The Hybrid

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Chapter 26 - Save Me, Alpha

Two days pass and I have spent them in the same boring routine. School, homework, food, sleep and repeat. I also train with Caia and Nikolai in the evenings and Indigo sometimes drops by to teach us some new techniques and moves. But the only thing that brightens my day is whenever I talk to Vulcan on the phone.

He’s coming back home today and I can’t stop the feeling of excitement rising within me. First, he had told me that he would be coming back after two days only to drag it out to four. When I had talked to him last night, he confirmed that he will be back home this evening.

I enter the house, sweaty and tired. The coach had, unfortunately, found me ditching class again and given me a detention. I had to join everyone in the gym for a game of dodge ball. Kaden is in my class too and had been caught with me. He spent the whole class leaning against the wall in the back whilst I mercilessly hit Alex and Zach with the red balls. I had walked up to him and questioned why he wasn’t playing because surely he must’ve been bored just standing there.

In reply, he shot me a look before taking the ball I held and throwing it away. Standing up straight again, he had pointed to it rolling away and said. ″Oh look, there goes the ball...along with all the fucks I give.″

Grumpy one, he is.

I place my bag on the table in the bedroom and head into the bathroom for a quick shower, where I also spend the next thirty minutes singing at the top of my lungs.

Walking out of the bathroom in a fluffy, white towel when I finish, I head into the wardrobe and change into some plain leggings and a black top that I have to knot at one side. Huffing when it shows a bit of my skin, I vow to never pick up a random size in a hurry ever again. Drying my hair, I put them up into a neat bun and slip on my black flats before heading out of the room. Walking down the hallways and stairs, I take my time but hurry when my stomach starts grumbling. My detention had been during lunchtime and I’m starving now!

I walk downstairs to utter silence. Weird, where did everyone go? I wonder as I step off the last step and walk ahead. I stop and lean ahead slightly to look at both sides, seeing nobody around. Suddenly, arms wrap around my waist and a nose skims the curve of my neck. Because of the non-existent sparks and tingles, I know for sure that it isn’t Vulcan. Breaking free of the man’s grasp, I turn around to see Colton.

″Uh...w-where is e-everybody else?″ I stammer as I back away, my heart beating rapidly in fear. I had been successful in avoiding him like the plague but, I don’t like the look he has in his eyes right now.

He smirks at me, sadistically. ″I sent them on a few errands along with the guards. We’re all alone now, sweetheart.″

You’ve got to be kidding me. Did he not hear me when I warned him to stay away?! I gulp when I hit the back of a couch, gasping when he uses his ability to speed up to me, his arms caging me in. Abruptly, he picks me up bridal style and throws me on the couch before pinning my wrists down. I scream out loud, wishing that someone will walk through the door.

″Bad girl. Why are you screaming? You should be happy that we’re finally alone.″ He smirks before leaning down with his lips puckered.

I yell and slam my knee up where the sun doesn’t shine, shoving him off me when he groans in agony. Shooting up from the couch, I run towards the door, only to scream in pain when I’m yanked back by the hair. Tears collect in the corner of my eyes as Colton turns me around to face him.

His eyes are completely black and his canines have elongated, along with his claws that are drawing blood out of my arm because of his tight grip. Because he and Vulcan are of the same lineage, Colton can shift into his beast at any moment and the thought alone of what he can do terrifies me.

″Colton,″ I gasp as he drags and throws me on the couch again. ″Y-You don’t want to do this -″

″Oh trust me, I do.″ He chuckles, a wild look in his eyes. ″I’ve wanted you ever since I saw you on that balcony and then I find out that my cousin gets you?! How the hell can you be his mate? You’re probably nothing more than someone who he wants to screw!″

Abruptly, he crouches down making me scream and scoot back in surprise. Thankfully, I can faintly hear a rumble in the distance and hope that the person will hear me.

″P-Please, Colton. Let me -″

″Go?″ He chuckles, crawling towards me on the couch. ″I’m not going to let you leave until I’m done with you. You are going to be mine in the end.″

I shriek loudly when he pounces on me, struggling to fight him through my blurry eyes. But he’s too strong; insanely strong that I’m no match for him. Every hit and struggle of mine to escape is futile. He snarls angrily and his fist suddenly meets the corner of my mouth, making me cry out in pain and feel the metallic taste of blood pool in my mouth. His eyes hold remorse, which to me seems fake, as he grips my chin and touches the corner of my lip.

″I didn’t mean to hurt you, baby. Let me -″

″You’re fucking crazy! Let me go!″ I scream, tears of frustration over my weakness sliding down my cheeks.

His fingers grip my chin making me yelp in pain as he glares down at me. ″That’s not a nice thing to say to the man who’s going to mark you as his, Aurora. Stop screaming, nobody will hear you. You think Vulcan wants a pathetic human like you by his side? You’ll be much better off as my mate and it will happen today. No-one is going to stop me.″

I close my eyes and turn my face when he leans down but, it turns out to be a big mistake when his claws rake down my arm, digging painfully into my skin. I scream out Vulcan’s name, wishing he was here right now.

Colton’s disgusting lips meet the skin of neck while he holds me in place. I struggle with increased vigor at the thought of what is going to happen next. He pulls back and slaps me where my cut lip is now bleeding before yanking on my hair, telling me to stop struggling. I cry harder, shutting my eyes tightly as if it will ease the searing hot pain. But, it doesn’t.

And suddenly, he’s off me. I look over the couch to see Vulcan beating him up mercilessly, making me cry out in relief. He’s here, I assure myself, watching him throw his cousin’s rapidly bruising body around the room.

His form is trembling uncontrollably and I watch as he starts to shift into his beast. His nails elongate, fur replacing his skin and body transforming into a more inhumane form. Feeling a bout of weakness suddenly, I grip the back of the couch like my life depends on it, wincing when he lets out a deafening roar, the sound of Colton’s bones cracking and his cries following soon after.

″How dare you hurt my mate!″ Vulcan snarls, sending a powerful kick into his side which throws him a few feet away into a wall, leaving a huge crack as he falls to the floor groaning.

I know for certain that his ribs are broken. Vulcan grabs him by the collar and growls out curses whilst punching him continuously. My blurry gaze snaps to Caia, Nikolai, Indigo and some of my guards rushing in through the doorway. Caia runs over to me and gasps, no doubt noticing my bloody mouth and arm.

″Stop Vulcan.″ I groan, clutching my arm in pain. ″He’s going to kill him!″

She nods before calling to the boys who are already making their way to their furious Alpha, albeit cautiously. Suddenly, Vulcan snarls and sends one final punch to Colton’s face, leaving him bruised, broken and bloody on the ground before he whirls around.

″Who is your Alpha, Colton or me?″ He roars at them, body shaking and fists clenched. ″I told you to protect your Luna no matter what!″

His eyes are dangerously dark with bright red surrounding the iris as they land on me. He is before me in an instant, picking me up as if I’m delicate china, cradling my body to his. I whimper in protest when he grasps my arm gently, snarling at the deep wound and blood oozing out of it.

“Роза?” He murmurs softly, cupping my cheek so that I can look up at him. “I’ve got you baby...I’m here. You’re okay.” (Rose.)

I groan in agony when the pain increases to an unbearable level, clutching onto his shirt. Sobbing into his shirt, uncaring of how I’m wetting it, I let him pick me up bridal style. He is tense, coiled tightly like a spring, ready to snap at any moment.

Black dots start to cloud my vision and I faintly call out to him. I can vaguely hear him yelling, his hand shaking me. His panicked, green eyes are the last thing I see before I slip into a dark abyss.

My eyes flutter open and I look around the room, drowsily. To my right, Caia shoots up from her seat and stands beside the bed, looking down at me. I’m in the infirmary...again. This has to stop before I become a regular!

“Aurora!” She gasps, standing as tears brim her eyes. “I-I’m so sorry I left you with him, I should have known -”

“It’s okay, we couldn’t have known he would do that. I don’t blame you one bit.” I croak, accepting the glass of water from her and taking a few sips before handing it back. ″Where’s Vulcan?″

She places it on the bedside table before taking a seat. ″Torturing Colton in the prison cells.″

″What?!″ I gasp, looking at her in disbelief.

How can she be so calm? I think as I lie back down in the bed. I’m feeling sleepy again and know I will doze off in a matter of minutes.

″You can’t blame him. Alphas are furious when someone hurts their mate and Colton hit you.″ She looks at me in concern when I touch my arm only to hiss in pain, nodding uncertainly when I wave it off. ″Careful. Anyways, you should’ve seen Vulcan after you fainted, he freaked out. He rushed you to the infirmary and went back to beat him up again. I lost count of how many guys it took to pull him away. He’s mad, Aurora. Murderous even. No-one has seen him come out of the prison since.″

″What’s that thing you guys do?″ I yawn, shifting in the bed to find a comfortable position. ″Where you talk in your heads.″

″Mind link?″

″Yeah,″ I close my eyes in defeat, pulling up the covers. ″Tell him that I want him here and he’ll come.″

″But, Aurora he hasn’t responded to anyone.″

″Just tell him that I need him. I know he’ll come.″ I don’t hear what she says next as I drift off to sleep.

I shoot up in the bed, covered in sweat and gasping for air. An arm pulls me back to a rock-hard chest and I scream, swatting it away and trying to get off the bed. I’m caught, it’s Colton. The hand turns my face to the side and I sigh in relief at the familiar face, sparks and tingles coursing through me.

″Hey,″ Vulcan murmurs gently, pulling me onto his lap. ″Calm down, Малышка. It was just a bad dream.″ (Little one)

I shake my head. That dream was far too vivid for me to forget. Colton had been chasing me through the house and had been successful in killing everyone I loved before marking me, which made me wake up with my heart hammering in my chest and harsh breathing.

″Colton, he’s g-going to -″

″No.″ Vulcan states firmly, turning me to face him and caressing my cheek. ″He’s not going to come near you again, Aurora. You’re safe, I’m right here. Everything’s going to be okay just, please calm down.″

I can’t take it anymore. The frustration of Colton’s unwanted advances and missing Vulcan rise within me and before I know it, I break like a dam. Sobbing, I throw myself at him, wrapping one arm around his neck.

″He kept bothering me a-and saying that you didn’t want me...that I was b-better off as his mate.″

″Why didn’t you tell me?!″ He growls, pulling away to look at me with angry, dark eyes.

″I thought he would stop after I warned him. I-I stayed away from him like you said but he-he wouldn’t stop a-and then he sent everyone away just -″ I cry, tears pouring out of my eyes non-stop.

″Alright,″ He hushes, thumbs wiping away the tears from my cheeks. ″Don’t cry please, you’re killing me. You’re okay now, he won’t be able to even beg for his death once I’m done with him, I promise you that. He’s not getting away with hurting what’s mine.″

He lays me down and hovers above me. I whimper when he kisses my busted lip, smiling up at him weakly when I feel very little pain. His green eyes still flash with anger and sadness as he leans down to kiss every inch of my face before gently pecking my lips. His large, warm hands find mine clutching his shirt and pull them away to kiss the top of my knuckles.

″I swear, I will kill him for doing this to you.″

I shake my head and pull him closer, wrapping my arms around his neck. We lie there for a while before the doctor and nurses come in to do a checkup. They poke and prod at my lip and arm with Vulcan snarling at them viciously, before pulling me back into his lap and away from them. Everyone in the room can sense how overly protective he has become and even I can’t get him to calm down.

After the nurses and doctor leave, I glance up at the clock to see that it’s nearly eleven at night. Vulcan notices my gaze, picks me up and covers us with the blanket. I cuddle closer to him, sighing in content as he whispers in my ear; saying how he’s here now and that he’ll take care of me. His hand slips under my shirt and behind my back to pull me closer making me hum in pleasure at the heat it emits.

″You okay, Роза ? Are you in pain? Should I call the doctor - I should call the doctor. I’ll be right back -″ (Rose.)

″No,″ I murmur, pulling him back by his shirt when he moves to get out of the bed. ″I’m fine, just don’t leave me.″

Immediately, I’m wrapped up in his arms again while he breathes in my scent. I hook my leg over his hip and nuzzle my cheek against his chest. My hand rests against his abdomen while I lean up to give him a long, slow kiss which he returns gently, careful of my busted lip.

He pulls away and peppers kisses along my jaw to the curve of my neck, pulling away my shirt to place heated kisses on my shoulder making me shiver in pleasure. He’s like a man starved of any contact with the way he holds me tight and close, unwilling to let me out of his sight for even a second.

Once he’s satisfies, he pulls away to look down at me with his soft, genuine smile that I love. He tucks my hair behind my ear and pecks my lips before his expression turns serious again.

″I am never leaving you alone again. The council can go fuck themselves.″

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