The Hybrid

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Chapter 28 - School Trip

It’s lunch time and I’m currently walking towards the large round table that my friends sit around, including Kaden. The werewolves seemed to be wary and hostile towards him at first but he paid them no mind and two weeks after, they have eased up to him, even making jokes and chatting with him sometimes.

I smile at Kaden and slide into the seat beside him, placing my tray of food on the table. He nods his head at me before placing his arm on the back of my chair. I notice Theo looking at us with a frown. When Vulcan told me about his pack, he also mentioned that some of his pack members attend the same school I go to, but the most I’ve talked to is Theo.

I grin at Kayla who also sits beside me, Max has caught the cold and skipped school. Catching up with her, she rambles on about how the class trip to Rome is going to be amazing, making me nod in reply. Everyone from our History class is going and that includes Kayla, Kaden, Theo, Sophia, Alex and Max, basically everyone I know but, I’m a little bummed that Nikolai and Caia won’t be coming as they’re not in my class. However, I’m really excited to see Rome and everything it has to offer.

″Are you coming?″ I ask Kaden whilst popping some fries in my mouth but, not before slapping Theo’s hand away, glaring at him when he tries to steal some and only winks at me in reply.

He shrugs dismissively. ″Don’t think so, I’ve been there quite a lot.″

″Aw come on, it’ll be fun! And since you know the place, you could show us around?″ I pout when he shakes his head, causing him to stare at my lips longer than necessary before sighing and agreeing to come.

Squealing happily, I wrap an arm around his shoulder to pull him in for a hug, hearing him chuckle whilst patting my back before I pull away and give him a big smile. Realizing there are only minutes to go until the bell rings for class, I quickly finish my lunch before leaving the cafeteria with everybody.

I walk into the classroom and hurry to my seat once I notice that Mr. Alvaro, my history teacher, is already in here. Once everyone is settled, he starts the lesson which seems to be never-ending. I stare out the window thinking of how Vulcan is going to react when I tell him about this trip tonight.

Soon, the lesson finishes and Mr. Alvaro rounds his table to stand at the front with a stack of papers in hand.

″Alright class, as you all know we are leaving for Rome on Friday. Unfortunately, the trip has been cut short to three days -″ He’s cut off by loud groans, raising his hand in the hair to silence us. ″Disappointing but principal’s orders, we’ll make the most of it! Now, I am handing out a guideline of what to bring and a summary of what we will be doing. Please take note and come well prepared. The plane leaves at 7 a.m. sharp. Class dismissed!″

The bell rings and everyone files out of the classroom, ready to go home. I chat with my friends for a while before saying goodbye, grabbing my books from my locker on the way out and waving to Sophia and Alex who drive out of the school gates. Unlocking the door to my own car, I strap myself in before driving to Vulcan’s place which seems to be becoming a permanent home with the way things are going.

I knock on the brown, wooden door to his office, peeking in when I hear him call me in. I’m extremely nervous about confronting him about the school trip but I have stalled enough. As soon as I had reached home, I had taken my food and raced upstairs to lock myself in the bedroom, avoiding him like the plague and busying myself in homework.

Vulcan looks up once I enter and close the door. I try to keep myself from blushing when I remember what had happened the last time I had asked him to let me leave. It seems so long ago but the memory is still fresh in mind.

Clearing my throat, my fingers play with the hem of my t-shirt, avoiding his gaze as I look around his office that I have grown accustomed too. After a few moments, I give in and look back to him, seeing his green eyes scan over my figure twice before they burn with such intensity that it makes me gulp.

″Come here.″ He demands huskily, waving me over and yanking me forward when I’m within range.

I yelp before glaring at him when my nose bumps against his chest as he pulls me onto his lap. ″Ouch.″

He only kisses my nose in reply before pressing his warm lips to mine. It’s a firm yet quick peck but I still think it’s amazing. I play with his fingers while he resumes his work, pressing my hand against his to measure how large his is in comparison to mine before trailing my fingertips over the callouses and the prominent veins. Kissing the back of his hand, I intertwine them, hearing his growl of approval from above. I sigh, leaning against his chest while he brings his arm around my waist and pulls me closer against his body.

Ever since the incident with Colton and witnessing my recurring nightmares about him at night, he has grown extremely protective over me, not allowing me to be by myself at any time when he’s not with me. Vulcan’s vampire side has awakened once more and his cousin attacking me has caused him to snap. The atmosphere in the pack has turned tense and cautious where I’m concerned, he will snarl at any male who so much as looks my way, angry if I’m not near him. He walks around with a body that’s constantly tense, eyes seemingly stuck on black before I manage to calm them down to the beautiful green.

As for Colton himself, Vulcan met with the elders of this pack and the supernatural council to decide on a punishment. He was sentenced to death and although he’s gone, I still feel uneasy at times just remembering what had happened. I had argued with Vulcan in an attempt to tone down the security and the coddling but he was having none of it. I admit, it does get frustrating sometimes but I let it be, knowing how he will get when I refuse to let him care for me.

″Vulcan,″ I start softly, drawing aimless patterns onto his grey shirt. ″There’s this school trip going to Rome -″

″No.″ He states firmly, not once looking away from his computer or halting in his work.

″I wasn’t asking you, I was going to tell you and besides, Theia and Darius have already signed the consent form.″ I explain, moving so I now straddle his waist, effectively stopping him from writing so that his attention is fully on me. ″It’s just for three days, everyone else is going.″

″I said no, Aurora and that’s final.″ He growls, his hands tightening on my waist whilst his eyes light up in anger. “You’re still recovering from the attack. You need to stay at home where I can see you and take care of you.”

″The doctor said I’m recovering quickly! I’m healed enough to go.″ I state, crossing my arms.

″No, you are not going -″

″Yes. I. Am.″ I snap, enunciating each word whilst narrowing my eyes at him.

″You need to listen -″

″Please Vulcan,″ I whine, giving him my best puppy dog look that seems to work on Damon every time. ″The cut on my lip is nearly healed and my arm is fine. I’ll be back on Monday morning. Please, I really want to go.″

He growls loudly, shaking his head as he picks me up and places me on his black leather chair before pacing in front of the window. His dark eyes glance at me from time to time before he’ll snarl to himself, either pinching the bridge of his nose or running a hand through his dark brown hair in frustration.

″How am I supposed to protect you from here? I have work to do, Aurora.″ He finally speaks, making me look at him in incredulity.

″You have guards on me all the time and people from both your pack and Damon’s will be there. It’s not like I’m going to be alone.″

″Our pack.″ He corrects, making me chuckle silently before nodding.

I look up at him in expectancy whilst he stares at me with uncertainty and worry flashing through his orbs. A long silence passes before he finally sighs and nods.

My eyes widen in surprise before I launch myself at him, crying out in joy. ″Thank you, thank you, thank you!″

“My best warriors will be with you. Don’t argue with me on this.”

He frowns, hugging my small frame closer to him, hesitancy still present in his eyes. I pull away, rambling about how I need to start packing for the trip tomorrow. Heading for the door, I’m pulled back into a hard chest, Vulcan’s muscular arms wrapping around my waist while he rests his chin on my shoulder. He breathes in my scent deeply before pulling the neckline of my shirt away and planting an open-mouthed kiss on my now exposed skin.

Shuddering from the spark of pleasure that bursts within me, I tip my head back to rest against his shoulder, allowing him further access. He presses another kiss onto my heated skin and pulls away making me whimper in protest. I turn, glaring up at him for teasing me like that to which he just smirks in response.

“When you have finished packing, come straight back and I will continue where I left off.” He promises huskily, his green eyes darkening as his fingertips trace the skin where my neck meets my shoulder. Pouting in annoyance, I sigh and nod before making my way out of his office. I’ll hold him to that!

The next morning.

I groan when the alarm blares out its annoying tone. Trying to turn slightly, I quickly realize that I cannot move, a heavy weight pinning my body down to the bed. Opening my eyes, I look around and let my eyes adjust to the semi-darkness of the room before glancing to what is on top of me.

Vulcan lies on top of my body, one hand gripping my right hip whilst the other is tangled in my messy hair. Turning off the alarm now that I’m fully awake, I try to get out of bed to go to the bathroom but am unsuccessful when it only causes him to grumble and tighten his grip on me.

I smile softly, running a hand through his luscious brown hair, eliciting a husky moan from his lips. My fingertips find themselves trailing down the side of his face, from his temple to his cheekbone to the corner of his lips and finally skimming his sharp jawline. I cry out in surprise when his eyes suddenly snap open to gaze at me in a lazy manner, his teeth biting my thumb that had been tracing his bottom lip. Blushing, I giggle in delight when he pulls me under him and pushes himself up so that he now hovers above me, his green eyes alight.

"Ты выглядишь ещё красивее, когда просыпаешься, мой ангел." He breathes out in Russian. (You look even more beautiful when you wake up my angel.)

I learned just recently that Vulcan is multilingual, he speaks fluent Russian, Latin and English. He also made me aware that every Alpha is trained to speak in Latin as it’s obligatory and also for communication purposes when they want to keep the conversation strictly for their ears only.

“I have to get ready.” I state softly, cupping his cheek with one hand whilst my thumb rubs his skin.

He pouts, making butterflies erupt in my stomach at the sight before he nods and lets me go. I almost want him to pull me back and hold me tight in his embrace forever, the loss of contact has me feeling cold.

Standing, I make my way to the bathroom and go through my daily routine. Taking a quick shower, I wrap my hair in a towel before applying light makeup. I keep my makeup bag in one of Vulcan’s chest of drawers that’s in his large en-suite. I hum a tune whilst doing my makeup, applying mascara to my lashes and swiping some balm onto my lips in the end before leaving the bathroom.

I glance at Vulcan who is relaxing on the bed, his bare chest on full display with his sweatpants hanging so low off his hips that I’m afraid if he moves I’ll get an eyeful of what he carries down below. His arms rest behind his head, the muscles bulging. I let my gaze wander down to his abs again before following the ‘v’ to the bulge in his pants. Snapping my gaze to his, I watch as his eyes darken considerably, making me gulp as heat spreads throughout the lower region of my body.

Looking away quickly, I bite my lip before hurrying into the walk-in closet and proceeding to pick out a comfortable outfit for the long plane ride. I put on black, ripped denim jeans, a long black ribbed sweater that’s loose and comfortable and slip on some ankle socks before putting on my white trainers. Blow drying my hair, I fix some pieces that are annoying me with a straightener and leave it open, ruffling it slightly to give it a messy look.

Once I’m satisfied, I leave with my backpack. My duffel bag is already downstairs, waiting to be put in the car. Making my way downstairs, I meet Vulcan in the kitchen who has put on a shirt, thankfully, else I would have been ogling him until I left. Smiling gratefully when he places a plate of French toast in front of me, I dig in knowing I have to eat something before I leave.

After I’m done and have washed my plate, I glance at my phone to see that it’s 6.00 a.m. Good, it won’t take too long to reach the airport. Vulcan intertwines our hands after asking me if I’m ready to go, I squeeze it slightly whilst he guides me to the garage and takes a key off one of the hooks before unlocking a Mercedes Benz.

I place my duffel bag in the back before getting into the passenger seat and strapping myself in. As he drives off the driveway and out onto the smooth strip of tarmac, he takes my hand and kisses the top of my knuckles before placing our intertwined hands on his thigh.

“You have to check-in every day and always keep your phone on.” He states, seriously to which I nod in reply whilst I stare out the window, watching as the forest blurs into a mass of green. “Call me immediately if anything happens.”

“I will, don’t worry. I’ll be fine, plus your warriors are with me.” I smile reassuringly, looking over at him when he growls.

“You’re the mate of a Lycan which makes you an important figure; a Queen. I shouldn’t be allowing you to leave my land when an attack just occurred on you recently. There’s people out there who only want to bring me down and the best way to do it, is through you. Please, keep your phone on okay?” He pleads, concern in his eyes when he glances at me before turning back to look at the road.

“I understand, I promise to keep it on and always be with my guards.” I murmur, squeezing his hand lightly as if to ease his tension.

After twenty minutes of driving, we finally arrive at the airport, where numerous students wait inside. As we draw near, I can spot some people from my group of friends waiting near the glass doors of the entrance. Vulcan brings the car to a stop before stepping out of the car, Theo parking next to us. Apparently, he’s training to become a warrior and requested to be set as my personal guard since we’re in the same friend circle.

I look back to see both men’s eyes glazed over indicating that they’re conversing through the mind link. Waiting for them to finish, I lean against the car, crossing my arms as I pick at the ends of my sweater. Finally, Vulcan nods at him before passing my duffel bag on to him. He waves at me before walking off to the entrance, telling me that he’ll see me inside to which I just nod in response.

I can see some of the students gazing at Vulcan and I with curiosity filled eyes, mostly at Vulcan though. The boys are frowning at his intimidating figure and muscular build, the amount of strength and power he possesses obvious. The girls, however, are eyeing him up and down like he’s a piece of meat. I feel a flare of jealousy surge within me, startling me whilst I scowl at the girls in annoyance.

A husky chuckle breaks my train of thought and my eyes snap over to Vulcan, who has now shuffled closer to stand in front of me. “Jealous, Роза?” (Rose.)

“No!” I snap, glaring up at him when he raises a brow as if to say ‘really?’

He leans down so our lips are just a breath away, staring directly into my grey orbs. “It’s okay. I’m all yours, sweetheart. You’ve got nothing to worry about.”

I start to protest but am cut off when his lips press against mine. But before he can deepen the kiss, like I assumed he wanted to based on his lustful growl, we are cut off by the loud honk of a nearby bus making me gasp and rip away from Vulcan. I blush furiously when he growls, glaring in that direction before turning to me. He sighs before pulling me closer and pressing his forehead against mine.

“Time for you to go, I guess.”

I hum, wrapping my arms around his neck whilst standing on my tip toes. “I’ll see you on Monday.”

I whisper before pecking his lips hurriedly and pulling away. He watches me go with an unknown emotion in his eyes as he stands there, intent on not leaving until the plane departs. I roll my eyes at the heated glares I receive from the girls whilst the boys look defeated. Good, I think and smile inwardly. I doubt any of them can ever make me feel like Vulcan does.

Greeting Kayla who stands waiting by the check-in queue for me, I chuckle when she clutches my arm, raving about how I must tell her all about “Mystery Man” who is the “hottest man she has ever seen.” Turning to look back one last time, I wave at Vulcan who stares back, his features stony and his eyes hard.

I shake my head and blow him a kiss in an effort to raise his spirits and I’m successful, much to my delight. I watch as a small smile blooms on his lips before it’s gone. Waving goodbye, I step forward into the line and go through the security procedures, grinning at my friends who are all sat beside each other in the black chairs whilst waiting for boarding to start. I grab Kayla’s hand and lead the way, she takes a seat beside Max whilst I plop down in the only spare one left that’s beside Kaden.

“Let’s get this party started!” I laugh as my friends cheer and holler at my statement.

We’re quite an energetic bunch for a Friday morning. Kaden shakes his head at me, rolling his eyes when I nudge him. He finally smiles and joins in on the cheering.

Rome, here we come!

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