The Hybrid

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Bonus Chapter #2

Aurora Maxwell’s P.O.V.

For the third day in a row, I wake up at seven thirty on Tuesday morning feeling exhausted. Grumbling under my breath, I make my way into the bathroom and brush my teeth before turning on the shower. Stripping out of my pajamas, I step under the shower head and sigh in content when warm water greets my body.

I scrub my hair with a new coconut shampoo I had bought before rinsing it out, inhaling the scent. Next, I lather my body in a sweet-smelling shower gel before washing it off. Stepping out and grabbing a towel, I decide to let my hair air dry since I’m not rushing to work. I have taken a few days off so I can get checked and today, I’m going to visit the clinic to get the results of my blood tests Dr Petrova had taken yesterday.

When I have changed into a t-shirt and jeans, I throw my dirty clothes and towel in the hamper before walking back into the room. Slipping on my flats, I make my way out of the room and downstairs. Vulcan woke up early for his meeting so we agreed to have breakfast together later. But the closer I get to the kitchen, the more I start to feel nauseous. It’s mild so I ignore it and continue. I open the door to the kitchen and immediately notice Vulcan carrying plates to the table. Before either of us can greet each other, I smell the scent of strong coffee.

It’s too much, even though I have learned to control my heightened senses. The nausea hits me all at once and I start to feel dizzy, like I will drop to the floor any second. I manage to see Vulcan’s expression change into one of concern as he starts to make his way over to me. Ignoring his calls, I turn and rush out of the kitchen and into a nearby bathroom. As soon as I kneel on the floor, I immediately vomit. I sense him walk in and then feel his hand rubbing my back soothingly before he holds my hair away from my face.

As soon as I am done, he flushes the toilet as I sit back, feeling weak and sweaty. He helps me over to the sink and I wash my mouth, taking out an unused toothbrush before brushing my teeth. When I’m sure my breath doesn’t smell like last night’s dinner, I turn the water off and lean against him.

“This is getting worse, I think I should come with you to the clinic.” He murmurs, picking me up before carrying me out to the sitting room.

I shake my head as he places me on the couch, taking a seat beside me. “You have to travel to a neighboring pack today, I’ll go myself.”

“But I can cancel and –”

“No, they’ve been waiting long enough. I’m okay Vulcan, it’s just an appointment.” I smile weakly, trying to reassure him that it’s okay for him to go.

Our pack; the Renascence Pack and many neighboring ones have been experiencing troubles with rogues during the past few months. They are unlawfully crossing territories and creating trouble on pack lands, escaping before anyone can catch them. Just in the past month, they have become increasingly violent and many packs are calling on Vulcan to put a stop to this since he is King.

He doesn’t like to but, on many occasions during these months he has had to leave me and visit others in need of his help. Because of that he has become more protective and possessive, which I don’t mind at times if I’m honest. His vibrant green eyes stare back at me for a few seconds, waiting to see if I change my mind. But when I don’t, he sighs and nods before standing.

“Wait here, I’ll get us some breakfast.” He states, pressing a kiss to my forehead before grabbing a blanket and covering me up.

I smile in appreciation, hearing him work in the kitchen as I turn on the television. As I settle on a film, he walks out with a tray and this time, the smell of coffee doesn’t bug me as much. When he sees that I’m okay, he smiles and sets his mug down before passing me my French toast.

The television turns into background noise as we chat whilst finishing our breakfast. Vulcan tells me his plans of today; where he is going and how he plans to help our neighboring pack recover. I can tell he is tired of it all and wants the rogues to stop but being a King, he must protect his people and help them whenever need be.

After we finish, he takes our plates and places them on the coffee table before putting his arm around my shoulders and pulling me close. I smile and shuffle closer so that I end up resting my head on his chest. His embrace is warm and familiar, a touch that can soothe me in an instant.

“You’ve been smelling so good lately.” He groans softly, placing a kiss on the top of my head.

“Oh, I started using a new body wash so maybe it’s that?” I suggest, frowning when he shakes his head in disagreement.

“It’s your scent, I think it’s become stronger.”

I pull away and look up at him in confusion, my expression mirroring his. “That’s unusual.”

“I know.” He nods, his eyes glancing towards the window when we hear a car horn. “We’ll figure it out when I come back, right now I have to leave.”

We stand and I make my way towards the front doors of the house whilst he grabs some files from his study. He comes back out with a knowing smile when he sees me standing there, pulling me into a bear hug.

“You don’t have to leave so early.” I pout, wishing he can stay longer.

“I don’t plan on staying the night at the pack, mea lux. If I leave early, then I get to come back home to you.” He chuckles, pulling me close and pecking my lips. (My light.)

I nod in understanding before pushing up on the tips of my toes and kissing him. I don’t think I will ever get tired of feeling lightheaded whenever we kiss or the tingles that dance on my skin at the slightest bit of contact. When we pull away, he rests his forehead against mine, his green eyes flashing in concern.

“I’m going to be fine, stop worrying.” I smile, pecking his cheek before backing out of his hold.

He opens his mouth to speak but the loud honking of the car interrupts him, making him growl in annoyance. “Fine, I’ll see you in the evening. I love you.”

“I love you too.” I smile, watching as he opens the front door and makes his way towards the waiting car.

I watch the car drive away until it’s hidden by the thick forest before turning to go back inside. Spotting my guards, I ask if they would like some breakfast or a drink to which they tell me that they have already ate. Nodding, I make my way back inside to relax for a while before heading over to the pack’s clinic.

It is currently midday and I am walking into the clinic. Because I called in before to let Dr Petrova know that I will be visiting, I don’t have to wait long and am instantly ushered into a room.

“Okay, I have some exciting news for you Luna.” She speaks as she types away on the keyboard before turning around to face me.

“What could be exciting about throwing up all the time?” I mutter, watching as she shakes her head with a laugh.

“Aurora...congratulations, you’re pregnant!” She grins, making my jaw drop.

“W-What?” I stutter, staring at her in surprise and confusion.

She opens a green folder with my name on it and nods, her eyes skimming the information on the pages. “Apparently, you have been pregnant for 3 weeks now.”

I stare at her in complete shock, trying to comprehend her words. I’m pregnant? Vulcan and I are going to be parents? I don’t know how to feel, it’s so overwhelming and I try to keep up with Dr Petrova as she explains things to me.

“When you become pregnant, your scent becomes more distinctive and attractive to your mate. Yours has become stronger showing that you are indeed expecting. Your pregnancy will be for three months or longer –”

“Whoa! Hold up, what happened to the nine months?!” I exclaim, looking at her with wide eyes.

“Werewolves grow rapidly so the pregnancy is shorter.” She explains kindly, trying to ease my panic. “When Vulcan marked you, your body slowly evolved to adapt to a shorter pregnancy than a human female would have.”

I sit back in the seat, feeling nauseous all over again and this time it’s not because something smells funny. After asking me if I’m okay, she resumes explaining the process to me. I must come back for an ultrasound within two weeks and again near the end of my pregnancy to determine the due date. She writes down some medicines that I will need before answering my questions. Thanking her, I grab the file and wave goodbye before making my way out of the clinic. Pack members greet me with smiles and I return the gesture, wanting to reach home as quick as possible.

I walk up the path to my home, barely registering the guards following behind and lining up around the house. Closing the door, I plop down onto the couch with a loud sigh, my medical file in front of me. My surroundings are silent but my mind is chaotic. Vulcan and I have talked about our future and I know he will be ecstatic to hear that he is going to be a father. I remember how on one night in January, we were sipping on hot chocolate by the fire in our sitting room and talking about starting a family of our own.

‘How many kids would you want?’ I had asked him, slightly distracted by how handsome he looked with the glow of the fire.

‘A team like, eight or ten little Aurora’s and Vulcan’s running around.’ My jaw had dropped at his statement whilst he smirked at me.

‘There is no way I am pushing out ten babies!’ I had cried, playfully rolling my eyes when he started laughing.

I smile at the fond memory, shaking my head at his crazy wish. I want children myself but three or four will be enough for me. And whilst I am lounging on the couch, processing the news of my pregnancy, I decide to do something special to announce it to Vulcan tonight. I think of some ideas but then use the internet to see what other mothers have done.

Feeling excited, I quickly grab my handbag before making my way out of the house. Two guards accompany me in the car ride to the mall whilst three others follow behind. We reach our destination in no time and I quickly rush into a shop that sells children’s clothes. I try hard not to wander around and get lost in things I can potentially buy for our child. Making my way towards the clothing section of the store, I spot the onesies for babies and choose one which I think will be perfect for my announcement. It’s white with ‘Hello Daddy,’ written on it in cursive writing. I fall in love with it immediately and know it’s the one.

Paying for the item, I thank the cashier before making my way back to the car. We reach home in just under an hour and I thank the guards before walking inside. Before I left, I had turned the washing machine on which is now done. I empty the clothes out into a basket before carrying it outside to the clothing line. I hang all the wet clothes out and smile at how good the weather is being today. We do have a tumble dryer but I never use it when the clothes can be air dried outside. I will hang the onesie outside as soon as I find out when he’s about to get home.

I can’t wait to see his reaction.

Vulcan: I’ll be home in a few minutes.

After reading his text message, my heart begins to race in excitement and nervousness. Making my way downstairs, I see that there is still a bit of light outside and an hour till the sun sets. Taking out the clothing item from the bag I had placed on the coffee table, I walk out into the back garden where the washing is on the line, perfectly dry.

I hang the white onesie on the clothesline, placing two pegs on it to keep it secure. Vulcan will have to take down all the clothes before he reaches the onesie and I know it will be quite the surprise. Stepping back, I feel a strong emotion rise within me and my hand instantly rubs my stomach where a baby bump will soon show. I am going to be a mother. I am going to give life to a child. My child.

Tears gather in my eyes and I laugh at how emotional I am already. I struggle to get myself together before taking one last look at the onesie and making my way inside. I get comfortable on the couch and turn on my laptop to resume working on a project that is due next month. A few minutes pass before I hear someone unlocking the door. I am a ball of nerves at this point as I wait for Vulcan to walk in. Remembering how he will be able to feel me through our mate bond, I successfully relax myself just as he opens the door and walks in.

His green eyes find mine and a soft smile blooms on his lips at the sight of me. I greet him, watching as he drops his files on a nearby table before making his way over to me and picking me up. A surprised squeal escapes me before I laugh, leaning up to press a kiss to his cheek as he takes my seat on the couch.

“How was your day?” I ask, wrapping my arms around his neck as I straddle his waist.

“Tiring but the pack is back up and running so that’s good.” He sighs, resting his forehead on my shoulder.

“I was just about to start on dinner. Why don’t you freshen up and then we’ll eat together?”

He nods before pecking my lips and standing. I am set back on my two feet and watch him make his way to the nearest bathroom, which is near the kitchen. I get started on dinner, grabbing ingredients from the fridge before taking out a pan and setting it on the cooker.

I hear him come out and turn off the light and that’s when I decide to put my plan into action. “Oh! I forgot to take down the clothes from outside. Could you do it for me, please?”

“Sure!” He says loudly as he makes his way into the room where we do the laundry. He comes back into view with a blue basket and passes by me on his way to the back door. “I’ll be right back.”

I take a few steps towards the large kitchen window that gives you a view of the back garden. Thankfully, he starts at the opposite end of the clothing line and starts making his way towards the surprise. My stomach twists with anticipation and excitement as he gets nearer and nearer. It’s such an intense feeling that I have to hold onto the counter just so I won’t start bouncing or something.

Finally, he gets to the end and slowly takes down the small clothing item, holding the onesie in both hands and just staring at it for what feels like forever. I almost think he’s in shock but he snaps out of it and staggers back. And then he’s running in, forgetting about the clothes basket as he swings open the door and picks me up. I laugh joyously, wrapping my arms around his neck as he twirls us around. He sets me back on my feet and hugs me tightly, like he never wants to let go.

Eventually, he pulls back and I can see tears in his eyes as he stares into mine. “You’re pregnant? We’re going to be parents?”

“Yes.” I nod with a big smile, tears brimming my own. “You’re going to be a Dad, Vulcan!”

He shuts his eyes tightly, causing tears to slip down his cheeks as he rests his forehead against mine. I rub his back soothingly, trying to fight back tears myself.

“I love you so much.” His voice is hoarse and weak, as if overwhelmed by many emotions. He pulls away and cups my face with both hands, determination shining in his bright eyes. “I promise to take care of you and our baby, Aurora. I’m going to spoil and pamper you so much, you’ll get sick of it. Thank you for bringing me so much joy.”

I chuckle, pressing my lips to his in the sweetest of kisses. In that kiss is everything I feel: love for my husband and child, fear that I won’t be a good mother, doubt that I won’t fulfill every wish my child has and so much more. I can’t explain how I’m feeling, it’s overwhelming.

“You are the perfect husband for me, Vulcan. I have no doubt in my mind that our child will have the best father.” I state lovingly, wiping the moisture from his cheeks.

He smiles in appreciation, pressing his hand to my stomach where there is no indication that I am pregnant yet. “And you will be an amazing mother. I will be with you every step of the way, Роза.” (Rose.)

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