The Hybrid

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Chapter 34 - Thirst for Blood

I’m thrown on the king size bed, a sense of déjà vu creeping up in me as Vulcan speeds back to lock the door before turning to stare at me with his arms crossed in an intimidating manner. I can see the anger in his eyes, a sharp contrast from the expressionless face this morning.

After a long period of silence and an awkward staring contest, he speaks...well, more like seethes. “Where the hell were you today?”

“You know where.” I mumble, picking at imaginary lint on my shirt.

“God dammit, Aurora!” He suddenly yells, punching the wall with his fist. “Why don’t you understand?”

I gasp, staring at the hole in the wall with wide eyes before looking back at him. His chest heaves while he runs a hand through his already tousled hair. I jump out of my skin when he curses, fearing how angry he can get in the next few moments. Will he lose control or worse, hurt me? No, I’m sure that he won’t lay a hand on me, he’s not like that. The losing control part however, I’m not entirely sure.

“You cannot go running off like that without informing me! Do you how how worried I got when I found that you weren’t in school or in the fucking area!”

I snort, unladylike as I get off the bed and stand beside it. “Worried, sure. You didn’t seem to give a damn this morning and you expect me to believe that you were worried about me?”

“What the hell are you talking about?” He yells, glaring at me.

“What happened last night?” I ask quietly, almost afraid of the answer as I watch him stiffen. “Will you be so kind as to tell me what I did? You were all cheery with Chloe this morning but as soon as I step into the room, it’s back to making Aurora feel like shit time!”

“What are you -”

My eyes well up with tears as I pour out my frustration. ″I felt like crap the entire night and today, thinking I had upset you over what, I don’t even know.″

I turn and walk over to the window, looking out at the lake that sparkles under the moonlight. My body trembles with sobs, some escaping my lips as I stand there, failing to calm myself down.

″I know I’m not as experienced like the other girls you’ve been with so if -″

I’m cut off by my own gasp when he whirls me around to face him, a thundering growl escaping his lips as he grips my chin before uttering dangerously. “Don’t you dare talk bad about yourself Aurora, I will not tolerate it.”

“But, it’s true.” I whisper, sniffling as I look up into his dark eyes.

He shakes his head, wrapping an arm around my waist to pull me closer. I almost sigh at the contact, tingles shooting up my spine where his hand lies. I rest my head on his chest in exhaustion, wanting him to hold me forever.

“Being inexperienced is nothing to be ashamed of, baby. In fact, it makes me want you so much more, you are pure in every way. Others pale in comparison to you, Aurora.” He guides me to the armchair and takes a seat before pulling me onto his lap.

His large hand swipes at my wet cheeks, kissing my temple as he guides my head to his chest, holding me in a protective manner whilst I sniffle occasionally.

This day is all shades of messed up and I hate it. He has managed to plague my mind with insecurities and doubts about myself. Yes, I know I’m too innocent, my Dad and the boys in my life had been too over-protective whilst I was growing up, making sure to scare away any guy who tried to approach me.

I even skipped out on school dances because none of the boys had the guts to ask me, too scared of being confronted by them. It’s also obvious that I’m inexperienced with the way I blush when the girls talk about their mates so freely, if Vulcan does anything intimate, or shows affection towards me.

I pull away, swiping a tear from my cheek and staring at my hands in my lap. I can feel him boring holes into the side of my head but I refuse to meet his eyes, too embarrassed that I just cried all over his shirt. I hear him sigh before he leans back in the chair.

“I’m sorry for the way I acted last night and this morning. I was very close to marking you.″ He states quietly, making my eyes snap up to meet his.

″W-Why didn’t you? Did I do some -″

″No.″ He looks at me fiercely, shaking his head. ″No - it’s just that if I mark you, I must mate with you too and I know you’re not ready for that.″

″I don’t understand why you can’t just mark me. Why do you have to do both at the same time?″ I look up at him, frowning in confusion.

″If I mark you without mating with you...″ He stops and closes his eyes, nails digging into my waist as if he’s in physical pain. ″You could die, Aurora. My bite will act like poison in your body if I don’t bond with you fully.″

I gasp at his words, making him open his eyes. ″That’s why you left last night?″

He nods and I bite my lip. I ignored him the whole day for controlling himself? Dammit, my thoughts are split now. On one hand, he was just taking my feelings into account and how I’m not 100% ready to go that far with him. But on the other hand, why didn’t he explain in the morning instead of behaving so coldly towards me?

″When I saw you this morning, I just didn’t know how to I settled with not saying anything. I didn’t realize you were jealous -″

″I was not jealous!″ I snap, repeating what I had said to Kaden except the “maybe” part. ″Just hurt that you were responding to her and not me, your own damn mate. What the hell was Blondie doing here anyways?″

“She was on patrol last night and was just reporting a suspicious camp near our border.” He explains, playing with my hair.

“Where’s the funny part that made you laugh, then?” I deadpan, crossing my arms as hurt courses through me.

“Fake laugh.” He clarifies before sighing, cupping my face with both hands so that he has my full attention. “I’m so sorry for hurting you, Aurora. I was just trying to get rid of her.”

“You smiled at her too.” I mumble, hating the feeling of jealously wreaking havoc inside me.

“Again, to get her to leave.” He huffs before rolling his eyes. “Whenever I’m angry, she always pesters me.”

“Okay...just – if I see her near you again someone’s going to get hurt.” I narrow my eyes at him when he bites his lip to stifle his laughter. “I’m serious! I can make her death look like an accident!”

He chuckles making me glare at him before crossing my arms. I huff when he swipes my hair away from one shoulder to the other, kissing my neck. Biting my lip to stifle the moan that is threatening to escape, I find myself giving in when he pulls my lip with his teeth before pressing his lips to mine for just a second and then pulling away.

He only hushes me in return, pressing his lips to my temple. “I should have explained but instead I tried to ignore it all. I’m sorry I treated you that way Aurora, it was uncalled for and I truly regret it. I hope you will forgive me?”

“I forgive you...but if you do that again I can make sure your death looks like an accident too.” I arch a brow when he playfully growls at me, daring him to argue. “And please, don’t get all territorial and possessive when I’m with Kaden.”

“I don’t trust him around you yet.” He groans, taking my hand in his and caressing his thumb across my skin.

“And I don’t like it when girls are swarming you and you’re willingly letting them touch you and stand close to you, but you don’t see me charging after them and threatening to beat them up do you?” I retort, watching as he opens his mouth to speak but nothing comes out. “It doesn’t work that way, Vulcan. If I’m supposed to think about how you will feel if I’m near the opposite sex, then it applies to you too.”

“You’re right, I’m sorry.” He apologizes with sincerity and I nod, accepting it. “I’ll be better for you.”

“Thank you, I appreciate that.” I smile, pecking his cheek. “I should have just confronted you instead of running off, I’m sorry too.”

“Don’t apologize for anything, I should have been mature about the situation.” He murmurs, regret in his eyes.

A comfortable silence ensues and we enjoy the feel of each other after a restless day of distance between us. I love how warm his body is, like a walking talking heater.

He shifts slightly, strong arms wrapping around my small frame tightly. The tip of his nose runs along the curve of my neck, before he sighs in content and presses a soft feather-like kiss there. That’s another thing I’m addicted to, his tight hugs and neck kisses are everything.

“You are still so hesitant in our relationship even though we have been together for months now, is it because you are shy or...?” He trails off, cupping my cheek and pulling me close.

I laugh lightly, pressing my forehead against his and closing my eyes. “I could say the same thing about you, Vulcan.”

I look up to see him staring at me, quizzically. “What do you mean?”

I shrug halfheartedly. “You’re hesitant because you’ve been dealt the wrong cards when it came to love in the past, it’s affected you and you don’t want to mess up. I’m hesitant because of my inexperience. We’re both still learning and I guess we will always be learning but that’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with taking it slow.”

Something flashes across his eyes; pain and longing. “I know I am no ordinary wolf, Aurora. My past and my beasts define who I am and what happened with Elizabeth has made me insecure. It’s going to take time and for that, I am sorry. You might wish sometimes that you had a simple life with a simple man rather than this shit.”

“No, don’t apologize, I understand completely.” I shake my head, smiling up at him. “And I think I got quite lucky with you. I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

He smirks boyishly at me with his forest green eyes twinkling in adoration. Leaning down, he presses a sound kiss to my lips before brushing my hair to one side. His husky, deep chuckles echo in the quiet room and I swoon slightly, staring at him in admiration.

“My moon, I think I am the one who got unbelievably lucky with a mate like you. You are so kind, sweet and forgiving. Sometimes I have to stop and ask myself if I really do have a mate who cares about me the way you do.”

His warm hands find the curve of my waist and pull me flush against his chest. We are eye to eye, shoulder to shoulder and if I move forward, my lips will meet his in a way they have been longing for.

“Are you afraid?”

A moment of silence ensues and in that time, I collect my thoughts and fears. Am I afraid of this bond?

“I get a little scared sometimes.” I start out in a whisper, my right hand rising to rest on his shoulder. I glance up to see his eyes curious and fixated on me, trying to figure out my answer. “To be honest with you, I was sheltered from boys by my father back in England. If I happened to be in the US for holidays, Damon, Christian and Alex would take up my Dad’s role. I never experienced the whole dating side of things - never had my first kiss or dated until you.”

He growls in satisfaction, pleased by my response which makes me roll my eyes at his possessive behavior. I pause, taking a shaky breath. Vulcan lets me take my time, rubbing my arm in a soothing manner to comfort and calm me; which he successfully does.

“It - It scares me because I have never felt this way before; the way I feel whenever I am with you. Sometimes I feel like I’ll mess up and ruin what we have.”

“That will never happen, as if I will let you go.” He scoffs at the idea.

I chuckle, cuddling further into the warmth his body provides. He strokes my back for a while, the feeling soothing me and lulling me to sleep. Soon, my eyes flutter shut and my breathing evens out as I feel the tiredness catch up to me.

“I’m happy we worked things out.” I mumble sleepily, pressing a kiss to the base of his neck.

“Me too. I’ll try my hardest to be better for you Aurora, I promise.” He whispers, stroking my hair. “Just be patient with me, please.”

I hum sleepily when I feel Vulcan’s fingers slip down to rest on my hip before he pushes my shirt up. Shivering and half aware of what he’s doing, I blindly try covering my now goose-bumped skin with my shirt again, his warm hand covering mine to stop my movements.

Cracking my eyes half-open, I stare at him in question but his eyes never meet mine. Instead, a furious growl escapes his lips, his green eyes darkening to absolute black as they remain glued to my hip. I frown, looking down only to groan when I see what his eyes are so transfixed at.

Cue protective mode.

The skin on my hip where I knocked it into the table is now red and angry in color. I suddenly remember how my sensitive skin reacts instantly to anything harsh, sighing before resting my head back on his shoulder, assuring him that I’m fine when another growl escapes him.

His fingers circle the spot making me jump in surprise which causes him to accidentally press down on the area. A yelp escapes me and I push his hand away, covering it with my own at the stinging sensation that courses through me. Maybe I’m wrong about it being fine, whimpering when Vulcan switches his angry gaze to mine.

In one swift motion, he lifts me up into his arms and carries me into the bathroom to set me down on the counter. He stands in between my legs, rummaging through the cabinet behind me, a noise escaping his lips when he finds some type of cream to take care of the bruising I guess. I watch as he unscrews the cap and squeezes some ointment onto two of his fingers before setting the tube down. He lifts up my shirt and begins rubbing it into my skin.

Feeling bold and overcome with his gentleness, I lean forward to peck his lips, his now green eyes lighting up in surprise. I smile and shake my head before wrapping my arms around him while he washes his hands and puts the tube back into the cabinet. When he shuts the door, his hands rest gently on my hips.

“I love you, Vulcan Romanov.”

“And I adore you, baby girl.” He smirks, chuckling when I blush brightly before pulling him in for a kiss.

The next day

After I have finished school, Kaden drives us both back to my apartment to work on our biology project since it’s nearly due and we want to tweak it a little. I had wanted to check up on the apartment anyways since a certain protective Alpha won’t let me stay there.

He turns into the street and we pass a few apartments before we reach mine. I hop out of the car with Kaden in tow, hearing the beep of the car being locked from behind.

Closing the door behind us, I set my keys in the ceramic tray and walk into the sitting room. Immediately, my gaze lands on a square black box filled to the brim with dark red roses. I glance at Kaden who is also gazing at the box with curiosity. A smile blooms on my lips at the sight of them, Vulcan sure is sweet when he wants to be. Taking a seat, I pluck a white note from the middle of the bunch and read it.

For my mate. Love, Vulcan.

“Who’s it from?” Kaden asks from behind, making me turn around to face him with a puzzled frown.

“It says it’s from Vulcan...” I murmurs, my fingertips grazing over the black handwriting.

He steps closer with furrowed eyebrows. “So...why don’t you look happy about it?”

I gulp, my fingers shaking as I hold the small white note in my hand. Whipping out my phone, I scroll through the contacts and tap on his number, hearing the bell ring through the speaker for a few terse seconds before he picks up. During this, Kaden watches me with curious eyes but I feel like I need to confirm my suspicions first.

“Hello -”

“Did you send me the roses? To my apartment?” I cut him off, Kaden’s steely blue eyes hardening at my frightened tone.

“Why would I send you flowers when I can give them to you in person. Aurora, what’s wrong?” A shuddering breath escapes my lips as I drop the note, watching it flutter to rest on the coffee table.

“There’s a note that says they’re from you but, it’s not your handwriting.” I run a hand through my hair, biting my lip in worry when I see Kaden’s eyes widen at my words.

A low growl echoes through the speaker of the phone, the sound of doors opening and slamming with an engine starting in the background, indicating that he’s on his way. I can faintly hear the murmurings of people, guessing that he’s bringing some pack members.

“Are you alone?” He asks, gruffly.

My eyes wander to Kaden who gives my shoulder a reassuring squeeze. “No, Kaden’s with me.”

Vulcan’s loud snarl makes me flinch before I look at Kaden and we roll our eyes in unison. I tell him to quit it and hurry up before hanging up.

Kaden tells me to pack my things before heading down one corridor, murmuring about seeing if he can find some scents. Running upstairs, I freeze when I see a crushed red rose lying on the bed with another note attached to the stem. Stepping forward, I pick it up, feeling terror run through my veins at the words.

Like this rose, you shall be crushed.

“Bloody hell.” I breathe, speedily packing my things.

I have just closed the last suitcase when the doorbell rings, indicating that Vulcan is here. Rushing down the stairs, I see Kaden, Vulcan and a few guards standing in the living room, their eyes snapping to my direction.

Vulcan moves forward, catching me when I lunge at him. He holds me tightly, providing me with the comfort I so desperately need whilst my body trembles in fear. His arms wrap around me tightly as he kisses my temple, stroking my hair in an effort to calm me down.

“I found another note with a crushed rose on my bed.” I gasp, leaning back to hold it out to him.

He takes it and I watch as his dark eyes scan the one sentence over and over again before he crushes it in his hand. He holds both notes in his hand before stepping up to the fireplace and grabbing a matchbox. He turns back and set the note on fire, making us exchange confused glances, wondering what exactly is he up to. However, it’s all soon revealed when instead of the paper crumbling to ash, it slowly turns black with words appearing on it in flames.

Take care of your precious little mate, King. You never know who might drain her dry.

Vulcan throws the note into the fireplace just in time for it to crumble into a pile of ash and both him and Kaden utter the words I never wanted to hear. “Vampires.”

The nod at each other in acknowledgement and I inhale sharply, staring wide eyed at the pile of ashes, the word repeating itself in my mind like a broken record.

“Oh my god.” I moan, feeling sick to my stomach.

Images flash through my mind; of monsters with red eyes, sharp fangs tearing into my neck, vampires taking me and draining me of my life source which is the very thing they need in order to survive; blood.

“Search the house and area for any scents. Go!” Vulcan orders in a firm voice while I watch as the guards disperse, some running through the hallways and upstairs while others leave to the backyard. A whimper escapes my lips, causing Vulcan to focus on me. He hushes me, stroking my back in a soothing manner.

My fingers fist the back of his shirt while I close my eyes tightly. “I’m scared.”

“I’m right here, angel.” He whispers, tilting my chin up and grazing my cheek with the back of his hand. “As long as I’m here, they won’t ever touch you.”

He picks me up and carries me to the car, offering me a sense of security in his embrace. My eyes stray to Kaden when he hands me my phone and I smile at him gratefully. His lips are thinned and his eyes hold a certain emotion as he watches Vulcan walk out of the apartment with me. I frown, wondering what’s troubling him. Maybe he’s worried about the vampires too? I guess as Vulcan places me in the passenger seat.

“Stay in there.”

I nod, a foreboding feeling brewing inside me making me want to throw up. Those vampires know where I live and managed to break into my house, who’s to say they won’t come again? I hug myself, bringing my knees up to my chest as I watch Vulcan and the guards exit the apartment and talk with Kaden. Both men’s eyes stray to me once every while, Vulcan’s jaw clenching when he sees me huddled up on the passenger seat.

I sigh, watching as the guards walk back to their cars and Kaden lingers to talk with Vulcan. After they’re done, Vulcan walks towards the car and opens the passenger door, letting the cold air kiss my warm cheeks.

I shiver slightly to which he grabs a blanket from the backseat and wraps me up with. Every threat being made towards me is stressing me out. First Colton attacks me and now my apartment gets broken into. I look up at him with fearful eyes, worried over what will happen next.

He hushes me and presses a firm kiss to my forehead before leaning down to look me in the eye, cupping my cheeks. “I’ll protect you with everything that I have, Aurora. I promise.”

I smile shakily, feeling the energy drain out of me as I nod. “I know, I trust you.”

He smiles proudly before wrapping my seat belt around me and closing the door. Nodding his head to Kaden, he rounds the car and gets in, starting it up and pulling away from the pavement with a gentle lurch. I sigh, curling up against the seat, wishing this had never happened.

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