The Hybrid

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Chapter 33 – Trouble in Paradise

I wake up to sunlight streaming onto my face, disturbing me from my slumber. Cracking my eyes open, I wince at the sting from crying last night. I turn around to see if maybe Vulcan had come back to bed but the other side, where he usually sleeps, shows no signs that he returned during the night.

My chest tightens in sadness and I swallow down a sob, quickly making my way to the bathroom with a bundle of clothes in my hand. I can’t stay here any longer, deciding I’ll go to school and spend as much time as possible at my house after.

Hurriedly brushing my teeth and washing my face, I change into my clothes and grab my phone, slipping my laptop and chargers into my large shoulder bag before swinging it on and walking out the door.

I rush down the stairs, freezing when I hear a familiar laugh echo through the room. Looking up, my jaw nearly drops when I see that it’s Vulcan who has laughed at what Chloe had said. She’s practically glued to my mate’s side, much too close for my liking.

Everyone turns to look at me when they hear my footsteps. I glance at Vulcan to see him gazing at me with no emotion at all, a hard look in his eyes before he turns and walks away without a backwards glance. My heart shatters as I stare at him, wanting to scream and ask what exactly did I do wrong for him to behave this way. My eyes snap to Chloe in a hateful glare as she follows behind, grasping his shoulder and looking up at him as she whispers something.

If any guy did that to me while he was present, he would throw a hissy fit but apparently it’s okay when it’s him? Feeling the waterworks and anger rising, I give them a shaky smile before rushing out the door. I hear Caia call my name, the sound of her footsteps following me before she gives up at the entrance. Running down the driveway, I make my way to the pack house and straight into the infirmary.

Kaden is sitting on the edge of his bed, talking animatedly to someone on the phone but immediately hangs up when I burst into the room on the verge of tears.

“Can we skip today?” I pant, swiping a traitorous tear from my cheek.

“What happened?” He growls, making me shake my head, indicating that I don’t want to talk about how I got hot and heavy with the Alpha only for him to turn me down and then proceed to treat me as if I’m nothing to him anymore.

He sighs and leads me out of the pack house, placing an arm around my shoulders and tucking me into his side to partially hide me from the stares I’m receiving from the pack members. Can’t a girl cry in peace? I wonder, trying to calm down my breathing.

We are just about to get in his car when he stops and brings me to a halt. I turn back to see him looking the other way and when I glance in that direction, I suddenly wish that I hadn’t. They are all outside now, and Chloe is waving goodbye to Vulcan whilst Caia and Nikolai get in their car to go to school. I sniffle, noticing the small smile on Vulcan’s lips, a sharp contrast to the hard expression he gave me just moments before.

Kaden looks down at me, his eyes lighting up in anger before they soften. “Let’s go milady, I know this awesome gelato place that needs new flavors to be tested.”

I chuckle when he opens the door and bows down, waving at me to get in. I know I can always count on him to cheer me up, I only hope that when he needs someone to return the favor he will think of me.

Getting in the car and strapping my seat belt on, I glance out the window to see Vulcan storming his way over to us, a furious expression on his face as he yells at Kaden, who only closes his door and starts the car, reversing before turning the car around. He pulls down the window as we pass Vulcan before yelling.

“This is what you get for making her cry, you asshole. You don’t deserve her!” He then accelerates, speeding down the path that will lead us to the highway and far away from him.

“Was that really necessary?” I deadpan, rolling my eyes when he smirks and nods.

“I’ve never felt so alive, baby!” He shouts in a piercing falsetto making me chuckle.

I spend most of the day with Kaden, testing out the new flavors at the gelato shop and driving through town aimlessly. He had finally parked the car and guided me around the place on foot, making it so that we could stop anywhere we wanted and explore.

My feet are now aching as I lean back into the beanbag in Kaden’s sitting room while we are engrossed in a game of monopoly. It’s quite intense and we have already had one screaming match.

We had tried out some food places, browsed through thrift shops and relived our childhood at the local park by going on as many rides as we possibly could before rolling down the long hill beside it. He also took me to the beach since we had so much time on our hands.

It was definitely a good day, until my brain decided to think about this morning’s events. I sigh once more, not really paying attention to the game. My mind is constantly flashing images of last night; of Vulcan wrenching away from me in haste, speeding out of the bedroom, laughing at whatever that blonde skank had said before looking at me with a face that was void of any emotion.

Sweet mother of unicorns, if this crap is included in relationships then please delete me from the dating world.

“Okay,” Kaden pulls back suddenly to look at me with narrowed eyes. “Clearly you’re having trouble in paradise and refuse to play. Tell me what happened.”

What do you want to know Kaden? That I was getting it on with my mate when he suddenly stopped and left? Yeah, that’s a conversation I would love to have, I grumble inwardly to myself. Crossing my arms, I sigh at the stern expression on his face, knowing that he’s going to pester me until I tell him.

“He’s acting like a jerk.” I start only to be cut off by his snort.

“He is a jerk. I thought everyone knew that.” He runs a hand through his jet black hair. “Are you jealous because of that blonde woman?”

“I am not jealous!” I snap at him before picking at the laces of my shoes. “Maybe a little, but that’s not the reason why I’m upset. He...started acting weird last night and this morning he didn’t even say anything to me! I just want to know what I did...or if I even did anything.”

My voice turns into a whisper towards the end. Suddenly, his phone buzzes making him fish it out of his pocket and without looking at the caller ID, he presses it to his ear. Instantly, he stiffens and lets out a growl of anger before passing the phone to me.

I take it cautiously, looking down at the screen to see that it’s a private number. I hold the phone up to my ear. “Hello?”

“Aurora, come home now! School finished hours ago.” Vulcan’s voice filters through the speaker, his tone worried yet angry.

Kaden reaches over and hangs up, putting the phone back in his pocket making me stare at him wide eyes. He shrugs and pulls out his box of video games which causes me to grin and sit beside him, rifling through the box. He smirks and puts his phone on silent before getting up to rummage through his cabinet beside the large television. Turning to me, he waves a video game making me nod and pick up a controller.

And so, I spend the rest of the evening racing cars, forgetting all about a certain angry Alpha.

I sigh and turn to Kaden with a pleading expression, who only shakes his head at me in return and points at the house before crossing his arms again.

“But why?” I whine, watching as his lips quirk in response.

“Because you’re probably driving the man insane right now, Aurora. Go, before he senses you out here and rips me apart for taking you away in the first place.”

I shake my head, refusing to go back to Vulcan. We are parked outside the pack house, our eyes on the mansion in the distance that is emitting a warm glow onto the grass and surrounding forest. I hear Kaden sigh before watching him turn to face me from the corner of my eye.

“Look, I get that you’re hurt but just ask him to explain, I’m sure there’s a reason for why he’s acting the way he is. As for the other woman, there’s no reason for you to be jealous. You’ve got the Alpha King wrapped around your finger, he fucking adores you Aurora, heck he’d probably do anything to keep that smile on your face.” He grins a little when I face him before looking away. “Go little grasshopper, I’ll meet you in school tomorrow and you can tell me all about how you guys made up and nearly made babies -”

I cut him off with a slap to his arm, blushing furiously whilst I glare at him. Picking up by bag, I get out of the car and lean down to thank him for everything. He waves me off with a smile and I close the car door, making my way onto the path that will lead me to Vulcan’s house.

I glance back nervously at Kaden who only waves me forward. Standing there, I bite my lip and shake my head at him. I can make out that he’s laughing before he starts the car and drives off, leaving me in the dust. He rolls down the window to wave goodbye and I curse at him, my voice echoing in the quiet clearing.

Huffing, I turn and make my way to the house, obviously there is no way I can escape and put this off anymore. Making my way up the steps, I stall outside the door and listen to a familiar voice shouting orders at someone. Always a grouch, I roll my eyes before peeking in. There are guards standing around, Caia and Nikolai on a couch with Vulcan standing by the single armchair.

I slip in, unnoticed and slide along the walls, trying to make my way into a spare room. I’m surprised that they don’t hear or smell me because of their abilities. My eyes stray to the group again when their voices get louder but, I don’t notice the table coming up in my path. I crash into in, knocking my hip into the pointed edge and letting out a shriek of pain at the painful sensation now coursing through me.

“Son of a bitch, I just got shot!” I shriek dramatically, pressing down on the stinging spot and rubbing on it, trying to lessen the pain, but it doesn’t help.

I let out yelp when hands grab my waist, Vulcan’s thumb pressing down on the spot. “Ow, ow, ow! Let go, you idiot!”

I struggle to get away, thrashing in his arms but he only holds me tighter, leaning down so that we’re face to face. If he was a cartoon, I’m pretty sure there would be steam coming out of his ears. A vein is bulging on his forehead, his eyes narrowed in fury, orbs completely black and his jaw is clenched with his lips thinned.

Oh boy, am I in for it.

“You skipped school with him?!” He asks tensely, his hands now gripping my arms tightly.

“Let. Go.” I grit, trying not to show that I’m in pain.

“Answer me!”

“Don’t make me knee you in the balls, Vulcan!” I slap his chest, making him let out a thundering growl.

“Don’t hit me.” I slap his arm and chest whilst struggling in his grip as he pulls me forward to the stairs.

“Aurora -”

I punch him in the gut but he doesn’t react like I expect him to. Instead he halts and looks down at me with dark eyes, his form trembling uncontrollably. Indigo standing behind us starts to speak, catching Vulcan’s attention and I take my chance.

Rushing down the stairs, I glance at my backpack that I left beside the door before speeding down the hallways. I hear him roar my name from behind, his thundering footsteps making their way in my direction.

My heart beats at a faster pace as I try to find a good hiding spot before I realize that he can smell me out. I run further for a while, before realizing that I have rounded the house, stumbling back out into the sitting room again where everyone is seated. They turn to look back at me, grimacing when Vulcan yells my name again.

Spotting the open window that will lead out onto the driveway, I fist-pump the air and unlock it. I have just put one leg over the ledge when I’m pulled back. I struggle in his grip while he closes the window and throws me over his shoulder, snarling loudly when I try to pull away.

“Nice knowing you guys. I’ll see you up in heaven.” I say to Caia and Nikolai, who look on with worried eyes, glaring at me when their minds register what I said.

Indigo and the guards look on with amusement in their eyes. Giving them all a thumbs up, I hang in defeat over Vulcan’s shoulder, letting him carry me to my doom.

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