The Hybrid

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Chapter 25 - Unwanted Advances

“You!” A high-pitched squeal cuts through the air.

Turning, I come face to face with a group of girls. The one who had yelled is a pretty blonde who looks like a model but wears pieces of cloths that definitely can’t be called items of clothing. Arching a brow, I cross my arms and wait for her to speak.

She marches right up to me to the point where her face is all up in mine. Jabbing my index finger on her forehead, I push her away with a huff. “Ever heard of personal space, buddy?”

“Ugh, she’s so pathetic, Chloe.” A redhead states, irking me as she chews her gum obnoxiously.

“You whore! Who do you think you are stealing my man away from me? I was supposed to become Luna!” She screams, making me roll my eyes.

“Oh boo hoo, go tell your sob story to someone who cares.” I turn around only to be slammed up against the wall with the blonde gripping my neck.

Yep, clearly another werewolf. She applies some pressure to the point where I can feel her fake nails digging into my skin, a nasty snarl appearing on her lips.

“You listen here filthy human, I am going to make your life miserable -”

“No, you know what?” I push her back, making her stumble at the unexpected action. I step up so that we’re nose to nose. ”You listen. The day you even try to take Vulcan from me is the day I drag you out of this pack by the roots of your nasty extensions. Where’s your mate bond with him huh? Oh, wait, you don’t have one because I’m his mate. And the only whore I see here is you, desperate to find a guy to spread your legs for because you already went through each and every one in this pack!”

I turn and start walking down the hallway with my fists clenched, my body trembling in anger. When I reach the end, I turn slightly to look back at Chloe who stands there gaping at me. “You better goddamn remember who you’re speaking to next time. Regardless of being Vulcan’s mate and Luna or a human, I don’t take anybody’s shit.”

Turing, I get ready to storm my way out of the hallway when I notice Nikolai standing there with his phone, recording the whole conversation with a gleeful smirk on his lips. He taps on the screen and pockets his phone before striding towards me, swinging his arm over my shoulders and leading me away.

“I’m so sending that to Vulcan! You shut her right up!” He whoops, matching my grin.

“I do try.” I reply mockingly, taking a bow.

“How about you try and beat me in this new video game I bought? Which you never will, may I just add.” He boasts arrogantly about his skills.

“With how riled up I am right now; I’ll wipe the floor with your ass.”

I’m walking through one of the hallways of the pack house when I hear them. Freezing on the spot, I remain quiet and eavesdrop. Bad manners I know, sue me. Peeking from behind the wall, I see that it’s two women who look to be in their early twenties, dressed up in training gear.

″Aurora’s a human but she’s going to end up just like Eliza if Alpha ever loses his head.″ The blonde states, in a hushed voice.

″But, she’s so different from that skank. I like her, she’s funny and kind to everyone.″ The brunette argues, making me smile slightly.

″Let’s just hope we get an actual Luna this time instead of a whore who didn’t give a damn about the pack.″

I slip away and walk into another hallway, their words on my mind. What were they talking about the pack getting an actual Luna this time? And Eliza, who is she?

As I’m walking down the hallway, I hear Indigo call me from his office. I have been in here a few times when Vulcan needed some documents and files and I was willing to run over. Walking in, I see a petite brunette sitting on his lap with eyes like dark chocolate, lips painted a ruby red and a slight blush to her otherwise pale skin. She is of slim build, soft features and exudes an aura of innocence yet a mischievous spark is also present in her eyes.

″Mate?″ I ask, arching a brow at Indigo.

He nods, smiling down at the girl. ″I wanted to introduce you two. Vulcan’s been keeping you holed up in the house plus she just got back today from visiting her family!″

I chuckle along with his mate. ″I’m Aurora Maxwell.″

″I know. The pack can’t stop talking about you. I’m Vanessa Michelson.″ She gushes excitedly, making me grin.

I smile. She seems lovely and I hope we will become friends since she is the Beta Female. I have not made many friends in the pack yet and it would be great to have a friendly face around.

I stay and talk to them for a while. Indigo had met her when he visited a pack in Spain with Vulcan. At first their relationship was a bit rocky but it eventually smoothed out and Vanessa ended up moving to America with Indigo. They are together for four years now and are the cutest couple ever!

Indigo is more outgoing and loud whereas Vanessa is shy and quiet. But after talking to them for more than an hour, I find out that when she does talk, she’s quite sassy. I can’t stop laughing when she outsmarts Indigo who would only glare at her playfully in return. But eventually, I have to go. I promise Vanessa I will meet up with her soon and bid them goodbye. Leaving the pack house, I walk back to Vulcan’s house with four guards following close behind. That man is ridiculous when it comes to security!

Making the long walk through the woods surrounded by the sounds of nature, I climb up the stairs and step into the house. Immediately, I do a double-take and groan softly under my breath when I see Colton from the party standing there and talking to Nikolai and Caia.

They all turn to face me when I close the door, both siblings rolling their eyes and making faces behind their cousin’s back. Seems like they don’t like their cousin either. I stifle my laughter and smile tightly at the man who is making his way towards me. He takes my hand and presses his lips to the top of my knuckles for longer than necessary, making me feel uncomfortable.

″It’s been a while, Aurora.″ He states huskily as he straightens.

″Yes, it has. Are you here to visit your cousins?″ I ask, but what I actually want to know is how long he’s going to stay here for.

He smirks at me before nodding and taking a seat on one of the couches, rambling on about how he needed to get away and meet up with his younger cousins.

Sometime later, I excuse myself and go up to my bedroom. I have become used to calling it mine because of a certain stubborn Alpha who had sneaked into the guest room last week and moved my sleeping form to his bedroom in the middle of the night.

Picking my phone up from the bedside table, I slip off my flats and lie down on the bed. I had made sure that the door was closed, already knowing that the room is soundproof. Dialing Vulcan’s number, I press the phone to my ear and wait for him to pick up.

″Aurora.″ His deep, husky voice filters through the speaker making my stomach flutter. ″Are you okay? You’re at home right and -″

″I’m fine. I’m in our room, the guards are outside and I’m not hyper.″

He chuckles whilst I slip my feet under the covers. “Good. Now, how about you tell me what happened today with Chloe?”

“Ugh! She nearly burst my eardrums with her screaming about how you’re hers and how she was supposed to become Luna. Then she started threatening me so I took her ego down a notch.” I boast, grinning as I remember my words.

“I’m going to have to teach her a lesson about threatening my mate.” He growls dangerously, the underlying promise of torture not going unnoticed by me.

“Put her on trash picking duty, she’ll feel right at home!”

His light chuckle filters through the speaker, the familiar sound warming up my insides. “I’ll see what I can do, your highness.”

“You better!” I tease, swirling patterns on the blanket.

“So, what else did you do today?”

″Nothing much, I just went to the pack house and destroyed Nikolai in a game, then I came back here.″ I decide not to question him about what I heard in the pack house just yet. ″But um...someone came today.″

″Who did -″ I tune him out when the door opens and Colton walks in like he owns the place.

His hazel eyes find me on the bed and he grins before walking over. Ugh, this guy seriously needs to take the hint and leave me alone.

″What are you doing up here, beautiful? Come, we’re going to watch a movie.″

″You cannot be serious!″ Vulcan snarls through the phone, making me wince.

I smile politely at him before telling him I will be right down. Waiting until he leaves, I press the phone back to my ear only to hear Vulcan muttering curses at his cousin.

″What the hell is he doing there? When did he come and why was he in our bedroom?!″

″Apparently, he’s here to spend some quality time with his younger cousins. He was there when I came back from the pack house about an hour ago and he just walked into the room when I was about to tell you.″

Vulcan growls loudly through the phone, his harsh and heavy breathing audible through the speaker. I spend the next few minutes calming him down before moving onto other topics. I glance up at the clock and notice that a solid twenty minutes has passed since Colton interrupted. However, another voice in the background filters through the phone and I know it’s time for him to go.

″Aurora? I have a meeting to get to but I’ll call you before you go to sleep, okay?″

I hum, my eyes following my index finger as it traces aimless patterns on the covers. ″I miss you.″

″I miss you too, Малышка. I’ll be home soon. And stay away from Colton until then.″ (Baby.)

I chuckle at his possessiveness before agreeing, sighing when he hangs up. Getting off the bed, I slip on my flats again before walking out of the bedroom and down to where the guys are setting up the movie in the cinema room, walking straight past Colton who shifted to make space for me.

It’s late in the evening now and I’m making dinner in the kitchen. The two hours I spent watching the movie was a total waste of time. Colton would lean back and stare at me and whenever I laughed he would send me a devilish smirk. God, I wish he would just leave! It was honestly the most uncomfortable situation.

My head turns to the sound of shuffling and I see Colton walk in through the door. He looks around, fingertips drumming on the kitchen island’s counter top.

″Do you need anything?″ I ask monotonously, resuming my work.

He steps up behind me, making me falter in my stirring. I shiver in disgust when he pulls my hair to one side and wrench myself away from him.

″I need go on a date with me.″

I freeze, before coming to my senses and moving away from him. ″No.″

″Why not? Vulcan’s not here, he can’t stop you. Come on Aurora, you really think he wants you? My cousin is nothing but a monster.″ He sneers in disgust, making my blood boil.

I step up to him, close enough that if I move we’ll be nose to nose. ″Just because he’s not here doesn’t mean that I want to go out with you. Stay the hell away from me. Don’t stare at me like a stupid creep, don’t block my way in the hallways like you’ve been doing and do not come near me.″

″Don’t be like that, Aurora. He’ll never love you. He’s gone through so many women, what makes you think that he’ll commit to you? You’re better off with me!″

″Just shut up. Actually, just don’t talk at all. Every time you speak all I hear is nonsense.″ I glare at him.

I pick up the ingredients I had used and put them back in their place. Turning, I send him a hostile glare. Shutting off the stove, I start towards the sitting room but before I step out of the kitchen, I stop. Without looking back at him, I place my palm flat on the door.

″And don’t ever call my mate a monster again.″

With that, I storm out of the kitchen. Nikolai and Caia turn around and watch me with concerned eyes as I run up the stairs. Finally reaching my bedroom, I lock the door behind me. I don’t want Colton to walk in like he had before. Slipping off my flats, I throw myself on the large bed and just lie there for a while.

I spend my time staring out of the glass balcony doors until the moon comes out from behind the clouds. I had let Nikolai and Caia come in, who tried calling me down for dinner, their sighs audible when I refused. I don’t want to go downstairs just to be freaked out by Colton’s actions. So, I stay on the bed, eating my junk food that I have stashed here.

My phone rings sometime later when I’m just about to slip into a deep sleep. Groaning, I reach over and pick it up without looking at the caller ID.

″This better be important or I’ll steal all your ducks.″ I grumble, flopping back down on the bed.

″You haven’t ate, Aurora.″ Vulcan’s angry voice filters through the speaker.

″I don’t know; I mean I did have duck one time but -″

″Not the goddamn duck - dinner! Why have you not had dinner?″ He interrupts in an exasperated tone.

″Oh,″ I whisper, fiddling with the covers. ″I’ll have it later. I’m not hungry.″

″Aurora,″ He groans before sighing. ″It’s nearly midnight, I’m worried about you. And I can feel your emotions, tell me what’s wrong. Did Colton do something?″

″No,″ I mumble. ″I just miss you. When are you coming back?″

Okay, so I semi lied. Yes, I’m missing him and I want to blurt out everything but I keep quiet. He’s away for an important meeting and I know if I tell him that his cousin is bothering me he will flip. I cannot be selfish and expect Vulcan to come to my rescue all the time.

He chuckles on the other end. ″I think I’ll take you with me whenever I go for a meeting abroad. It feels weird not to have you snoring insanely loud next to me.″

My jaw drops and a noise of protest escapes me. ″I do not snore! And you’re one to talk, I wake up to you crushing me every morning.″

″It’s not like I do it on purpose, I like having you under me.″ He replies, huskily.

“Vulcan!” I shriek, feeling my cheeks heat up in embarrassment.

″Oh yes, you’ll be screaming my name just like that, my darling.”

The promise is clear in his voice, making my insides flutter. All he has to do is say a few words to have me turning into mush. We continue talking until it’s two in the morning and my eyelids are starting to droop. I still have not hung up and keep mumbling my replies whilst smiling at how comfortable and soft my pillow is.

″Aurora?″ He calls, making me grab the phone and place it on the pillow beside me. ″You should rest now, my love. I can feel that you’re tired.″

″No,″ I’m cut off by my own yawn. ″I’m not tired...and... how can you feel that?″

″It comes with being mates. Normal wolves only feel strong emotions whereas with me being a hybrid, I can constantly feel your emotions like they are my own, even when they’re not that strong.″

″Well, that’s not good.″ I sigh, pulling up the silky covers to my neck.

″What, why not?″

″Because you’re going to hang up now and I want to keep talking to you. I’m not tired, honest.″ I mumble, sleepily.

He chuckles in reply and agrees to talk for a little bit more. He had just finished three, long meetings before calling me and has to go to court tomorrow. I learn that there is an entire jury made up of the eldest and wisest supernatural creatures. Now that, is what I wouldn’t like to see. The council members already make me so nervous, how would I react to all of them? Thank God, I wasn’t needed to attend.

I’m on the edge of falling into a deep sleep when I hear his familiar chuckle that sounds so far away. Paying no mind, I snuggle deeper into the bed. The last thing I hear is his faint voice, so low that for a moment I think he had not said anything at all.

″Мне кажется, что я в тебя влюбляюсь, мой свет.″ (I think I am falling in love with you, my light.)

And although I didn’t understand what he said, I still fall asleep with a smile on my face at the sound of his voice.

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