Vulcan presses himself closer to my body, I whimper when he nips at my neck harshly. His warm hands slip under my thighs, picking me up and wrapping my legs around his waist. I remain silent as he walks out the room, closing the door behind him before using his ability to run back to his house in a matter of seconds. Throwing me on his bed, he speeds back to lock the bedroom door before stalking up to me.

″V-Vulcan? What a-are you -″

I don’t have time to finish before he pounces on me. Shrieking, I try to scoot back but it’s of no use. His hands grab my hips and pull me back underneath him. Growling, he cups my face before planting his lips onto mine in a bruising kiss.

″I didn’t receive those kisses every thirty minutes. Drove me fucking crazy.″ He states in between kisses.

The Council arrived two hours ago and Vulcan greeted them with all his pack members at the stage they had set up. They had talked about pack affairs, any threats and any changes they can implement for the betterment of this pack.

After that, everyone was called for food which I had spent helping the pack women because I was shitting myself at the thought of meeting the council. I just couldn’t bring myself to get up on the stage with Vulcan and because I had not been introduced as the official Luna yet, Vulcan had told me that it was okay for me to sit this out and greet them later.

Now, they’re all in the sitting room of Vulcan’s house.

″And this,″ Vulcan grabs my hand once I near him and pulls me into his side. ″Is my mate and Luna, Aurora Maxwell.″

A crowd of men sit on the couches, guards dressed in black against walls and scanning the house making the scene appear more intimidating than it is. I greet them as confidently as I can with my hand fisting the material of Vulcan’s shirt behind his backs, the action unknown to the scrutinizing crowd in front. Knowing how nervous I am, he grabs my hand from behind and smiles down at me reassuringly, before pulling me to the love seat.

A man with blonde hair and dark brown eyes leans forward and clears his throat. ″We will be staying here for not more than a week. There is another reason for our arrival and it is not what you think, Vulcan. It is far more...distressing than that.″

″I was informed that you are to conduct a pack check. What is the actual reason then?″ Vulcan frowns, leaning forward slightly.

″The vampire realm have found out about your powers awakening and that you have found your mate, which makes you more powerful. They want you to rule once more.″

″No!″ Vulcan snarls loudly, his eyes flashing a bright red, canines and claws elongating. ″I will never rule them again!″

Playing with the back of his hair in an effort to calm him down, I don’t protest when he picks me up and pulls me onto his lap. I have never seen him so angry before and know that protesting and struggling would be a stupid move right now. His body is rigid and shaking in anger, hands tightening around me to the point where the tips of his claws are digging into my skin, but not hard enough to draw blood.

The men in the room sit quietly, looking at him and I with caution as if waiting for him to snap and shift into his wolf. I can’t let that happen. Selfishly, I’m only thinking of myself in this moment. I don’t want him to shift because that means he will either wreck the house or run into the forest. I’m uncomfortable with so many unknown people around me. I need him to be calm; to stay with me. Leaning down, I caress his cheek, causing his growls to lower in volume.

″Vulcan,″ I murmur softly into his ear. ″Please calm down, I’m kind of freaking out here.″

Smiling when he takes deep inhales of my scent, which is still weird to me, I kiss his cheek when he looks up at me with calm, green eyes.

He sighs before looking at the man once more. ″I’m not ruling their kingdom ever again. They are the reason my parents are dead!″

I gasp quietly. Vampires killed his parents?

I look back to see the man nod before speaking. ″We know. And that is why we are here. Your pack is being provided with royal guards and warriors for the protection of you and your mate.″

Vulcan nods before placing my head in the crook of his neck and rubbing his thumb over my ankle in soothing circles. It’s so comforting that it makes me wish that time would just stop here. I want no vampires, or werewolves, or any other person. I just want to be wrapped up in his arms forever, like I am now.

I listen to the men talk, getting distracted whenever the sparks get stronger before dimming down to light tingles that make me want to moan out loud. The men ask me questions about my life and what I think about their world to which I respond politely, also discovering how they became members of the council.

By the end of the night, we have all become comfortable with each other and there’s no tension or awkwardness in the air. Getting up and standing beside Vulcan while he shakes the elder man’s hand, I let my eyes wander to the guards around the room.

Turning back to say goodbye as Vulcan escorts the men up to the first floor where the guest bedrooms are, I run up to a familiar man who’s trying to avoid me. Finally, I grab hold of his arm, turning him around. It’s him. The same caramel brown hair, striking blue eyes and chubby cheeks. He has grown muscular over the years and now has short, manly stubble on his jaw.

″D-Daniel?″ I whisper, tears brimming in my eyes.

He sighs before finally looking up at me with guilty eyes and I know instantly that it’s indeed him. ″I’m so sorry, Aurora.″

I shake my head as he cups my face, letting him wipe away the tear that has escaped and slid down my cheek. I met Daniel when I was fourteen. He became my best friend and always stuck by my side. Then, one day he just left, leaving a letter with barely legible handwriting saying that he was moving to Florida. He left without seeing me and saying goodbye and I would be lying if I said it didn’t hurt because we did nearly everything together. A choked sob escapes my lips and I throw myself at him, hugging him tightly.

″I-I missed you s-so much!″ I cry into his shoulder while he rubs my back.

Hearing a faint growl from behind, I dismiss it. I’ve just met my best friend after four years! We have so much catching up to do. I want to know how he ended up with the Council.

″I missed you too.″ He murmurs, his arms tightening around me. ″I’m so sorry for leaving like that Aurora, but I had no choice. I was forced to go into pack warrior training and it was so far from you. I’m just so glad to see you again.″

I pull away and wipe my tears. Looking up at him, I smile. ″It’s okay, you’re here now and that’s all that matters.″

He smiles before ruffling my hair, making me swat his hand away. I pull him into a hug again and sigh in content. I hope he never disappears again.

Suddenly, a loud snarl echoes in the air making my eyes snap open. I pull away slightly, only to see Vulcan’s rage filled eyes and gulp. Daniel steps away from me slowly, bowing and showing his neck to Vulcan in a sign, that I learned was to show that the person means no harm.

″Aurora,″ Vulcan grits out from where he’s standing on the stairs. ″Come here.″

″But -″

″I said come here, now! Do it or I rip the boy’s head off!″ He growls loudly making me jump in shock.

Shaking my head, I start walking up to him and meet him halfway as he descends the stairs. His glare is still fixated on Daniel as he pushes me behind him. I hold onto his shaking arm, hoping he will calm down.

″How dare you touch my mate!″ He snarls, making me close my eyes in fear. What the hell has gotten into him suddenly?! I question myself, trying to pull him back as he takes a step towards Daniel.

″Vulcan,″ I wince at the glare he sends me. ″Stop it, we’re just friends -″

″I don’t care! Luca, throw him in the prisons!″ I step away from him in shock but he doesn’t seem to notice.

Looking around the room in bewilderment, I hurry over to Indigo and tug at his sleeve. ″Please go calm him down, Indigo.″

″I can’t, Aurora. His vampire side has awakened fully and he’s extremely territorial over you right now. Only you can calm him down.″ He sighs remorsefully, violet eyes snapping behind me as a loud crash echoes through the air.

I whirl around to see Daniel being thrown into a wall, Vulcan’s raging form stalking up to him. If I don’t stop this, it’s going to get ugly, fast.

″Vulcan!″ I yell, running back to him. ″Stop it.″

He doesn’t listen to me. Instead he picks Daniel up and slams him against the wall again before kneeing his stomach. Taking him by the collar, Vulcan throws him a few feet in the air, growling when he smashes into the coffee table and cries out in pain. He rushes over and picks him up, punching and kicking him without mercy.

Without thinking, I run over and squeeze myself between the two men and it happens so fast for anyone to comprehend. Right before Vulcan was going to hit Daniel, he throws me into a chest of drawers instead. I cry out in pain and kick the broken plank of wood off me. Clutching my side, I sit up to see Vulcan on his knees and staring at me in shock.

The council members, who had retired to their rooms, now rush out to see what the commotion is about. But my eyes are only on one person. His eyes switch back from the bloody red to a lifeless green. His face drains of color and his mouth opens as if to speak but only a strangled noise escapes, as if he’s finding it hard to breathe. I stand slowly, wincing when my side screams in protest. Taking a few steps in his direction, my heart constricts painfully when he scrambles back.

″Vulcan, it’s okay -″

″No!″ He breathes out, looking at my side and the smashed drawer in horror. ″I... I hurt you.″

Running over to him, I lean down and cup his face. ″You didn’t mean it, baby. I was trying to stop you. I’m alright, everything’s fine.″

He shakes his head vehemently, pushing my hands away. ″I hit you - my own mate!”

I desperately try to calm him down, suddenly scared at how he’s avoiding my advances. He looks up at me with shameful, pain filled eyes before pushing me back gently. Running out of the main entrance with me following him, he shifts into his large, black wolf. I look out just in time to see him sprint into the forest, a long yet loud howl disrupting the peaceful night. Sighing, I turn back only to come face to face with a crowd of men. Indigo steps forward with concern in his eyes.

″Aurora -″

″Get Daniel to the infirmary. The rest of you, please retire to your rooms. We will meet in the morning.″ I order, not up to dealing with anyone right now.

″But Luna, your wound?″ A pack warrior steps up beside Indigo, his eyes on my side.

Shaking my head, I head upstairs to Vulcan’s bedroom or better yet ″our bedroom″ as he has firmly told me. Shutting the door, I walk into his closet and over to the mirror. Pulling up my shirt, I grimace at the red scratch marks and bruises on my waist. They go straight up to where my ribs end and throb painfully every time I touch them.

Sighing, I walk over to the clothes hung in his wardrobe and pick out a long, navy sweater. Pulling on a pair of his black boxer shorts, I slip my head and arms through the sweater, smoothing it down. It’s way too big for me, baggy and loose but, I don’t care. It smells like him, masculine and woodsy, and all I want right now is some comfort. If not from him then his clothes will have to do. Walking over to the large, empty bed and crawling on top of it, I lie down on the covers. A tear slips out of my eye as I remember him looking so broken and angry at the fact that he hurt me.

Sighing, I slide my hand across the bed. ″Come back to me, Vulcan. I need you.″

I don’t know when I stop crying and fall asleep but I know that he has not returned when I do.

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