The Hybrid

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Chapter 49 - Alaska

Currently, Vulcan and I are in a sleek, black private plane of his that is taking us to Alaska. We had woken up at six in the morning...well, Vulcan had, whereas I had grumbled out incoherent curses before eventually, I was hauled from the bed and dropped in the shower eliciting a loud scream from me and instantly I was wide awake. Although I was fuming about the rude wake up call, Vulcan made it up to me in the shower and we ended up being very late.

I had slept throughout the car ride and am now working on catching up with school work since it is a twelve-hour journey to Fairbanks with almost a two-hour stopover in Seattle. We will be landing at Fairbanks airport but the actual lodge is in the middle of Fairbanks and Anchorage.

Currently, we are six hours into the journey and due to arrive at Seattle soon. Vulcan’s private jet is the epitome of pure luxury with its expensive decor and genuine leather seats. The television screens are of a good size and contrast greatly with other planes, the seats are large and comfy and Vulcan couldn’t help but boast about how this is his favorite jet.

Eventually, we land in Seattle which I have only visited once with my father while accompanying him on a business trip during one of my summer holidays. The time passes quickly as we eat at one of the restaurants and shop before boarding the plane again and setting off for Fairbanks. I pick a classic Disney movie to watch before cuddling with Vulcan and eventually, he falls asleep while I make notes and work my way through the assignments my teachers have given me.

Somewhere between catching up on school work and watching the movie I fall asleep too. The next time we wake is when there are thirty minutes before we land in Fairbanks, Alaska. Sliding open the cover of the window, I look outside and gawk at the beauty down below. It’s truly a sight to see. Mountains upon mountains stand proudly with their tops just about reaching the fluffy, white clouds that drift above. I gaze down at the numerous valleys that stretch as far as the eye can see with evergreen trees sprinkled with snow. Grabbing my camera, I take as many pictures I can get whilst Vulcan chuckles lowly behind me. I can feel excitement rise within me the more my eyes sweep over the sights and the restlessness to be outside and explore the state growing with each inch we cover in getting closer to the airport.

“It’s just so beautiful.” I breathe in amazement, resting my camera on my lap and scooting close to the window so that I can see more of the land below us.

“Not as beautiful as you.”

I turn and raise a brow at him as he grins back at me, his fingers taking a rest from the typing he has been doing for the past few minutes.

Smacking him on the arm lightly, I chuckle at his boyish smile. “That was so cheesy!”

“Only for my mate.” He winks, his laughter booming in the quiet cabin which only he and I occupy.

I smile widely and perk up when the pilot speaks over the intercom, announcing that we are now set to land in Fairbanks before an air hostess comes out and tells us to fasten our seat belts again. Doing as we are told, I lean against Vulcan’s side, watching the plane make its descent to the landing strip below. I feel the wheels bump slightly against the tarmac before running smoothly to a slow stop.

Soon, we are thanking the pilot and the air hostess before making our way into the bustling airport. I hold onto to Vulcan’s hand tightly as we weave our way past security checks and into the packed departure section.

Eventually, we have collected our luggage and are now stepping out of the building, the cold breeze kissing our cheeks in greeting which only serves to send a shiver down my spine because of the freezing weather this time of year. I spot a man who looks to be in his late forties holding a sign with Romanov written on it while he waits by a large Range Rover. Tugging on Vulcan’s sleeve, I nod in the man’s direction before he pulls us over to the waiting car.

We exchange pleasantries before Vulcan takes the keys off him and bid him goodbye as I hurriedly get into the warm vehicle, making me sigh in relief. With a slight jerk, we pull away from the curb and begin our journey towards the lodge. Anchorage is around six hours away from Fairbanks but since the lodge is built between the two areas, we only have to drive for three hours to reach our destination.

I gaze out of the window with a soft smile, loving how snow has covered the ground in a thick blanket. People on the streets are wrapped up in warm, winter clothing as they go about their day to day routine. I marvel at the Christmas lights and decorations in Fairbanks before it’s all left behind as we drive out of the area.

“How long are we staying here?” I murmur in curiosity, taking in the breath-taking surroundings. “And when will the others be joining us?”

“Bored of me so soon, Котёночек?” Vulcan teases in reply, his warm and large hand making its way to grasp my thigh whilst he drives. (Little kitten.)

“No! I-I was just asking...I didn’t mean to -”

“Relax, mea lux. I’m just kidding.” He hushes, soothing my panic. “And to answer your question, we’re staying here for a week. The others will be joining us on Tuesday afternoon and we will return on Sunday night, two days after Christmas.” (My light.)

I nod slowly, grabbing the blanket from behind before curling up on the seat as a quiet yawn escapes my lips. I gaze out of the window at the passing scenery with sleepy eyes. The radio plays an unfamiliar tune in the background softly, Vulcan’s fingers drumming on the steering wheel occasionally indicating that it’s a language he understands. I smile softly at how relaxed he is right now, for once he looks like his age, stress free with the weight of the world off his shoulders.

“I love you, Vulcan.” I mumble sleepily, closing my eyes and snuggling further into the seat.

I feel the car slow to a stop, guessing that there are traffic lights, before feeling a pair of lips press against mine and his hand tucking my hair behind my ear. “And I love you, Aurora.”

When we finally reach the lodge, it’s evening, yet the lodge is lit up and spilling a warm glow onto its lush lawns that are hidden by a blanket of snow. I can see evergreen trees surrounding its wooden structure, with the roof covered in white and one of the chimneys expelling smoke into the air.

It looks like something out of a fairy tale and I’m loving every second of it as I make my way to the entrance, careful not to slip on the mushy snow just by the door. There are about four garages, two on either side, where Vulcan has parked the car into the nearest one, with windows upon windows above them, each bedroom accompanied by its own beautifully intricate balcony. Inside is just as luxurious as the outside but with a homey feel to it. The lodge is decorated to perfection and I can sense a feminine touch in most of the place.

Plopping down onto the furry rug between the two couches in the living room, I hum in content as my body welcomes the warmth of the fire that is currently burning brightly. I sense him before I feel him sit down behind me with his legs on either side of my body, nuzzling his face into the crook of my neck before kissing my mark sweetly. Moaning softly at the pleasure I feel from his touch, I lean my head back so that it now rests on his broad shoulder.

“What are you thinking about?” He asks quietly after a while, curling his arms around my waist and squeezing tightly before relaxing his hold.

“Just reflecting on the past few months.” I murmur, grasping one of his hands in my own and marveling at how small mine is compared to his. “What we went through...I can’t imagine my life without you now. It’s funny how life works, isn’t it?”

“It certainly is.” I can feel him nod against my hair and feel the light vibration of his chest, as he speaks, against my back. “It’s funny how I didn’t want nor care for a mate after my past yet, I was blessed with you by the Moon Goddess. Now, every second I think of you and every single night I crave the feel of you beside me, curled up into me and breathing softly. Goddess, I can’t even think about you being absent in my life Aurora, there would be no reason for me to exist.”

My heart seems as if it’s ready to burst with love for this man. His soft-spoken words fill my soul with happiness and I feel at ease knowing he feels just as strongly, if not more, about me as I do for him. I turn slightly to face him, cupping his face in my hands and kissing him sweetly before pulling away to rest my cheek against his chest.

“Is this all because of the mate bond?”

He shakes his head, gazing at me in affection. “The mate bond’s purpose is only to facilitate a pairing made by the Moon Goddess. It is up to them to make it work or deny it entirely. When the souls of two mates are content and able to complement their other half, the humans gradually fall in love all on their own. Mates then form a bond so strong that nobody can break, their hearts belong to their other half’s completely. What I feel for you, as you do for me, that’s all our doing. It’s what arose within us the more time we spent together, the more we thought about each other, the more we got to know each other and made things work even during the difficult times.”

As he talks, he picks me up and carries me up the stairs to what I assume is our bedroom for the duration of this stay. Just as he closes the door and places me on the bed, he presses his lips to mine while his hands fumble with my clothing, taking them off piece by piece until my body is bare. He then slips the burgundy pajamas made of pure silk over my body before slipping into the bed with me. Whilst I had decided to warm myself up by the fire when we had arrived, he had gone and changed before joining me. I watch him with drooping eyelids as he takes off his grey t-shirt before pulling the blanket over us and cuddling me into his side.

We lay there for a long while and I’m just on the brink of sleep when I hear him whisper in my ear. “We were meant to be Aurora, there is no way I would ever let you create distance between us after I found you on my land.”

“I’m glad you didn’t.” I smile softly, feeling content as I wrap my arm around his waist and press a kiss to where I can hear his heart beating.

The next day.

I’m reading an old classic by the window whilst Vulcan takes a call, the deep and husky baritone of his voice reaching my ears in soft and incoherent murmurs. We have just returned from having a late breakfast in a nearby diner that he loved to visit whenever he was in Alaska and I found out exactly why he was fond of the place so much. I remember it as a cozy place with lovely employees and delicious food, the calm and laid back atmosphere was just an bonus for its customers.

The reason we had such a late breakfast was of course because of Vulcan himself; that man possesses an insatiable hunger for having his way with me every single day. There is just no stopping him. My pleads to explore the area as much as I possibly can during our short time here falls on deaf ears. However, I don’t mind either if I’m being completely honest. I crave him just as much as he does me and it’s impossible to resist him.

Everything outside is still and untouched; the thick blanket of white snow was saved from melting as the sun has not come out from beneath the thick, cloudy sky. I bet it’s freezing outside though, remembering last night when we arrived. Sighing, I trace the cushioned ledge underneath me as my eyes skim over every line in interest, the world around me soon forgotten once more.

After what seems like an hour has passed, I glance up when Vulcan makes his way back into the sitting room and leans against the door, seemingly about to wrap up the phone call by the way he’s dismissing everything with a low hum and short answers. I can still feel his gaze trained on me as I look back down and resume reading, well as much as I could now that his distracting presence is near me. My body hums with an energy whenever he is around, the mark on my neck tingling in pleasure which always attracts him to it like bees to honey.

When I look up again, his eyes have darkened in lust making me shake my head in amusement, I can feel how turned on he is through our bond as well as the urgency he feels to finish the conversation. Chuckling, I turn back to my book and straighten my legs when I feel them becoming numb.

However, my mate is hell bent on catching my attention and soon, dirty images fill my mind as he thinks about what exactly he wants to do to me, making me gasp loudly and drop my book in surprise. His low laughter echoes in my mind making me turn to glare at his mischievous smirk. Huffing in mock anger, I pick up the novel once more and begin sifting through the pages, searching for the familiar words of where I had left off. It’s quite a thick book and I groan in defeat when minutes have passed and I’m still turning the pages frantically.

Frustrated, I place the book down beside me and glance up only to gasp in shock and shoot up towards the window. I stand on my knees with my hands to the glass as I stare outside in wonder, my eyes catching the intricate and unique designs of the snowflakes as they hit the window and melt before my eyes. A giddy smile spreads across my lips as excitement grows within me.

″Vulcan look, it’s snowing!″ I shriek before turning and making a start for the door. I’m nearly there before a muscled arm wraps around my waist and pulls me backwards to hit a rock-hard chest.

″Go wrap up. You’ll catch a cold otherwise.″ A deep voice orders, making me turn around to face him as he pockets his phone.

Pouting in annoyance, I run upstairs and quickly throw warm winter clothes on with some boots before sliding down the banister, making him growl as he catches me by the waist before I can reach the end of the staircase.

″Be careful, Aurora.″ He glares down at me, concern and worry flashing in his eyes before they are back to a steely green.

He glances at my head before shaking his head while I bounce on my feet restlessly, wanting to be outside. Reaching towards the coat rack for his dark blue beanie, he places it on my head, smoothing my loose black curls on the way before nodding at me. I cheer excitedly before running outside and down the driveway.

There is nobody here except for him and I, fields upon fields of snow covered grass stretch for miles as I wonder what to do with it. I start down the driveway thinking of making a snowman or some snow angels on the lawn before halting suddenly, turning around and noticing Vulcan leaning against the door frame with his arms crossed and gazing at me with a soft expression.

Making my way back to him as best as I can in the thick blanket of snow I ask, ″Aren’t you coming?″

He shakes his head, making me pout sadly. ″You carry on. I’ve got some paperwork to do.″

As he turns around to walk away, I grin and roll up a snowball before throwing it at his back. He freezes when it hits him and turns slowly to look at me with a raised brow. I look around innocently and shrug my shoulders while biting down on my lip to stifle the smile threatening to escape.

″Don’t start something you can’t finish, Детка.″ He warns before turning back again. (Baby)

Another snowball hits his back making him growl loudly. He spins around, a mischievous glint in his eyes making me shriek and run around the house while he chases me. I cry out as a snowball hits my arm, breaking apart at the impact. Hiding behind a tree, I roll up a couple of snowballs before launching them at him. In an instant, I have none left and can no longer hear Vulcan chuckling.

Peeking out from behind the tree, I look around the vast back garden to see no-one in sight. Frowning, I step out further and call his name. There is no reply. Walking ahead, I check every possible hiding spot only to come up empty. Rounding the side of the house, I find and empty driveway as well. He must’ve gone back inside, I think, shrugging to myself. He did say he has paperwork to do. As I bend down to roll up some more snow, I’m tackled to the ground. A loud scream escapes my lips and I struggle to turn around. The heavy weight soon lifts and I see Vulcan running off to the back, snickering. Yelling his name, I laugh and follow him. Just before I round the corner, I put together an army of snowballs before peeking out and throwing them at him.

″Slow down, Детка. You’re throwing at empty space.″

I peek to see if I really am aiming at nothing, only to be hit in the face and arm with snowballs. Shrieking, I wrench myself away from the corner of the house. Wiping the snow from my eyes and cheeks, I shiver at how cold the snow feels. My lips are now numb from it.

″Ow.″ I mumble, shaking the snow off my hair.

″Sorry, sweetheart.″ Vulcan walks up to me, sweeping some snow off my hat as he holds my waist with one hand.

I look up at him, flakes of snow caught in our eyelashes. His eyes suddenly burn with intensity as he leans down to press his lips to mine in the softest of kisses. His touch heats me up instantly making me moan and press myself closer to him. My mark burns with heat as his hands come up to cup my face while mine hold onto his jacket. Angling my head, I open once his tongue swipes at my lips. This time I let him lead, our tongues dancing and slowly becoming desperate for air. One of his hands slip down to the small of my back and pulls me impossibly closer.

He lets out a groan when I pull away, gasping for air. I laugh at his sad expression before biting his bottom lip. Growling, he smashes his lips back onto mine again making me gasp. A husky groan escapes his lips when I tug at his chocolate brown strands. Even though the wind blows lightly around us our bodies begin to shiver from the cold, we press closer to each other to seek warmth. Eventually, we pull away sometime later with me blushing bright and him smiling down at me softly.

″Do you have a carrot?″ I ask, suddenly.

″Probably, why?″ He looks at me in confusion.

″Let’s build a snowman!″ I gasp loudly, running back inside to grab whatever I can.

I rummage through the kitchen and find a carrot before running upstairs to grab a hat, scarf and some gloves. Walking out to the back garden, I grin at Vulcan when I see that he is halfway through making the body. I roll up some snow for the head and carry it over to him, watching as he places it on. Giving him the hat, I wrap the scarf around the snowman’s neck while he sticks in the branches for the arms and places the gloves on. Grabbing some stones, I press them in to make eyes and a smile, using the leftover stones as buttons for his chest. We back away and I smile at our masterpiece.

″We make a pretty good team.″ Vulcan murmurs, intertwining our hands.

″That we do!″ I laugh, following as he guides me back inside the house.

I’m blow drying my hair when Vulcan steps out of the bathroom with nothing but a white towel wrapped tightly around his waist. Gulping, my eyes follow the beads of water trailing down his sculpted chest before disappearing down the ‘v’ and soaking the towel.

His head snaps up and the green in his eyes darken before gold flecks burn brightly, making me gasp as he stands before me in an instant and cups my face, his lips descending onto mine. I groan in pleasure as he kisses me hungrily, grasping both my wrists and pinning them to the wall above my head. His hard length presses against my stomach making me tense slightly, moaning loudly when he pulls me onto his waist and rocks his hips against my core, firmly.

“No!” I laugh against his lips when his fingers tug at my shirt, curling around my waist. “Vulcan stop, we just did it in the shower!”

“So? Come on baby, it’s only us here.” He groans, nibbling on my bottom lip before sucking on it gently.

“You said we can go into town. I want to see the place.” I plead, widening my eyes as I look up at him but it proves to be futile when he just shakes his head and starts carrying me over to the bed. “Tonight, I promise.”

At that he stops and stares down at me with a scrutinizing gaze, searching my face for any hints of lies. When he finds none, he reluctantly nods and sets me down on the plush carpet. Grinning widely, I unplug the hair dryer from the socket as he dresses behind me into navy sweatpants.

I’m still in my lounge wear, which consist of sweatpants and a fuzzy sweater with my hair now tied up in a messy topknot, as I search for something to change into. Before I can decide on an outfit, he grabs my hand and leads me downstairs, murmuring about how he has something for me.

I walk downstairs and into the sitting room with Vulcan behind me, only to stop and stare at the large bouquet of red roses in surprise. A shocked gasp leaves my lips as I turn around to look at him in question. When had he done this? I wonder, walking close to the flowers. He only smiles softly, nodding at me to open the note I now hold. I giggle excitedly, opening it up and reading the contents.

“What would you say if I asked you out on a date?” It reads in cursive writing, my eyes widening at the question. I hear him chuckle before walking over to me, his arms encircling my waist as he pulls me close. I stare into his twinkling green eyes, wanting to brush away the strands of chocolate brown hair that threaten to fall into them.

“I know, I know...” He sighs, taking a seat on the couch and pulling me onto his lap. “I should have asked you at the start and done it the right way but with everything going on, it never seemed like the right time. I’m sorry you couldn’t get your first kiss after a romantic date or experience any of that but, I promise I’ll make it up to you if you say yes.”

I smile at his hopeful expression, cupping his cheek in my small hand. “You don’t have to do all this, you know. I’m happy just being with you.”

“I want to. You deserve everything in the world. So, what do you say?”

He looks so nervous, it’s hard not to chuckle. “Yes. I would love to go out on a date with you, Vulcan.”

“Yes!” He grins, picking me up and twirling me around making me laugh at his excitement. He sets me down, pressing a soft kiss to my lips before pulling away. “Okay. I need you to dress warm and meet me in an hour downstairs.”

I nod, chuckling as he starts pushing me towards the stairs. Sighing lightly, I quickly make my way upstairs and to our room. Biting my lip, I open the closet and rummage around for something warm.

Eventually picking an outfit, I lay it out on the bed before rushing to the wardrobe. I have already showered so that is out of the way. Grabbing a red lace set of underwear, I quickly put them on before pulling a grey sweater over my torso, followed by my white jeans while I wait for my curler to heat up. Because my hair has a few wavy pieces that don’t look right, I curl them loosely before setting them with hairspray. Next, I apply natural makeup, sighing in relief when I manage to get perfect wings of my liner. I grab some mascara and apply it to my lashes making them longer before finishing my look off with a dusty rose colored lipstick.

Because it has snowed outside, I grab my boots instead of flats or heels. I put on my camel colored coat before tying a scarf around my neck. Picking a shoulder bag, I throw in all my essentials as I glance at the clock which indicates that I only have three minutes to get my butt downstairs. Looking in the mirror one last time, I nod at my outfit before leaving the room and making my way downstairs.

My mark tingles before I see him, letting me know that he is close. As I make my way down the stairs, I look up and see him waiting at the end with a look of complete awe and love in his eyes. He is wrapped up in a grey coat with a navy sweater underneath and black jeans, boots covering his feet. I would be lying if I say he doesn’t look like a Greek God standing there.

His hand reaches for mine and grabs it as I near, helping me off the steps before pulling me close. As he tucks a piece of my hair behind my ear, I hear him faintly utter “so beautiful,” under his breath which makes me blush. A wide smile spreads across his lips at the sight of my cheeks turning a bright pink, the back of his hand grazing against the heated skin.

“Ready for our date, my moon?”

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