The Hybrid

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Bonus Chapter #3

Important note: This is Aurora’s last month of pregnancy. She is still 22 years old.

“Aurora?!” I hear Vulcan call as he walks into the house.

“In the kitchen!” I yell back before realizing that I could have used the mind link.

Shrugging, I grab the chocolate before making my way out of the pantry. Vulcan walks in just as I take a seat by the kitchen island, ripping open the packet of potato chips. He walks right up to me and turns me around on the stool, giving me a fierce and passionate kiss.

I melt into his touch, kissing him back with equal fervor. We pull away soon enough, gasping for much needed air. A wicked smile is on his lips as he notices my dazed expression before his eyes soften at the sight of my round belly. He crouches down and lifts my top that is stretched over my protruding stomach.

Last week, we found out that we are going to be parents to a baby boy. Neither of us could wait and we both wanted to find out what the gender of our child was. Somehow, I had known from month two that we were going to have a boy but Vulcan insisted that our first child will be a girl. Regardless, when he heard the gender he became very emotional like myself.

Caressing my stomach, he presses a gentle kiss to my skin. Vulcan likes to talk to our son throughout the day and he has been extremely loving and protective of me during these three months. As I struggled to accept the fact that I have gained weight or when I was feeling very emotional or tired some days, Vulcan was always there to lift my spirits.

He has been exceptionally supportive and went above and beyond in caring for me. Most of the time, I would catch him reading books on pregnancy and parenting that I had bought. I found it unbelievably sweet that he put my well being on top priority. Sometimes, he would come home to see me crying my eyes out on the couch when I felt insecure about my weight gain. He would chase my fears and doubts away and pamper me until I felt good about myself again. I couldn’t ask for a better husband.

But now, I’m ready to pop and I cannot wait. The process of going into labor is daunting and I’m terrified, but I want to see my son more than anything else. It’s like he isn’t ready to come out! Grabbing a square of chocolate, I take a potato chip and pop them both into my mouth. Ever since I woke up, I had been craving this combination and am now satisfied. Vulcan and I make sure that our baby is getting the proper, healthy nutrition he needs to grow but sometimes, I can’t resist indulging in weird combinations of foods that taste like pure heaven to me.

I glance at my mate only to see him staring at my food with a look of disgust, causing me to become defensive. “It’s good! Try some.”

He declines, shaking his head with an amused smile as he stands and makes his way towards the fridge. I groan when he starts taking out fruits, I had them in the morning and I’m only in the mood for potato chips and chocolate right now.

“Vulcan,” I whine, making his shoulders shake because he knows what I’m going to say. “If you love me, please put them back.”

“I do love you sweetheart, that’s why I’m giving you something healthy to go with your little snack.” He counters, making me huff as I stand.

“Fine, just don’t put – oh!”

He whirls around, green eyes blazing with concern as he notices me standing awkwardly in the middle of the kitchen. Water pools on the floor by my feet and the sight of it makes his eyes widen in alarm. I curl my arm around my stomach, relieved that my baby decided it’s time to grace us with his presence but also trying not to panic.

“The due date was Friday! Fuck!” He panics, rushing over to me.

“Don’t curse around the baby!” I glare up at him as he helps me walk towards the front door.

“I’m sorry darling, let’s get you to the infirmary – wait, the bag!” He lets go of me, ready to go upstairs when I stop him.

“Vulcan,” I soothe, feeling his muscles relax under my touch. I can tell this is unexpected for him and that he’s freaking out. “Calm down. Get me to the infirmary and you can tell someone to get the bag later, okay?”

He nods, before bending down and picking me up. I cry out in surprise before demanding that he put me down because of how heavy I must be. He scoffs and shakes his head, reassuring me that he is completely fine with carrying me. I sigh and let him, secretly glad that I won’t have to walk all the way to the other end of the pack territory.

In no time at all, Vulcan is walking into the infirmary and calling out for my doctor that will be helping me deliver. We are guided to a room and I sigh in relief when he places me on a comfortable bed, the ache in my lower back becoming intense. The nurses and my doctor enter, checking up on me and helping me to get comfortable. I’m glad that my midwife is so understanding and lovely because she quickly eases my worries about delivering for the first time.

Vulcan sits down on the chair next to my bed, intertwining my hand with his. I smile, letting him know that I’m fine right now. He seems more worried than I am which is laughable because I am the one who will be going through labor, not him. It’s hard to stifle the giggles threatening to escape at how lost he looks, but I manage. I’m just happy to have him by my side as the biggest support system during my pregnancy.

And now, it’s a waiting game.

“I can’t do it!” I cry out, tears spilling out of the corners of my eyes at how much pain I’m currently feeling.

It has been a build-up of feeling uncomfortable, nauseous and in pain and I’m at my limit. I don’t have the energy to keep pushing, I’m exhausted. Right now, I have a newfound respect for mothers who have gone through this. Vulcan is doing as much as he can to help me breathe, letting me crush his hand until he is wincing in pain and ignoring how I’m using every curse word known to mankind.

As soon as he sees me shake my head in protest when my doctor tells me to get ready to push again, he stands and cups my face with both hands. There is determination in his eyes and his touch is firm but gentle enough to capture my attention.

“Listen to me sweetheart, you can do this. I know you’re tired and in pain, but I’m so fucking proud of you. Just keep going, you’re strong and you can get through this.” He reassures me, making me smile slightly.

I nod, taking a deep breath and exhaling slowly. My doctor asks if I’m ready to push again and I take Vulcan’s hand, holding onto it tightly. I bite my lip hard to keep the scream of pain threatening to erupt when I push again at the next contraction. Every time my doctor tells me to push, I get through it and finally, he’s here.

She holds up our baby boy who is crying, gently passing him on to one of the nurses so he can be cleaned up. But, I’m still in pain. I groan, wondering what’s wrong with me. My doctor frowns before her eyes widen in surprise.

“’re having twins.” My doctor states excitedly with a wide smile on her lips as she congratulates us. “Because the pregnancy is much shorter, it is possible to miss twins. Your son was hiding his sibling the whole time!”

“I am so happy but I am going to murder you, Vulcan! You are not coming near me ever again!” I yell out in pain as another contraction hits, glaring at him when he chuckles.

“I love you too mea lux, now push when the doctor says.” He grins, wincing in pain as I squeeze his hand tightly, pushing with all my might. (My light.)

I am sweaty, tired and weak but I have finally given birth to twins after a thirteen hour labor. They are cleaned and dressed in white baby clothes, wrapped up in blue and pink blankets to distinguish one from the other. The nurses and doctor have cleared out from the room to give us some privacy and to allow me to feed and bond with my children.

Ayla and Ivan Romanov. Our daughter and son.

Ivan looks just like me with his raven colored hair but he has his father’s green eyes. Ayla, however, is the spitting image of Vulcan with her brown hair and green eyes. They are healthy babies and I’m already feeling extremely protective over them. I don’t want them out of my sight even for a second.

I finally convince Vulcan to hold them because he is scared that he will drop them. He carefully takes Ayla from my arms, cradling her gently. I smile softly at the look of complete adoration and awe on his face as he stares down at our daughter.

He bites his bottom lip hard, eyes glistening with tears as he glances at me. Standing, he leans over me to press a kiss to my lips. “Thank you for bringing so much happiness into my life.”

“I love you.” I whisper, kissing his cheek before caressing Ivan’s cheek.

“I love you more.” He replies hoarsely, pressing a kiss to our son’s forehead that is covered by a cute, blue hat.

Before we can say anything else, the door opens and our family and friends pile in. Damon’s family is here along with Sophia, my friends Christian and Lily, Vulcan’s siblings and Nero, Indigo and Vanessa. The room is packed and they all crowd around us to greet the new additions to the Romanov family.

At first, everyone is shocked that I have given birth to twins but they soon forget about it when they start arguing about who is going to hold Ayla and Ivan first. The kids are sleepy but everyone showers them with love, attention and kisses as they are passed on from one person to the next. Everyone has big smiles on their faces as they congratulate Vulcan and I, asking us what we have named them.

Shortly after, they leave us so that I can rest but as soon as I have settled back into bed, the door swings open and reveals Kaden. I smile tiredly, happy that my best friend could make it. When I told him that I was pregnant, he made teasing comments about how a mini version of me would be twice as hard to handle but I’m excited now to see what his reaction will be to my twins.

He comes over and hugs me, grinning at me when he pulls away and then his jaw drops when he notices the two cribs on the opposite side of my bed. “No way.”

“Way.” Vulcan and I confirm, nodding our heads in amusement as Kaden rounds the edge of my bed.

He stands by their cribs, holding onto the edge and staring at them with a gentle smile. Playing with their tiny hands, he switches back and forth, soft murmurs escaping him as he greets them.

“You can hold them.” I urge, watching as his head snaps up.

“What if I hurt them?” He asks distractedly, too busy grinning down at Ivan as his tiny hand clutches Kaden’s finger tight.

“It would look bad for you as a God parent then.” Vulcan chuckles, walking around to clap a shocked Kaden on the back.


Vulcan nods, picking Ayla up gently before bouncing her when she lets out a short cry of discomfort. “You protected my mate and still do, you are always there for her when I can’t be. We trust you as someone who can take care of our children should anything happen to us. We know you’ll always be there for Ayla and Ivan.”

Vulcan and I know there will be challenges in leading a kingdom, and with those challenges come many threats. We know his siblings and my friends will always be there for our kids but Kaden was perfect for the role when we were thinking about someone to watch over our children in the future if we happened to not be there.

Kaden was with me every step of the way, not only is he a great friend but he’s like my guardian angel. He protected me when Vulcan lost himself to his beasts, he guarded my door day and night whilst I was in a coma even though the infirmary itself was being heavily guarded. He cared for me and helped me adjust after my transition.

Vulcan and I know without a doubt that Kaden will always be involved in our children’s lives as a positive impact. We don’t just want him to keep our children safe, we want someone who can teach our kids to be strong and resilient in life just like Kaden has been with all that he has been through.

He stares at us as if trying to decipher if we are serious or not, which makes me laugh and confirm that he is indeed the godparent of Ayla and Ivan.

“Guys...thank you. I promise that I will be the best godparent to your children, I won’t let you down.” His voice is slightly hoarse when he speaks, making me pull him in for a hug.

He picks up Ivan, an unsure expression on his face. But that all changes when Ivan cuddles up to him and a soft noise of content escapes his lips. Kaden grins so wide as he rubs the little boy’s back, cradling his head so that it doesn’t tilt back harshly.

“Guess who’s my favourite twin.” He chuckles softly, placing him down in his crib when I confirm that Ivan has indeed fallen asleep on his shoulder.

Vulcan passes Ayla over to Kaden, positioning his hands so that Kaden is holding her properly. I watch with a smile, rocking Ivan’s cradle so that he sleeps soundly. I’m filled with so much love for my twins, the feeling is indescribable.

“You know...she’s actually kind of cute.” He smirks, holding Ayla close to his chest.

But that smirk drops as we hear her cry before Kaden’s shirt has a wet patch on it. He cries out in disgust, making Ayla cry louder at the sudden sound. Immediately he places her back in her crib, holding his shirt away from his body before looking up at us with wide eyes.

“She peed on me!”

Vulcan and I can’t hold in our laughter anymore and we burst into a fit of chuckles, watching as Kaden glares at us before taking his shirt off. Vulcan turns to change her clothes and put on a diaper before lulling Ayla to sleep. Her cries quieten down and before long, her soft breathing reaches my ears.

“I think I like the boy more. At least he won’t piss all over me.” Kaden grumbles when he walks out of the connecting bathroom.

“How do you know that? They can’t help it.” I smirk, snickering when he glares at me.

“The kid smiled at me when I picked him up -”

“No, he didn’t.” Vulcan rolls his eyes in amusement, crossing his arms as he takes a seat on the edge of my bed.

“You guys are just jealous that he likes Uncle Kaden more than his own parents.” Kaden scoffs before making his way to the door. “Anyways, take care of yourself and call me if you need any help. I need to go find that kid a toy car.”

“Don’t you dare. They’re not even old enough!” Vulcan follows him, glancing back at me with a mock scolding look when all I do is laugh at the idea.

“Small details!” Kaden waves him off, opening the door before turning back to us with an excited grin. “I’ll make them race against each other.”

And with that, he’s rushing out the door and mumbling excitedly about how many toys he’s going to buy them. Vulcan shuts the door before walking back to me, chuckles escaping his lips as he takes a seat beside me and picks up my hand.

“I think our kids are going to be very spoiled.”

“We’ll just have to keep everyone else in check along with Ayla and Ivan.” I laugh, making space for him to lay with me.

“Have I told you how much I love you?” He asks, wrapping his arm around me.

“Many times, in fact.” I sigh in content, smiling up at him when he caresses my cheek.

“Good. Never forget it. I will always love you unconditionally.” He murmurs gently, sealing the promise with a kiss.

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