The Hybrid

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Chapter 27 - Kiss & Tell

I’m standing outside Vulcan’s office. After being discharged the following night after the incident, he had brought me home. However, my mind is playing everything I had heard from the girls yesterday and I want to know who this Eliza is. But I can’t seem to knock on the door - I can’t move, period. My stomach is swimming in nervousness and I want to just forget about it and walk away.

But, life is never that simple. Vulcan’s faint voice calls out my name, telling me to come in already. Damn werewolves and their heightened senses! I think as I finally push the door open. I peek inside, sending him a nervous smile when he looks away from his computer.

″Can I come in?″

He raises a brow at me. ″You always walk into my office without knocking, what’s wrong today?″

I gulp. He’s on to me! Put your game face on, woman! I scream at myself, internally. Looking back at him, I laugh and immediately curse myself when it sounds weak. Straightening, I walk in and close the door behind me.

″Right, of course! Just thought I’d uh...ask today, that’s all.″ I reply, taking a seat before him. ″You should try new things every day as they say.″

″Are you okay?″ He asks, frowning as he looks at me in suspicion.

″Yeah, perfectly fine! I’m cool, you’re cool, everything’s... cool... as a... cucumber?″ I want to slap myself so freaking hard, nervousness and I do not mix well.

″Alright,″ He sighs, leaning back in his chair. ″Spill it. What do you want?″

″Well, I want a lot of things but I mean - if you don’t want to tell me, that’s fine - wait, no. What I mean is that it’d be nice -″

″Love?″ He calls, making me look up at him as I bite my lip. ″Just get to the point.″

I clear my throat...twice. ″Um...who is Eliza and why will I end up like her?″

His body turns rigid before shaking uncontrollably as he lets out a furious growl. Green eyes fade to black instantaneously and he stares down at me with fury. Yeah, I seriously regret asking him but then again, I need to know. If it involves me then I have a right to ask.

″Who told you that?!″ He grits out as another snarl escapes him.

My eyebrows furrow and I shrug. ″I overheard these girls saying that if you ever lost your cool, I’d end up like this Eliza person. Who is she?″

″Nobody. Forget that you ever heard them.″

″Vulcan, I have a right to know, why can’t you just tell me?″ I ask softly.

″I don’t need to. Did you change your bandage again? Maybe you should go do that now.″ He suggests dismissively, turning back to his work.

″But -″

″I said no, dammit! You don’t need to know who she is, so stop asking me!″ He glares up at me with flashing red eyes. I notice that his fists are clenched and his body has not stopped shaking ever since I mentioned her.

″Okay.″ I nod, feeling my breath hitch as I try not to let the hurt slip through my voice. Standing from my seat, I smooth out the skirt of my dress. ″Sorry for bothering you.″

I turn swiftly and bite my lip, trying to bite back the pain rising within me. Is it going to be like this every single time? I’ll ask a question and he’ll avoid it like the plague, yelling at me to stop asking? I think as I grip the doorknob.

″Роза -″ I slam the door shut, not giving him a chance to reply. (Rose.)

He can go take a long, never-ending stroll in jerk town for all I care! Breathing out slowly, I march down the hallway and to the garage. I pick up a random key from the hooks and press on the button, heading over to the car when its lights blink. Strapping myself in, I drive out from the open garage door and speed down the road.

Why is he so reluctant to tell me anything about him? I think angrily as I drive through the city. It takes at least an hour and a half to arrive at the Valentine’s. Vulcan and Damon live quite a good distance away from each other and my apartment is smack dab in the middle. Even though Vulcan is the King and rules over an immense amount of territory, regular Alpha’s can still start packs and live peacefully on the land.

Parking in the driveway, I get out and head towards the front door. Walking in, I laugh when Theia squeals and rushes over to hug me. Jeez, I really need to visit more often, I think as everyone else follows to give me a hug. They guide me to the kitchen where I immediately join them for dinner. After that, we catch up on the past few weeks that I have been away, watching a movie in between.

″It’s getting very late, honey. Don’t you have to get back?″ Theia asks, a knowing smile on her face.

I have not been able to hide my anger whenever that infuriating, green-eyed Alpha was mentioned and I’m pretty sure everyone knows by now that we had an argument.

″No. I decided to take you up on that girl’s day you were talking about.″

I wake up in the middle of the night to find myself being carried...through the freaking woods. My heartbeat increases to the point where it’s hammering away in my chest and my breathing turns short and ragged. Without thinking and slightly disorientated, I scream and punch the person who is holding me.

Definitely a man, I think as I land on the grass and stand, running through the woods. I don’t get very far when two arms wrap around my waist and pull me back. Closing my eyes in fear, I yelp when the man pins my hands against the rough bark above my head.

″Only an idiot like you wouldn’t realize that it’s your mate, Aurora.″ He mutters dryly, making me slap him lightly on the cheek.

Shoving him back, I start hitting him as I talk. ″Who does that?! I thought it was a kidnapper or Colton, you dumbass!″

He pins me to the wall again, placing his knee between my legs. I can feel every muscle of his against my skin; he’s that close. He snarls, glaring down at me. ″You do not slap an Alpha.″

″Okay, okay.″ I reply softly, watching as he calms down and lets go of my arms before continuing. ″I don’t want to slap you again either, I mean you’ve got quite the chubby cheek there. Damn thing just wobbled like jelly - Vulcan, put me down!″

I burst out laughing at the constant, loud growls that escape him. Yelling when he slaps my boy shorts clad butt, I hit his back in return.

″Hold on.″ He mutters before using his ability to speed through the woods.

Let me tell you what it’s like when you’re over a Lycan’s shoulder who is running at God knows how many miles per hour; not the most amazing experience. All my hair comes to the front and I probably resemble a witch. All I need to do is cackle. My ribs start hurting as they hit against his shoulder, repetitively. Thankfully, we arrive at his house soon and he runs up to the bedroom, placing me on the bed before walking back to lock the door.

″Why would you leave the territory?! You are hurt!″ He growls protectively, turning and slipping off his shoes before walking into his wardrobe.

″Well, you didn’t say that I can’t visit the Valentine’s.″ I grumble, looking away with a huff when he returns in just boxers.

″You didn’t go there to visit them, Aurora. You went there because you are mad at me.″

″Tomayto, tomahto!″ I snap irritably.

I hear him sigh as I look at the moon out from the window. Feeling the bed dip, I scoot away from him when he reaches for me. It continues for the next few minutes with me shuffling away every time he reaches for me. I smirk in triumph when he growls angrily, before shrieking when I lose my balance and fall off the bed. Quickly, I pull myself up from the floor and narrow my eyes at Vulcan, who is obviously biting his lip to stifle his laughter.

″I meant to do that.″

″Sure you did, love.″ He replies before bursting into laughter, closing his eyes.

The sight stuns me into surprised silence. Deep chuckles escape his lips that are stretched into a smile, his features completely relaxed. He looks even more handsome right now. Snapping out of my staring, I stand and start heading towards the door. I hear him stop laughing but continue anyway. My hand is turning the key to unlock it when I’m pulled back into a hard, muscled chest. I cross my arms as if to stop myself from giving into him as he peppers my neck with kisses.

″S-Stop it, Vulcan.″

He only groans in reply before picking me up and carrying me to the bed. Laying me down, he wraps my legs around his waist and grinds his hips against mine firmly. I gasp and struggle, knowing that he’s trying to distract me.

″Ugh!″ I cry, pushing him and rolling away. ″Just let me be mad at you.″

″No. And I thought you would’ve forgotten about it already. It’s not that big of a deal, Aurora.″

″It is to me! Your pack is saying that I’ll end up just like her and I want to know what happened.″ I sit up and hop off the bed, walking over to the balcony doors. His presence is affecting my mind and I need to get away from him so that I can think calmly. ″But you never want to tell me anything. If I hadn’t been with you, I would have never found out that you are a werewolf until much later. If I hadn’t caught you and Indigo arguing, you wouldn’t have told me you are a hybrid either. What, do I have to stumble upon this secret by chance too?″

A long period of silence ensues. None of us say anything. I stand there by the doors and Vulcan sits behind me on the bed, his breathing low and even. I already have a feeling that he won’t tell me by the way he’s so quiet. I don’t like pushing him but this concerns me. I wait for a while, my legs growing weak just like my hope when eventually, I sigh loudly and think that I should just go to sleep.

″You’re not my first mate.″ He utters quietly, making my eyes widen and turn around to look at him.

″W-What do you mean? Werewolves have more than one mate?″

He sighs, looking away from my curious gaze. ″When I found Elizabeth or Eliza as you heard, I was twenty-one. I was naive back then, thinking she would be the perfect mate and the perfect Luna for the pack. Treated her like a queen, gave her anything she asked and more but the pack didn’t like her, neither did the council members nor the royals.″

I stare at him when he stops suddenly. It’s uncomfortable hearing that he already had another mate. Rubbing my arm from the cold, I look at the ground when his gaze snaps to mine. He clenches his eyes shut and his breathing becomes harsh and uneven, like he’s trying to hold back from doing some damage.

″I didn’t understand why and I fought with anyone who didn’t accept her. We were together for a year and a half and she was pushing me to mark her; to mate with her. I don’t know why I kept brushing it off but, I was glad that I did when I found out she cheated on me.″

My jaw drops as I look up at him again. ″She - what?! Why would she do that?″

He shrugs before shaking his head. ″Our kind can feel when our mate is cheating on us, I’ve heard that it’s the most excruciating pain ever. But since Eliza was also half witch from her mother’s side, she easily cast a spell so that I felt nothing whenever she slept with someone. She denied it when I confronted her, but some pack members came forward and told me the truth. Fucking whore slept with werewolves, vampires...she didn’t even leave the humans! Our bond became a joke.″

Abruptly, he growls loudly and slams his fist on the bedside table’s surface, throwing the lamp to the ground and smashing it to pieces. I rush over and hold his arms, stopping them from destroying anything else.

He snarls, looking up at me with angry, black eyes. I hush him before pecking his lips, letting go of him to let my fingers trace his cheeks soothingly. He wraps his arms around my waist and nuzzles his cheek against my stomach, taking in deep breaths. I run my hand through his soft, brown hair that almost looks black at night.

He stands and walks over to the armchair, where a glass decanter is placed upon a metal tray on the coffee table with two shiny glasses beside it. He unscrews the cap and pours himself some strong-smelling whiskey, making my nose wrinkle at the scent. I sit down on the bed, folding my hands in my lap as I wait for him to continue with his story.

After he downs a glass full, he speaks with a roughness to his voice. ″She just wanted the position, my money and to gloat that she was royalty now. I should’ve known, should’ve looked past her bullshit excuses when she’d return home late at night saying that her cafe had a busy day. I was so blind.″

I remain silent when he starts to shake uncontrollably. ″What did you do then?″

He doesn’t respond for a while, only breathing in and out deeply and tightening his hold on the glass to the point where his knuckles turn white and I become afraid that the glass will break. ″Vul -″

″I let them kill her.″

I freeze on the spot. Looking at him in shock, I’m met with pained, green eyes. How could he let his own mate be killed? I think to myself.

″There were a group of rogues on my territory one day back in Russia, she called for help through the pack mind link all wolves have. I had just found out that she...that she had not been faithful to me like I thought she was and...I ordered the pack to not help her. Everyone found out the next morning, the council, the royals, everyone. However, I don’t regret not helping her. Not one bit.″

I gasp, staring at him with wide eyes. He sits there with pressed lips and cautious eyes but I see nervousness and dread flash in them here and there. So that’s why everyone calls him a monster; a beast. And they think I’m going to end up with the same fate as Eliza? Will I?

″Aurora...please, baby,″ He calls gently, holding both his arms out. ″Come here.″

I shake my head, watching hurt flash through his green orbs before his expression turns soft and pleading again. He gestures for me to come to him once more and I hesitate before walking over, slowly. Reaching him, I let his hands grip my hips possessively and become hyper aware of the warm tingles dancing on my skin.

″T-That won’t happen to m-me, right? I won’t end up like her, will I?″

Vulcan’s dark green eyes meet mine, unyielding. Eventually he sighs and pulls me onto his lap, wrapping me up in his arms and pressing a firm kiss to my temple. My hands hold his wrist as he wraps it around my waist, holding me tight to him. I’m trembling slightly, all the rumors about Vulcan being merciless and cruel that I have tried to ignore, he has confirmed my worst fear himself.

“Remember when I told you that for us, soulmates are our other half?” He murmurs, gazing at the balcony.

I nod, wondering how his question relates to what I have asked. I feel movement and glance up to see him staring down at me, his lips set in a firm line yet his eyes are soft pools of green, a distinct contrast from the hardened orbs I always gaze into. Shivering, I bite back the moan threatening to erupt when his fingers trail down my bare arm, creating numerous goosebumps along the way.

“For me, you are my whole heart. Everything about me is yours; my heart, my soul, my life - every single thing."

I gasp in shock, my heart racing at his words. The smallest of smiles grace his lips at the noise and I almost swoon had it not been for that fact that he’s holding me tight.

“Elizabeth was never interested in me; all she cared about was the wealth and power I could give her. Our bond never mattered to her even though she was a half werewolf. She was pretending the whole time.” He explains lowly, turning me around so that I straddle his waist. “You however - Aurora, you’re like a breath of fresh air in my toxic life.”

I bite my lip, my gaze lowering when I hear his words; the truth in them loud and clear. His index finger rests under my chin and tilts it upwards so that our eyes meet. His gaze is so intense and heated, I almost lose myself in the depths of them. What he’s giving me is so raw and real; the truth about his past. He’s finally opening up to me, there won’t be any more secrets between us.

“Everything about you and I, it’s real.” He states hoarsely, cupping my face with his warm hands. “It’s so fucking real and I-I just don’t know how to handle it sometimes because you’re nothing like her and that’s what I’m used to. You’re such a good way.”

I smile, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. This is different. Vulcan is allowing me to look into the window of his soul without any hesitation like before. I rest my head against his chest and breathe in his woodsy, masculine scent. I’m safe; he won’t hurt me.

″Eliza was materialistic, demanding for only the most expensive gifts and all you ask for is simple things that don’t even put a dent in my credit card. I want to shower you with gifts but you’re just happy when I take you to freaking McDonald’s! You try to calm me down yet Elizabeth wouldn’t even come near me when I’m angry. And you make it your mission to annoy the fuck out of me where it would be a surprise if her and I even had a decent conversation.″

I frown and look up at him, opening my mouth to speak but he causes me to freeze momentarily when his warm hands slip under my shirt to caress my skin. ″Well, I like food a lot more than expensive gifts, which I’ll never use for fear of losing or breaking them because we all know how clumsy I am. And if I can help calm you down then, why shouldn’t I?″

He chuckles deeply before titling my chin and brushing his lips against mine, making me shiver. Soon, his body relaxes and he settles into the arm chair further. Since I’m wearing his shirt which is very over sized on my small frame, he easily finds an exposed part of my skin to trail a path of kisses where my neck meets my shoulder. From the beginning, I always found it slightly weird that he would pay more attention to this spot.

Apparently, it’s the area where werewolves mark their mates. Lycans can pick where they want their mark to be because it will warn other Lycans of who the male/female belongs to whereas werewolves will sense the power a mate holds regardless of seeing the mark. And Vulcan seems to like the idea of having his mark on full display for all to see. I sigh softly when he kisses the spot behind my ear that makes my stomach flutter excitedly. He pulls away and runs his fingertips over my bare skin, lazily.

“You are a human yet you found it in yourself to accept us and be kind and caring towards a pack of werewolves and Lycans.” He groans softly when he tilts my head upwards, catching my teeth gnawing at my bottom lip, pecking my lips after every sentence. “I love it that you’re so innocent, how you stammer when you get nervous around me, your cute blush that appears whenever I touch you. You drive me fucking crazy when you moan, Малышка.″ (Baby.)

“It’s not like I’m sane around you either.” I whisper, looking away as I grow conscious of his lust-filled gaze on me. “You drive me just as crazy.”

His fingers dig into my skin, eliciting a soft whimper from me. Leaning forward, he buries his face into the crook of my neck. I shiver when warm puffs of air kiss my exposed skin; from his fingertips trailing the length of my spine in a sinful manner.

“When I met Elizabeth, I thought she was it. That I had the perfect mate, the caring Luna my pack needed. But, I was so fucking wrong. Now, whenever I see you, I regret thinking that because you are it for me. It will always be you.” He murmurs softly, arms wrapping tightly around my waist whilst he breathes in my scent to keep him content. “When I first caught your gaze at the airport, the way you pulled me in can’t even compare to my previous bond with Elizabeth. Your sinful touch, your addictive lips; you were everything I could think about and I really don’t know how I managed to let you board that plane; to let you create distance between us.”

“But here we are.” I grin, looking up at him when he leans back.

His hand rises to cup my cheek and his thumb caresses my skin softly, forest eyes tender and full of adoration. It shocks me momentarily; the look he’s giving me right now.

″I would go through the pain of losing my first mate a thousand times over...just so you would be what I get in the end. I may not show it often, but I’d die without you Aurora Maxwell. You are everything to me, the only thing keeping me alive.”

Tears brim my eyes at his words and I sniffle, wrapping my arms around his neck tightly in a hug. How is this man so freaking perfect? I wonder to myself.

"Роза?” He whispers, voice laced with concern. “Why are you crying, baby?” (Rose?)

I shake my head, my face hidden in the crook of his neck, but I know he can feel the wetness of my tears on his shirt. “You’re really strong, Vulcan. I can’t fathom how hard everything has been for you and yet you’re still here. I wouldn’t have made it.”

I feel his chest vibrate, the sound of his husky chuckles reaching my ears. “I have you. That’s how I’m still here.”

Sighing contentedly, I turn so that my cheek now rests on his shoulder instead of my chin. “You and I forever, chubby.”

There is a moment of silence before he growls loudly, making me squeal. I pull back and giggle at his miffed expression, highly displeased with the nickname. Of course, I’m only jesting, Vulcan is absolute perfection in my eyes. I just love riling him up.

“I am not chubby!”

“That’s not what your cheek showed me when it wobbled - whoa!”

I shriek when he stands and throws me over his shoulder, striding towards the bed and throwing me down on it. I bounce on the mattress before I’m pounced upon, his towering frame hovering above me. The intense gaze makes me swallow harshly, biting my lip in anticipation of what is about to happen next.

When his darkening eyes snap to my lips, I grab the opportunity and push him aside, jumping off the bed. I know he will catch me if I stay in the bedroom so, I unlock the door and run out, my light laughter echoing in the quiet hallway. A loud growl echoes from behind me and I turn to see Vulcan walking out of the room with a playful smile on his face. Walking backwards, I smirk before winking at him.

″Come and catch me, Alpha.″ I tease, watching his eyes burn bright gold before I run down the stairs.

And so, begins a game of catch. I think he’s letting me win because I cannot see him at all whenever I look behind me so, he’s definitely not using his heightened abilities. Eventually I become tired and run out of one hallway, skidding to a stop when I see him leaning against the back of a couch. I laugh nervously before gulping and turning to run back.

In a flash, my back meets the wall gently and Vulcan cages me in with his arms. I look up at him, panting slightly. My breath hitches when he leans down and trails his lips from my cheekbone to my lips. They barely meet my skin but whenever they do, I want to moan his name out loud.

″What’s my prize?″ He murmurs lowly, whilst skimming the curve of my neck down to my collarbone with the tip of his nose. I wrap my arms around his neck, shivering when his hands slip under my shirt to rest against my lower back.

″Anything you want.″ I whisper teasingly, chuckling softly when he groans in response and grips me tighter.

″Good thing we have all night then.″ He replies, his voice husky and guttural.

He picks me up, making me yelp in surprise before squealing when he starts kissing every inch of bare skin he can find. He makes his way up the stairs, holding me still while he drives me crazy.

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