The Hybrid

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Chapter 38 - Two Souls

*** This is a clean version of Chapter 38. For anyone who is over 18 years, you can find a book on my profile called ‘The Forbidden Diaries’ which contains the explicit version. If any problems occur where you cannot view the book then you may have to follow me. Reading the explicit version is done at your own choice as I have made sure to notify you beforehand. ***

I wake up sometime later when the sky has darkened, a long howl disrupting me from my peaceful sleep. The house is unusually quiet and I suddenly remember that Caia and Nikolai are at the pack house tonight for a movie marathon.

I stifle a gasp when a muscled arm tightens around my waist and pulls me back into a hard chest. Vulcan is spooning me from behind. His body is warm and comfortable, providing me with enough heat even though the blanket has been pushed to my knees.

He sighs, resting his chin on my shoulder and nuzzling the side of his face into my neck. I resist the urge to laugh when it tickles, every breath he exhales feels like a whisper to my skin. Our bodies are pressed up together, there’s barely a silver of space between us. My legs are tangled with his and his other arm is under my head, providing me with a headrest.

I hear him mumble my name under his breath before his grip tightens and then, relaxes. I watch as he then slowly makes his way on top of my body in the span of a few minutes, from moving his arm out that was underneath my head to pulling me further under him. Soon, his body is crushing me, causing me to wiggle a little to get some breathing space.

Settling when I feel comfortable, I pull out my arm from underneath and proceed to run my fingers through his tousled hair. The strands are slightly wet, indicating that he had probably showered before getting into bed. My fingers move to trace his relaxed features, feeling his chest rise up and down evenly and his heart beating at a smooth pace. Soft sounds of approval escape his lips, the heavenly sound disrupting the peace and quiet of the room.

My head turns towards the closed balcony doors, the white translucent curtains still open and allowing me to see the crescent moon hanging up above with thousands of twinkling stars littering the sky. As the dark grey cloud moves on, the moonlight stretches in and bathes one side of the room in a beautiful, silver glow.

I notice the cuts and scrapes on my arms in the process of slow healing, knowing Vulcan had shifted to do whatever he could to lessen the pain. Sighing, I know I will be adding more to this collection the next time I train. It’s highly inevitable.

They don’t deter me from training though. In fact, I want to continue and learn some moves in order to protect myself. Vulcan needs to focus on the fight, not on how I am. When he sees that I can defend myself, it will relieve some of his concern.

Stilling when Vulcan moves up my body, I bite my lip when a certain excited member of his anatomy presses into my tummy. Suddenly the air becomes too heavy, my body reacting to his touch like a moth to a flame. I can’t help it.

My eyes roll shut when his hand slithers down to grip my hip, so very close to my core. His mouth expels warm breaths onto my heated skin, making me feel hotter than before. I let out a whimper of need when he grasps the back of my thigh and hooks my leg over his hip, effectively making his erection press against my core.

I almost think that he is awake, gasping when tingles erupt at the contact, a knot twisting in my tummy so tight that I struggle to breathe. I find myself lusting for more friction, for him to move against my body and ignite a wildfire.

Trying to escape his hold before I end up dry humping him, which I know will only lead to embarrassment, I place my hands against his chest and push. The sudden action causes his eyes to snap open and hover above me. He looks around, alert and wide-eyed, scanning the room for any danger before nuzzling his face into the crook of my neck again.

“What’s the matter, Котёночек?” He grumbles, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. (Little kitten.)

I swoon at the sound of his husky voice, a low and deep baritone. Snapping myself out of my lust driven thoughts, I struggle more since he’s now awake. But it only causes him to swing his arm around my waist once more and pull me into his chest, kissing my neck lazily. Run woman! Before he finds out you want to jump his bones! My mind screams at me as I try to edge to the side of the bed.

“Uh, I – I just need to g-go to the b-bathroom.” I stutter, avoiding his gaze.

Successful in escaping the bed, I let out a breath of relief and walk towards the bathroom. Before I can get there though, I’m pushed up against the wall beside it with my wrists encased in a tight grip above my head. I yelp, staring into Vulcan’s obsidian orbs. I watch as they burn bright gold making me gulp in anticipation.

After inhaling deeply, he lets out a loud hiss. “You’re aroused little mate.”

I scoff, trying to play it off. “Whaaaattt? Me – no. Nuh uh! Who’s aroused, definitely not me!”

“No?” He shoots me a flat look when I shake my head, shrugging. A low growl escapes his lips, his eyes blazing as he leans down towards me. “I can smell you – fuck Aurora!”

One of his hands slides down my body agonizingly slow making me bite my lip. His left hand currently holds both my wrists and no matter how hard I struggle, his grip is inescapable. My breath hitches when his hand slips in my pajama bottoms, his index finger and thumb teasing the waistline of my lace panties.

I whimper in reply, biting down on my lip harshly. As I groan his name, he lets go of my hands which slide down to grip his shoulders whilst he pulls me up against him. I’m glad that he’s holding me tight for my knees will surely buckle if he lets go. I rest my forehead on his chest, only for him to grip my chin and tilt my head up.

“You will look at me. Open your eyes, mate.” He orders, making my eyes snap open of their own accord and stare into his dark ones.

He then picks me up and hoists me on his waist, carrying me to the bed and laying me down on the plush mattress. He kisses a trail of fire across my neck before he just hovers above me, staring into my eyes. I tangle my hands into his hair as he presses his forehead against mine and closes his eyes.

“Aurora...I can’t – I need to mark you.” He whispers, his grip tightening on my hair.

“I know, it’s okay.” I laugh lightly, opening my eyes to look up at his nervous expression.

He growls lustfully and presses his lips to mine hungrily. Moaning softly, I hold onto his arms, loving the feel of his powerful body against mine. Our lips move urgently against each other’s before his tongue traces my bottom lip, wanting me to open.

Smiling against his lips, I decide to tease him and refuse, keeping my mouth shut. A growl of frustration reverberates around the room before he bites down on my bottom lip harshly, making me whimper in surprise. Immediately, his tongue slips in and I tug on his hair, eliciting a loud groan from him.

My body heats up in anticipation at the thought of what is about to unfold between us. He pulls off my top and I tug at his shirt, indicating that I want it off. I blush when he chuckles at my eagerness, complying and throwing his shirt behind him before crawling up my body and kissing me passionately once more. His lips leave a trail of scorching hot kisses on my skin as they make their way to my neck. I groan in pleasure when he sucks harshly before placing an open-mouthed kiss on the area where he is going to leave his claim, making my body tremble with lust underneath him.

“I’m so sorry but this will hurt.” He murmurs, pulling away to look at me with sadness. “It will get better after a few seconds though.”

“Okay, I trust you.” I smile and nod, caressing his cheek.

He breathes out shakily before I see his canines elongate, longer since Vladimir, his vampire, is also present. He leans forward and dips down and I feel his teeth scrape my neck, making me inhale sharply. Without any warning, he breaks my skin and I feel him bite down on my neck.

A scream escapes my lips at the stinging sensation and I feel something in me shift. The pain lasts for what feels like years but it’s only a few seconds before it is replaced with immense pleasure. I moan his name loudly, my nails scratching his shoulders. He pulls his teeth out after a while, licking at my neck before hovering over me.

“I hope I didn’t hurt you.” He murmurs, a happy smile on his face.

I shake my head and laugh when he nuzzles his face into the crook of my neck again, placing kisses to my mark repeatedly. My body feels like it’s on fire but, in a good way. I crave him in every way possible and sighing contently, I pull him closer to me.

Our clothes end up on the floor and I lose myself in his touch, passion and electricity sizzling and crackling between us. Sweet kisses swallow my moans and cries of pleasure, our bodies tangled together, but we move in sync as we reach the peak of pleasure. I feel like I’m floating as I come back down from the high, the room filled with our harsh panting as we fight to catch our breath.

He smiles breathtakingly, caressing my bottom lip with his thumb before kissing me soundly. I whimper when he slowly pulls out of me, feeling empty without him. He chuckles and tells me to wait before getting off the bed and disappearing into the bathroom to get a wet yet slightly warm cloth, making his way back to wipe me clean.

He slips into bed with me after and I cuddle closer to him, our naked bodies pressed up against each other under the covers. I close my eyes, my body exhausted.

“That was amazing.” I whisper, looking up at him shyly before averting my eyes back down to the silk sheets.

When he doesn’t reply for a while, I look up to see him smiling softly at me, his dark eyes melting to a forest green with an emotion so intense it has me reeling. He reaches out and cups my cheek with his large hand, warmth and tingles spreading across my skin at the contact. I sigh in content, loving how his touch makes me feel so alive, the tingles and sparks much more intense now that we have become one.

The mate bond just intensifies everything to a whole other level. I’m aware of every breath he takes, his eyes scanning my face and taking in every feature as if he’s committing it to memory. Every movement of his, my eyes follow. With every touch, my skin dances with joy. He makes me feel like this and that, is just a power in itself, a hold he has over me.

No romance book can even match up to how happy and content I feel right now just being with him; existing.

A person can be made to act a certain way, do crazy things, feel some type of way and live on a continuous high when it comes to love. Love is a drug that we can’t get enough of, that just keeps spreading and spreading until your entire being is consumed by it. For me, and perhaps for other beings in love, it’s a good type of drug.

Vulcan is my drug and I’m more than happy to let him intoxicate me until all I know is him and him alone.

I’m snapped out of my thoughts when lips press to mine in a soft, sweet kiss. Pulling away, he stares into my eyes as if I have opened some kind of window and invited him in to look into my soul. The hand that cups my cheek slips down to grasp my hand, resting them on the bed as we both look at how perfectly they fit together.

“You are perfect.” He murmurs, voice low and soft in the quiet of the night.

He meets my eyes and I smile at him before pressing the tip of my nose to his in an eskimo kiss. “I’m glad you are my first and last.”

He growls in satisfaction, kissing me goodnight. Our breaths even out and we slip away, our bodies molded perfectly against each other that I don’t know where I end and he begins. Feeling myself teetering on the edge of sleep, I let out a content sigh before entering dreamland.

Two souls have finally become one.

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