The Hybrid

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Chapter 4 - Temper, Temper

Three days later.

It’s my last day here and to tell you the truth, I feel like close to death. Thinking I could survive staying in this cell was a big mistake. What I didn’t take into account was how I was going to be treated like a piece of trash and starved. I have caught a fever from the freezing cold cell, my body aches from lack of warmth and I’m covered in bruises.

On the first day, the younger man, Damian, had returned in the evening with just a piece of bread and half a glass of water. I had stared down at the plate he had slid in with incredulity before asking him for real food. I should have kept quiet. My pleas to be let go were ignored and punished in return.

He becomes angry pretty quickly; safe to say he needs to check in at a clinic. We had gotten into an argument about the food he gave me and in the end it only resulted in a swift punch to my jaw and a sore back when he threw me against the concrete wall. My shirt had ripped somehow and I’m pretty sure my jaw is bruised black with how hard his hit was.

That night, I cried myself to sleep, wishing for someone to come and take me away for this treatment is scaring me. I’m alone and don’t know where I am, the worst thing is that the guards take every chance to degrade me with physical and verbal abuse.

By the end of my three-day stay, I’m sporting cuts and scrapes along with bruises. One guard had even gone so far as to sprain my left wrist, which is now swollen and excruciatingly painful as they have not provided me with medical attention. Each night I had cried myself to sleep, so much that I passed out from pain and exhaustion from being interrogated by the men who call me a “rogue” and ask questions I don’t have the answers to. It only earns me more injuries and pain.

It’s sometime in the afternoon when I hear the groan of the metal door as it’s unlocked and pushed open, heavy footsteps making their way in my direction, not stopping at any other cell which holds equally battered and bruised occupants. In fear, I scoot back and curl myself into a ball before they can look at me. After day one, I have learned my lesson to keep my mouth shut otherwise I will be “punished” as they would say.

The footsteps halt outside my cell and I hear the sound of the door opening. However, the person that is making their way towards my huddled figure stops and seems to inhale. After a few moments of terse silence there is a loud roar making me scream in fear, wrapping my arms around myself as a means to protect me. I tremble when two large hands touch me gently, holding my arms and peeling them away from my body. I sob loudly before raising a hand to muffle my cries, clenching my eyes shut and waiting for the hit.

“Aurora...?” A husky and deep baritone trails off with a quiet gasp, bringing me out of my frightened state.

I recognize the voice, even if it has been a while, I still know who it is without a shred of a doubt. A hopeful feeling blossoms within me as I look up, my tearful gaze meeting livid green orbs.

“V-Vulcan?” I gasp, launching myself onto him and wrapping my arms around his neck.

I cry into his shoulder, finally able to feel at ease knowing that someone I am familiar with is here and will save me. Forgetting all about the pain coursing through my body at the moment and how he ended up here, I hug him tighter to me and bask in the warmth he provides my cold body.

He freezes for a moment before a thundering growl escapes him and he wraps his arms around my waist, nuzzling the tip of his nose into the crook of my neck and inhaling deeply. I cry out when he takes hold of my infected wrist while his other hand grazes a bleeding cut on my back. He wrenches himself away from me, with an expression of disbelief and anger whilst he examines my swollen wrist before turning me around to look at my back that is visible from my torn clothes.

Vulcan’s bright green eyes fade to a deadly obsidian black making me gasp in astonishment. How can his eyes change color like that? I wonder as I gaze into them, my reflection staring back at me. Before I have a chance to ponder over the newfound revelation, I’m scooped up into his arms. Quickly, I wrap my arms around his neck for fear of falling to the cold, hard ground.

I glance up to see him glaring murderously at the men standing before him, their heads bowed and their stances screaming submission. My eyes meet another dark pair. The white-blonde man from the airport is standing a few steps away from the group of guards, his hands folded behind his back, sadness and anger swirling in his eyes as he snarls in disgust when he turns to face the men.

Feeling the gaze of the men who had hit me, I turn and hide my face in Vulcan’s chest, making him still at the action. I don’t realize he is looking down at me as I wince and bite my lip to muffle the groan of pain threatening to break free when I pull my swollen wrist to my chest.

“You will not move an inch until I come back.” He utters dangerously, voice low and promising as he walks forward with me in his arms.

He doesn’t need to say more because when I look back, I can see the men’s faces drain of color, their eyes wide and filled with fear. I can’t bring myself to sympathize just like they did not with me. Instead, I turn back and rest my head against Vulcan’s warm chest, sighing in content at the thought of finally being free from those monsters.

He is tense and silent as he walks through the very same hallways I had been carried through three days ago. The difference is that this time I’m free rather than being held captive. He steps outside and makes his way to a small building near the tall house with countless windows I have seen before. The bright lights make me flinch and the smell of medicines and cleaning supplies wafts up my nose.

I flinch and shield my eyes from the light, the brightness is something I need a few minutes to get used to since I had been bathed in darkness day and night in the cell. At the action, he stops to look down at me, an anger so intense in his dark eyes, building and burning like a crescendo that I don’t want to see what will happen when he snaps. His form is shaking, grip tightening whilst his jaw is clenched.

My cheeks heat at the sight of people looking in our direction, some with curiosity and confusion, others with sadness and anger, their beady eyes following every bruise, cut and scrape. He continues to which I’m grateful for, passing a few beds with patients until he reaches a room at the end of the hallway.

He opens the door and makes his way in, gently placing me on the comfortable bed with the softest sheets. I lie down, exhaustion creeping in from the past three days. Through my half-closed lids I see a female doctor, clad in a white lab coat, hurry in with two nurses behind her, her words rushed as she shouts out orders and gathers some tools.

When I see that she is telling Vulcan to wait outside, I protest and shake my head, an overwhelming feeling of panic rising within me at the thought of being left alone in this place with people I don’t know. I call his name weakly, making them halt in their argument. He makes his way over to me with a hardened expression, taking my outstretched hand in his as he leans down.

“Stay with me. I don’t want to be alone.” I whisper, my eyelids drooping as the sudden urge to sleep overcame my body. “They’re going to hurt me again.”

The last thing I hear is a loud growl and lips being pressed to my forehead in a firm kiss, reassuring me that someone I know will be here; Vulcan is here to protect me. And with that last thought running through my mind, my body so overcome with a sense of security, I easily slip into the dark abyss of a dreamless sleep.

BETA: Indigo Ferndale’s P.O.V.

There are many miracles in my long life that I have seen but this is something extraordinary. Having heard of it happening here and there, I must admit I’m quite shocked to hear that my very own Alpha, my best-friend, has been bestowed upon a miracle by the name of Aurora Maxwell. Vulcan Romanov’s mate.

I smirk slightly as I lean against the cold wall of the dungeons, waiting for my Alpha to arrive and unleash his wrath upon the guards. It’s amusing to think he is bonded to a human who he tried so hard to withhold himself from.

I had been present when he was in conflict, needing to make a decision on whether to pursue his human mate or leave her be. However, the presence of a Luna is needed, more so as surrounding packs are now questioning the leadership of Vulcan. Both an Alpha and Luna are needed to rule a pack and this pack has finally found theirs, after years of waiting, hoping and praying to the Moon Goddess.

She’s small and slender, Aurora. An aura of innocence and purity follows her around like a scent, all she needs is white wings on her back. One look at her and she makes you feel like you need to protect her, to keep her within sight at all times. A fear also lingers with those who feel this way towards her; a fear that some monster will tarnish her before she has a chance to spread her wings and fly.

I shake my head, blinking as if to snap myself out of the thoughts my mind has preoccupied itself with. A Luna, I grin. Already I can see that she is strong and brave yet encompasses the daintiness of a flower, she is as delicate as a feather. It’s easy to see why my Alpha has chosen to pursue her, easy to see how she has his stone cold heart in her warm grasp. I simply cannot wait to see the change she will bring about in Vulcan.

The sound of the bronzed metal door slamming open and banging against the stone wall of the dungeons alerts every one of the Alpha’s presence. I turn to see the guards rushing to close the door, hoping to never be the reason behind his anger.

Vulcan is a man of few words, but when he talks, boy does he talk. And not in the good way either. Because of his past, I have watched my best-friend turn cold and harsh towards everyone, sometimes softening for his friends and family but to outsiders, he is someone mothers use as a bedtime story to scare their pups into being good, he is a man who has caused, fought and won many battles. He is responsible for many deaths and bloodbaths but, he never does it without reason.

His low growl cuts through the tense air like a knife, eyes dark and speckled with blood lust, a bright hue of red dotting around his pupil which you cannot see anymore. He is in his true form, a beast that wants to kill, a predator that wants to hunt. All for whom; his human mate.

Stalking forwards, he shoots the men a glare so fierce it has them trembling where they stand. A wicked smirk dons his lips while he circles the table of tools and instruments set out for him to play with. I shake my head, smiling as I look on and hear the men plead and beg and cry but to no avail. Vulcan isn’t having any of it today...but when does he ever.

“Please Alpha, we didn’t know she was your -” A man stupidly begins to plead his case but is cut off by Vulcan slamming him up against a wall with an arm against his throat, cutting off his air supply.

“I don’t care if you didn’t know she was mine.” He chuckles darkly, feeding off the fear his pack member emits. “I will punish you either way. Interrogations before torture, you all seem to have forgotten that simple, fucking rule!”

His voice rises to a roar at the end, chest heaving as he tries to control his breathing. Abruptly, in one swift motion, he picks up the table and swings it at the wall, the wood smashing into pieces and the tools that were once laid out perfectly, now clattering on the concrete floor. I can hear the whimpers and sobs of the other prisoners, making me roll my eyes before turning my attention back to watch the scene unfolding before me.

“I think I’ll use my hands today.” He snarls, a deadly smirk on his lips as he cracks his knuckles and advances towards the frightened men.

Grabbing a burly man by the collar of his shirt, he swings him to the ground, grabbing hold of his hair and smashing his face into the concrete which elicits a painful yell.

One by one he goes through them all, not once stopping to breath or take rest. He is merciless, his growls and roars thundering in the once quiet dungeon, bouncing off the walls and reminding the other prisoners of just how ruthless the Alpha is. Left and right, he breaks bones, punches and kicks are thrown, heads are smashed into walls and begs for mercy are answered with fists.

When a young looking guard tries to run towards the only exit, I’m quick to grab him, twisting his arm behind his back until I hear a sharp crack.

Grinning wickedly, I bend down low to whisper in his ear, “You had this coming the second you decided to hurt a defenseless human.”

And with that, I break his other arm and a leg, landing punches to his jaw just like I have seen Aurora sporting them on hers. After I’m done with him, I turn back to see one of our guards, Damian, pleading with Vulcan. He’s soon slammed up against the wall and punched in the gut a couple of times before Vulcan has him by the neck, gripping so tightly that I notice his eyes bulging. Vulcan’s hold never loosens though, breaking his arm swiftly and grinning maliciously when his howls of pain disrupt the air.

“Did you touch her?” He utters quietly, snarling when the guard shakes his head in denial.

“Don’t fucking lie to me!” He roars, punching him in the face.

The guard finally nods, knowing a lie will get him sent to his deathbed in an instant. I turn when Vulcan stills, his body breaking out into abrupt tremors as his fist clenches. Fur sprouts onto his back and his teeth and claws elongate frighteningly. Even from here I can see that he’s letting his wolf, Ruxin, come forward which makes the color drain from the guard’s face.

Pure rage flashes through his eyes and I know whatever is going to transpire next is not going to be pretty. Looking at the unconscious guards littering the floor, strewn across as if they barely weigh anything, I turn and make my way to the door.

Hearing one final ear-splitting roar from behind me, I close the metal door and make my way out of the building, the evening sun kissing my pale skin and bathing me in a warm glow. Running a hand through my hair, I head to the pack house, knowing the pack members will greet me with winces and hands to their temples. I feel it too, the rage and the loathing in his mind, all thanks to the Alpha himself. Nevertheless, I continue with a bounce in my step as I think about seeing my mate once more.

Ten minutes later, Vulcan barges in through the pack house doors, snarling at whoever obscures his path. He looks like a man on a mission, storming down the hallways with short bursts of uncontrollable growls escaping him. I glance at my mate, worriedly when I see him heading for the infirmary where his mate is being tended to.

“We need to follow. He could hurt her in this state of mind.” I murmur to my mate, setting down the glass of water and striding towards the infirmary, pushing past people as I see the mop of brown hair pressing on towards the Alpha suite.

Hurrying forward, I open the door and step in only to stop at the sight before me. My mate bumps into me from behind before double-taking at the couple, our jaws unhinged and eyes wide.

Vulcan, the man known for his harsh and cold exterior; who has never looked at anything with an ounce of care let alone love, is staring down at Aurora, grazing his healed knuckles against her milky white skin and whispering soft words in her ear that are spoken too quiet even for heightened hearing such as ours. Vanessa, my mate, grabs my hand and quietly guides me outside to where we look on from a window.

He is now picking Aurora up carefully, her eyes fluttering slightly before a small soft smile graces her pink lips and she cuddles closer to his chest. Taking a seat on the bed, he wraps the blanket around her body, cradling her close to him with such care that my eyes almost pop out of their sockets. He’s talking to her now, his green eyes fixated solely on her and her alone.

His fingers find her loose black curls and he plays with a strand, swaying his body from side to side as if lulling a child to sleep, pressing kisses to her forehead, her cheek, her eyes before picking up her bandaged wrist and pressing a gentle kiss as if to ease the pain.

“Even when she’s asleep Aurora’s good for him.” My mate laughs melodiously, her hand intertwining with mine.

As we walk down the hall, we leave the two mates to comfort each other. Whilst one calms the storm raging inside, the other kisses the pain away. Right when we are about to leave the infirmary, one word in a possessive tone rings clear through the pack’s mind link; mine.

The Alpha has found his Luna at last.

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