The Hybrid

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Chapter 50 - Date

*** This is a clean version of Chapter 50. For anyone who is over 18 years, you can find a book on my profile called ‘The Forbidden Diaries’ which contains the explicit version. If any problems occur where you cannot view the book then you may have to follow me. Reading the explicit version is done at your own choice as I have made sure to notify you beforehand. ***

Chapter 50 - Date

“So...where are we going?” I ask once we are seated in the car and have driven a few miles down the road.

He smirks and shakes his head, making me frown instantly. “It’s a surprise.”

“No, why? I don’t like surprises!” I whine, pouting at him to which he just chuckles.

“I’m not telling you Aurora, you’ll just have to wait.” He shrugs, grinning devilishly at my frustration.

“Fine.” I huff, turning on the radio so that it plays softly before crossing my arms over my chest.

The fact that I have never been to Alaska before only serves to further my restlessness because I can’t even guess. So instead, I hum along to the familiar pop tunes and gaze at the passing scenery. When I ask how long it will take, Vulcan replies saying our destination is an hour away. To pass the time, I ask him questions about the towns we are passing through, the various sights catching my attention. My fingers itch to grab my camera but I give it a rest, choosing to question Vulcan instead.

“How did your parents just know that they didn’t have enough time left with you guys...if you don’t mind me asking that is?” I ask quietly, feeling his hand squeeze my thigh for a slight second before he relaxes again.

“I don’t mind, little mate. And to answer your question, my parents knew from the start that someone would always be after them, back then two different species mating was frowned upon as vampires and werewolves are known as enemies.”

I frown, my brows knitting in confusion. “But, how did it change then? I mean, as well as those two species mating even humans are now mated to supernatural creatures and everyone is accepting of hybrids.”

“It took a long time for everyone to accept the fact that you didn’t choose who your mate was. Centuries ago when I once lead the vampire realm, people who didn’t find their mates by a certain age were forced to pick one. Mates weren’t seen as important to the elders. Years passed by like that, wolves and vampires forced to choose mates because they couldn’t find theirs in time, until the 1900′s came around.” He has my full attention now and I listen intently to every word he speaks, the faraway look in his eyes indicating the he is reminiscing those years. “More and more people began to find their mates as soon as they shifted, who then fought against the system the elders had put in place. It was a bullshit law anyway; a rebellion was imminent and it eventually happened. The elders could see that they had lost control and banished the law. It was only in the year of 2004 that hybrids began to come forth and mate with other species as they had two beasts within them. Before that I had thought I was the only one.”

“Weren’t you told to um...pick a mate when you were ruling?” I hesitantly ask, feeling my heart ache slightly at the thought of him belonging to some other woman.

“One of the elders did suggest it.”

“What did you say?” My curiosity peaks as I lean forward in my seat to look at him.

His eyes hold a certain anger and darkness as they concentrate on the icy road ahead, the air in the car becoming tense as I wait for him to reply. He remains quiet for the longest time before glancing at me with a look. It dawns on me what exactly had occurred between them making a shiver of fear run up my spine. Vulcan has disclosed that his past is full of blood and gore that he isn’t keen on ever telling me about. This is one of his many ways to let me know that I won’t like to hear what happened next nor will he tell me. It’s like his top priority is to keep me away from his past.

Before I can ask him anything else, the car slows to a gentle stop in a parking lot. I frown in utter confusion at the vast field ahead, looking around for some sort of hint as to why we are here. Finding none, I turn back to Vulcan who now holds a piece of cloth in his hand. I glower at him as he hops out of the car and speeds around to open my door, moving to tie the blindfold on me once I’m out of the car.

“If I fall, you’re on the couch mister!” I grumble, holding his hand tightly as we begin walking.

“You won’t, I promise.” He laughs, one hand on the small of my back to guide me.

I can feel the soft earth below my boots as we make our way to the destination, which is who knows where. I stumble at times, letting out a huff of frustration while he snickers, making me reach out to smack him blindly, missing him every time. Eventually, he slows me to a stop and stands behind me, his body emanating warmth along with the usual power I feel whenever he is close.

Instructing me to keep my eyes closed, he slowly unties the blindfold from my head before his muscular arms encircle my waist. I feel his warm breath blow across my skin as he presses a gentle kiss to the area behind my ear, making my breath hitch. Softly, he utters the words “open,” and I obey, my eyes fluttering before focusing on the sight before me.

My jaw drops in surprise and I gasp loudly, staring at the colorful hot air balloon standing proudly on the field with a man beside it, ensuring it stays on the ground. I have never been on a balloon ride before and am amazed at the sheer size of it up close.

“Holy shit...” I murmur, tilting my head back as we walk towards it.

I hear him chuckle deeply, one hand wrapped around my waist. “Thought you might say something along those lines.”

“” I trail off, shocked over how he has managed to pull this off without me catching wind of it.

“Don’t worry your pretty little head, Моя дорогая. Do you like it?” He asks, voice tinged with nervousness and uncertainty as he stares down at me. (My darling)

“Like it? No...” I watch as the smile falls from his lips, his steps slowing as panic filters through our mate bond. “I freaking love it!”

He visibly relaxes before tucking me into his side and kissing my forehead. We soon reach the man who smiles at us before wishing us a good day and walking off. I open my mouth to protest when Vulcan hushes me, picks me up by the waist and sets me down inside the basket, a yelp escaping me at the sudden action.

“Where is he going? Who’s going to fly this thing?” I ask in panic, watching as Vulcan works on untying the rope that holds the hot air balloon to the ground.

“Relax, baby girl.” He soothes, turning and increasing the fire which causes the basket to lift off the ground and make its way into the sky. “I’ve been on these rides more times than I can count, I know what I’m doing.”

I look at him skeptically, the doubt I feel vanishing as he moves expertly and gets the balloon up in the sky in no time. He grins back at me boyishly, eyes lit up in happiness as he steers the balloon in a specific direction. When we are drifting slowly across the land, he pulls me close and nuzzles his nose against mine.

I giggle before looking over the basket’s edge, afraid to lean too far for fear of tipping over, I’m never the best when it comes to heights, barely able to handle the paranoia I feel from being so far from the ground. But something about Vulcan being here makes me feel safe and protected, like I can’t fall even if I try my hardest. It’s weird, being able to trust him just like that so easily but at the same time it also feels perfectly right. So, I kiss his cheek and lean into him, taking in the sights below.

“This is amazing. I didn’t ever think I would be in a hot air balloon.” I whisper, gazing at the mountains in the distance. “Thank you, Vulcan.”

His hand on my hip tightens. “Anything for you, Aurora.”

I turn and smile up at him before noticing a small basket tucked away in a corner. Wiggling my brows, I watch with interest as he picks it up and opens one of the flaps to reveal food packed into it. Chuckling, I nod eagerly when he asks if I’m hungry, helping him take out the sandwiches, fruit and bottled drinks before we both dig into the food.

“I have a question.” I start, swallowing down the bite of the turkey sandwich. “Who did you bribe to make all this?”

He leans back, staring at me in disbelief which has me grinning. “You have so little faith in me, mate. I did all this, who else?”

“Really?” I hums, pressing closer to him and watching his eyes darken in lust as he stares at my tongue that darts out to lick my lips. “I just can’t imagine my big, bad Alpha making chocolate covered strawberries.”

He growls playfully at my teasing tone, leaning forward to nip at my bottom lip. I snicker quietly, deciding to torment him further and picking a strawberry from the plastic Tupperware, pretending that I don’t know he is watching my every move with interest. As soon as I take a bite out of the strawberry, I moan softly watching him tense from the corner of my eye. He clenches his jaw when I lick my lips clean of the chocolate before popping the fruit into my mouth.

“Delicious.” I smile sweetly as I turn to face him, stifling a chuckle at the obvious lust in his golden speckled eyes.

A deep, rich growl escapes him indicating that his beasts are present as he yanks me closer until there is no space between our bodies. I swallow harshly, the feeling of anticipation rising within me as he remains quiet. All too soon, he leans forward and latches his lips onto my skin, placing an open-mouthed kiss on my mark before sucking and nipping at it harshly. I feel my core throb just like my mark, throwing my head back as a breathy moan escapes my lips.

His lips brush my earlobe as he chuckles lowly - dangerously. “Not as delicious as you taste when I –”

“Not another word!” I warn, smacking his chest when he points out that I have a fierce blush across my cheeks.

“Don’t tease me then, Котёночек. I can very well figure out how to take you up here.” He replies, his hand slipping under my coat to smack my butt cheek. (Little kitten)

I gasp at the stinging sensation, tingles of pleasure erupting within me at his promise. “I’d rather not fall and die, thank you.”

He chuckles, kissing me gently and pulling away before it could blossom into something else. I pout but he only shakes his head and gestures to my camera that now sits on top of the basket. Picking it up eagerly, I adjust its setting before taking countless pictures of the breath-taking landscapes surrounding us. Alaska has wormed its way into my heart and I won’t mind spending every Christmas here.

Eventually, Vulcan steers us down to meet land again however much it saddened me. Picking up the basket and my camera, I grab his hand as he helps me out and watch him hand over the rope to the familiar man from before. Thanking him, we make our way back to car in the parking lot.

“Did you have fun?” He murmurs, rubbing my arm to create warmth as I shiver from the cold.

I nod, grinning in happiness. “Yes, this tops anything I’ve ever imagined of how my first date would be!”

“Well, I’m glad.” He chuckles, quickly pressing a kiss to my cold cheek before unlocking the car and opening the door for me.

Placing the basket in the back seat, he rounds the car and gets in, starting up the engine before pulling out of the car park and onto the salt sprinkled tarmac, heading back in the direction we came from. I lean back in my seat, smiling contently at how perfect this date has been and how sweet it was of him to put in so much effort.

“Thank you for that amazing date, Vulcan.” I murmur, intertwining our hands and smiling softly at him when he glances at me.

“Of course, sweetheart.” He presses a kiss to the back of my hand before holding it close to his chest.

It has been two hours since we made it back and Vulcan has gone to finish up some pending work that he had left when he joined me out in the snow. I’m currently texting the others, who will be arriving tomorrow, whilst munching on some snacks as another Christmas classic plays on the flat screen in the sitting room.

Another hour passes and Vulcan soon joins me again, cuddling up to me on the couch and sipping on the hot chocolate I have made for the both of us. Suddenly, my phone rings making me jump before setting my mug down and answering the call.

“Hello?” I greet only to hear static and a bunch of incoherent words. Standing, I walk out into the hallway only to stop at just the start of it when I hear the static clear and the familiar voice of Drew to filter through the speakers.

“Aurora?” He calls and I can almost picture the frown on his face.

“Hi Drew! What’s up?” I chirp, hearing some rustling behind me.

“Hey, I’ve been trying to get to Alpha for the past while but he wasn’t picking up. I figured I’d just try your number.”

“Okay, he’s here if you want to talk to him?”

Before he can answer, I hear a feminine voice call his name. “Shoot, I have to go. Listen, could you ask Alpha Vulcan to call me whenever he’s free? Also, I found my mate, that’s what I wanted to talk to him about, to get her into the pack.”

“No way!” I gasp before squealing excitedly. “Drew! I’m so happy for you!”

He chuckles lightly, the sound of people talking in the background filtering through the speaker. “Thanks Aurora, I’ll be sure to introduce you two when you come back from Alaska. I’m sorry, right now I have to go so please pass on the message to Alpha, will you?”

“You better!” I warn, playfully. “And of course, bye Drew.”

“Bye Aurora, I’ll chat to you soon.” He reply before ending the call.

I smile widely as I make my way back into the sitting room, calling out to Vulcan about how Drew had called. I turn off my phone and look up only to frown in confusion when I find Vulcan glaring at the television with his mug of hot chocolate left on the coffee table. Emotions such as anger, jealousy and uncertainty hit me like a ton of bricks and I make my way over to him in concern.

“Vulcan,” I murmur, cupping his face in both hands. “What’s wrong?”

He remains quiet, the dark look in his eyes fixated on the screen, unwavering. I sigh, turning to pick up the now cold drinks before making my way into the kitchen, searching through the fridge and pantry, wondering what to make us for dinner. Deciding that I’m in the mood for some stir fry, I grab the ingredients and make my way to the counter. I’m opening the packet of noodles when warm hands grip my hips tightly and draw me back into a hard chest. Knowing it’s Vulcan, I look up at him and smile before resuming my work.

“What did he want?” He asks gruffly and I fail to notice the angry undertone to his voice.

“Hmm, oh yeah. He had been trying to reach you but you weren’t answering. Guess what?!” I exclaim, remembering the good news Drew had told me.

I move to get the chicken I had forgotten but am turned and slammed back against the counter by him. Frowning in confusion, I look up only for my eyes to widen at his darkened ones. He is breathing heavily too, body tense as his nails dig into my waist making me wince slightly.

“How the fuck did he get your number?”

I frown up at him in confusion. “What do you mean? We’re friends, when he asked for it I gave it. It’s not like I gave it away to some stranger, Vulcan.”

“Friends huh? That piece of shit had the balls to ask my mate for her number?!” He snarls lowly, tightening his grip on me.

“What’s gotten into you? All we did was exchange numbers, that’s all. Why are you getting so angry over something small?” I finally escape his strong hold and make my way to grab the chicken and then to the pantry for some herbs and spices. Walking back out, I can see him gripping onto the counter top, knuckles a contrasting white to his otherwise tanned skin.

“You guys clearly enjoy each other’s company a little too much, constantly flirting and always together –”

“Whoa, buddy! I can’t even flirt with bread let alone know when some guy is doing it.” I deadpan, rolling my eyes at his absurd statement.

“The next time I see him with you, I’m throwing him in the cells. Pretty soon it’ll be banishment or death.” He sneers, chest heaving in anger as he stares back at me with red tinting his pupil.

I stare at him, completely taken aback by his sudden behavior when it finally clicks. Vulcan has never been a fan of my friendship with Drew, heck if he had his way I would not have any male friends whatsoever. Sighing, I step up to him and cup his cheek. It’s in an Alpha’s blood to be overprotective of their mates but because Vulcan is a hybrid, I must deal with his jealousy often. If I’m ever in the presence of males that aren’t him, he’ll wear a constant scowl and glare at any man who even looks my way, close to ripping them to shreds before I manage to calm his grumpy ass down.

“You’re being ridiculous – no, shut up and listen.” I scold gently when he opens his mouth to protest. We both glare at each other, his is just a lot angrier. “I get that you don’t like me around other men but you get overprotective even if I’m with Damon or Kaden, who are my friends. Nothing else nor will they ever be anything more. Why don’t you trust me?”

He growls softly in reply, wrapping his arms around me before kissing my mark. I sigh blissfully, tangling my hand into his hair. He peppers kisses down the curve of my neck before nipping at my mark. The reaction is instant. Tingles shoot across that area and my core aches with need. Need for him and him alone. Only he can satisfy me.

All too soon, he pulls away making me pout. Pecking my lips, he tucks a stray strand of hair behind my ear. “I trust you, Aurora. It’s them I don’t trust.”

“Well, you’ll have to learn because we’re all just friends.” I pat his arm reassuringly, before pulling away to check on my food before it burns.

“No, you’re just oblivious sometimes.” I hear him mutter audibly, making my jaw drop.

“Vulcan Lux Romanov, if you don’t stop this nonsense you’ll soon find yourself mate less!” I point at him with a knife, glaring. “Now, have you eaten? I’m making chicken stir fry if you want that. Or I can make you something else too, what do you want to eat?”

I hear his footsteps as he makes his way over to me, making me tense up in anticipation. What stupid accusation is he going to come up with now? I huff angrily to myself. However, just as I have poured the steaming hot food into a dish and put away the pan, I’m pulled back into his chest again. He picks me up and uses his ability to speed up to our bedroom. Laying me on the bed, I watch as he throws off his own clothes before leaning forward to take off my jumper.

“When I’m done with you, you won’t even think about leaving me, little mate.” He murmurs, an underlying promise in his voice making me groan at his dark and husky voice, tingles and sparks dancing across my skin. His touch makes me feel like I’m in heaven.

“Promise?” I breathe teasingly, knowing the reaction I will get out of him.

And boy, do I get it.

Vulcan growls loudly, his green eyes burning a bright gold as he stares down at me. He spends the rest of the night making love to me, showering me with attention and catering to my every need. My body soars every time I reach my peak, feeling breathless yet content when I come back down from my blissful high.

He flops back down on me, both of us panting as we ride off the waves of our high. I moan as he slips out and lies beside me, feeling empty. Curling up beside him, I press a gentle kiss to his neck before cuddling into his side. I hum when I feel his lips press on the top of my head.

Closing my eyes, I make myself comfortable. Just a few minutes of lying there in the dark, Vulcan wakes me up by getting out of the bed and walking into the bathroom. Sighing, I’m just about to turn when I’m pulled to lay on my back again. I watch with half-opened eyes as he cleans me with a damp towel, humming in appreciation.

“Vulcan.” I call softly, making him stop and stare at me expectantly. “Drew called to tell us that he found his mate.”

His expression is priceless as his jaw drops and he stares at me. I laugh loudly, remembering how jealous he became earlier. He huffs before turning me slightly and smacking my bum, making me shriek. He goes back into the bathroom and I take that opportunity to stretch like a feline, moaning softly. A lustful growl breaks through the silence, making my head snap in the direction to see Vulcan marching towards me with darkened eyes. I squeal in surprise when he pounces on me.

He proceeds to take me again, my cries of pleasure echoing in the room. I match his stamina, my fingertips trailing over every inch of his skin, my breaths mingling with his, our heartbeats in a frenzied sync. We become undone and I hear him groan softly as he pulls out of me, discarding his condom and kissing my mark before nuzzling his head into the crook of my neck. Grabbing the blanket, he turns me around so that I can rest my head on his chest. I hum tiredly, loving the way he gathers me up against him with such care, covering us with the blanket and immediately engulfing me in warmth.

“We’re done for the night, right?” I mumble, sleep pulling at my eyelids.

I feel his chest shake underneath me as he chuckles, his lips pressing against my temple gently. “Go to sleep, sweetheart.”

“Mmm, night.”

“I love you, mea lux.” He whispers into my hair, holding me close. (My light)

“I love you too, Vulcan. Always.”

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