The Hybrid

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Chapter 47 - Revival

Vulcan has healed overnight and I had been shocked to wake up to him walking around the Alpha suite of the infirmary, changed into casual clothing. But then again, I should have seen it coming considering he is a Lycan who can control his healing abilities.

Soon after that, we had made our way back home only to be swept into a meeting with the pack doctors, elders and Vulcan’s friend, Jezebel. Everyone is in the sitting room and I’m on the couch with Vulcan beside me. His siblings, Nero, Indigo and Vanessa along with Kaden are all present.

I feel like a lab rat being experimented on for the past two hours, except this is to figure out what exactly happened when Vladimir marked me again. The elders and Jezebel have tried out countless of theories on me, only for none of them to work. They have concluded that I have changed and acquired Vulcan’s abilities, but they don’t know which beast has given a part of himself to save me. Whenever my emotions become too intense, a red ring will surround my eyes. Everyone has been testing me for speed, reflexes, strength, etcetera.

They have discovered that I can tune in and out of it and choose whenever to use my abilities. Lycanthropes like Vulcan, his siblings and Indigo can also do this but werewolves like Kaden, Vanessa and the majority of pack members cannot. One of the elders had cut my palm to realize that I can also control my healing abilities but only to a certain degree. I will still need to be treated and given medicine to heal myself fully.

The only problem is that if I possess all the abilities of a vampire, I should have died in the infirmary so Vulcan could properly turn me into one. I’m alive and breathing which confuses everyone.

Jezebel is currently pacing across the room, her neat brows furrowed in thought. I glance at Kaden to see him bored out of his mind, his eyes on my mark. Suddenly, he stands and makes his way behind the couch I’m sitting on. I pay no attention, thinking he is going into the kitchen to get a glass of water.

But instead, I hear his footsteps stop behind me and I wince at the loudness of it. My hearing is something that has changed along with my sight. I have been counting every piece of ember in the fireplace even though I’m sitting quite far from it, until Kaden had broken my concentration.

“Okay, I know you’re overprotective of her right now, but don’t kill me for what I’m about to do. It’s just a test.” He warns Vulcan, making me frown in confusion.

Vulcan nods slowly making me look to Jezebel to see if she has any clue as to what is going on. But she seems as confused as the rest of the people in the room. In one sudden motion, I feel my hair being brushed away and foreign lips being pressed deeply against my mark. The next moment is all a blur but I know a mixture between a hiss and a deep, resounding growl escapes my lips.

I blink before focusing on Kaden, who has a proud grin on his face. I’m gripping onto his collar while he lies on the floor against a wall, his hand wrapped around my throat lightly as he tries to push me back. Gasping loudly, I stumble back, looking around in shock. What did I do? Why is Kaden on the ground? I mentally ask myself, feeling panic grip me.

Everyone has stood up from their seats and I watch Kaden stand, staring at me with caution in his ice blue eyes. My breathing begins to turn harsh, coming out in short pants as I feel immense anger over someone other than my mate touching my mark so intimately. But then, a feeling of calm washes over me and I instantly look towards Vulcan. He steps forward, a reassuring smile on his lips as he holds his hand out. I stare at it, backing away slowly, confused at what just happened.

“It’s okay, Роза. Come here, you’re fine.” He coos softly, now just two steps away. (Rose)

I slip my hand in his, letting him pull me flush against his body as he guides me back to the couch. Kaden is now sitting on the coffee table in front of me, his hands clasped together. I cast my gaze downwards, feeling horrible for hurting him in any way.

“I-I’m sorry.” I whisper, feeling him take a seat beside me. “I don’t know what happened.”

He drapes his arm across my shoulders. “It’s fine Aurora, you didn’t hurt me. I mean, not that you ever could even if you are a hybrid now.”

I stare up at him before looking to Vulcan, seeing him nod with a gentle smile. “A hybrid? But how?”

“I think Ruxin was present when Vladimir marked you, keeping you alive.” Vulcan explains, intertwining our hands. “Therefore, both my beasts have transferred some of their abilities during the process of working together to save you.”

I nod, feeling overwhelmed with this new information. The elders are stunned into silence, commenting on how this has never been seen or heard of before. We conclude that I don't have any wolf or vampire beast of my own since I wasn't born a hybrid. I just have the abilities and strengths and strengths of both species. The enhancements in my features, body, strength, hearing and sight are all caused by this too.

We tested my abilities a bit more and found out that I can tune in and out of them; use them whenever I wish which only Lycanthropes such as Vulcan, his siblings and Indigo can do.

I can also control my healing abilities to an extent but will still need medicines to heal myself fully. So basically, I'm now a different kind of hybrid because of my situation.

Everyone discusses it a while longer and finally, at around four in the evening, Vulcan and Indigo escort everyone out of the house.

I wave to Vanessa and Indigo as they make their way towards the door to leave, Vulcan talking to them in hushed tones. A loud sigh escapes me as I lean back against the couch, my shoulder rubbing against Kaden’s. He props his feet on the coffee table which makes me scowl in distaste. I look up at him to see him already staring at me with a mischievous grin on his lips. Pointing to his shoes, I mutter for him to take his feet off my table.

He shakes his head instead, poking me in the side. “Hiss or growl at me to take my feet off.”

“I will do no such thing.” I scoff, crossing my arms. “Take your shoes off now, Kaden.”

“Hmm, nah.” He crosses his legs, getting comfortable in his seat.

I try pushing his legs off but it doesn’t work. I assume I have tuned out of my abilities. Growing frustrated, I finally growl at him to take them off, using my heightened strength, that has suddenly reappeared, to shove him off the couch.

A loud yell escapes him and he glares at me, standing up from the floor. “Maybe you should have stayed in a coma.”

I hear Vulcan snarl at him from across the room as he makes his way back to us. I shoot Kaden a smug smirk when he shuts up and takes a seat again, grumbling under his breath about how he was only joking.

“I need to get some work done in my office, Kaden will take you to the infirmary for a check-up.” Vulcan states, making me frown up at him.

I know he must have missed out on a lot of paperwork so I don’t complain. Instead, I nod in understanding which makes him smile and press a kiss to the crown of my head.

“Not until she apologizes for pushing me off the couch.”

My head snaps to Kaden and I narrow my eyes at him. He doesn’t back down, staring at me with a hard look in his eyes. Eventually, I huff and mumble out and apology.

“What was that? I didn’t hear you.” He smirks and leans forward, a hand cupping his ear in mock fashion.

I throw a cushion at his face and grin when it hits the mark, laughing at his shocked expression. His lips soon turn into a frown before he leaps over the coffee table and starts hitting me with the same cushion I had thrown at him. I scream playfully, bringing my arms up in front of my face to defend himself. He pushes me down until I’m lying across the couch, kicking at his legs to try and get him off me. I don’t want to use my newfound ability because I’m afraid of hurting him like earlier. I hear Vulcan sigh and watch him start to walk away, ignoring my pleas for help. He chuckles and waves, reminding us that my appointment is in five minutes.

“Okay, I’m sorry!” I yell, pushing him away.

He backs up with a wide smile, both of us laughing at each other. Pulling me up, he mumbles about how we need to leave now so we’re not late. I fix my clothes so they don’t look as rumpled before following him out of the house.

We make our way out of the infirmary thirty minutes later and I can’t be more excited to leave because it seems like I’m constantly in there. Kaden had waited to escort me back to the house as Vulcan is still sorting through the growing pile of paperwork before he drowns in it completely. I had mind linked him to ask if I could help, but he turned me down and said that he already had Indigo in there with him, ordering me to relax.

Nevertheless, I had thanked Dr Petrova and the nurses who took care of me during my stay and turn towards Kaden, who stands by the reception, waiting for me. Walking over to him with a smile, I loop my arm through his outstretched one and lean my weight against his. I still feel weak after waking up from a coma, which the doctor has described as completely normal.

“Your body is just working on those last bits of recovery, remember to take your medicines daily and you’ll be back to normal in no time!” She had advised, before handing me a packet of pills.

Kaden and I walk in silence, but I can feel him glancing at me from time to time with the urge to say something before he will sigh softly and look away. Rolling my eyes when he repeats it the third time, I nudge him slightly, raising my brows in expectation.

“Spit it out, Kaden.”

“It’s nothing.” He shakes his head, black strands of hair tumbling onto his forehead as he does so. I notice he has grown them out, his hair now touches his neck. “Not having your loud mouth blabbering constantly made me realize how much I had grown used to it.”

“Aw, Kaden...” I fake sniffle, wiping a tear from my eye mockingly. “That’s just about the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me.”

“Shut up, loser.” He mumbles, rolling his eyes in amusement.

“You missed me, didn’t you?” I tease, ruffling his hair causing him to whine in protest.

“I swear, everywhere I looked it was the same sad expression!” He scoffs, pulling me close to avoid a puddle.

“Well, I am one to be missed.” I smirk jokingly as I look up at him.


Smacking his chest, I pull away and walk off, grumbling under my breath. I hear him laugh at my antics before catching up to me and putting his arm around my shoulders. I huff in annoyance when he repeatedly pokes my arm, glaring at him in mock anger. He grins back cheekily, causing me to smile.

Walking up the long driveway, I look up and breathe a sigh of relief, realizing just how much I have missed home. Stepping in through the doorway, I walk further into the foyer, noticing Nikolai sitting next to the fire whilst texting away on his phone. Making my way closer, I creep up behind him before letting out a loud “Boo!”

I pout when he doesn’t even jump, instead he looks up at me in amusement before patting me on the head. “Nice try. In case you forgot...again, I’m a Lycan with heightened hearing. I could hear you coming up the driveway.”

“Ugh!” I cry, throwing myself down on the seat beside him while he chuckles away.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it. You’re one of us too now...well, half of you is.” He chuckles in amusement, making me roll my eyes playfully.

Kaden joins us by the fire, taking a seat on the furry carpet. We talk for a while, Caia and Vanessa convincing us to watch ‘Elf’ since Christmas is just a week away. Natasha and Nero are away meeting up with their friends and will be staying the night. Nikolai and I were in charge of snacks and have grabbed a pile of junk food and popcorn, which is now spread out on the coffee table. The others are settled on the couches and I’m sitting on the carpet with my back against the sofa.

Sometime later in the evening, Vulcan returns home. He picks me up from the floor, making me yelp in surprise, before settling me on his lap as he sits back on the couch. I mumble out a greeting to which he responds with a kiss to my cheek, nuzzling his face into the crook of my neck and inhaling my scent. I groan lowly, whispering at him to stop when he starts placing heated kisses around my mark. Tingles are dancing on my skin temptingly, wanting me to give in.

“No.” He growls, wrapping his arms around me tighter.

“Let me watch the movie!” I whisper-shout, smacking away his wandering hands.

I hear him grumble under his breath before pulling a soft blanket over our bodies. Smiling, I cuddle into his side, stuffing my face full of popcorn as my eyes remain rooted to the screen of the television. I feel him press a feather-like kiss to my temple before leaning back and wrapping an arm around my shoulder.

His soft snores sound from beside me minutes later, warm puffs of air expelling onto my skin. Glancing upwards, I smile softly when I see him fast asleep with his head resting against the cushion. I envy his dark and long eyelashes. He has recently shaved and there is light stubble on his face that always tickles me, chocolate brown strands hang onto his forehead sloppily making my fingers itch to run them through his hair. Sighing blissfully, I turn to the movie again, slowly leaning forward to grab the packet of candy I have selected from the pantry.

We watch for another hour until it finishes. It’s now eight in the evening, cloudy skies drifting across the sky slowly as the sun prepares to say goodbye. Caia is the first to jump up when the movie finishes, saying she is going to a party tonight and not to wait up for her and Nikolai. I smile at everyone and bid them goodbye when they set off, yelling at the siblings to be careful tonight and call me if they need me. The girls and I plan to go into town the next day to shop for Christmas presents.

Leaning back to rest against Vulcan’s chest, I hum softly when I feel his hand slide down to rest on my hip, gripping onto it unconsciously. I think about what has transpired in the past month. Our pack won the war but lost their Luna. Vampires kidnapped me in revenge and I was bit by a lunatic then marked again by my mate to save me. I was in a coma for three weeks and now, I’m awake and alive but completely different. It’s funny how life works in mysterious ways.

I sigh softly, looking back at Vulcan once more before deciding to take a shower before bed. Gently, I stand from the couch and cover him with a blanket before making my way upstairs, chuckling at how he had not woken up as soon as I moved away.

I reach our bedroom and head into the bathroom, closing the door behind me. Turning on the water, I strip before stepping inside. The warm water greets me at just the perfect temperature and I smile. I see the glass steam up immediately before the rest of the bathroom is just a blur to me. Grabbing my shampoo, I lather it in my hair before rinsing, inhaling the scent of coconut. Frowning when I hear the door slide open, I turn only to see Vulcan entering the shower, completely naked. Gulping, I meet his eyes which are twinkling with mischief and lust.

“V-Vulcan...I’m s-showering, what are y-you doing?” I stammer, feeling my cheeks heat up with the way his eyes are roaming my naked body.

“I know,” He chuckles dangerously, closing the door before stepping towards me. “I thought we could save water together.”

He grips my hip and pulls me closer. The water runs down our bodies, some droplets lingering and some trailing down before meeting the floor. He caresses my bottom lip with his thumb before leaning down and claiming my lips in a hungry, passionate kiss. I gasp, tangling my fingers into his wet hair, loving how a groan escapes him at the action.

Our lips move urgently against each other’s before his tongue traces my bottom lip, wanting me to open. Smiling against his lips, I decide to tease him and refuse, keeping my mouth shut. A growl of frustration reverberates around the room before he slaps my bum lightly making me gasp in surprise.

Immediately, his tongue slips in and battles with mine. I tug on his hair, eliciting a loud groan from him before he pulls away, both of us gasping for much needed air. He places kisses on my skin, making me moan in desire. I pull away and rest my hands against his chest, feeling his heart beat a little faster under my palm making me grin widely. His thumbs rub soothing circles into my waist eliciting a soft moan from my lips.

Hesitantly, I lean forward and cup his face in my hands, caressing his cheeks as I gaze into forest green orbs. My eyes avert to the fading scar from his temple to his cheekbones, it must have hurt. My heart fills with so much love for this man who fought through hell and back for me. Just thinking of how much pain he went through makes me tear up slightly. Leaning forward, I press light kisses down the length of his scar, feeling his fingers dig into my waist. I pull back to see his eyes closed and smile before pressing my forehead against his.

“I love you, Vulcan.” I breathe, his bright eyes darkening as they register my words.

“Say it again.” He growls, pulling me closer until our lips are just a breath away.

I’m pressed up against him so tight that I can feel every ridge and plane of his rock-hard chest. My breath hitches in nervousness as I stare at him, already anticipating his next move.

“I love you.” I smile and pull away, my hands on his chest.

“I can’t wait any longer, Aurora.” He growls before picking me up, taking me there and then.

My back arches as I let out a scream of pure desire, my body shaking as he makes love to me. My nails rake down his back as he increases his pace, my back hitting the wall repeatedly. I rock my body, grinding my hips against his. The movement has us both moaning in desire. I gasp loudly when he nips and bites at my mark, the sound drowned out by the water. His body shakes underneath my fingertips as the knot in my belly tightens and I know I’m close to my release.

“Vulcan, faster!” I cry, wrapping my arms around his neck.

He growls in satisfaction before increasing his pace. Everything is intensified now that I’ve changed; I see the beads of sweat as clear as day on his tanned skin, hear his heart beating as rapidly as mine, and feel the warmth spread from my mark through my entire body over the closeness of my mate. We move together in rhythm, passion sizzling between us, crackling like wild energy. I feel it everywhere, dancing around us, enveloping us in its heart. Every gasp, every moan, Vulcan hushes with his addictive lips. His hands won’t stop roaming my skin, it’s as if he can’t get enough.

Eventually, I cry out my release, him roaring my name soon after. After that, we wash ourselves and he lets me massage the shampoo in his hair, leaning down for me. Stepping out of the shower, I grab one of the towels off the rack and wrap myself in it, a squeal of surprise escaping me when he picks me up. He starts carrying me out of the bathroom and towards our bed, which makes my eyes widen. I struggle to escape his grip, crying out in shock when he throws me on the bed.

“Vulcan! What the heck are you doing?” I laugh, watching as he crawls on top of my body.

“Round two.” He smirks before pouncing, a shriek escaping my lips.

This time, I take a shower alone. Drying my body, I change into my pajamas and make my way out of the bathroom, playfully glaring at Vulcan who is already showered, dressed and lying on the bed. He grins cheekily, watching me as I get into bed before pulling me closer.

I hum in content when he starts stroking my damp hair. Pressing my body closer to his, I shut my eyes and inhale his alluring, masculine scent of woods and fresh rain. Feeling his arm come around to grip my hip, I moan in satisfaction when his thumb rubs soothing circles into the skin.

“I love you, Aurora.” He whispers, causing me to smile sleepily as I feel his lips press against my forehead gently.

“And I love you, Vulcan.”

AN: Basically, Aurora now possesses both of Vulcan’s beast’s abilities. Any emotion that she strongly expresses causes a red ring to surround her eyes. The enhancements in her features, body, strength, hearing, sight, etc, is all caused by this too.

She can tune in and out of it and choose whenever to use her abilities. Lycanthropes like Vulcan, his siblings and Indigo can also do this but werewolves like Kaden, Vanessa and the majority of pack members cannot.

Aurora can also control her healing abilities but only to a certain degree, she would still need to be treated and given medicine to heal her fully. I hope this sums up and explains the point I was trying to make in this chapter.

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