The Hybrid

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Chapter 48 - Road Trip

I wake up early to the sounds of birds chirping, as if telling me to get up. Sighing, I turn to find Vulcan fast asleep, a serene expression on his face. I want to shuffle closer and cuddle with him but I let him be, not wanting to disturb him. He has spent days searching for me and then tired himself and his beasts out in the prisons. I want him to get some much-needed rest.

So, I decide to make a start on breakfast. Slipping out of bed, I gently stand before making sure a pillow is in my place since he likes to hold me whilst he sleeps. I grab his shirt from the chair he had thrown it on last night before putting on some shorts and knee high socks.

Closing the door softly behind me, I make my way downstairs and through the quiet house, walking into the kitchen. Natasha and Nero are returning for the pack dinner we are having tonight and Nikolai and Caia had slept over at a friend’s house after the party last night. Often, the many rooms in this house remain unoccupied and I would find myself wondering why on Earth someone has built three floors.

I take out the ingredients, deciding to surprise Vulcan with breakfast in bed. The kitchen is soon filled with the aroma of food as I cook us some eggs and bacon with a plate of pastries and fruit. Placing the food and his coffee on the tray, I am filling up two glasses of orange juice when I hear a thunderous growl echo in the quiet house.

“Aurora!” I hear Vulcan roar, the bond twisting in fear and worry.

Frowning, I place the glasses on the tray before turning to put the juice back in the fridge, deciding to check if Vulcan is alright. But no sooner have I closed the door of the fridge, the kitchen’s door bursts open and Vulcan barges in, his eyes dark and streaked with red. When he sees me standing by the kitchen counter, a tray beside me, the anger in his eyes diminishes and instead, he looks around like a confused little puppy.

“Aurora...what?” He mutters, looking around in confusion.

“Hey,” I coo, walking up to him and wrapping my arms around his waist. “What’s wrong?”

“I-I thought you left or someone took you from me again.” He mumbles, nuzzling his face into the crook of my neck.

“Oh, Vulcan,” I smile, pressing a kiss to his cheek. “I’m not leaving you, I’m right here.”

“Why are you down here?” He growls softly when I pull away, forest green eyes following my every move.

“I wanted to surprise you with breakfast in bed.” I pout, looking at the tray I have prepared before sighing. “Guess I can’t exactly do that now.”

“No, we’ll do it! I’ll go back upstairs and you surprise me.” He is out the door as soon as he finishes his sentence, leaving me stunned.

I bite my lip to stifle an amused smile before taking hold of the tray and carrying it upstairs, knowing Vulcan used his speed to rush back to the room. When I reach our floor, and see the double doors closed, I roll my eyes in humor before balancing the tray and opening the door. The first thing I see is Vulcan pretending to be asleep which immediately makes me laugh. He peeks before popping his head out from under the blanket with a husky chuckle, sitting up as I make my way over to him.

“Surprise!” I say jokingly, setting the tray down on the bed before climbing up onto his lap.

“Thank you, sweetheart.” He murmurs, pulling the collar of his shirt I wear and pressing a kiss to my mark.

I hum in response, passing him a fork before we dig into the food. Vulcan immediately takes a sip of his coffee before eating the piece of strawberry I hold out to him. He leans forward and bites my finger making me cry out in surprise, laughing at his antics. After we’ve had food and set the tray on the bedside table, we lounge on the bed. Vulcan starts to trail his fingertips up and down my bare thigh, inching closer to my shorts every time. At one point, I roll over and press my sock covered foot against his bare chest when he starts tugging at the waistband of my shorts.

“No.” I warn, trying to be as stern as possible even though my resolve is quickly weakening with the way his dark eyes are roaming my figure heatedly.

“Why not?” He grumbles, pouting like a child as he grips my shirt and tries to pull me back.

“Because you’re definitely going to tire me out and I need to go out with the girls today.” I shrug, lying on my stomach as I look through my phone.

“You can go tomorrow. Christmas shopping doesn’t have to be done today.” He almost whines and I stifle a chuckle at how he is pining for my attention right now.

“Vulcan, the girls planned this and I already said yes. I can’t exactly tell them that I’m not coming because my mate wants to have some sexy time.” I try to push him away when he crawls on top of me, turning me around so that I lie on my back.

“You’re not going.” He growls in that tone when he wants to be intimidating.

“I am.”

“No, I won’t let you.” He shakes his head, peppering kisses to every inch of bare skin he can find.

“Vulcan...” I whine, trying to escape his grip but he is having none of it. “I’ll make it up to you!”

That catches his attention. He pulls away and stares at me with a dubious look. “How?”

“Um...more sexy time tonight?” I offer, trying to come up with something better if he doesn’t accept that.

“Deal.” He nods, a naughty look in his eyes.

Oh god, what have I gotten myself into? I wonder with dread.

I’m watching television with Vulcan and asking him questions about how the bite has affected me. I have all the heightened abilities but I just can’t turn into a vampire or werewolf like him. In the middle of our conversation, Vanessa decides to mind link me, making me jump out of my skin. Vulcan looks at me with amusement shining in his forest green eyes. I huff before responding to her.

“Hey girl! We’re thinking of going gift shopping around one o’clock, will you be ready by then?” She asks, her voice soft and holding a melodic tone in the mind link.

“Yeah, I’ll see you guys then!” I reply, sitting up on the bed.

“Okay can’t wait, bye!”

I turn to Vulcan who is watching me with a curious look. “It was Vanessa, we’re leaving at one.”

He nods in return, taking a sip of his water. “I’ll get your guards to go with you. Hurry up and get dressed, you’ve got ten minutes.”

My eyes widen before I mutter out a curse as I glance at the clock hanging from the wall, hopping off the bed and rushing towards the walk-in closet. I manage to finish with enough time to spare and am now pulling on my coat and comfortable shoes. Placing a beanie on my head, I grab my bag and check if I have my purse and essentials. After confirming that I’m all set to go, I shut our bedroom door and make my downstairs to see the girls waiting in the foyer with Indigo and Vulcan.

I’m about halfway down the staircase when the girls turn to me, Caia grabbing my hand and pulling me towards the door. But just as we are about to step outside, Vulcan pulls me back making me yelp in surprise. Caia is dragged backwards before she turns and glares at her brother, pulling me to her side.

“Let me say goodbye.” Vulcan growls at her, yanking me to his side.

“You’re acting like we’re going out of the country.” She shoves him, barely able to make him stumble.

Vulcan huffs and puts her in a head lock, making me sigh in relief at not being pulled in different directions anymore. He pulls me into a side hug and presses a kiss to my forehead, whispering goodbye in my ear. Finally, he lets go of Caia and speeds away before she can hit him.

“Have fun babe, I’ll see you later!” He yells before grabbing a smirking Indigo by the elbow and disappearing into his office.

Caia grumbles under her breath as we all make our way to the car waiting for us, shoving me lightly when I start laughing. I notice the guards waiting for us and greet them politely, climbing into the car parked on the driveway, the driver backing out and speeding off. Vanessa closes the partition, making sure the guards can’t hear us before she turns to us.

“Okay, I have news for you girls!” Natasha speaks excitedly, waving her hands to catch our attention. We look at her in anticipation, she seems ready to burst with joy. “I’m pregnant. Three weeks along.”

We gasp in surprise before shrieking happily, taking turns to hug her. Caia yells in delight about how she is going to be an aunt. I congratulate Natasha who hugs me tightly, once more. She tells us of how she surprised Nero, who had cried when he found out. Turns out they have been trying to conceive for the past year after Natasha had miscarried because of a fall. The story makes me immensely happy for them, after a year of trouble they are finally making a start on what I know will be a cute family.

Vanessa claps her hands suddenly, turning towards us. “Oh my Moon Goddess, I call dibs on planning the baby shower!”

Caia protests, making Natasha and I chuckle at their antics and I make a mental note to grab some presents before Natasha’s baby shower. Soon, we reach the mall and step out to walk into the building flooded with people. My eyes widen as I see the amount of people entering and exiting stores with shopping bags in their hands. It truly gets quite busy this time of year.

I’m pulled by Caia to a familiar store which is our first stop in this shopping trip. A long way left until we will finally be able to leave because from experience, I know shopping for Christmas presents takes me hours and the list of people only increases every year.

Three hours later, we exit the mall with our Christmas shopping done and out of the way. Dinner has already been prepared at the pack house so we had only grabbed something light to eat an hour earlier before setting off back home.

Personally, I always find it a nightmare to shop for men, the task would drive me insane but eventually, I managed to find some things that I hoped the boys would like. Shopping for Vulcan has also proved to be successful as I had his sisters with me who knew what he preferred most since they grew up together.

Currently, we are in the car and making our way back home with trees passing by in a blur and the darkening skies indicating that the sun will set soon. It has not snowed yet and I love a white Christmas where everyone spends most of the day outside in the thick blanket of snow before sitting by the fire afterwards with mugs of hot chocolate.

Wishing for the same this year, I sit back and curl up on the seat. We still have forty minutes until we reach our pack so I decide to take a much needed nap. The activities last night have exhausted me and my eyelids are already drooping of their own accord, begging for rest. So closing my eyes, I sigh and fall asleep in a matter of minutes.

I feel muscular arms slide underneath my body before I’m picked up. Stirring slightly, I grumble out incoherently before blinking my eyes open to be met with bright emeralds. Mumbling out a greeting, I snuggle against his chest and close my eyes again.

“Come on, Моя дорогая. We have to attend the pack dinner.” (My darling)

“Just five more minutes.” I grumble, sighing quietly.

“Aurora, we need to be there first.” He chuckles, shaking me slightly.

I huff and open my eyes before glaring at him. “Well, someone didn’t let me get enough sleep last night so excuse me for being tired.”

He pouts, widening his eyes so he is now giving me an irresistible puppy dog look making me snort in amusement. A wolf giving me the look of a puppy. Regardless, I stay quiet, struggling in his arms to be let go. He holds me tighter instead, cuddling my form close to his chest while he carries me inside.

“I’ll make it up to you tonight...” He trails off suggestively, a devilish smirk painting his lips.

I roll my eyes, feeling my cheeks heat up in embarrassment. “You are insatiable!”

“Only for you, mate.” He chuckles before setting me down once we are inside the foyer.

The guards walk out after bringing in the last of our shopping and I send them a quick “thank you,” before pulling off my coat, hat and boots. Vulcan grabs my hand and pulls me to the buzzing pack house where everyone is gathering for dinner. I smell the tantalizing scent of food wafting its way up my nostrils and making my stomach growl in hunger.

As he opens the door, we find everyone seated and suddenly silent as Vulcan pulls me along to our seats. He sits at the head with Indigo on his left and I on his right. I smile at Vanessa in greeting, Nikolai grinning at me boyishly from beside me. Caia, Natasha and Nero nod in greeting before we all dig in to the amazing feast prepared by Helena, the head chef. Everyone compliments and thanks her and the helpers who only smile and chuckle in reply.

I eat like a woman starved, Nikolai mirroring my hunger. There is enough roast for everyone with delicious sides like mashed potatoes, vegetables, gravy etcetera. The dining hall flows with conversation, it’s filled with pack warriors and enforcers who fought in the war against the vampires and who left their mates and children behind to find me whilst I was captured.

Their mates are also present and even though they tried very hard to be discreet, I can still feel their constant stares and whispers of how Vulcan and I are officially a mated Alpha couple. My cheeks seem as if they are on fire the whole time and as if that isn’t enough, Vulcan keeps teasing me, maintaining a straight face whilst he chats with Indigo and Nero.

My breath hitches when his large hand grasps my thigh under the table, the heat from the contact spreading like wildfire making me want to moan as my mark tingles in pleasure. I bite my lip, chuckling slightly at a joke Nikolai is telling me, swatting his hand away. He’s insistent though.

I find myself tensing as his fingers trail up my bare leg that I cross over the other in an effort to keep his sinful hands away. They move over my skin softly before gently pulling my thighs apart and caressing my lips from under my skirt that I had changed into when Caia had pushed me onto the muddy dirt road outside.

I grumble under my breath about how he is being an asshole, knowing he heard me when he suddenly pinches my thigh making me yelp. He pulls his hand away and rests it on top of the table as if lightening has struck, smirking at me deviously as the others stare at me in confusion.

I smile awkwardly before waving them off with a lame attempt. “Um...leg cramp, sorry.”

They chuckle and shake their heads, diverting their attention elsewhere before I glare murderously at Vulcan, who is snickering quietly to himself. I bite my lip, concentrating on finishing my food. When I glance up, I freeze when I see Vanessa smirking at me with a raised brow. She winks at me before I feel her presence in my mind.

“Girl, that was so not a leg cramp. You’re not fooling me!”

I blush in embarrassment, she knows what happened! I’m a fool for thinking I could shrug it off with a lie and get away with it. “Fine! You got me, happy?”

“Not until you get him back.” She grins wickedly, taking a sip of her drink.

“Huh? How do I do that?” I frown in confusion, wondering what exactly I can do to get my revenge.

“Tease him like he did to you. Make him pay!” She smiles back at me, although nobody but me can see the twinkle of mischievousness in her brown eyes.

“What if it doesn’t work?”

“Oh, it will. Trust me, I’ve gotten back at Indigo many times at gatherings like these. Just remember to be discreet, you don’t want anyone finding out, do you?”

I shake my head in horror, if anyone were to find out that he and I are teasing each other under the table, I will end up resembling a fire truck! Vanessa nods at me before diverting her attention to Natasha beside her. I breathe out slowly and thank the heavens when Caia and Nikolai both turn to me and start filling me in on what happened at school whilst I was away.

I hear Vulcan laugh beside me before he chokes on air when I place my hand on his thigh. I can feel his eyes boring holes into my head making me smirk slightly before nodding to Caia. His hand grabs mine and I smack it away before trailing my fingers up the inside of his thigh before I reach the hard length in his pants. I stroke it teasingly before pulling my hand away quickly when he makes a move to grab my wrist. Hearing him growl lowly in reply, I turn and wink at him discreetly when he sends a glare my way. Chuckling quietly, I struggle to contain my laughter as he huffs and pouts slightly before turning to Natasha.

“Nat, Nero, will you both be joining us on the trip?” Vulcan asks quietly, spooning some of the mashed potatoes into his mouth while I frown in confusion, the topic catching my attention suddenly. What trip? I wonder, watching as everyone near us becomes excited suddenly.

“You know I wouldn’t miss it, Vulcan. Besides, it’s not like Nero would let me travel back here once I’m a few more months along!” She smirks, winking at Nero who growls playfully, his hand caressing her stomach that has yet to form into a bump.

“I cannot wait to go snowboarding!” Nikolai exclaims from beside me, helping himself to some more roast.

“Oh! Can we go back to Tracy Arm Fjord and the National Park we visited last time? I haven’t seen it in years!” Caia pleads, her green eyes twinkling with excitement and hope.

“Um...what trip are you guys talking about?” I speak up, my interest piquing.

They still before looking at Vulcan in disbelief who’s eyes have now widened to the size of golf balls. I frown, wondering why everyone has such a shocked reaction as they stare from me to Vulcan. Vanessa rolls her eyes in amusement and Indigo is full on laughing as he stares at Vulcan’s expression.

“He forgot to tell the person who made this trip happen!” Nikolai and Indigo howl in laughter at his expense, struggling to stifle their laughter when Vulcan growls at them in frustration before turning to me.

“I want to take you to Alaska -” He starts, taking my hand in his.

“Oh! I remember you talking about that. When are we all leaving?” I exclaim, perking up in excitement.

“Only you and I are heading to Alaska tomorrow morning at seven, the rest will follow after.”

“Ugh! Waking up before noon should be illegal.” I mutter quietly, looking down at my plate.

I hear them laugh in reply and nod in agreement. We are all finished with our food by now and the helpers are doing their rounds of clearing up the table and taking away our used plates. Vulcan told me that their original titles are Omegas but, he has forbid anyone of calling them that. Everyone is treated fairly. As I sit back in my chair, basking in the soothing touch of my mate, I remember something.

“Caia...what did you mean by not seeing Alaska for years? Nikolai told me you guys used to spend every Christmas there.” I frown in confusion as I lean forward. I notice how Vulcan and his siblings have stilled, making me gaze at him in curiosity as sadness flickers through his eyes before the same emotionless stare returns.

“Our parents owned the lodge, now it belongs to us; their children. They had a feeling that they wouldn’t get to spend much time with us after Vulcan was locked they wrote a will and transferred everything in our names. We haven’t been back there since their just reminded us too much of them.” Natasha smiles weakly as Nero pulls her closer, rubbing her arm soothingly.

“Oh...” I whisper, squeezing Vulcan’s hand in return when I feel his hold on me tighten to a point where it’s almost painful. “We don’t have to go -”

“Oh no! I didn’t mean that none of us would like to go. This trip has been a long time coming, we just couldn’t decide on the right time. Now that you’re well again and with Christmas approaching, I think it will be wonderful to go back and relax.” She grins reassuringly, reaching over and patting my arm that rests on the table.

I nod hesitantly, looking over to Vulcan who smiles at me with pain shining in his bright green eyes.

“Are you okay?” I ask through our shared mind link, feeling his emotions wash over me.

He nods slightly. “I’m fine, it’s just whenever they are mentioned it...”

“I understand. Do you want to head home?”

“Yeah. We need to be up early tomorrow morning.” And with that, he pulls me up and tucks me into his side, inhaling my scent as he kisses my mark, making me shiver as tingles erupt on my skin.

We bid goodbye to everyone and I thank all the warriors and enforcers, waving politely to their mates who smile back and nod respectfully in reply. Everyone in the pack usually spends Christmas with their loved ones and take days off. Apparently Vulcan has offered the Valentines to join us but they are travelling up north to visit Damon’s grandparents.

As we make our way out of the pack house, I can just about see snowflakes falling from the sky making me gasp in amazement. Tugging on Vulcan’s sleeve, I point up at the sky when he look at me in confusion. Grinning, I cheer happily at the light signs of snow making him chuckle in amusement. The next thing I know, I’m being picked up by the waist and twirled around in the air. A brief yelp escapes me before loud giggles fill the quiet night. I look down at Vulcan with a soft smile, mirroring his own, before leaning down and pressing my cold lips to his warm ones.

And he brings me back to the ground, holding me while we kiss with snowflakes tumbling down from above.

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